Michel's and Audie's group.

Audie: He keeps a friendly distance from Michel while humming a song loudly.

Michel: He has a stern look on his face. Audie shut up! we gotta keep an eye out!

Down the street, a crowd has gathered in front of the police station. Some are holding signs that say "Protect our people" and "Do your job!". Most of the people are in small groups talking wildly about something.

Michel: What the hell? he runs near the crowd and walks up to a protester hey what's goin on?

Mortal: Haven't you heard?! There's been several deaths right outside of town! Four kids, two teens and an adult dead near Jasper! 

Audie: His humming gets snapped off by the conversation and gasps. Omg omg... Monshtah, chu heard dat?

Michel: Yeah..... turns to the mortal where's jasper?!

Audie: He tilts his head. Me dunno. Findy a map shomewhere?

Mortal: A few miles out of town but, if your planning to go there, I recommend you don't. Lately, one of the wolf packs have been hunting outside of the park boundries and then you've gotta add in the deaths of the people. I just isn't safe.

Michel:He grabs Audie and starts running as fast as he can 

Audie: He nearly trips because of the sudden rush but luckily, he is able to keep his balance straight. Hey hey hey hey! Where we going!? Where!? Where!?

Michel: Jasper National Park! we gotta investigate!

Audie: Waaaaaaaaait!!! Do we pay moneeeey!? Do we!? Do we!?

Suddenly they turn down an a empty street, three wolf-like creatures jump out of an allyway, blocking their path, and they begin growling at them.

Michel: Woah... got any silver kid?

Audie: He grins, trying to mask his fear. Right when ya need it, monshtah! He grabs his slingshot from his pocket, gets a silver ball of ammunition from a small bag on his belt and aims it at the first wolf. He launches it.

It hits the wolf and it howls in pain, before charging toward Audie, along with one of the other ones while the last one lunges at Michel.

Michel: Between him and the lycan there is a manhole. He telekinetically pulls a large volume of water from it. Sending the cover flying into the air and the water right into the lycan's face.

The lycan goes flying backwards, landing on it back with a painful crack and gunts, rolling onto its feet.

Audie: He continues to launch silver ammo at the wolf, while trying to slow it down by making it's bones and muscles to ache.

The other two wolves begin to back down when suddenly, a lycan jumps onto Audie from behind, pinning him to the ground.

Michel: He uses the water he's still manipulating to strike the lycan with, hoping to knock him off Audie

Audie: He screams as he falls down. Along with that, he drops the walkie-talkie, making it slide across to the lycans. He squirms and struggles to break free.

The walkie talkie stops right inbetween the wolves and suddenly a faint static voice of Kathryn comes from it "Guys?! Are you there? Please say something, anything!". The wolves growl at it and move toward Audie who is still trapped under a pissed lycan while the most wounded lycan begins to mess with the walkie talkie.

Michel: Come on! he summons more water from the manhole and forms it into a whip that smacks the lycan holding audie in the face, knocking it off of him

The lycan yelps then stands up, just about to lunge at Michel when kathryn's voice comes back from the walkie talkie "Michel? Audie? Is anyone--" the voice stops and suddenly there's just static. The lycan barks and they all run back down the ally they came from and disappear.

Audie: He frantically stands up, shaking. Blood flows from his left shoulder; he sobs a bit as he approaches Michel. B-b-big d-doggie h-hurtie moi!

Michel: Gods, Audie looks it's not that bad. just heal yourself he looks worried

Audie: He nods slowly. Mhm.... He places his hand on the wound, making him wince a bit. A soft green light shines over the wound and in a matter of seconds or so, it was healed. Yaaaaay, moi feelsh better. Dankeee to moishelf. He looks around. Eh? Bad doggie gone?

Michel: Yeah he picks up the walkie-talkie Kat Kat!

The loud static is just there, Kat's voice long gone.

Audie: Uh oh...What we do now?

Michel: I don't know lil man, i don't know....

Suddenly, further down the road, a sign lights up with neon colors that says "Dolly's Diner" and  under it in bold letter it says OPEN.

Michel: Woah, come on let's check it out he starts walking near the Diner

Audie: He follows after him. Omg, we ish gonna eat eat?

Michel: No! we're here to investigate! 

As they walk in, the diner is fairly empty only containing a few waitresses, an elderly couple and three teens sitting in a booth. This is what the diner looks like . A waitress is at the counter smiles at the boys and wave them over.

Waitress: Hey Ya'll! What can I get for you boys?

Audie: Oh! Oh! Can moi have ummmm.... He looks at the menu to the waitress' right and looks back at her. Milkshakey?

Waitress: Sure! What kind would you like, son?

Audie: Um.... Oh! Le original! Le original!

Waitness: One original milkshake, coming right up! She turns her back to them and begins to make Audie's milkshake. And what can I get your friend here?

Michel: He sighs same as him he fiddles with the walkie-talkie, trying to get it to work

Waitress: Okay. She makes the two milkshakes then hands them to Michel and Audie. There on the house. Now what are you two boys doing here in Calgary?

Michel: He drinks from his milkshake Just sightseeing.

Waitress: She nods then notices the walkie talkie. Hmm that's odd.

Michel: He fiddles with it, completely ignoring her Come on Come on......

Waitress: Ya know.... She begins drying some milkshake glass. Earlier I saw a girl about your age rush in her with almost the same walkie talkie in her hand.

Michel: Really?! what did she look like? was she alone?!

Waitress: Well, she had brown hair, tan skin and she was wearing a tanktop and shorts. She was alone but, she looked like a cornered animal, poor thing. I tried to get her to stop but, she just looked around then ran out the door again. Her walkie talkie looked like someone ran it over with a tractor tire.


Waitness: Woah there, calm down, calm down. I didn't see where she went but, just before she left she gave me a note and said if anyone came here looking for her to give it to them.

Michel: He slams his fist on the counter GIVE ME THE LETTER! 

Waitress: She's calm and begins moving her hands from pocket to pocket of her apron then mumbles to herself. Now where did I put it.

In one of the corners, the teens in the booth are watching Michel and Audie with confused looks.

Michel: Come on! Come on! we don't have all day!

Waitress: Ah! Here it is! She pulls out a ripped up piece of paper from her pocket and hands it to Michel.

Michel: He grabs it and Audie and dashes out of the diner

Audie: He runs with Michel, trying to keep up with him. Hey hey hey! Where now!? Where now!?

Michel: He stops and starts to read the letter

The note says


Who ever get's this first. STAY AT THE DINER. There are lycans wandering outside of town, the good thing is they are sick and weak so don't worry about them. I think I've almost figured out about the bracelet! So stay put. The diner is specially protected because it's kinda a safe haven for demigods. The owner is a demigod and the waitresses are nymphs so stay there. I'll be there soon. Crap I gotta go, I'm being followed....just stay put!


Audie: He gulps. Uh oh. He smiles. Let'sh go back at le diner and have milkyshakey!!!

Michel: He crumples the letter and throws it on the ground. I'm going to look for her! I don't care how safe the diner is!

Audie: His smile wears away. B-b-but...

Michel: But nothing! my girlfriend is out there! i gotta help her. she could be in danger!

Audie: He bites his lips, and whimpers. A-alrighty then... Let'sh go.

Michel: No! Audie this is my decision, it'd be wrong to force you into it. go back into the diner and finish that milkshake, kay? he turns around and runs off

Audie: Heeeey! Waaaait! He tries chasing after him, but he was too fast, even for a Hebe kid like him. He decides on going back to the diner, which is being run by the nymphs stated on Kathryn's letter. As he enters, he tells the waitress from before, M-moi friend run! Run to danger!

Waitress: Honey, which way did he go? She begins to remove her apron.

Audie: He points his finger to his left. Dere. Shtraight ahead.

Waitress: She nods as she walks back around the counter. Okay, hon. You stay here while I go get you friend. She turns to a nearby waitress. Lucy! I need you to watch the diner and this young man. I have some special buisness to attend too.

The waitress named Lucy nods and walks behind the counter while the other waitress head's outside.

Michel: He runs around searching for Kat. Managing to avoid the tired and sick Lycans. Kat! Kat!

Waitress: Suddenlu, she appears in front of Michel in a cloud of shadows and grabs him. Slow down sonny! I can't help you look for your friend if you keep running. You need my help.

Michel: Hey! what are you?!

Waitress: My name's Martha and I'm a darkness nymph. I know Calgary like the back of my hand so if your going to find you friend before the monsters do, your going to need my help.

Michel: alright martha and her name's Kat! and she's more then my friend.... 

Martha: Well, come on then I think I know where she might be. She grabs his hand and shadow travels them to the getto part of town. 'She let goes of his hand and begins walking down the street, looking down the alleyways.

Michel: Kat! Kat! where are you?

Suddenly there are two german shepards walking out of an alley, both foaming at the mouth slightly and they growl at Michel and Martha.

Michel: oh man....

Martha: Wait a second. Who's the godparent of you friend?

Michel: It's Lyssa

Martha: She grins. That's it! She turns to the dogs. Show us where she is, we're allies. 

The dogs look at each other before turning around and heading back into the alley they came out of.

Michel: He runs after them.

The dogs walk down the dark alley and over to a rusty old dumpster, sitting in front of it. One of the dogs bark at the dumpster while the other looks at Michel.

Michel: He quickly opens the dumpster.

Kathryn: Kat lunges out of the dumpster and pushes Michel to the ground, holding him down with a dagger at his neck before she notices it's him and she lets out a sob of relief, tossing the dagger away and hugging him. Oh my gods! I can't believe you found me!

Michel: he hugs her back i had help he blushes.

Kathryn: She stands up, helping Michel up before turning to the dogs. Σας ευχαριστούμε για τη βοήθειά σας, μπορεί να υπαλλήλους. Μαΐου, οι μοίρες που νοιάζονται για σένα. The foam on the dogs mouth disappears and they both dash away. She turns back to Michel with a grin on her face. There's dry blood on her forehead and a handfull of bruises up and down her arms.

Michel: Wow....., you alright? what happened?

Kathryn: I got chased by most of the lycan pack through town. I hit my head on the corner of the dumpster will I was trying to hide in it. The bruises are from a fist fight I had before the lycans started chasing me.

Michel: A fist fight with who? 

Kathryn: With a guy who didn't think my dad was THE Nolan Wright but, since I won the fight, I got some info that will help us. She smirks proudly.

Michel: He has his hands on her hips as he smirks do tell.

Kathryn: I'll tell you later. Right now we need to get back to the diner. She kisses his cheek then picks up her dagger and backpack, heading down to where Martha was watching.

Michel: He follows her and walks up to Martha. Alright let's back he smiles.

Martha: Okay. She grabs their hands and shadowtravels them into the backroom of the diner. Let's go see how your other friend is doing then I'll get you cleaned up. 

Kathryn: She nods, grabs Michel's hand and leads him into the diner, sitting on a barstool next to Audie. Hey  criança. Long time no see.

Audie: He looks at her and squeals. Kaaaaathhhrryynnn!!! Are chu okay!?

Kathryn: She grins at him then laughs. I'm fine, Audie. Just a few bruises here and there. 

Lucy the other waitress walks over to Kat with a wet washcloth and begins cleaning off the dried blood from Kathryn's forehead and hair.

Michel: So now what? We still need Katie and Chelsea.

Kathryn: She looks at him from the corner of her eye. We wait for 20 minutes and if they airn't here by then, we go look for them

Michel: Yeah sounds good, I'm Tired! he wraps his arm around Kat.

Lucy: She finishes cleaning Kat's wound then smiles. You guys will be staying here tonight. It's the safest place within miles.

Michel: Where are we gonna even sleep?

Lucy: There's a small apartment above the diner. It has a bathroom, a small kitchen and a living room where we have a bunch of matts and sleeping bags saved for demigods like you so they can stay here over night.

Michel: Sweet! gods I'm hungry....

Martha: The order something, son! For you kids, it's on the house.

Kathryn: She grins. Can I have three pancakes? I'm starving.

Michel: Can i get some scrambled eggs and bacon?

Audie: I ish gonna havey... Oh! Oh! Wafflesh! Wafflesh!

Martha: Okay, three breakfast specials coming up!. She heads into the kitchen followed by Lucy.

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