Being a daughter of Khoine she’s cold. She's called a b*tch or miss icy personality. Always being mean and doesn’t like socializing. It's hard to see how she's feeling. She easily gets mad. She rarely smiles because of her sour history.


Edwin Tiorano meet Khoine really snowy day. Khoine’s car “broke down” and Edwin was a mechanic. While he’d tried to fix Khoine’s car he flirted a lot with her. After fixing her car he asked her out. Khoine happily agreed.

The two dated for a few weeks. One day while Edwin woke up he found a baby basket in his living room. Because he just woke up he thought it was just his eyes. So he cleaned his eyes out but the baby basket was still here. He walked up to the baby basket and found soudly sleeping baby. He will try to take of this baby but will fail.

Taylor’s childhood was horrible. Her dad quit his job as a mechanic. And started drinking because he was depressed he missed Khoine so badly. Taylor on the other hand was even more depressed. She always wondered why she didn't have a mom. She wanted to know the horrible person who left her with her horrible father. If she every meet this person she will look her straight in the eye and say i hate you. She was left home alone and went to bed hungry. When Edwin came home one day drunk. He hit Taylor hard and said she shouldn’t be up this late. She ran to her room and locked the door. She cried herself to sleep.

A few hours later the police came. Their neighbor heard the fighting and called the police. Edwin went to jail and Taylor was left in a foster home. Her foster parents were Cheslie and Wynn Cascella. They were immigrants from Britain. They loved Taylor with all their heart.

Her foster parents were going out to dinner and left Taylor with a babysitter. They were really late and the babysitter was worried. 13 year-old Taylor was in her room when a two-headed dog came out of nowhere. She screamed and went to tell her babysitter. When her babysitter (who was a demigod) heard this she got a Celestial Bronze sword and ran to Taylor’s room and killed the Orthrus. Taylor thought she was dreaming and didn’t understand what just happened. She asked her babysitter thousands of questions. But didn’t answer one of them. Then the babysitter phone call. Taylor’s foster parents died in a car crash. Taylor was then taken to a new foster home.

Her new foster parents Merrie and Phillipe Bellhouse. They were nice but didn't compare to her old foster parents. Taylor's foster parents tried to give Taylor the world. But she didn't really care. Once Phillipe bought her a beautiful dress and matching shoes. She was grateful but didn't wear the dress. Her foster parents told her that the loved all the time but she didn't feel loved.

One day 14-year old Taylor (she had a birthday a few weeks after first monster attack) went outside and saw her babysitter gardening. She couldn't belive it was her crazy babysitter. She walked up to her neighbor's fence to see it was really her. 

Taylor's babysitter stopped gardening. She asked if Taylor needed any help. She said no and asked what her name was. The two talked for a few minutes until  Taylor's mom called after her. Taylor said goodbye to Flossie and quickly ran back to her house. Billy, Taylor's tutor was waiting at the door. He was in a wheel chair because he was paralized to the waist down. Taylor's parents told them they were going to the store. Taylor nodded and waved goodbye to her parents as they drove.

Taylor couldn't keep her mind on math. She was thinking about her weird babysitter next door. Her thoughts were interupented by a knock at the door.Taylor went to go get it. She opened it to see an old women with a cane. The old women asked for some batteries.  Taylor said okay and went inside to look for batteries. The old women went inside without being invited.

Taylor looked in the drawer were they usually keep their battteies. There was no batteries so Taylor told the old women.

"Oh, i'm not here for batteries. I'm for your blood." The old women bared her sharp teeth at Taylor.

Taylor scearmed and ran to living room where Billy was sitting there paitently. Taylor told him about the old lady. Billy cursed in a different laungauge. Was that Greek? 

"Oh no it's happening." Billy said flidding with his hands.Taylor stared at billy for a while. The old women sneaked up behind Taylor and started to bite Taylor but she ducked. And ran to the corner.The old women cursed under her breath.Billy stood up and pulled down his pants to show his hairy legs and hooves.  Taylor stared at his legs.

"I'll explain later just run!" Billy started running down the hall. Taylor close behind.

The old women started chasing after them.

Billy through the front door open and ran out. Taylor followed.

Taylor stared at Billy gave him the whats happennig look.

Death. The old lady was right behind Taylor now. Ready to bite. They couldn't run out this old lady. The old lady was right. Death was next.The old lady started to bite Taylor but she froze. Taylor opened her eyes to see that the old lady exploded into dust. Taylor coughed and brushed the dust of her. She turned around to see Flossie holding her sword and two other boys behind her. 

"Flossie?" Taylor asked.

She nodded. 

Billy looked disgusted and told Taylor to come inside. Flossie stopped them.Taylor asked some one to do some explaining,Billy explained about the gods, demigods and monsters. He also explainded that the old women was a monster. He told Taylor about special place for demigods called Camp Half-Blood. Taylor stared at him for a moment and smirked. Taylor didn't belive him at first but he sounded pretty serious. But  Flossie said that she didn't have to go to Camp Half-Blood. Billy gave Flossie a look. 

Flossie told her about the Broken Covenant. She told it was a place for demigods who hated the gods. Flossie told Taylor how horrible. Taylor rembered how much she hated her mother. Her mother was never there for Taylor. Billy told her that Camp Half-Blood is better.

It was her choice. Camp Half-Blood or The Sanctuary. 

"Where's the Sanctuary?" She asked Flossie.

Billy said that Taylor made a bad choice. Taylor ingored him.

"Come on , let's go." Flossie said.

Taylor followed Flossie and her friends to the Sanctuary where she been every since.



  1. Children of Khione can create armor and weaponry out of pure ice which is quite sharp; however, it is also fragile and must be mended or replaced often, which uses up large amounts of energy.
  2. Children of Khione have the ability to call upon a focused ice storm which freezes a small area into solid ice, trapping anyone in the area within it; this effect does not last long.
  1. Children of Khione have the ability to create a dome shaped shield of ice and snow, roughly two or three times the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a very short time.
  2. Children of Khione can create brief snow blindness in someone for a very short time, a few seconds, to distract them momentarily
  1. Children of Khione are more powerful in cold climate, and weaker in warmer climates.
  1. Children of Khione have the ability to call upon a massive snow flurry which obstructs view and lower the body temperature of all that are susceptible.
3 Months After Character is Made
  1. Children of Khione are able to use snow and ice to create a path, that they can use to take them anywhere (up into the air, over trees, etc.) but as they move along the path, the path behind them melts. The longer they use the energy required to make a path of snow and ice, the more energy it drains.
6 Months After Character is Made
  1. Children of Khione can transform their bodies into pure snow for a short time, the longer they maintain this form the more energy it drains and the more time they will need between transformations, they are also highly susceptible to heat or heat powers while in this form.
9 Months After Character is Made
  1. Children of Khione can create an ice/snow golem, no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, to fight for them for a short time, while doing so they themselves are incapacitated and afterwards must rest between making another one
  1. Children of Khione generally prefer cold weather.
  2. Children of Khione usually have icy personalities.
  3. Children of Khione are immune to hypothermia


Name Relation Feelings
Khione Mother "She left me with my horrible father. Do you expect me to love her? Why do you think i'm here?"
Edwin Tiorano Father

"I hate him. You beated me for now reason what so ever."

Cheslie and Wynn Cascella Foster Parents

"I miss them." *Starts to cry*

Merrie and Phillipe Bellhouse Second Foster Parents

"I guess i love them. I mean they tried everything to make me happy."

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