The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Kathryn,

You see precious daughter of mine. I've misplaced my bracelet and i need you to fetch it for me. But Kathryn you must understand this is no ordinary bracelet, it's cursed. Once someone puts it on, they're turned into a rabid wolf. Collect the bracelet and bring it to me at Dolly's diner in Calgary. You'll find the bracelet somewhere in Calgary


General idea behind the details of the quest: Kathryn and three other questers must travel to Jasper National Park to try and find then try and remove a cursed bracelet from his leg.


  • Lycans outside of Calgary
  • Dragon in Jasper National Park


  • Camp Entrance
  • Ottawa, Canada
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Jasper National Park
  • Dolly's Diner in Calgary


1. Kathryn Wright, Lyssa (Quest Leader), Shady

2. Michel Breeze, Poseidon, Hydro

3. Katie, Fear Nymph, Fallen

4. Chelsea Kranella, Apollo, Brocky

5. Audie Clarke, Hebe, Hyu


"Raging goddess, seeking a helping hand,

Retrieve her possession; cursed is her band

Friends shall be on unexpected guard,

The breath of fire shall stand to bombard,

And final trail to hinder curse always hard."


Kathryn: *She's leaning against a tree, with her blood red backpack at her feet waiting for the rest of the questers at the camp entrance*

Chelsea: She walks up to the entrance where Kathryn is standing and does a small bow, she has her light yellow backpack strapped to her back swaying at her side "Hey, your Kathryn right?"

Kathryn: *She nods* Correct, I'm Kathryn. Lemme guess your Chelsea?

Chelsea: She give a wide grin and nods "Correct." 

Michel: He sneaks behind Kat and covers her eyes with his hands. Wearing his usual blue hoodie and jeans with a blue backpack. Guess who

Kathryn: She smiles and laughs. Bom dia para você também, Michel.

Michel:  correto bonita! he lets go and quickly kisses her on the lip's

Audie: From afar, he notices the three of them gathered and thinks that he's the only one left. He quickly runs up for them. Ahhh!!! Me late!? Me late!? Me late!? As he runs, he trips on a rock, making him accidentally create ambrosia and spill it all over out of shock. Owie... Owie...

Kathryn: She jumps and looks down at Audie. You okay, criança?

Chelsea: She smiles and helps him gather up the ambrosia, handing it to him afterwards

Michel: So who are you? he looks at Audie

Audie: He gets up slowly, grabbing the ambrosia from Chelsea and stuffing it in his backpack. Dankeeee, blondie girl. He fixes his innocent eyes towards Michel, saying, Me ish Auuuuudieeeeeee!!!

Chelsea: She smiles and stands up as well "My names Chelsea, not 'blondie girl'." she laughs slightly

Kathryn: So we have Michel, Chelsea and Audie. Now we just have to wait for Katie and then we can head out. Do you guys know what this quest's about?

Michel: I do babe, ya told me last night.

Kathryn: She playfully punches Michel in the arm. I know you do!

Chelsea: she shrugs "Something about your mom?"

Kathryn: She nods. Yeah, my mom lost her cursed bracelet and if anyone wear's it, well, it turns them into an uncontrolable rabid wolf. My mom last saw the bracelet in Calgary, Canada. We have to go find the bracelet and bring it back to my mom.

Michel: Simple yes, easy no

Kathryn: But, there could be a problem. If a mortal or demigod finds the bracelet before we do, we could end up trying to find and fight the curse to get the bracelet. She closes her eyes. And if needed too, we would have to kill it.

Michel: Can't we just ya know? knock em out and take off the bracelet?

Kathryn: She sighs and shakes her head. Eu gostaria que pudéssemos. We can't, we're talking about one of my mother's curses here and the wolf wouldn't be the size of a normal wolf, smarter and stronger too. So if you think about it, it would just be a small hellhound that's smarter and stronger. All it will want to do is kill and eat people.

Audie: He listens to them a bit fearfully, his teeth chattering on Kathryn's explanations.

Katie: She runs towards them with a duffle bag "I'm here! Sorry I'm late. Had to say goodbye and got a bit lost. Hehe..." She scratches her head nervously "Anyways, I'm Katie and..." She looks at Audie "You're afraid."

Chelsea: She stands there awkwardly not knowing what to say

Audie: He looks awkwardly at Katie. "U-um-um... Itsh not obvioush..."

Michel: He pats Audie on the back Dude chill, i'm sure everything will work out he chuckles

Katie: "No, I felt it. It might be transparent on someone's face, but not for me. I'm a fear nymph. I sence fear..." She adjusts her pink knit cap

Chelsea: She smiles slightly "I think Michel is the one creepy Audie out with hsi back pats." looks at Michel oddly

Audie: He looks at all of them with fidgeting hands."Um, chu guysh dun wanna look at moi..." He then looks at Michel. "Are chu a monshtah hiding in human?"

Michel: Uh last time i checked, no

Katie: She grins evily "But, I'm a monster in a 12 year old girl's body."

Chelsea: "Real scary." she smiles slightly

Katie: "Oh, but I am. I can send your worst fears into your mind. I'm a fear nymph. Hence the 'fear'. But, I'm not that girl. so, relax."

Kathryn: Her smiles gone and she looks at Katie. Yeah and I can send a rabid dog after you. Now lets go. She picks up her backpack before walking over to the camp van and siting in the drivers seat, tossing her backpack onto the floor behind her seat..

Michel: He quickly sits in the passenger seat next to her didn't know you could drive

Chelsea: she sits in one of the back seats and puts her ear buds in

Kathryn: She shrugs. As soon as I got to America my aunt taught me how to drive and around two months before I got here I got my driver's license

Michel: Yeah my grandparents never trusted me behind the wheel he chuckles

Katie: She sits in the back with Chelsea and glares at Kathryn

Audie: He runs after them and takes the last open seat which is beside Katie. He closes the taxi's door. As soon as he inhales the air coming from the taxi's air conditioning unit, he quickly covers his nose while muttering something to himself.

The Bus Station

Kathryn: She parks the car, runs her hands though her hair before grabbing her backpack. You guys get you stuff, I'll go get the bus tickets to Ottawa.

Audie: As he gets out, he begins to clutch over his mouth with his right hand, making gulping and bubbly sounds. Mgh... 

Kathryn: She gets out also and while walking toward him, raises an eyebrow. You okay, Audie?

Audie: He frantically gestures with his other hand, telling her that he's gonna throw up.

Katie: She gets out on the opposite of Audie and grabs her bag. She makes a confused face at Audie because she didn't know what that meant "You alright Aud?"

Michel: He walks out of the van with backpack and walks up to Kat, Katie and Audie. He looks at Audie Uhhh i think he's gonna throw up!

Kathryn: Her eyes widen before she quickly reaches into her backpack and pulls out a plastic bag, taking a bunch of mini arrows out and handing the bag to Audie, placing her free hand on his back. Chelsea? Do you think you and Michel could go by us tickets. Get five tickets to Ottawa, Canada.

Audie: With his free hand, he grabs the bag, turns around on his back, takes off his right hand, and <...user discretion is advised...> After a while, he stops and drops the bag out of disgust. Ewwwwwieeee!!!

Kathryn: She laughs softly. Come on, criança. Let's get you some water to rinse you mouth out with.

Chelsea: She laughs along with Kathryn, and soon digs in her bag for her iPod

Michel: He walks away and comes back with 5 tickets. He looks at Audie and laughs with Kat and Chelsea 

Audie: He looks at them innocently before skipping towards Kathryn. He lowers his head and offers his hands for the water. Me water?

Kathryn: She pulls out a water bottle from her backpack and places it in his hands.

Audie: Oooh yay! Dankeeee! He gets the bottle, opens the cap and starts rinsing his mouth, while turning his of course. After a while, he finishes. Can moi 'ave the water?

Kathryn: She smiles at him slightly. As soon as we get on the bus. I want to get to Ottawa by nightfall.

Michel: You guys heard the lady! Let's get a move on he gives everyone this ticket and he leads then towards the bus

Katie: She catches up to Audie and walks next to him "You feeling alright?"

Audie: He nods his head a few times. Yesh, me ish better. Me dun like carssh.

Kathryn: She walks next to Audie as they head toward the bus. How about big travel buses? Cause were taking an almost seven hour trip in one.

Michel: Shrugs Sounds good to me

Audie:Upon hearing her and processing the thought of a seven-hour bus ride, he makes a O.O face. No no! Me dun like busesh! Make moi shleep in bush! (OOC: I know understanding his language is pretty annoying >.< But what he means by bush is bus. Well, of course you know that. >.<)

Kathryn:  She yawns slightly. The reason why I picked a bus and why we don't just take the van is because I haven't slept in days so I don't want to fall asleep behind the wheel. The best thing I can do for you Audie is give you some sleeping pills so you sleep the whole way. 

Michel:  He yawns as well Yeah i could go for some Z's myself....

Katie: "Someone might need to carry me. I'm... very... tired." She rubs her eyes and yawns.

Audie: Oooooh okey-dokey. Shureeeeee. Me need shleeping pillsh.

Michel: Audie carry Katie i'm too tired 

Kathryn: She shakes her head. I've got it. She easily scoops Katie up into her arms then looks over at Audie. I'll give you them as soon as we get settled on the bus so you should be asleep by the time we leave, Okay?

Katie: "Thanks Kathryn."

Kathryn: She smiles but, it has a tinge of saddness in her face. Não tem problema, um pouco.

Katie: "I don't know what you just said, but I don't mind." She closes her eyes and smiles a bit.

Kathryn: She laughs softly, walking a bit faster to catch up with Michel and walk next to him.

Michel: He smiles Hey babe, so we're sitting together right?

Kathryn: She nods. I don't feel like sitting beside some stranger.

Michel: Sweet, say what's next after we get off the bus? 

Kathryn: We find a hotel near the train station and stay the night. We'll most likely end up getting two rooms. One for you and Audie and the other for me and the girls. Our train leaves tomorrow at 6pm.

Michel: His right eye twitches all night with audie, sounds great..... he rolls his eyes.

Kathryn: It's either that or we get on big room. Two girls get one bed, you boys get the other and I take the couch.

Michel: Hey i don't mind crashing on the couch, hope the hotel's not a lousy one.

Kathryn: Me too. They reach the bus and she climbs in, heading straight for the two backrows and laying Katie on one of the seats, taking of her hoodie and putting it under Katie's head as a pillow before sitting right across the ile  from her.

Michel: He sits right next to her I just realized something. If Katie and Audie sleep now, when we get to the hotel, they'll be full of energy and ready to bug us. i say after we get set up in the hotel, he ditch em with Chelsea and get some alone time, sound good?

Kathryn: She bites her lip. Maybe. She kisses his cheek before laying her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes.

Michel: He shrugs as he yawns, closes his eyes and snuggles closer to her, wrapping his arm around her. 

The Hotel in Ottawa.

Kathryn carries Katie in and gets a hotel room for the group before leading them to the second floor and letting everyone in. 

Audie: He ends up on the bed Kathryn mentioned, and snoozes away without even taking off his shoes.

Chelsea: She sits on a nearby couch and listens to her music clearly bored

Kathryn: She lays Katie on the bed next to Audie, then removes both pairs of shoes on there feet and tossing a blanket on top of them before she collapes onto the other bed, laying her backpack on the floor.

Michel: He walks in a few minutes after the others. wearing swimming trucks. He just picks up Kat and walks out of the room BBL

Chelsea: "Yep, I'll just watch these two." She sighs and turns on the tv

Katie: Mutters something in her sleep "Mom... shut up I'm trying to sleep." She pulls the covers of her head

Audie: After a few minutes he wakes up and yawns. He gets up and walks for a small fridge at the corner of the room and opens it. He squeals when he finds sweets stacked up on the racks. He gets two handfuls of the sweets and goes back to his bed and eats it. 

Katie: She opens one eye, still tired "Can I have a piece please?" She holds out her hand

Michel: He walks back into the room, holding Kat. He's just in his trunks and she's wearing a bikini with a white shirt over it. He's kissing on the cheek

Chelsea: She rolls her eyes "Must you do this in front of all of use?"

Kathryn: She blushes, putting her feet back on the ground. Sorry. She kisses Michel's cheek then grabs her backpack and heads into the bathroom.

Michel: He sits down on the recliner. He takes the remote and starts flicking channels

Chelsea: "I was watching that but whatever." She stands up and throws ehr hair tie into her backpack, climbing into an empty bed already in her pajamas

Audie: He stares at his sweets, thinking of what to give to Katie. He then gives her a few M&Ms and some Baby Ruth.  Here ya go!

Katie: She sits up and eats the M&M's and the Babe Ruth "I love chocolate. Like, love love love. If there was a chocolate planet, I would marry it and be president of that planet." She snickers

Michel: He walks up to them and chuckles gees settle down katie. he opens the fridge and takes out some gummi bears Awesome! he starts eating them

Katie: "Sorry. Chocolate is like a 5 Hour Energy Drink for me. I love candy. Now I know why Haru doesn't give me any."

Kathryn: She comes out of the bathroom a few minutes later with her hair in a braid and wearing her sweatpants and a large t-shirt. She sits on the couch and pulls out a bag full of mini arrows and a small jar of green liquid.

Michel: He sits next to her, still in his trunks what's that green junk?

Kathryn: She shrugs as she begins to count her arrows. Poison.

Michel: Oh his eyes open wide as he gets up, walks off and puts on a clean shirt. And sits next to Audie sup kid!

Audie: He looks at him, with his mouth full of sweets and his lips are smeared all over with chocolate. He makes a muffling sound, as if to say, Huh?

Michel: Gonna share any of that?

Audie: He makes a muffling sound again and shrugs as he reaches for a few pieces of Baby Ruth with his chocolate-smeared hand and gives it to him. He smiles at him after swallowing the sweets in his mouth, revealing rows of teeth tainted in dark brown chocolate.

Chelsea: She laughs softly and walks to the fridge and grabs a can of pepsi, along with some Swedish Berries, M&M's, and Skittles.

Kathryn: After a minute she stuffs the jar of poison back into her backpack before walking over to one of the empty beds and crawling under the covers.

Michel: As he eats the Baby Ruth's he walks over to Kat's bed. Good night babe he softly kisses her on the cheek.

Kathryn: Night. She murmers, already almost asleep.

Audie: He finally finishes eating all of the sweets he hauled from the fridge and gathers the plastic to be thrown away in the waste can. After that, he goes for the bathroom to wash himself, pee and brush his teeth. Finally, he literally runs for his bed and jumps on it. Without saying a word, he snoozes away for the second time.

Michel: As he walks away from Kat's bed, he quickly jumps into his own. After a few minutes, he begins to snore loudly

Chelsea: "And... I guess I am the only one awake." she throws out the plastic from the candies and grabs a her kindle and begins to read.

The next morning.......

Kathryn: She yawns and sits up in bed before slowly getting out and opening the curtains to let the bright morning sun in then yells. RISE AND SHINE EVERYONE! IF YOU DON'T GET UP NOW I SHALL DUMP ICE WATER ON YOUR FACES!

Michel: He snores very loudly, not being phased at all.

Kathryn: She sighs and heads into the bathroom, fulling a bucket full of water mixed with ice then comes back and dumps it on Michel.

Michel: He slowly wakes up Hey! he pulls most of the water off his body telekinetically and splashes it back at Kat and sticks his tongue out.

Kathryn: She gasps when the water hits her then she sends an icey glare at him before she heads back into the bathroom, slamming the door shut and locking it.

Chelsea: She jumps at the slamming door "What did you do!?" She walks over to the door "Kat open up!"

Kathryn: She yells from behind the door. Não me chame de Kat!

Michel: He gets up and knocks on the door Kat baby i'm sorry! 

Kathryn: Vá alguém bebê mais agora. Eu não estou no clima.

Michel: venha me desculpe!

Kathryn: Apenas ........ só me dê um minuto.

Michel: okay

Audie: He suddenly bolts upright and screams, creating accidental ambrosia all over again and spilling it all over his bed. NIGHTMAAAAAAAAREEE!!!

Chelsea: She jumps from the noise "Doesn't anyone know how to be quiet around here!?"

Kathryn: She walks out of the bathroom, with a stressed look on her face but, it quickly disappears and she looks at Chelsea. O seu é o único que gosta de estar quieto. The she walks over to Audie's bed and sits next to him, taking his hands in hers. It's okay, Audie. 

Audie: He gladly receive Kathryn's hands with his sweaty ones. He then grimaces at Michel. You monshter pop in me dreamsh. Baaadieeee.

Kathryn: Her eyes narrow for a moment before returning to a caring look and squeezes his hands lightly. Can you tell me what happened?

Michel: Me a monster?

Audie: He leans closer, making a -_- face. Chu deafie? Moi shaid chu monshter pop in me dreamsh.

Chelsea: She sits there for a second before going into the bathroom and locking the door

Katie: She bolts up in her bed and tries to get up but get tangled in her sheets and trips and falls down, looking like a mummy "Ack! Someone help me! I can't get out! I'm like in a straight jacket!" She thrashes around and calms down after a minute "Eh." She worms out of the bedroom

Michel: He just laughs at Katie

Audie: Being ignored by Michel, he playfully throws his accidental ambrosia at his face. He giggles as he throws it.

Katie: She yells from the other room "DON'T JUDGE ME BIATCH!"

Kathryn: She runs her hand through her hair before sighing and standing up. Okay everyone! Get your stuff, we're leaving in twenty minutes! She grabs her hoodie from her backpack and a small box before heading outside.

Audie: He throws the rest of the ambrosia to Michel and fixes himself and his backpack. He then tie his shoes and stands up. Allll readddy!!!

Katie: She manages to get out of the sheets, still in her pajama's. She wraps the sheets around her and grabs a t-shirt and a pait of jeans. "Where do I go change...?"

Chelsea: She comes out of the bathroom all dressed and ready to go, she grabs her backpack and slings it over her shoulder "I'm going to get some air."

Katie: She runs into the bathroom, leaving the sheets behind and closes the door and locks it. After a minute, she comes out dressed with red high tops and her favourite pink knit cap "All ready!" She gets her duffle bag

Michel: He wipes the ambrosia off his face with a rag and glares at Audie. he then walks off to the bathroom.

Kathryn: She's pacing a few feet away from Chelsea, smoking a cigarette and muttering curses in Spanish under her breath as she studies the ground with every step she takes.

Chelsea: She walks back in putting her hair into a pony tail "I'm back."

Michel: He walks out of bathroom fully dressed. Hey chelsea! where's kat? 

Chelsea: "Outside, and by the way, she smokes."

Michel: Pfft! Yeah right! he walks out of the hotel room to look for Kat

Chelsea: "IT'S TRUE!"

Katie: She jumps by Chelsea's yelling and falls and hits her head making a 'thunk' noise "Ow..." She rubs her head

Audie: He approaches her quickly. Heeeey!!! Are chu okay? Badieeee flooooor. He offers his hand to help her up.

Katie: "Yeah, I'm fine." She takes his hand and gets up. She feels her head and looks at her hand "Okay, I'm not bleeding. But, it'll probably leave a bruise in the morning. Grasias Aud." She smiles

Audie: As she stands up, he offers his hand again. Omg, moi can heal bruishes with me powersh. Wanna? Wanna?

Katie: She smiles "Yeah!" She takes off her knit cap

Audie: YAY! He hoves his hand over her head and instantly, a soft green light appears. The light heals Katie's bruise in a matter of seconds. After some time, the green light dissipates. Chu okay now?

Kathryn: She walks in, grabbing her backpack and pulling out a small box and a pair of clothes.

Michel: He walks in too, taking the small box aand quickly throwing in the trash bin. Alright let's head out.

Kathryn: Lemme change quickly. She slips into the bathroom for a moment then comes out in shorts, and a tanktop, grabbing her backpack. Okay now we can go.

Train Ride to Calgary

Kathryn: She leads the group to an empty set of seats and sits next to the window.

Katie: She takes a window seat behind Kathryn and looks out the window

Audie: He happily sits besides Katie, hugging his backpack. For some reason, the only vehicle that didn't make him sick as bad as cars, taxis, buses etc. are trains, since the tracks are smooth.

KatieShe looks at Audie and smiles brightly "Hey Aud, thanks for healing my bruise. That was cool."

Audie: He grins. Meh. It sheems chur in a lot pain. Alwaysh happy tah help! 

Katie: "You talk funny. I think it's cool." She giggles

Michel: He sits next to Kat Hey babe he kisses her on the cheek

Kathryn: She laughs softly and looks at him. You don't know how much I want to punch something right now. her hands are balled into fist and are shaking slightly.

Michel: Hey save it for the monsters, speaking of which we haven't seen any so far.

Kathryn: She shrugs. My mom said that we'll see monsters once we get to calgary. Turns out Jasper National Park is like a monster vacation spot.

Audie: He whispers to Katie, regarding Michel and Kathryn. Monshtah got Kat in hish little finger. Eeeewww!!!

Michel: He turns to Audie I'm not a monster!

Katie: "What if you are?"

Michel: He facepalms I didn't know monsters could enter camp and get claimed by Poseidon......

Audie: He hugs his backpack tighter. Oopsh.

Michel: It's fine he turns back to Kat so your mom give you any idea what to expect?

Katie: She takes out a baggie full of sweets "Want some Aud?"

Kathryn: She said that some of her dogs spotted a small pack of Lycans wandering nearby Calgary so she said watch out for them. She also said that there's some powerful monsters in Jasper so we have to be extra careful.

Michel: Damn i don't have any silver on me. that could be a problem

Audie: Oh yay! He takes some sweets and piles it on his hand. He listens at Kathryn while eating.

Chelsea: She listens, while observing everything the others are doing.

Kathryn: It's fine, a quarter of my arrows are silver but, right now we need to make a plan for once we get into Calgary. My mom said  to ask around, see if any of the mortals have seen the bracelet or anything unusual. This also means we're going to have to split up.

Michel: I'm on your team! *he sticks out his tongue*.

Kathryn: Well, I was planning something different. I was thinking Katie could go with Chelsea, Audie could go with you and I'll go alone. We'll cover more ground if we do that.

Michel: Fine we'll do it your way, oh mighty leader. why ya gotta stick me with audie though? 

Kathryn: Because right now he thinks your a monster and we don't need everyone being scared of each other.

Michel: ugh fine! but i don't think i'm happy with you going alone.

Kathryn: She shrugs and looks out the window. Oh, I'll be fine! 

Michel: Look Kat i'm sorry to do the protective boyfriend shtick. but i'll be worrying about you the whole time.

Kathryn: She smiles and looks back at him. Don't worry about it, Michel. Truthfully, it's nice to know someone will be worried about me. Gives me a reason to stay alive. She kisses his cheek then turns her eyes back to the window.

Michel: Okay fine He kisses her back as they arrive to Calgary.

Calgary, Canada

Kathryn: As they get off the train, she each group a walkie talkie. Just in case we run into monsters or get any good leads. We'll meet at Dolly's diner around 7 or 8 so try not to be late.

Michel: He takes a walkie talkie. i don't think splliting up is such a hot idea..... 

Kathryn: Don't worry about it Michel. We'll be fine, and if we do get in danger or something happens we have the walkie talkies to contact the others.

Katie: "But what if something bad happens? Like the Weeping Angels come to life!?"

Michel: Huh?

Audie: He tilts his head nervously. Huwhat? Weeping angelsh?

Kathryn: Katie, Weeping Angels will not some to life and if they do you can tell me "I told ya so", kay? But, right now we're losing daylight so we should get moving.

Katie: "For those who don't know what a Weeping Angel is, it's a stone statue that moves when you look away, turn your back, or blink. And it covers it's face with it's eyes... meh I'm not scared! I'm a Fear Nymph! I'm th roughest, toughest kid you'll ever know!"

Chelsea: "How... interesting."

Kathryn: Well, I'm going to go now. See you guys in a bit. She heads out of the train station and disappears around a nearby corner.

Dolly's Diner

Katie and Chelsea stumble into the diner, causing Kathryn, Audie and Michel to turn around in their seats.

Kathryn: She smiles slightly, leaning against the bar. Finally, what took you guys so long?

Katie: "We ran into a group of people that saw some hellhound, but all taken care of." She sits next to Audie "So, what's up?"

Audie: He points at his meal. We ish havey breakfasht!

Chelsea: She seats beside Katie and Audie and puts her head down on the table as she is tired

Michel: yeah! wait hellhounds?! lucky! we had to deal with lycans! *he makes a >.< face*

Katie: "Fooooooood. I neeed... wafflessssssssss."

Audie: He moves his plate closer to Katie. Want shome?

The waitress comes out with the rest of the food and hands it out, then she notices Chelsea. '"If your tired, you can head upstairs. There's sleeping bags and mats that you can sleep on."

Chelsea: She nods and walks upstairs tired.

Kathryn: She eats a little bit of her dinner before yawning. I think I'm going to follow Chelsea. Caras noite. She kisses Michel's cheek then follows Chelsea upstairs, leaving a barely touched dinner on the counter. 

Michel: *he quickly starts eating Kat's dinner*

Audie: Me ish gonna go up up! He takes the plate of waffles with him upstairs, while making sure Katie has a fair share.

Katie: "Thank you Audie!" She smiles and sits like a lady, putting the napkin in her lap and eating the waffles like a lady. Her moble phone rings and she picks up "Hello?... Yes this is she... w-w-what? O-okay, t-thank you." She looks at her plate of waffles "I'm not so hungry anymore." Her eyes look red and puffy, she looks like she gonna cry but she holds it back

Kat: She walks back into the main diner and notices Katie. Hey, you okay Katie?

Katie: She sniffs "No. That was the Miami Police... someone just killed my mom..."

Kat: Oh darling. She walks over to her and pulls her into a gentle hug. How about we go upstairs? You'll have more privicy.

Katie: She nods and she follows Kat upstairs

Kat: once they get upstairs, she lays a sleeping back on a mat next to Audie's sleeping bag and lays Katie on it, kissing her forehead before returning to her sleeping bag in the corner.

Michel: *he walks into the attic, burping a bit. he looks tired* what happened?

Kat: I'll tell you later. She mumbles, already half asleep.

Thomas: okay..... *he collapses on the nearest mat*

Next Day

Kat: She yawns and streches before standing up and looking down at her fellow questors before clapping her hands. Come on guys! I think today will be the day we finally finish the quest!

Audie: He rises up slowly and rub his eyes. Oooooh, really!? Really!? Yaaaay!

Kat: Yes, so everyone get up! She grabs a pillow and smacks Michel with it. 

Michel: *He wakes up* Hey! *he rubs his eyes and crawls out of his sleeping bag.* not cool.....

Katie: She curls up in a little ball to look like a sleeping bag cocoon. "I don't want to..."

Kat: She smirks at Michel. Well it was cool for me! 

Chelsea: She stands up stretching and yawning

Michel: *As he gets up, he laughs a bit* Whatever Kat.... *he's grinning*

Kat: Come on Katie! Get up or else I'll have Michel dump water on you! I want to be out of here in half an hour!

Katie: She jolts up. "I'm up."

Kat: Good. Now everyone has five minutes to get ready and meet downstairs in the diner for breaksfast. She disapears down the stairwell.

Katie: She crawls back into her sleeping bag and she looks like a sausage.

Michel: Poseidon kids first! *He dashes in the bathroom and locks the door behind him*

Katie: "Hey! Ever heard of ladies first?!" She squirms out of the sleeping bag and pounds on the door twice. "Michel, don't mess with a fear nymph!"

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