1. Chastity Rosemerta - Child of Dionysus ((Leader))

2. Aislinn Brown - Child of Prometheus

3. Dakota Sire - Child of Zephyrus

4. Tyler "Ty" Peril - Child of Hecate

5. Kirk Morrison - Child of Deimos


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Chastity,

Hello. I, am your father, Dionysus. God of Wine. Sadly, I do not come bearing gifts of plentiful wine, but, bad news. You see, my followers and I carry something called a thyrsus. It is a staff of giant fennel covered with ivy vines and leaves and topped with a pine cone. It has been, ah, misplaced during one of my latest affairs. I didn't notice it missing until recently, though. The last time I remember having it, was before I left Olympus. It could be in a number of places, namely, Washington D.C, Kaua'i in Hawaii, San Fransisco and Virginia Beach, Virginia. Please, do not ask why I was in any of those places, as you will only recieve a manipulated answer in return. You will face monsters, as all demi-gods release a scent that attracts them. You will face other demi-gods because my Thyrsus holds special powers over vines, wine and hidden powers so old, I can hardly remember them. If anyone would get their hands on it, it would give them great power. The reason I am asking you, dear Chastity, is because, well, you're one of the more recents to arrive at Camp and you need a way to prove yourself. So, go forth, young one, and come back with my thyrsus or don't come back at all.



Chastity Rosemerta has been asked by her father to return his misplaced Thyrsus. It could be in one of four possible places; Washington D.C., Kaua'i, an Island of Hawaii, San Francisco, California or Virginia Beach, Virginia. Chastity suspects that they will run into numerous monsters and other Demi-gods looking for the powerful Thyrsus, but, if she picks her team well than they will have no problems with the challenges they face.

There will be a final "boss" that neither Dionysus or Chastity could expect. Brontes, one of the three Cyclops that forged Zeus' Master Bolt, Posiedon's Trident, Artemis' Bow and Arrow of Moonlight, Apollo's Bow and Arrows of Sun Rays, and Hades' Helm of Darkness, had started to feel unappreciated. However, Artemis, Apollo, Zeus, Posiedon and Hades hadn't left their main weapons anywhere inparticular so, he settled for one that wasn't his but, had fine craftsmanship and great power, Dionysus' Thyrsus.


From capitals of freedom,

To islands of pleasure,

Find the sacred staff,

More valuable than treasure,

Find the forge master and regain,

The power of thy father,

For him to rule again.


Chastity: Walks up Half-Blood hill, waiting for the other questors.

Dakota: Jogs up the hill, holding a backpack. Hey.

Chastity: Yeah, whatever. I just wished the others would hurry up. Taps foot impatiently.

Tyler: Walks up the hill. Hey guys, where are the others?

Dakota: Shrugs. I don't know.

Chastity: If I knew, I would've dragged them here by now so we can get going.

Aislinn: walks up the hill Hi guys. Are we waiting for anyone else?

Chastity: Yeah, this guy named Kirk. A child of Deimos. Sighs a bit Do people always have to be late?

Kirk: He jogs up to the group. Sorry, I'm late I had to get in my 2 mile jog.

Chastity: Sighs and rolls her eyes Whatever. Can we just go now?

Tyler: I'm ready to go!

Dakota: Me too.

Chastity: Looks over to Kirk and Aislinn What about you two?

Aislinn: Yup!

Kirk: Let's do this.

Chastity: So, the first place we'll be going is Washington D.C. We'll be going in a van to the airport, and then we'll take off. Everyone in. Motions towards the van

Dakota: Jumps into the van and sits in the back

Aislinn: Goes in and sits next to Dakota

Tyler: Jumps in the van.

Chastity: Jumps into the driver's seat and then looks at Kirk You coming?

Kirk: Yea just being a true gentlemen and letting all the ladies get in first. He takes the shotgun seat next to Chastity.

Dakota: Lets roll!

Chastity: Mutters to herself and puts the key in the ignition, and steps on the gas, as the car goes speeding down the road So that's how it works.

Tyler: You do know how to drive right?

Chastity: Continues driving, over the speed limit Ah, you could say that.

Kirk: I can't speak for the rest of the group, but I don't wanna die in a fiery crash. I can drive, Chastity are you sure you can't just pull over and we'll switch.

Dakota: I'm going to be truthful here. I agree with Kirk, please let him drive!

Chastity: Shakes her head as she abruptly stops at a red light Nah. Don't want to.

Tyler: We are all going to die! Switch please!

Chastity: Oh, quit whining you bunch of babies. We'll be there in a little while. Presses the gas pedal as the light turns green.

Dakota: Closes her eyes tight. Well, I guess I'll see you guys in Underworld!

Chastity: Oh please. It's more likely you'll be in a life long coma then go straight to the Underworld. Looks in the rear view rear at the people in the back then back at the road

Kirk: You know as the leader of this group you should be a lot more responsible than this.

Chastity: One, I'm a child of Dionysus. We aren't exactly known for our responsibility. Two, I've never been responsible for anything, so I wouldn't know how. Three, I never went to school. I hardly know anything. Swerves out of the way of pedestrians.

Aislinn: Squeezes the seat until her hands go white. That's just great. Just what we wanted to hear right now. If I get out of just this part of the quest alive, I'm going to make education a platform for my next pageant. So that this never, ever, happens again.

Within 20 minutes of unsafe driving, they finally arive at the airport

Chastity: Hops out of the driver's seat and grabs her bag that was under the seat See, I've got us here in one peice. Now come on!

Tyler: Finally! I thought we were all gonna die! Jumps out of the car, and grabs his bag.

Aislinn: I agree. Takes her bag and climbs out of the car.

Kirk: He sighs and gets out of the car I guess I under estimated you Chastity. For a first time driver you were pretty good.

Chastity: Shrugs indifferently as she sets off into the airport, getting the tickets from her bag's pocket.

Tyler: So we are off to D.C. Im so happy Chasity isnt flying...

Chastity: Glares at him I'd beat you so hard right now if I didn't need you on this quest.

Tyler: starts laughing Im sorry, it was just a joke.

Aislinn: Besides, it would be worse if someone said that he had now jinxed it.

Chastity: I'd never fly a plane. Too complicated.

As the five board the plane, Kirk sits in one seat, with Tyler beside him, and Aislinn beside the window, while, Chastity and Dakota sit together, Chastity in the middle beside Dakota, who has a window seat, and a complete stranger beside Chastity.

Tyler: Gods, I hate this. I hate flying...

Dakota: Pulls a book out of her bag and starts reading.

Chastity: Sighs and just goes to sleep in her seat

After the flight, the five leave the plane, and begin their trek through Washington D.C.

Tyler: So where to now?

Chastity: To find the Thyrsus. Duh.

Tyler: Really, I thought were were gonna find a turtle!

Dakota: So what does it look like?

Chastity: Well, and I quote my father, "It is a staff of giant fennel covered with ivy vines and leaves and topped with a pine cone." so, it's a nature staff, basically.

Kirk: What is a Thyrsus anyway?

Chastity: I'm supposed to know? Hades, I haven't gone to school like you guys.

Dakota: Pulls a big book out of her backpack and flips through the pages and finally stops and reads out loud. a thyrsus was a staff of giant fennel covered with ivy vines and leaves, sometimes wound with taeniae and always topped with a pine cone. These staffs were carried by Dionysus and his followers. Euripides wrote that honey dripped from the thyrsos staves that the Bacchic maenads carried. The thyrsus was a sacred instrument at religious rituals and fêtes. Looks up at the demigods and grins.

Aislinn: Yay, we know what it is. Shouldn't we look for it? I think that considering the reasons why he would be here, shouldn't we check the residential areas and stuff like that?

Kirk: Well Washington D.C. is a really big city, it could be anywhere. Maybe we should split up into two groups?

Dakota: Puts her back into her backpack. Sounds like a plan.

Kirk: So how are we gonna divide ourselves?

Dakota: One group will have two while the other has three. I'll go in the group of two.

Kirk: I'll go with Dakota we'll take the suburban areas like Alexandria and Fairfax, you guys check the National Mall.

Chastity: Looks at him, questionably My father is the God of Wine. Don't you think he'd be near wine? Why on Olympus would he be at a mall?

Aislinn: It's a park, near all of the Smithsonian museums and the White House. Lots of people go there, so it's a good place to look. Not really sure why it's called a mall though.

Tyler: Sounds like a plan.

Chastity: Shrugs Yeah, whatever.

Dakota: Okay, lets meet at the Smithsonian in three hours. Got it?

Chastity: Blinks a bit What's that?

Dakota: Its a big museum near the mall. You can't miss it.

Chastity: What mall? I thought we were going to a park.

Dakota: Its called a mall but its really a park, got it?

Chastity: Not. At. All. But, I do feel like we're being watched.

Tyler: Nods I have that feeling too. Looks around

Chastity: Do we really want to know what's watching us?

Tyler: I really wouldn't mind a good fight Smiles but, I guess not for you girls safety, unless you are up for it.

Chastity: One, don't ever make a comment even remotely like "The safety of us girls" ever again. I don't know about Aislinn and Dakota, but, I can handle myself. Two, what was that?

A roar was heard from behind, as random screams of "Lion!" came from around. As the Demigods turned to face the animal, they gasped. It was the Nemean Lion.

Tyler: F*ck! He gets his axe out of his bag I didnt think it would be that thing! I was hoping an Empousa or somethin, but I guess this is the fight i wanted!Whats the plan?

Chastity: Beat the thing. Raises her hands, making grape vines shoot out from the ground, trying to bound the Lion.

Tyler: Sarcasticly Really! He throws his axe at the lion and gets it in the shoulder and calls it the axe back to him

Chastity: Stupid unbeatable lion. Cries in frustration as the Nemean Lion breaks out of her vines, yet again. Wait, I have an idea. Looks at Tyler Keep it from eating you guys until I come back. Runs into an alley way.

Dakota: Pulls her spear out. This will be fun. Controls the wind around her and flys toward the lion not getting to close.

As the Demigods, minus the leader of the quest, fought the Nemean Lion, it didn't get tired.

Aislinn: Throws a clay spear at the lion's flank Why won't this thing die!

Chastity: Suddenly dashes out of the alley, dragging a hose. She connects it to the fire hydrant on the street. Here lion. Look over here. The lion ignores her and she throws a stick at his head and it turns around. She turns on the hose as it opens it's mouth to roar, and it gets blasted back by the force of the water.

Tyler: What is water going to do besides distract i and get in wet!!! Throws his axe again and it gets lodged in the ribs, and Ty calls it back

Chastity: Well, it's better than throwing a stupid Axe at it, when it's fur is unpenatratable. Stupid. Sighs and turns the hose up. She suddenly squeaks as the, now angry and wet lion lunges at her. She ducks and runs away from it.

Tyler: Gods! I forgot that! Okay the only penetratable spot is it's mouth. We have to find away to get its mouth open so one of us can get a hit.

Chastity: I never would've guessed to do that rolls her eyes And if you're all big and bad, why don't you get it's mouth open?

Tyler: Okay well we could use food or we could get it to roar.. Thinks Hey, spray it with the water so it roars again and when it opens its mouth I can throw my axe at it.

Chastity: Whatever. Sprays the thing with water so it turns to face her, roaring.

Tyler: Throws his axe right at the lion and the axe gets lodged inside of the lions mouth, and the lion disintegrates except for the pelt H*ll yeah! Thats what im talking about!

Chastity: Whatever. Turns the water off, and goes over to the pelt, picking it up

Tyler: You seem happy we won... Well are we still up for the plan?

Chastity: Oh yes. It seems like a brilliant idea to split up after we hardly beat the Lion all together.

Dakota: walks over while shrinking her spear and sliding it into her bracelet. Well do you have a better idea?

Tyler: Yes do you?

Chastity: Shrugs a bit Check all the bars to see if it's there? I don't know! Children of Dionysus aren't known for their great ability to think.

Tyler: I actually agree with her. Her father is the god of wine and all that stuff, so lets check the bars.

Aislinn: Sounds good.

Chastity: Oh yes, they're just going to let a bunch of teenagers walk into a bar.

Tyler: Dang it! Ummm.. i dont know

Aislinn: Takes out five blank ID cards I didn't want to use these, but hope everyone has some sort of picture of themselves on them.

Tyler: Sweet fake IDs, and yes I think i have a picture. Takes out his wallet and looks through a little album Yes i do!

Chastity: No. Why? Because, when I was packing for this quest, it didn't occur to me to bring a picture.Shrugs a bit

Dakota: digs through her backpack and pulls out an insta camara. Good thing I brought my insta cam.

Chastity: What is wrong with you people? I say you come on a quest and your first thoughts are to bring fake I.D.'s, photographs of yourself and a camera?

Aislinn: Well, it helped solve our problem didn't it? I also packed maps of all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. And more fake IDs.

Chastity: We're going to Hawaii, Virginia, California, and here. We don't need a map of Mexico or Canada.

Aislinn: I'm paranoid when it comes to packing.

Tyler: I see that.

Dakota: So whats the plan now?

Chastity: Check the bars. Divide into groups first, though.

Aislinn: The same groups we planned before?

Chastity: I could care less about who's in what group. So, why not?

Dakota: Same meeting point?

Chastity: If no one meets a monster and gets eaten, then, yeah.

Dakota: Okay then, Good Luck. Starts walking away.

Chastity: Wait. Who's on what group?

Aislinn: Dakota and Kirk in one group, and me, you, and Ty in another.

Tyler: Sounds good. Lets get a move on it.

Chastity: Shrugs OK. Whatever.

Aislinn: Well then, lets get a move on! Walks a few feet, the turns around You guys coming?

Chastity: Coming. Walks to her and turns to Ty, waiting for him.

Tyler: Im coming. Walks to them and continues walking.

After The Bars of Washington

Chastity: So, we're travelling to the next place, now. That would be, Virginia I believe.

Tyler: I guess so.

Aislinn: The subways lead out to Virginia.

Chastity: A subway? As in an underground train. Aren't they supposed to be filthy?

Aislinn: They're pretty clean here. And fast.

Chastity: Let's go then.

The group heads towards the subway

Dakota: Starts looking a bit nervous.

Chastity: Looks at her What's wrong with you?

Dakota: Looks over at her. I don't have much power down here. There's no wind.

Chastity: Rolls her eyes It's only been a little while since the last attack. I'm pretty sure we'll be safe until Virginia.

They get on the subway car

Dakota: Begins pacing on the subway.

Chastity: Looks at her Stop pacing, it's annoying.

Aislinn: There's nothing to worry about. We're going to be fine.

Chastity: We might. If this "forge master" person doesn't destroy us.

Aislinn: I meant while we're on the train!

Chastity: You really should've clarified then.

Tyler: Laughs You guys are ridiculous.

Dakota: Would you leave me alone for a bit?

Tyler: Okay? Why?

Dakota: I just need to think. She walks down to the end of the train and sits down, putting her head in her hands.

Chastity: Looks over at her She must really hate being underground.

Tyler: I can see that. I dont mind it but i hate this subway.

Chastity: What's wrong with this subway?

Aislinn: It's better than some other subways I've been in.

Chastity: Never been on a subway. Never wanted to, either.

After they arrive in Virginia

Chastity: Gets off the subway

Dakota: She quickly gets off the subway and makes her way up to ground level.

Chastity: Rolls her eyes It's just a train, no need to get worked

Tyler: Well let's get going. I wanna get this over with girls.

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