The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Jacob,

Hello Son

Since you did a good job on your last quest I was hoping you could help me again. Over in Yellowstone National Park, the satyrs and other nature spirits are being plagued by a pack of hellhounds. Each raid they kill off nature spirits, and destroy more of it's Magnificent sights. I cure them for that! Which is why I want you to send each of those hellhounds to the underworld and find out if these attacks are organised or not.

Thank you son

-From Aglaea


They leave camp and fly from JFK to Salt Lake City, stay overnight before getting a tour bus ride to Yellowstone. Once they arrive in Yellowstone, they leave the group and head into the forest. Then, they meet up with a styr who tells them the hellhounds always come from the east, so all the demigods head that way. Hours later, the hellhounds attack them and they kill the hellhounds. After they kill the hounds, Eris appears, and tell them her plan to weaken Aglaea so Eris can become stronger with the chaos in Yellowstone once she was finished with it. She then curses at them and leaves. The group travels back to Salt Lake City and fly back to camp.


  1. Jacob Radon (Leader and Son of Aglaea) - Jacob
  2. Rogue Eucliffe (Son of Eros) - Hyu
  3. Heathcliff Opperman (Son of Prometheus) - Dead
  4. Cody Knight (Son of Hades) - Broken
  5. Andrew Keynes (Son of Hermes) - Berry


Son of glory and band of allies, sent by the goddess,

To aid the call of the sons of Pan of the forest.

A select son directs them towards east,

And to Hades' realm these beasts are to ceast.

While keeping in mind that discord is ready for a feast.


Camp Half Blood

JFK Airiport

Salt Lake City

Drive to Yellowstone

Yellowstone Forest

Drive to Salt Lake City

Airoplane to JFK

Camp Half Blood


Jacob: waits for everyone with a small backpack and starts sharpening his Taiaha while humming a Bob Marley song.

Cody: comes up with his black backpack, shorts and white v-neck shirt while holding his phone. He smiles. Cody Knight, nice to be of service.

Andrew: comes up with a jansport backpack and a sword in his waist. Andrew Keynes. Ohh.. are we too early?

Rogue: He comes up a few minutes after Andrew with his shoulder bag and his bat strapped to his back. Yo!

Jacob: Good, everyone's here and ready. Let's head to the camp van and from there we can drive to JFK Airport. He starts walking up half blood hill.

Andrew: I think not...? Where's Heathcliff? 

Jacob: nods. You're right. We'll have to wait for him.

Cody: listens to music through his earphones while seated down, waiting.

Heathcliff: runs with his headphones and shoulderbag on. Sorry I'm late, guys.

Rogue: 'Bout time, dude. He grins.

Jacob: Okay. Now let's head to the camp van and from there we can drive to JFK Airport.

Cody: Anyone here with a license? 

Rogue: He shakes his head. Don't look at me. This guy doesn't have one.

Heathcliff: I don't have one either.

Cody: Oh well, keys? I got a driver's permit. Good enough.

Jacob: He tosses Cody the keys and starts jogging up the hill.

Heathcliff: He follows Jacob.

Cody: gets in the car and starts the engineHaving a life insurance as well would be best.

Rogue: He hops on the car and sits behind Jacob.

Cody:Drives as he listens to music with his earphones

OOC: You guys will talk on the way? I wrote that post thinking you would..or nvm :)

OOC: Of course :)

Jacob: He looks around at everyone with a smile Since we're all going to be watching each others backs I thought it would be nice to get to know some facts about everyone. His eyes focus of Rogue You first.

Rogue: Me? He then says in a sarcastic tone, No, you. He smiles. Just joking. So, born on Valentine's Day, the same day my older brother got out of our mom; mom's a pretty rich person, owned a mansion for that matter; then we're sent to a boarding school since she has to manage our family's marine park in Sydney and after all the monster and demigod crap I landed here, and found out my dad is Cupid. Done. End of story. Goodbye. The end.

Jacob: He laughs That end sounded very funny to me. And you're right, I should have a go too. He thinks I was born on an ordinary day, my dad is an archaeologist so we traveled a lot and I lived just outside the tourist town of Picton. From a young age I learned how to swim since Picton is a sea side town, I also never had any monster attacks since New Zealand is an isolated place. I was taught how to use a Taiaha and other weaponry from my neighbors, I was also home schooled and lived on a far back in Picton. Then I came here, lead a quest before today, found love and recently became Lt Counselor of Aglaea's Cabin. sighs There, done.

Cody: Cody Knight, son of Hades. Born on March 13, going 16 this year. Rich family background with an actress for a mom and a son of Apate for a butler. Apprentice magician and thief at night while an actor at day. I was raised in New Zealand while born in Ireland, makes me part Irish. Looking back now, I realized I've encountered tons of things that might've killed me. Enjoyed them all. Adopted Ember Glass, current Zephy counselor, to the Knight household. Met Artemis and Aphrodite, a long story you don't want to hear of. Best first girlfriend would be Natsuko Sato, daughter of Athena. Yea, that's so far what you can expect from me.

Andrew: I'm just a normal demigod. He grins. 

Jacob: He rolls his eyes Well that's boring.

Andrew: You guys go ahead telling about yourself He smiles. I'll just listen. 

Rogue: I'm done with my part, guys. Don't try. He grins.

Heathcliff: He pretends he's asleep to avoid questions

Jacob: He looks over at Heathcliff Are you awake?

Cody: Dude, if you try to sleep, do it well. chuckles

Heathcliff: He really falls asleep.

Andrew:He opens his iPod shuffle and listens to some random music 

Cody: We're here. He stops the car at the airport parking.

Rogue: He quickly gets out of the car, inhaling fresh air. Finally!

Jacob: He jumps out and stretches. This way guys! He rushes to the counter and gets them their tickets for free and in business class, with a little help from his charm speaking powers Sometimes these powers seem too powerful to be in the hands of mere teenage demigods.

Andrew: He follows Jacob, still listening to his iPod shuffle.

Heathcliff: He follows Jacob while stretching.

Jacob: When their flight is called he and everyone else board the plane, then ten minutes later the plane takes off.

Cody: He puts the headphones on and takes a nap to regain energy'

Rogue: Completely full of energy, he watches a movie on the plane.

Jacob: He looks over at Rogue What are you watching?

Rogue: Uh, Hansel and Gretel. Not that kiddy version. The one with action.

Jacob: Cool! I'm gonna watch Jack the giant slayer.

Heathcliff: he puts on headphones Tell me when we're near.

Rogue: "Mhm." He continues to watch the movie.

Jacob: He watches his movie until his eyes get bloodshot

Andrew: Who leads the way then? tilts head

Heathcliff: Jacob. He is our leader after all.

Andrew: Well i think he is busy watching Jack le giant slayer. :3

Cody: After a while, he wakes up and looks around while rubbing his eyes Are we there yet?

Jacob: looks at cody with red eyes and checks his watch No, one more hour.

Cody: His eyes widen with corncern at Jacob's red eyes Are you ok?

Andrew: oooh...Your so tough.

Jacob: I haven't seen a screen in a while, my eyes will go back to normal in a few days. looks back at his movie

Cody: He awkwardly nods and goes back to his business--listening to music'

1 Hour

Jacob: stands up and streatches Time to go guys.

Rogue: He does what Jacob does too. Oh, great! Finally. He suddenly scratches his head. Wait, where are we again?

Cody: He takes his headphones off as he replies Rogue he moves towards the exit of the plane with his backpackSalt Lake City

Rogue: He nods. Thanks, man. Isn't Salt Lake City David Archuleta's hometown?

Cody: Really? I never knew that He gives a ^^" face

Jacob: shugs I have no clue who that is, but his name sounds familiar.

Cody: Er..In the tigh space of the economy class, he manages to take his iphone out and play a song of David: "Crush" This guy

Andrew: Stretches his body then took out his headphone and ipod and putted it in his bagpack Finally!.wait. I never knew david archuleta lives here...

Rogue: He shrugs. Maybe. That's why I'm asking, but whatever. Let's continue on.

Cody: He looks happy his seat was perfectly fine as he heads towards the plane exit

Jacob: leaves the airport with the rest of his questers and they sleep the night in a cheap motel


Jacob: yawns and stretches awake What a prefect sleep, even if these beds smell like mice droppings.

Heathcliff: He yawns, and struggles to get up, "You got that right."

Cody: He strentches his arms for a while before dibbing the shower immediately since he prepared his clothes already last night. He comes out fresh and new That felt better.

Heathcliff: He decides to shower next and comes out sloppy, but clean. "Well that felt refreshing"

Rogue: Technically, he wakes up in a very lazy and groggy state. In spite of that, he goes for the shower after Heathcliff. After coming out and dressing up in new, but still casual clothing with the tee imprinted with "Good Vibes", he fixes his belongings. "Oh great! I'm all ready for anything now!"

Andrew: comes up next to rogue in the shower. after that he came out wearing vondutch sleeveless shirt with hood and pants.and shoes.xD "Okay Im Done." then prepares his thingamajib.

Jacob: takes a shower too and repacks his bags Now to Yellowstone.

'Cody: he looks fresh and ready. Let's go

Jacob: travels with his quester friends to a tour bus stop Now we wait. pulls out his iPod touch and plays "Over The Rainbow" By Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Cody: He waits for the bus while looking around the area to find something that might be interesting

Rogue: Since he doesn't have anything else to do aside from waiting and standing, he grabs a nearby pole and starts spinning around it. 

Andrew: He gets his SLR camera and took pictures of the view

Jacob: the bus arrives and he pays for everyones bus fare then sits in a seat next to Andrew So how long have you been in camp Andrew?

Andrew: Months.

Jacob: Many friends?

Andrew: sigh Few, Why?.

Jacob: Just making conversation. Any of them girls?

Andrew: Yeah.

Jacob: Have a crush on any of them?

Andrew: None.

Cody: He makes a ^_^" faceSo when is the bus heading over?

Jacob: It should be another hour till we get there mate.

Andrew: sigh

Jacob: We could sing to pass the time?

Cody: Sure then, what song?

Jacob: One Direction, What Makes You Beautiful?

Cody: He gets a feeling of déjà vu before leaning on a post and doing as toldYou're insecure~--He turns to Jacob to continue

Jacob: Don't know what for...

Rogue: He doesn't join the singing and sings for himself.

Andrew: whispers while singing

Jacob: You're turning head when you walk through the door...

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