Over the last two years, the sea god Pontus has outwardly continued his loyal service to his superior Poseidon. Yet inwardly he cannot bring himself to give reprieve to Poseidon after the mighty god fell his son Fredelig and his wife Juni at the shores of Norway. With Poseidon assigning Pontus the task of retrieving a sacred water artifact thought to be buried under the sands on the eastern shore of the Gunga River, Pontus has decided it is time to exact a measure of revenge. Pontus seeks the aid of Elixabeth Oslo, the daughter of Juni and adoptive daughter of Fredelig. Elixabeth, like Pontus is still unable to overcome her feelings of grief and rage about the deaths of Fredelig and Juni and thus, Pontus views her as the perfect instrument to carry out his plan. 


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Granddaughter Elixabeth,

I send you this message now for I know that you, like me still hold bitter feelings about the loss of Fredelig and your mother Juni. I'm also quite certain that as a loyal daughter, you would not feel right with yourself if you did not take every possible step to avenge their deaths. It is for that reason that I present you with a task, nay an opportunity.Poseidon has tasked me with locating and retrieving a lost trident that a wealthy Hindu had crafted for Poseidon long ago while worshipping him as Veruna. I want you to go with a few trusted companions, find this trident and take it to the Dead Sea. I will be waiting for you there.



  1. Elixabeth Oslo, Leader, Daughter of Boreas (User:Windsword7 )
  2. Madeline Perthshire, Daughter of Thanatos. (User:TheOrbitingStars)
  3. Cole McKnight, Son of Themis (User:TheDarkMerc )
  4. Glen Adams, Son of Deimos (Wonder)


The Minnow rises from the dark,

To challenge mighty tyrant shark.

Furious north wind heads due east,

Soon upon revenge may feast.

Three is the object, this is true,

Yet journey ends with choice of two.


  • Camp Half-Blood Entrance
  • New York Airport
  • Amsterdam Airport 
  • New Delhi Airport
  • Ganges River
  • Dead Sea (Possible)
  • Back to Camp Half-Blood


1. 3 Empousas during the flight from New York to Amsterdam

2. 4 Harpies at night in the New Delhi Hotel

3. 2 Giant Cetea while on the river.


Elixabeth: Elixabeth stood at the entrance of Camp Half-Blood carrying a backpack full of essentials. Around her neck she wore her brooch that turned into her harpoon and attached to her hair was her hairclip that turned into her bow. Her broadswords she had left behind as they had no mist form and therefore could not make the journey. She waited patiently for the others to arrive.

Madeline: Madeline pushed out of her cabin, using the heel of her foot to harshly close it behind her. The daughter of Thanatos sucked in a breath of fresh air and moved relentlessly up the hill and towards the entrance to Camp, her dark armor not hindering her determined stride. She curled her fingers around the white hilt of her katana, happy for the sheath because of the constant impact it made against her leg. Her hidden blade was strapped onto her right wrist and her throwing knives in the pack on her back that held everything she would need for the quest. She gazed up at Elixabeth and offered a quick, corrupted smile. "Hello."

Elixabeth:  "Ah hello there Madeline, glad you could make it. So you know, and I'm going to need to inform everyone else of this as well, any weapon designed without a mist form needs to stay behind. We are going on an international flight to India and security is as tight as they come on flights like that." 

Madeline: "Well, that is good because my two main weapons were crafted with mist. My throwing knives aren't so fortunate." The blonde lifted up a large rock and pulled out her throwing knives before gently placing them down on the dry dirt. She concealed them and protected them with wads of grass before allowing the rock to roll back in place. She stood and rubbed her hands together, gazing sideways at Elixabeth.

Elixabeth: She raises her eyebrows slightly at Madeline's action. "You know you can run back to camp and put those in your cabin if you desire. The guys aren't even here yet." 

Madeline: Madeline turned on the balls of her feet to face camp, sliding her tongue along the lower lip to moisten the flesh. "I'm not daft. I know this, but my armor is heavy and the sun is sufferable. I would rather not walk all the way back there. I need to save my energy for the quest."

Elixabeth: This response causes Elixabeth to raise her eyebrows even more. "I don't think whatever energy you could sacrifice returning your knives would factor in much if at all later on. I mean right now we're just going to be getting into a cab to go to the airport. But suite yourself, if you want to play buried treasure on top of everything else we're doing that's your porogative."

Madeline: The girl snickered and turned her blue optics to pin on Elixabeth. "Thank you kindly for your concern," she bowed her head with a little mockery and lifted her bag over her right shoulder. "When do you think the other two will be coming?"

Elixabeth: "Whenever they are done masturbating I'm sure."

Glen: He walks up to the group of girls, glancing at Elixabeth and smiles, completely oblivious to her joke. "Um..." He sort of blushes due to there being only tow girls and himself and looks around into the murky blue sky, much like the one he had at his hometown which makes him remember awful things as of this he sighs and decides to to finish he sentence, shrugging his backpack which was almost falling off his shoulders back on.

Elixabeth: Elixabeth smiles slightly as the first male arrives. "Excellent, you made it. Do you have any weapons on you that don't have mist forms?"

Cole: He walks up to the latter of them, wearing his lucky fedora. He has his sling pack on with a couple of supplies in them. His quiver is slung over his back too, and he has his bow over his shoulder "Sorry I'm late guys, had to find my quiver."

Madeline: Madeline watched the two boys arrive in complete silence, her curious blue eyes picking them apart like specimen under a telescope. She quite liked the bunch already. She unsheathed her hidden blade, slowly lifting her arm up into the air just so she could closely study the blade. It was quite a good weapon; one of her newest. The girl's eyes sluggishly trained upon the sun, causing her to squint for a moment before she sheathed her hidden blade and turned towards Elixabeth, fixing her with a question with her eyes. They needed to leave as soon as they could.

Elixabeth: "Alright Glen and Cole. I need you two to take whatever weapons you have that lack mist forms and return them to your respective cabins. They cannot make the journey with us. In the meantime I'll call the cab."

Cole: He grins "No worries, Beth, my bow and quiver are prepped. Watch. He presses the bow at the peak and it immediatly retracts into the form of a pen, which he tucks into his pocket. He presses the strap of his quiver and it shrinks into a key chain, which he puts on his sling pack "Ready to go."

Madeline: She gazed towards Cole and Elixable with interest before walking over. "I'm ready as well."

Glen: He glances around the area, not really paying attention to what Elixabeth just said. "Pardon?" He says shaking his head. "Sorry I wasn't listening."

Elixabeth: She sighs."I said I need you to take whatever weapons you have that don't have mist forms and leave them here. They can't come with us."

Madeline: She sat down on the ground, pulling her katana down on her lap. Madeline delicately ran her finger pads over the white hilt, sighing.

Glen: "Oh....well, I don't have any so..." He shrugs and begins fidgeting with his necklace, the one that turns into a sword.

Elixabeth: "Well that takes care of everything needed to be done here. I think I see the cab coming."

The cab arrives and the questors all get in and are taken to the airport.

Madeline: "Are we going onto a plane?" she inquired. It only seemed sensible, considering they were heading to an airport.

Elixabeth: "Yes we are going on a plane. Does someone want to go check us in?"

Glen: "Yeahhh, but that's effort...." He groans loudly, trying to make Elixabeth realize that he doesn't wanna do it.

Cole: "Chill Glen, I'm on it." He walks torward the head desk, getting tickets for the lot of them

Soon they are all checked in and before long they are off on the long flight to Amsterdam.

Cole: As he is seated in coach, he looks a little bit queezy "Gods, how I hate flying..."

Midflight, a pretty flight attendant approaches Cole. "Can I get you anything to drink sir?"

Cole: "Do you have any ginger ale?"

The flight attendant replies affirmatively and smiles at Cole before turning away to fill his order. She returns shortly afterward with both his ginger ale and two more flight attendants who are equally as pretty as she. 

Cole: He gets a little uncomfortable with more than one flight attendant assisting him, but he hides and takes his ginger ale "Thanks." He opens it and takes a little swig of it.

The three flight attendants suddenly reform into three deadly looking Empousas who give a snarl and then leap at Cole, trying to tear him apart.

Cole: "Oh shit!" He kicks his feet out, kicking them back. He takes out his pen and clicks it, turning into a bow. "Wait, I have no arrows...dammit."

Elixabeth: Elixabeth's eyes widen as she sees the three monsters descend on Cole. "COLE!" Elixabeth quickly freezes the water in her cup into a large shard of ice and then fires it right at the head of the middle Empousa.

Cole: He breathes heavily, looking over at Elixabeth "Man, am I glad to see you."

Glen: After he sees the three monsters and one getting beheaded Glen starts to have a panic attack hiding under one of the seats on the plane, shaking and hyperventilating.

Madeline: Madeline watched as the situation unfolded, her blue eyes half lidded. It appeared that the girl wasn't amused. She pulled out her hunting knife and tossed it in the direction of an Empousa.

Elixabeth's shard of ice pierces one Empousa through the chest while Madeline's knife pierces another Empousa's head. Both monsters are killed instantly. the remaining Empousa continues advancing on Cole.

Elixabeth: "I'm so over this." Elixabeth runs over and retrieves Madeline's knife. She then stabs it at the last Empousa trying to penetrate its heart.

the Empousa is caught by surprise and is slain almost immediately. The nearby passengers and crew simply see the questors messing around with paper airplanes and the kids are given a light scolding by a flight attendant as the flight continues without further disturbance.

Madeline: ''She ambled up beside Elixabeth and held out her hand for the knife, head tilting. "You are quick," she commented and then swept to her seat, settling down.

Elixabeth: "Thanks." She breaths as she hands Madeline back her knife. "You weren't too slow on the draw yourself."

Madeline: She offered a quick, genuine smile once seated. The smile was towards Elixabeth, but she wouldn't five that away. "How much longer do you deem this flight will last?" she shot the inquiry towards the leader of the quest.

Elixabeth: Elixabeth grinned at Madeline's use of the word "deem". Finally someone was speaking her language.  "Only a couple of hours left until we reach Amsterdam I think."

Madeline: The blonde cast the girl a quick glance. "Amsterdam, hm? I always wanted to go there." She begun to idly running her fingers over the sharp blade of her katana.

Elixabeth: "Sorry, no weed folks. Strictly rest to get ready for the flight to Delhi."

Cole: "Well, after a scuffle with some freak vampires, I'd say I'm a bit hungry for a sandwich."

Elixabeth: Elixabeth smiles. "We'll be landing soon I think. Then I'll take everyone out for Subway."

Glen: He's still shaking and hyperventilating underneath the seat.

Elixabeth: "You alright there, Glen?"

Glen: "No..not really....." He tries to calm himself down.

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