Dakota and Kirk are walking along together

Dakota: Okay maybe we can find a map with bars on it.

Kirk: Yea I actually picked up a map of local attractions earlier. He takes out the map from his backpack and shows it to Dakota. Any places stand out to you?

Dakota: Studies the map for a moment before placing her finger on it. Old Dominion Brewhouse looks like a start. We can take the subway and be there in about five minutes.

Kirk: Sure, I'll buy the tickets. He buys the tickets for them and they take a seat on the subway.

Five minutes later, they step off the subway and make there way down a busy street.

Dakota: watches the buildings as they past by them before stopping in front of an older looking building. Here it is. Quickly passes him a fake I.D. and then walks inside.

Kirk: This bar is pretty nice and how did you already have those fake I.Ds prepared? He says as he looks around the bar with a few people sitting in chairs.

Dakota: My foster mom taught me to take the most weirdest things on quests.

Kirk: Sounds like a nice woman, is she a demigod? He says as he observes one of the people in the bar closely.

Dakota: Yeah, daughter of Phobos. Looks around studying the walls.

Kirk: I see. Nothing seems to stand out to me here, you?

Dakota: sadly, no. Lets get out of here, this place is giving me the creeps.

Kirk: Your right. He takes out the mat havep as the exit. Where to next?

Dakota: Looks at the map. See any that catch your eye?

Kirk: Calyspo Bar and Grill, its has Calypso in it.

Dakota: Okay, lets go then.

Kirk: They take another taxi and arrive at the Bar. They flash their fake IDs and get into the crowded bar. This place is a lot more crowded than Old Dominions.

Dakota: bumps into a couple of people before moving close to Kirk. Yeah. I wonder why?

Kirk: Without thinking he takes Dakota's hand to keep her close Do you wanna get a table because just standing here is pretty uncomfortable.

Dakota: Nods and looks for a table.

Kirk: After some pushing and shoving the two are able to find a table where they are surronded by large burly men in large jackets.

Dakota: Her eyes widen and she whispers just so Kirk can hear. I don't think their mortals.

Kirk: He leans in and whispers back What makes you say that?

Dakota: Whispers. I dunno. I just have this feeling they airn't. Just keep an eye on them.

Kirk: Sure, try not to make a scene though. He says as he eyes the group of men.

Waiter: He walks up to Dakota and Kirk with her notepad. Hey there do you have your orders?

Dakota: Um....I have a sprite, please.

Kirk: I'll have sprite as well

Waiter: Umm okay then she stares at them stragenly for not ordering actual food. Feel free to enjoy your chips she says gesturing to the chips in the middle of the table and walks away. Almost on cue one of the men in the group take the chips from their table and eat them in one gulp. The man then throws the container in Kirk's face.

A quick breeze knocks the container away from Kirk's face, making it land onto the floor next to him.

Dakota: She quickly eats a chip and looks away from the men.

Kirk: Thanks for that, cool power by the way. Angered the man picks up a beer bottle and throws it again at Kirk. Kirk catchs and throws it back at the man hitting him in the back of the head.

Random Hulligan: That was a big mistake demigod and know you'll have to pay. He and his four friends get up from their table they take off their jackets revealing six hands. He then picks up a table and hurls it Kirk as people begin to clear out of the bar.

Another gust of wind flings the table back at the guy who threw it.

Dakota: Pulls out her spear. No, it was your mistake for attacking us. Charges one of the men.

Chastity: Walks outside the bar and sees the fight Found them.

Aislinn: I can see that. Let's go help. Takes out a sword

Chastity: Blinks a bit I don't have a weapon.

A huge gust of wind blows one of the Hulligans toward Chastity and Aislinn.

Chastity: Squeals a bit and pounces out of the way.

Aislinn: Runs in the opposite direction while readying her sword.

Tyler: He runs out of the bar oh a fight. He pulls out his axe and runs at the hulligans

Dakota: She jumps out of a broken window, holding her spear and an glare on her face as she attacks the hulligan, yelling insults and cursing as she slammed her spear into him.

The Hulligans run from the bar.

Chastity: Turns to Dakota What was that all about?

Dakota: Shrugs. Nothing.

Aislinn: That was crazy.

Chastity: Sighs a bit Can we just, go to the next place and look?

Aislinn: Sure.

Chastity: Then, let's go!

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