The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Colette,

Hmm..*puts on lip gloss and stops to hug Colette when she sees her* Aww!!look at my precious beauty, you make me so proud! How are you? Anyways, dear, I know its not your birthday, but I came here to ask a favor from you, ma petite. I need you to pretty please find my special never-wilting rose! You've just got to help your mom, you know how it feels to loose something from your lover. It was the first flower Ares gave me and he went through trouble to get it. Aww...he's so sweet and I know you can relate!*winks* You see, I went to the Hilton hotel few days ago brining that rose. When I came back to my room, I realized it was stolen by one of Hephaestus' daughters. Ugh! That ugly oldie gets easily jealous! Well, she was killed by this manticore, who was a mortal that I turned into one for being so annoying. He knows its special to me and wants to see me in return. He's somewhere in Griffith Park. Kill him, whatever, just get my precious rose back! I'll see you in the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel after. I promise you and your friends will be rewarded, I have this fab pair of boots that'll totally match you!*squeals* Bring your friends along too, four for security! Hurry! I plan to wear that on our next date to make Ares feel special! Bye and good luck, my ever gorgeous heiress!*gives her a flying kiss*

-XXX, Aphrodite


Five, led by thou, the daughter of Beauty,

Mustered to regain the Rose thy mother made priority.

Defeat all creatures who obstructs completion of thy duty

To face the mace-tailed captor waiting in anxiety.

Be generously rewarded to celebrate thy victory.


  1. Colette Tyler, Aphrodite. Broken (Leader)
  2. Sealtiel O'Shaughnessy, Apate. Hyu
  3. Maximilian Erikson, Aeolus. Mel
  4. Rhian Grant, Hermes. Jas
  5. Mio Nakamura, Eros . Silv


Camp Half Blood

  • Colette:She waits while sitting at the nearest bench to the camp's entrance and listening to music though her earphones. She's wearing the casual combo of cream shorts, a fitted hotpink top, white converse and finishes it with a sidebag with her stuff across her right chest to left thigh.
  • Max: Comes up with his bag am I late?
  • Colette: She shakes her head and takes off one earphone Nope. Mio, Tiel, and Rhian aren't here yet. She moves to the side offering him a seat
  • Tiel: He happily skips to the entrance to find Colette and Max there. He jumps up and down to catch their attention as he puts down his backpack. Heeeyaaa guys! Or gals, if you're that type. Just joking!
  • Colette: Giggles as Tiel greets them enthusiastically Well, Mio and Rhian left
  • Mio: She comes walkin listening to music on her iPod and finds all three of them Um hai
  • Max: Sits next to colette and smiled to mio Yo..
  • Tiel: He waves at her. Hey there! Let me guess... you're Mio?
  • Rhian: She approaches them, carrying a backpack with essentials Hey guys
  • Colette: Hmmm... counts One-Two-Three-Four-Five. We're complete!
  • Tiel: Awesomeee. Well, shall we head for the ride?
  • Max: gets up Lets..
  • Colette I got a permit to borrow a camp van turns to Tiel Tiel, tell me you know how to drive. tosses him the keys
  • Mio: If he's driving and I die, I blame you Points to Colette
  • Tiel: Uhhh... Yeah, I can. I learned from carjacking some of my dad's officemate's cars, plus from GTA. Trust the good sir, he can drive.? He grins.
  • Colette: Laughs Well, I trust your word and my dad's lawyer,so all of you, get your butts in the van!
  • Tiel: Well, He makes a "follow me" gesture. You heard the madam! Get your butts on the van!? He quickly rushes for the driver's door. Uh, where's the key to this... thing?
  • Colette: gets in the front seat of the van and looks at Tiel with widened eyes You said...?
  • Tiel: The key... the key... Oh. Here it is.? He finds the key on the dashboard and starts up the van.? Well, stupid me. Ooookay guys,here weeee gooooo!!!
  • Mio: Facepalms Seriously?
  • Colette: laughs Somebody's finally back..Now checks if everyone's in the van Drive Tiel!
  • Tiel: Will do, madam!? He inserts the key into the keyhole and the engine starts. He quickly puts his feet into the brakes and accelerators and his hands into the steering wheel. After a few minutes, they were now on the move. I pretty know the way around here, except the time I first got here. It was awful.
  • Colette: notices his driving gets better, well not toally, but she trusts it won't kill them? You go out of camp and further than the nearby town?! What do you take, the bus?! ? Ugh! Seriously, these vans are so cramped! Once we get to the airport, I am totally having Marie take me to daddy's private jet. I don't think I can take anything like this!
  • Max: raises eyebrow private jet??
  • Colette: Yea! Private jet! Totally better than this cramped junk!
  • Max: laughs yeah..agreed..
  • Colette: So Max, Rhian, talk...
  • Max: I am talking..
  • Colette: Talk more...
  • Mio: So...Points to Max What's your name?
  • Max:My name? Maximillian erickson yours?
  • Mio: Mio, Mio Nakamura.
  • Max:Japannese?
  • Tiel: He tries not to move his head to prevent accidents. Lookie here, someone's pretty rich.
  • Colette: is thinking that refers to her Well, of course! Its totally a necessity 
  • Max: laughs don't know bout that but it must be fun to have money..
  • Colette: Yeap! Money is what makes the world go around and whats makes those henchmen who do all your work so you don't have to break a nail or sweat too!
  • Mio: Rolls her eyes You don't say.

NY Airport

  • A few minutes later, they arrive safely at the front of the airport.
  • Tiel: Well, that certainly went well. Sighs.
  • Mio: And I didn't die Fake smiles
  • Colette: rolls her eyes and crosses her arms after getting out Come on! You guys can't stand a moment in the spotlight with those frowns! 
  • A beautiful woman named Marie (who is Colette's nurse) then approaches them 
  • Tiel: His eyes widen. Ooooh, a dynamite woman!' her eyes 
  • Colette: slaps his arm and glares Don't you dare go flirting with my nanny!
  • Max: looks at Marie then at colette Am I included in this? 
  • Colette: widen at Max, almost giving a facepalm Of course you are! Anyways, even if she's a wonderful nanny, she's also a picky woman or satyress. 
  • Marie: Madamoiselle Colette! I've missed you!  hugs her and checks her out abefore letting go Well, I see you're fine. she smiles The jet is prepared for you in terminal 2, are these your friends?? Do they have any luggage the guys could carry? 
  • Colette: No, I can carry this by myself turns to the rest You guys?
  • Max: looks at colette nah I'm strong guys?
  • Tiel: He rubs his sore arm. I can do it. Usually. And obviously.
  • Colette: looks at Mio but realises she might say no Show us to terminal 2 please, Marie.
  • Marie:Of course, madamoiselle. Shows them inside the airport to their designated terminal and escorts them to the ladder of the jet
  • Colette: before anyone else, she immediately runs into the jet and lies on a seat Finally!Space!
  • Tiel: As he enters the jet, his jaw dropped out of awe. Whoooaaa. Coool! He quickly reaches for a seat and sits on it. OMG, this is so off of the chain!

  • Marie: smiles at the door of the jet once she has entered The flight will take about an hour. Till then, please enjoy the facilities offered by our jet. It is customed into loveable style for everyone. If you need anything like gaming systems and snacks, please call my attention.  
  • Tiel: Oh! Oh! Me! Me! I want snack, PS2 and tons of PS2 CDs!
  • Marie: gives a gentle smile and retrives the necesities of Tiel and returns with it in a cart Well, pick
  • Colette: yawns and grabs her headphones Marie, call me when we arrive. she turns to sleep
  • Tiel: Persona 4 would be totally awesome!
  • Rhian: She stares at the others "What's going on?" She looks at the others, not having payed attention
  • Max: looks at rhian umm we're currently passing time before we reach ...our destination...

LA Airport

  • The plane lands
  • Marie: We have arrive! she wakes Colette up Wake up, mistress.
  • Colette:Aww... sighs... guess a quest is a quest gets up and streches Thanks Marie.
  • The door of the jet opens and you can see the airport
  • Max: was wearing his glasses as he examines the map hmmmmm
  • Marie: Oh right, Stephen is in the parking lott waiting for you.  Good luck on your quest! she smiles 
  • Colette:Great! She waves goodbye and steps down the stairs to turn to Max Anything interesting?
  • Tiel: Uhh... who's Stephen?
  • Mio: What he said.
  • Colette: Our chaperon that's wearing a tux and is in the parking lot waiting for us to get it moving. You don't think my dad would just let anyone drive me.
  • Mio: Rolls her eyes and keeps silent 
  • As they walk outside to the parking lot, 2 empousa's who were following them from the airport suddenly goes in front of them and begins to attack them
  • Colette: her sword appears We've got unwanted company
  • Max: looks up from the map hmm they didn't put this on the map folds the map and keeps it in his pocket before taking out his weapon
  • Tiel: He assumes a defensive stance. We don't need to hook up with these babies and waste our pumping action! Here! He tries to make one of the empousa face the other direction and rush there instead to buy them some time.
  • Colette: swiftly charges at one with her sword while Tiel was taking care of the other one
  • Mio: Stands and takes her katana out.
  • Tiel: He charges to the confused empousa and stabs it continuously with his sword, turning it into dust. Awww yeaaaah!
  • Colette: Throws 3 shurikens at it, with two hitting it at the same time and disintegrating it to dust
  • Tiel: C'mon! We'd better run for it! He attacks another empousa to his left but he was clawed in his arm, making 3 long cuts. He groans in pain.
  • Colette: while the empousai was busy, she takes opportunity to slash it and it goes poof! She approaches Tiel You ok?We can get you a bandage at the car
  • Tiel: He gets up as he looks on the 3 long cuts with blood dripping on the ground. Y-yeah. T-that would be g-great. Ow! He uses his right hand to apply pressure on the wounds.
  • Colette: '''is disturbed by the dripping blood and walks towards a limousine
  • The limousine drives towards them as the driver caught a glance of Colette
  • Colette:'' She gets in and finds a first aid kit and turns to Tiel 
  • Tiel: Y-you'd better be careful... I-it hurts like hell. He smiles but his face is clearly full of pain.
  • Colette: Don't worry about the pain! I'm good at this. she winks as she brings Tiel in a state of ecstasy while she tends to his wounds and bandages it, that way, it wont hurt him as much
  • Tiel: Even though the ecstasy wasn't that much, he began laughing. 
  • Colette: ''Okaayy~Anyways, we're almost there

Griffith Park

  • they finally arrive at griffith park and gets out of the car
  • Colette: she looks around Let's go hunt some manticore down!
  • Tiel: The ecstasy has subsided, and his wounds don't feel very painful now. Leeeet's gooo!!! He rushes for the nearby trees.
  • A few harpies start to attack them, six harpies to be exact
  • Colette: rolls eyes and gets her weapon out Not again... 
  • Tiel: That's certainly not a manticore. He pulls out both his swords. Well, charge!
  • Colette: Manages to hit one harpy with two shurikens and slash one and turn both into dust 
  • Max: with his weapon he manages to kill one harpy seriously why do they love us soo much....
  • Tiel: He uses his swords to hack and slash at one of the harpies, turning it to dust. But he overdone the actions and caused his wounds to become painful again. Agh! Crap!
  • Colette: After the second to the last harpy was killed, she tosses Tiel some ambosia from her bag Take it
  • Tiel: Thanks! He eats a small amount, which tasted like Snickers. His wounds' pain started to go away. Ooooh yeaaah! Take this, you freak of nature! He continues to hack and slash at another harpy.
  • Colette: Sees some people giving maps and she approaches them and comes back with one Alright, if you were a manticore, where would you hide?
  • Tiel: The manticore is a weird-looking lion, right? Or is it just me?
  • Colette: It's suppose to be... her eyes look around the map
  • Max: goes to colette may I look at the map and maybe take out most of the probability of where it can and cannot be?
  • Tiel: Oh! Oh! I'll look around if the manticore is hiding under some trick or fraud-ish thingamabob. I'm an expert on that. 
  • Colette: passes the map to Max You SHOULD be looking for it goes to get two more maps and comes back, handing Tiel one and handing Max a marker Let's start x-ing
  • Max: takes the marker and takes out a piece of paper he started to do a few equations on probability hmm
  • Colette: she crosses some as well
  • Max: he continued to do his equation and crossing the map when he realizes something wait a sec...
  • Colette: Smart dude, what did you find?
  • Tiel: He barely crosses out anything. I don't like the sound of what you said, nerdy.
  • Max: ignores tiels comment but continues to study the map we have literally cross most of the places here....but...
  • Colette: realizes something There! points to the spot they havent crossed out Let's go team!
  • Max: keeps his glasses ok
  • Mio: Feels like a little kid and she follows them and rolls her eyes 
  • They finally see a manticore sadly playing with a rose
  • Colette: her eyes widen and she points to it and whispers That must be it!
  • Max: looks at the manticore and whispers back I don't think tehre's any more manticore playing with a rose at this park...realizes something and looks up Please dad don't...
  • Tiel: Um, should we play with it and get that freakin' rose?
  • Colette: We don't have a stategy to this? looks the the manticore's sad face I don't actually feel good about doing this...
  • Max: raises his hand I have a suggestion its either we give the manticore a hobby, a new girlfriend or maybe a new rose?
  • Colette: According to mother, this guy really liked her. He bugged her to much to turn into that she gestures to the whole manticore body I guess its fine to kill it...since it has a soul trapped in it she looks guiltily
  • Tiel: He suddenly grins at Max's idea. Oh! Oh! New rose, you say? I can make a fake copy of it so that we can keep him at bay while we have the real one.
  • Colette: she smiles to know she doesn't have to kill it MAGNIFIC! Leggo Tiel! You concentrate on the copy and we     snatch the winning rose! 
  • Tiel: He grins. Sureeee, be my valuable guestseses. Just make sure you don't block my view too much or make things fly around. It'll bug my mind from making a copy. Got it? He makes a thumbs up the questioning way.
  • Max: looks at the two cant I help him?
  • Colette: has the classy bingo look Aeolus kid, or Max, whatev. Can you actually grab the rose from a distance using solidified air?That way excape would be easier
  • Max: looks a bit scared seriously?
  • Colette: Why the face? You won't go near him anyways. turns to Tiel Will ecstacy help you and your illusion?
  • Tiel: Ohoho, it ain't an illusion. Its a copy, only fake. And ecstasy, you say? I could use some.
  • Colette: Let's begin then. brings the manticore into a state of ecstacy to distract him more
  • Mio: Wow this is going to be 'so' fun Rolls her eyes and takes her katana out
  • Max: started to use his powers to fly sooo what do I have to do again?
  • Colette:Get the flower after Tiel...duh??
  • Tiel: He sighs. Look, we need to get a move on. I'll do it now. Once you see the fake copy, get it and do what ya need to do, got it?
  • Colette: nods and obeys
  • Mio: Smiles innocently So I don't have to do anything right?
  • 'Colette:shakes her headYea yea~
  • Max: looks at mio lucky you....
  • Tiel: I do have something for you to do. While they're busy, check my back. He widens his eyes, as if they've got the wrong idea. I mean, if there are any weird things behind me.
  • Mio: Uh sure. Notches an arrow
  • Tiel: Clever girl! Now, get em guys! I'll handle things here! He began to stare at the rose and holds out his hands. A very blurry image began to flicker in it.
  • Max: looks at the rose cool...
  • Tiel: The blurry rose image still flickers. Yeah yeah, I know. But its still not a copy yet. Get that thing now!
  • Colette: at his signal, she successfully grabs the rose away from the pre-occupied and sad manticore without getting slight of his attention and returns to the team Guess those ninja training paid off. I'm guessing we better run?
  • Tiel: The fake copy of the rose stopped flickering and is now completely solid. Well, just in time for my extra special rose! He throws the rose near the manticore's rear and quickly turns back to run.
  • The rest of them swiftly runs off back to their vehicle
  • Colette: turns to the chaperon DRIVE! 

Hilton Hotel

  • the driver immediately drives to Hilton Hotel and they arrive
  • Colette: We're here she steps out once the hotel steward opens their door
  • Tiel: He scratches his head. So now...?
  • Colette: We--
  • The beautiful goddess enters with everyone's eyes on her because she's too stunning for words
  • Aphrodite:smiles Give the rose to the enchanting goddess standing and talking in front of you then be rewarded with these fabulous clothes and a night at Hilton Hotel! Wi? 
  • Tiel: He immediately snatches the rose from Colette's hand and offers it to Aphrodite. Here it is, here it is!!! I want the clothes and hotel! He grins.
  • Colette: smacks Tiel in the head as she gets back the rose and she offers it to her mother pridefully
  • Aphrodite: smiles as she accepts the rose and gives her daughter a kiss on the forehead Why thank you, my beautiful heiress, but of course, I'm more gorgeous. I am proud. Now, these are the keys to your rooms. She hands Tiel two keys and kisses his cheek Your rewards for each one of you are there. suddenly looks excited at Colette  I can't wait to see those boots on you! Au revoir! she winks then leaves with a stunning flying kiss as all the men watchin were semi-drooling and very jealous
  • Colette: giggles contently
  • Max: was too suprise to say anything..
  • Colette: Grabs a keycard from Tiel. We girls have one room, thank you. See ya in the morning! she leaves them to their happiness as she goes to girl's room and becomes so peppy about the shoes until she goes to sleep
  • Max: looks at tiel well??
  • Tiel: He looks at Max with a sinister but jokingly look. Its time... for pillow fight. Mwehehehe.
  • Max: looks at tiel hoping he's joking a what???
  • Tiel: A pillow fight! Like smashing pillows on your faces. He grins and grabs Max's arm and pulls him to their room.
  • Max: strugles to get out anyone help?
  • That night, the boys and girls had a "wonderful" time and happily received their gifts from Ms. Aphrodite. The next morning.....they meet up together
  • Colette: yawns Alright. We better get back to camp now
  • Max: walks slowly to colette with his hair a mess and having a few feathers if you say so...
  • Colette: Her eyes widen Sacrebleu!What happened to you!? 
  • Tiel: We sucker blued ourselves with pillows!!!
  • Colette: shakes her head with crossed arms then giggles I'm guessing Tiel had the best time of this. So, let's head back now takes her bag and their car stops in front of the hotel 'as she gets in 
  • Tiel: He follows after her and sits att he back.
  • Max: ironicly blows away a few feather's in his hair using his powers before getting in the car and looking at tiel remind me never to fight pillows with you...
  • Colette: Oh it's not that bad, shows him a hair dryer and make up kit in a compartment Want me to patch it up?smiles excitedly
  • Max: shrugs sure...
  • Once they arrive in the airport, Max looks amazing hot :D
  • Colette: Magnific! she proceeds getting on the plane Now come on, some girls might want to hoard ya!
  • Tiel: Meh. He gets on the plane and sits down. Ahhhh, got to sit on a comfy seat again! 
  • Colette: Well, falls asleep
  • Max: was holding a mirror a bit shock remind me never to trust an aphrodiete kid....
  • Soon, they arrive at NY and a chaperon drove them to camp. The reached homevictoriously. 

Quest Ended~


Mission Overview

Aphrodite's special rose was stolen from her during her stay at Hilton Hotel by a daughter of Hephaestus. Apparently, the daughter was killed by a manticore. This special manticore was an admirer of Aphrodite, she turned him into a monster for his constant bugging and obsession. This monster wants to see Aphrodite for the return of the rose. She wants Colette to get it asap for her and Ares' anniversary date.

Locations and Misc

  1. Camp Half Blood Entrance- They would take the camp van to the airport. (Checked)
  2. NY Airport- Colette had her father's private jet reserve and they would travel to LA (Checked)
  3. Outside LA Airport (Parking Lot)- Before going to a car, 2 Empousas will attack them. After defeating them, a car would bring them to Griffith Park
  4. Griffith Park- Before the manticore, they'll face 6 harpies. They have to search for clues to find the manticore. The rose will drop off from the disregarded manticore. A chaperone would drive them to Hilton Hotel.
  5. Hilton Hotel- Meet Aphrodite and give her the rose. She'll give each of them a quality accessory/clothing they desire (No specialities). They'll also spend the nght here as her bonus gift.
  6. LA Airport-Travel back to Camp Half Blood triumphant
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