Athena's new Priestess has been kidnapped on her way to Camp. Her daughter and others must go on a quest to Rescue her and defeat the monsters along the way, as well as the Boss at the end. 


The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Breanna,

Hello, dear. I am quite sad that even though this is the first time I spoke to you, it is not of a happy note. My Head Priestess, the one I had turned just the other day, has been kidnapped on her way to Camp. I have a feeling that she is being held in Washington D.C. Your and your father's hometown. This is the reason I am asking you. You know the area well, and, you are newer. You need to prove yourself. So, hopefully you will not disappoint me.



  1. Breanna Spicer, Leader, Daughter of Athena  (User:Little Unusual Me)
  2. Kayden Darnell, Son of Melinoe (User:EvilhariboMadness
  3. Thaddeus Carter, Son of Mnemosyne (User:Legolas of the Woodland Realm Pulled due to inactivity
  4. Mitchell Thanes, Son of Hypnos (User:Brocky292)
  5. Danielle "Dani" Marks, Daughter of Eros (User:TheDragonEmpress)


Young lady, chose by Aegis' wielder,

Bound on the Capital, home of daughter's family leader,

Five shall be brought to liberate such lady,

Despite sudden arrival on so-called Big Sky Country. 

To mee a certain woman of petryfying hair, hissing faintly.


  1. Camp Entrance
  2. Airport 
  3. Sudden emergancy landing in Montana 
  4. Washington D.C. 


  1. 3 Hellhounds during Drive to Airport 
  2. 4 Empousai during the Flight, causing the plane to Emergency Land. 
  3. The Nemean Lion in Washington D.C. 
  4. Medusa as the Final Boss. 


On Their Way to the Airport 

Breanna: She stands at the Camp Entrance waiting for the others

Kayden: He walks up behind her and hugs her from behind, "Hey Bre-Bre."

Breanna: She smiles "Hey Kay-Kay. Ready to head off? Well, y'know. After Mitchy and the other 2 get here."

Kayden: He nods, "Yep. Mitchy said he'd be here soon."

Breanna: "Ooooh. Kay-Kay and Mitchy sitting in a tree. M-A-K-I-N-G Out!"

Kayden: He laughs and blushes, "Shut up Bre."

Breanna: "Never!"

Mitchell: He walks up to them with his backpack strapped to his back "Hey Bre and Kaydy."

Breanna: "MITCHY!" She tackle-hugs him 

Kayden: He looks down at his phone and looks up and waves, before returning to his phone.

Mitchell: He twirls Bre and sets her down "HI BRE!" he looks at Kayden awkwardly

Breanna: She looks between them "I swear to Zeus, if you two are in a fight or in an aca-awkward phase, I will count to 2, and you two better be all lovey-dovey. Or else."

Kayden: He looks at them, "I'm speaking to Reese."

Mitchell: He looks down then back at Bre "So, who else is coming?"

Breanna: She glares a bit and holds up one finger, indicating the time limit "Uhm, this dude named Thaddeus, son of Mnemosyne, and this Daughter of Eros, Danielle."

Kayden: He walks to the opposite side of the gate, and trips up.

Breanna: She quickly rushes over and kneels beside him "Karma for not being lovey."

Thaddeus: He walks up to them with his nose in a book, but puts it away once he gets close enough Hey.

Kayden: He gets up and brushes himself off, looking at Bre and whispers to her, "Mitchy thinks I kicked a stone at him, when I was aiming for the tree beside him." He turns to Thaddeus, "Hey."

Breanna: She jumps up and glares at Mitchy and Kay-Kay "That is the reason-Hi Thad." She smiles and slightly hugs Thaddeus "Anyways. That is the reason you two are fighting? Cause Mitchy is being a wimp about getting hit by a rock?"

Mitchell: "Say what you want, I could seriously care less. At least I greeted you."

Breanna: She looks at him and glares "Oh, hell no. You are not talking back to me." She walks up to him and glares "Are you, Mitchell?"

Mitchell: "Oh Bre, if I was talking to you, you would defiantly know it, my comment was to Kayden." He slumps down the tree he was leaning on and pulls out a lighter.

Breanna: She goes to pick him up by his collar so they could go face to face "Mitchell, I swear to my mother, that if you are not happy on this Quest, and friendly, at the very least, with Kayden, I will kick you off this Quest, and once I come back, I will beat your a**. Got it?"

Mitchell: He shrugs and looks back at her fiddling with his lighter "Got it, and for the record I never said I was mad at him,"

Breanna: She goes to take his lighter too "No fires, no smoking and, for the record, you were being a real jerk then, so, yeag. Shut up, and wait for the last member to come."

Mitchell: "Wow wow wow, who said I smoked? I have the lighter for emergencies, not for smoking."

Breanna: She nods sarcastically "Yeah, yeah. I believe you." 

Mitchell: He stands up and emptys all his pockets, and all his backpack pockets, and no cigarettes full out "Believe me now!?"

Breanna: "What I believe is that you are an over-emotional little boy right now that seems to be picking fights for little things, and don't know a joke." 

Mitchell: His eyesbrows furrow "So what if I am over-emotional? At least I had the guts to tell the person I loved that I liked them." he smirks slightly "The sad part is, your stuck wondering if Amore likes you too."

Breanna: She glares and shakes "You did not just go there." She turns around, going over to Kayden and Thaddeus "It's official, I hate you now." 

Mitchell: He shrugs and walks over to Kayden, grabs his neck and kisses him like full on make out almost >.<

Thaddeus: Sighs, finds a spot where he sits down with his back against a tree and reads his book as he waits patiently.

Dani: She walks up with a backpack and looks at the two boys like 'o.o' "What the?!"

Breanna: She sighs and looks at Dani "My two homo-boys. Don't mind them." She stands up and smiles, and hugs Dani "Hey! That is Thaddeus." She motions towards the boy sitting down "And, the two gays making out are Kayden and Mitchell."

Dani: "I, see..."

Breanna: "You wanna try and really understand?"

Mitchell: He sighs and walks over to Bre "I'm not gay, I'm pansexual."

Dani: "Doesn't pansexual mean you can decide wheather you're a boy or girl?"

Mitchell: "No thats hermaphrodite, pansexual is were you don't care what gender you are dating."

Breanna: "I thought it meant you like Satyrs, like the God Pan." 

Mitchell: "Nope, and theres the Bre I know and love." He smiles at her direction

Thaddeus: Sees that Dani has arrived and walks up to them. He gives her a smalll wave. So are we all here now?

Dani: "I hope so."

Breanna: "We are, so, let's leave."

Mitchell: "Okay Bre, lead the way."

Breanna: She nods, grabbing keys from her pockets and heads toward the parked van outside the entrance.

Thaddeus: He follows her with his nose once again in a book.

Kayden: He walks up beside Mitchell and slips his hand into his, "S-Sorry...for being a....jerk..." He looks to Bre, "Never thought my Bre-Bre would grow up so fast."

Breanna: She bounces slightly "A, YAY! Lovey! And, what do you mean I grow up so fast? I'm fully grown!"

Kayden: He sticks out his tongue, "Not to me..."

Mitchell: He smiles and kisses Kayden's nose "Your so protective over her."

Breanna: She rolls her eyes and hops into the driver's seat of the van

Thaddeus: Gets in the back seat.

Kayden: He lets go of Mitchell's hand and goes and sits in the seat next to Bre cx

Mitchell: He sits beside Thaddeus hesitantly

Dani: She sits in the row in front of Mitchell's and Kayden's

Breanna: She starts up the engine, and, as the car  begins to move, the movements are jerky, as if she has never driven before.

Mitchell: His eyes widen "Bre... have you ever driven before?"

Kayden: He laughs, "Of course she hasn't."

Breanna: She manages to pull out and drive away from Camp, going way past the speed limit already "I have too!" She almost hits a squirrel but, jerks to the left "If Bumper Cars count."

Thaddeus: He hangs on for dear life, praying that no cops pull them up.

Kayden: He looks over at Bre, "Bre..kinda...slow down a bit..."

Mitchell: His eyes open in shock "Bre do you want Kayden or I to take the wheel?"

Breanna: She nods at Kayden "Kay, Kay-Kay! And, no! Back of Mitchy!" She continues to drive a little less crazily but, still quite terribly.

Kayden: He sighs and kinda clutches onto that handle thingy above the door >.<, "Even though I've seen worse driving in London, this is still pretty bad...Bre, slow down some more..."

Dani: "Bre... slow... down!" She's sent flying off her seat and onto the ground "Owwww..."

Breanna: She slams on the breaks, stopping suddenly. "S-Sorry." 

Dani: "It's alright. I'm fine." She sits back in her seat

Mitchell: "Bre... let Kayden drive, beofre one of us is sent flying through the windshield."

Thaddeus: Lets out a big sigh of relief. "I agree."

Mitchell: "Wait, since Kayden used to drive on the opposite side of the road, your best option is me." he grins slightly "Sorry Kay, but it's true."

Kayden: He smiles back, "But it's not true. Remember? I came to America when I was 16, I've never griven in England. I can only drive here, so yeah, I can drive here, and no, I've never driven the British way."

Breanna: "Hmm. Let me think about this." She slams on the gas "No way! Driving is way Awesome!"

Kayden: Again, he drips onto the handle thingy above the door

Mitchell: His eyes oepn in shock and he just looks straight

Breanna: She continues to drive but, slows, noticing something a distance from the car

Kayden: He looks at her, "Finally figured where the brake is?"

Thaddeus: He sighs and his grip loosens.

Breanna: She shakes her head and points, keeping one hand on the wheel, to where she saw something "No, something's there."

Dani: "Where? And at least Kayden and I have something in common. We're both British."

Mitchell: "Bre there is nothing there."

Thaddeus: Without saying anything he intently looks out the window.

Kayden: He smirks towards Dani and looks at Bre, "Bre, calm down, it's just nerves."

Breanna: She glares at them and continues driving "Is not! I swear I saw something!"

Thaddeus: "I think I saw something as well ..."

Breanna: "See! I'm not crazy!"

Kayden: He looks out the window again and sees what they've seen, "Oh...."

Mitchell: He looks out Kayden's window and sees the three hellhounds

The Three Hellhounds come speeding towards them, much faster than any normal hounds. Soon enough, they hit the car, causing it to flip.

Breanna: "Mother of Gods!" She is thrown a bit but, remains in her seat, as she has a seatbelt on. However, a piece of glass broken from the windshield cuts her arm

Mitchell: as he was standing to look out the window he is thrown smacking his head off the window

Kayden: He still sits in his seat, before one of the hellhounds attempt to pull him through the windshield.

Mitchell: He groans in pain and is half-conscious half-not

Breanna: She curses slightly, undoing her seatbelt, and climbing out of the window, grabbing her spear along the way

Mitchell: He stays motionless in the back seat

Dani: She hides under the seats

Kayden: He kicks away a hellhound and lies back in his seat, trying to be out of their reach

Breanna: She, once out, however, goes to charge at the Hellhounds, not noticing her companions staying in the car

Dani: She's shaking because she's afriad of the hellhounds "M-Mitchell, I-I'm sca-ared."

Mitchell: He rubs his head as it is now throbbing "Don't worry."

Kayden: He gets out of the car, and stands beside his door, and summons a poltergeist, hoping it'll do something

The Hellhound that was after Kayden growls at the Poltergeist, but, it turns it's focus back to Kayden, and prepares to jump on him, growling. 

Breanna: She, however, is too busy fighting off the second Hellhound with her spear. She goes to stab it in the snout 

Mitchell: He finally gets out of the vehicle and grabs a watch from his wrist that soon turns into a sword, he then chanrges towards a hellhound

Kayden: He sidesteps as the hellhound jumps on him, and he gets out his shurikens, and uses them as small daggers for the time being.

Dani: She sees everyone else fighting, so she works up the courage to run out there and stabs the hellhound in the back. Then runs back over to the group.

The Hellhound that Mitchy and Breanna were fighting, turns into dust as they attack it, giving one last squeal of helplessness. The Hellhound that Kayden was after chooses to growl at him, preparing to jump again. The Hellhound Dani went after dissolves into dust as it is stabbed. 

Kayden: He slashes one of his shurikens down the Hellhound's back.

Mitchell: Seeing the situation Kayden is in, he grabs a throwing knife and throws it towards the hellhound

The hellhound disappears with a final yowl. 

Breanna: She breathes heavily and smiles, turning towards the others "Looks like the first of many trials is up. Shall we continue?"

Dani: She nods'"Y-yes. I hope there isn't going to be more monsters."

Kayden: He sighs and puts his shurikens away, "Not having monsters would be too easy."

Breanna: "What fun would a Quest be without monsters?" 

Dani: "I meant on the way to the airport. But, who wants to be eaten alive, ripped to shreads, or chewed on? Certainly not me." She shrugs "But, that's just me."

Breanna: She rolls her eyes "That's part of being a Demigod. But, anyways, we should really start walking, the car is in no shape to drive anymore." She goes to get her stuff from the flipped car.

Kayden: He groans as he walks to the car and gets his stuff, "Well then, this'll take us longer."

Mitchell: He sighs and walks to get his things

Breanna: She, more excitedly, bounces as she begins to walk down the road, knowing a great adventure lies ahead. 

At The Airport

The four of them had managed to hitchhike their way to their airport, a half hour before their flight was supposed to leave

Breanna: She sits in a chiar, twiddling her thumbs, as she awaits the others

Kayden: He walks behind her and hugs her.

Mitchell: He walks behind both of them hugging Kayden making it an odd huggy line thing cx

Breanna: Her back stiffens a bit as she looks behind her, making a >-< face "Why do I feel like I know what's coming next and I won't like it?"

Kayden: He smirks and whispers in her ear, "Cos its two guys."

Dani: She sits 4 rows behind Bre, feeling stupid and left out. She looks out the window.

Breanna: She gets up, going to make Kayden stop hugging her "Yeah, that's more your guys' thing. After all, you people gave away your v-cards. Mine is still kept in it's sacred place." She turns and sees Dani "And, c'mon guys. We're making Dani feel left out."

Dani: She looks up. "Oh no, it's fine. I've been out on many important events in my life."

Mitchell: "Nien!" (ooc: he can speak German now c;) "Come join us, just not in the whole huggy thing, that was odd-ish."

Breanna: "Says the person who joined it willingly." She sighs and shakes her head and, looks around "C'mon guys, I think the plane is boarding now!" She heads off

On the Plane

Breanna: She sits in the aisle seat looking around

Kayden: He sits beside her and pokes her face

Mitch: He like, sits on the other side of Breanna and Kayden listening to music

Dani: Again, she sits a few rows back from everyone, feeling awkward.

Breanna: She swats Kayden's hands away, and, slightly glares at him, before looking at Dani "Ugh, c'mon girl. Come sit with us. You're on my quest you're part of my group."

Dani: She gulps as she shinks down in her chair. She walks over and sits next to Mitch, feeling like she was doing something wrong.

Breanna: She smiles at Dani, and gives her a thumbs up. She then proceeds to read over a piece of paper, containing the prophecy

Kayden: He rests his head on Bre's shoulder, "Where are we goiiiinggg?"

Mitchell: He slides slowly down in his seat falling asleep

Breanna: "Uuuuuhhhhhmmmmm....... D.C. I think."

Kayden: He sighs, "Fun."

Dani: She brightens up. "D.C.? As in Washington, D.C.? That's on my bucket list!" She gets all excited and stuffies

Breanna: "Yeah, I think D.C., anyways. The second line of the Prophecy says 'Bound on the Capital, home of daughter's family leader.' And, the capital is Washington D.C., and, that's my home."

Kayden: He smirks,"Makes sense."

Breanna: "Yep~.Though, there's like, more writing to figure out in the prophecy and it's like, blegh, I don't wannnna."

Dani: "Maybe each of us should figure out one part of the prophecy. For instance, 'To meet a certain woman of petryfying hair, hissing faintly' we obviously know who that is, right?"

Breanna: She tilts her head to one side "Who?" Suddenly, her eyes narrow at something down the aisle

Mitchell: He slowly drifts in and out of a slumber

Dani: "It's obviously..." She looks over at Bre's direction. "...Medusa." She said quietly.

Breanna: She doesn't hear her as she continues to look at thhe spot "Guys, get up." She stands up

Dani: She gets up and shakes awake Mitch. "Get up. Like, now."

Rather suddenly, as Dani gets up, Empousai spring out from seats a few rows behind hers. The pededestrians pay no attention to them, not being able to see through the mist, as they make their ways towards the gang

Dani: She screams and pulls out her dagger. "Mitchell get your lazy butt up NOW!"

Kayden: He groans, getting some of his shurikens ready, "Can we have a break from monsters, PLEASE?"

Mitchell: He continues to sleep because well.... because he is a Hypnos kid

Breanna: She rolls her eyes at Kayden "C'mon, Kay-Kay. We're Demigods. It's a dog eat dog world! Or,Demigod eat monster world..... I wonder what monsters taste like. Anyways! Onwards, my copanions!" She begins to charge at the Empousai

Kayden: He groans again and throws a shuriken in the direction of the monsters, "I swear if you try to eat some Bre..."

One of the empousai is struck by Kayden's shuriken, while Bre takes on another one with her spear. However, with the weapons and the fighting, the mortals become alarmed, and, panic begins to grow.

Breanna: "I won't! But, I might try a hellhound. They're like the monster equivelent of cows, right?" She begins to slice at one, hoping to get a lucky shot in

Kayden: He shrugs, "Who knows? And I'd rather not know myself." He throws a shuriken at an empousai.

Dani: "Everyone back of the palne! We've got this! Do it, NOW!" She throws her dagger at the empousai.

Breanna: She sighs as two more of the empousai are done with, with only one left. She notices Mitchy being all asleep and stuffs, and, 'accidently' nudges, aka jabs him, with her spear "Woops..." She charges at the last empousai

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