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Chastity, Aislinn, and Tyler are walking along.

Tyler: So where are these clubs?

Chastity: Sorry. I only know where clubs are in Las Vegas. We'll just have to look for one.

Aislinn: There are a bunch all over this town. How about we walk around and see if we spot any.

Chastity: I guess that's the smartest thing to do. Or we could ask someone who looks like they know.

Tyler: Laughs And they look like what?

Chastity: Depends. Cheap bars, have heavy drunks. Look for people stumbling and are drunk then. High class bars have upper-class, business men.

Tyler: Laughs a bit So which one would your father been?

Aislinn: Either one. At least, that's what I would think. But hey, Chastity is the one who knows the most about him.

Chastity: One, I don't know my father. Two, considering we worked at one of the highest class bars in Las Vegas, I'm going to go for the Upper-Class business man.

Tyler: So lets find a High Class Bar.

Chastity: Ok then.

The three waste some time, as it isn't easy for teenagers to locate bars. Soon, they stumble upon A high-class bar.

Aislinn: This is what we were looking for, right?

Chastity: If it's a bar, then obviously.

Aislinn: Shrugs Whatever. Let's just find who we're looking for.

Chastity: We're not looking for anyone. We're looking for a thing. My father's staff to be exact.

Tyler: Lets go then He takes out his fake ID and starts to walk towards the bar.

Aislinn: Follows him.

Chastity: Yeah, whatever. Follows the two

Tyler: He walks in the bar and gets stopped by a Bar Employee, and shows him his ID and walks in the bar.

Chastity: Does the same and sighs Now, where would a stupid staff be hiding?

Tyler: Ummm... Maybe he put it in a Magical Staff closet. Smiles. Just kidding. Honestly i don't know.

Chastity: Groans a bit and sighs This is only the first of four cities, or states, or whatever! How are we going to get through this?

Aislinn: Walks in behind them Maybe we should ask some of the people here. They would know more than we do about him frequenting here than we do.

Chastity: How do we even know he came to a Washington D.C. bar more than once when he lost his Thyrsus? People wouldn't notice a One-timer who looks like he belongs! Unless my dad did something idiotic in here, like, I don't know, turn water into wine, people wouldn't even talk to him.

Tyler: Woah, chill out. We could ask the bartender, at least. He might remember.

Aislinn: I'll ask, if no one else wants to.

Chastity: Whatever. Sighs a bit and sits on a stool

Tyler: Follows her You know, sometimes, you actually need to care.

Aislinn: Goes over to the bartender and starts talking to Lhim. A few minutes later, she returns.

Tyler: What'd he say?Looks at her.

Chastity: Did he remember my father?

Aislinn: He said he remembered an unusual man coming in here with a woman a few times, but both of them stopped coming at all after a few visits.

Chastity: So it's not here. Ta-da. Mystery solved. Can we go?

Tyler: Sure, let's go.

Aislinn: Got it, boss.

Chastity: Looks at Aislinn a bit weirdly before just, walking out of the bar

Tyler: Follows Where should we go now?

Aislinn: To other bars? Or maybe we should meet up with the others.

Chastity: So, it's either go to places where my father might not even have seen, or see if the duo needs help, possibly them hurt by monsters. You're choice.

Tyler: I'm going with the second one. Looks at Aislinn And you?

Aislinn: Yeah, I'm going to go with that one too.

Tyler: So, where are they?

Chastity: Aren't we supposed to be going to meet up with them at the Museum thing near the mall park, or whatever.

Aislinn: Oh, yeah. You're right. Let's go.

Chastity: K. One thing. I have no clue where it is.

Tyler: Eh, I might have a clue. Not a very good one though.

Aislinn: Map time! Pulls out a map of DC. What street are we on?

Chastity: Looks at her I don't know. I can't read signs with street names on them. I can't even read a map. I'm dyslexic.

Tyler: Almost all Demigods are dyslexic. Our brains are wired for Greek. I think we're near Constitution Avenue, though.

Aislinn: Looks at the map. So we take this street to Constitution Avenue, go left onto 12th street, turn right onto Madison Drive, left onto 14th street, and right to Independence Avenue. That takes us to the Mall.

Chastity: I thought we were sopposed to go to the museum.

Tyler: I think they're right beside each other. Let's go! Starts walking

Aislinn: Follows him.

Chastity: Follows behind both of them You know where we're going, right?

Tyler: Aislinn has the map,so, I'm guessing she knows. Turns to her You know where, right?

Aislinn: Yes, I do know. We're halfway there.

Chastity: Alright, Continues walking

Tyler: Continues to walk as well

Aislinn: Walks with them, leading them to the Mall. Here we are.

Chastity: Soo, now what?

Tyler: You're the leader. You're supposed to know.

Chastity: Well, I thiught they'd be here.

Aislinn: Maybe we should look around here. See if we can find them, or anything else that can help us.

Chastity: Sure. Whatever.

Tyler: Seems like a good idea.

Aislinn: If we're going to be looking, we should stay in sight of the Washington Monument.

Chastity: The Washington Monument? Looks at the tall tower-type thing That thing?

Aislinn: Yes. It's hard to miss, isn't it?

Chastity: I guess. Are we gonna go look now?

Ailsinn: Sure. Tyler?

Tyler: Yes?

Aislinn: You ready?

Tyler: Yeah Im ready.

Aislinn: Well then, let's go!

Chastity: Yeah, whatever. Starts to walk with the other two

Aislinn: Ooh, look at that dress! Is pointing at a poster with a gown on it. It's so beautiful. I always wanted to go to that exhibit.

Tyler: There is an exhibit for dresses?

Aislinn: Yes, dresses that the first ladies wore to the Inaugural Balls.

Tyler: Ohh i see.

Aislinn: I'm girly. I like those things.

Chastity: ..I can't even pronounce the name of that thing, let alone know what it is.

Aislinn: It's a ball... Never mind. You probably don't care.

Chastity: You got it right, Blondie.

Aislinn: No one has called me that since I was about five.

Chastity: Can't say that now, can you?

Aislinn: Nope.

Chastity: Can we just find the others, now?

Aislinn: Okay.

Tyler: He is walking and looking I cant find them.

Chastity: Well, wouldn't they be at a bar, looking for the Thyrsus?

Aislinn: I feel incredibly stupid for not thinking of that.

Tyler: Don't worry I feel stupid as well.

Aislinn: Should we IM them? To see where they are?

Tyler: That sounds like a good idea.*He looks around for something to use and sees a sprinkler on*Follow me*He runs up to the sprinkler and looks to see if anyone is looking and takes out a drachama* Oh Iris, goddess of the Rainbow, accept my offering.*He throws the drachama into the mist*

Aislinn: Hello?

The IM shows Dakota and Kirk fighting with men in a bar

Chastity: That could be bad.

Aislinn: No, really?

Chastity: Don't get smart with me.

Aislinn: Rolls eyes Okay. We should goto them and help them out.

Chastity: Was that not what we were doing before Iris Messaging them?

Aislinn: Yes, but based on the sign in there Points to the IM They're on 17th Northwest. So we just need to find a bar there.

Chastity: Just look for the one with a commotion going on inside. Duh.

Aislinn: Exactly.

Chastity: Should we go now?

Aislinn: Sure. (ooc: should we post on their page?)

Chastity: Let's go. (ooc: Yeah,)

Aislinn: *walks there*

Chastity: Walks along side