The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Azalea,

Not but a week ago, a rather greedy man stole something from me. He stole my golden nikes. *sniffles* Now, laugh all you want about the irony of me owning a pair of these shoes, but I've instilled upon them a great deal of power, and the user of them is granted amazing speed, agility and amplified amounts of strength. Of course, they only ever-so-slightly enhance my power, me being a goddess and all. But for any mortal wearer, the shoes become a powerful weapon, and I'm afraid the man is already using this to his advantage.

That's where you come in dear! I need you to get them back for me. They were stolen by a man whom I have presumed is a demigod, a rogue son of Deimos, in fact. He's hiding out in a sweatshop in Vietnam, where they produce nikes. *sigh* Honestly, the irony of this situation is making me cringe. I'll send you a note somehow with some contacts on it to make your journey slightly less challenging. Vietnam is a fair way after all. And when you return, darling, I'll have a gift for you! *the dream begins to fade, having gone on a while*

Oh! Azalea! I forgot to mention one thing! A daughter of mine, a half-sister of yours, is being forced to work at the factory. Free her, and the others workers if you have time, but take your sister back to your father's house, where she can be cared for.

Really, this situation: Nike's nikes being stolen and taken to a Nike sweatshop where a daughter of Nike works...

Ta-ta dear!


A rogue son of Deimos stole Nike's golden Nikes and is now ruling over a Nike sweatshop in Vietnam with an iron fist. He is using the Nikes as a symbol of fear among his workers, crushing the skulls of those who do not work fast enough with a swift kick. A lone daughter of Nike works in the sweatshop and Nike wishes to have her Nikes and her daughter returned to safety at the same time, killing two birds with one stone. The demigods will have travel to Vietnam, facing off against the empowered demigod. They will first go through JFK airport, where one of Nike's contacts makes himself known on the plane ride. As they hit turbulence caused by rogue wind spirits, he shadow travels them out of the plane onto the nearest ground, which happens to be Stockholm, Sweden. There, the contact faints and the group is attacked by two cyclops. They fend off the cyclops and begin heading towards the airport where they are intercepted by another contact (Kirsi's aunt, Anna). Though at first reluctant to help, the contact leads them to a private plane and ships them off to Ha Noi, Vietnam’s capital.

Here, they meet a male demigod son of Hecate at the markets (after being attacked by Dracnae) who is concerned for his sister, also a demigod. The group realizes that this could be the demigod Nike mentioned, so the boy travels with them by motorbike to Son La, a river town in Northern Vietnam. On the way they are attacked by four hellhounds. On reaching Son La, they scout around for a while, until they find the sweatshop. The son of Hecate manipulates the Mist to make them look like inspectors and they enter the sweatshop without the workers suspecting anything. Fang, the rogue son of Deimos, invites them into his office, proudly sporting the golden Nikes. End game.

  • 1. Camp Entrance
  • 2. JFK Airport - 3 harpies disguised as tourists
  • 3. Plane - Rogue wind spirits (only one in the plane, the rest outside causing turbulence)
  • 4. Stockholm, Sweden - Two Cyclops
  • 5. Ha Noi, Vietnam - Two Dracnae
  • 6. Son La, town - 4 hellhounds
  • 7. Son La, sweatshop - Empowered son of Deimos
  • 8. Camp Entrance

The group clear away the Mist surrounding them and face off against Fang (the son of Deimos). The son of Hecate that accompanied them is soon knocked out by a light kick with the Nikes. After a period of strenuous fighting, one of the group manages to pull off one of the Nikes. With Fang now only half as powerful, they defeat him after a short period. Just as they think he is beaten, Fang shows them all their worst nightmares, draining him. He tries to escape from the sweatshop, but in his weakened state he doesn’t even make it to the door. The group capture him, and remove the second shoe, leaving him near powerless. After subduing him, they free the workers in the sweatshop, until only one girl remains. After coming to, the son of Hecate recognises the girl, and introduces her to the group as his sister. They thank the boy for his help, and then the Lady Nike appears to them all (I’m using a god rp here).

She greets her daughters, and thanks the group for retrieving her Nikes and her daughter. She explains to her younger daughter how she will go home with the others to camp, where Azalea’s father will pick her up and look after her. She then promises the group they will find gifts for their hard work back at camp, and transports them there herself (not the Hecate boy, he stays in Son La). She says thank you and goodbye to the group, and vanishes. The young girl is retrieved by Azalea’s father and the group part ways. That evening they each find a pair of nikes on their bed, each with special properties. One for sure-footedness, one for light tread, one for speed, one for strength and one for agility. (Note: Obviously, the Nikes won’t be too OP, the strength and speed ones only amplify the strength and speed you currently possess etc etc.)

The Quest

Camp Entrance

JFK Airport

In what seems like no time at all, the three arrive at JFK airport. Azalea parks in one of the paid carparks and jumps out of the car, grabbing her bag and waiting nervously for the others.

Akihiko: He drops off right after Azalea does, having fixed his messy hair along the ride. He notices Azalea's nervousness and asks her, "What's wrong? You look kinda pale or something."

Azalea: She looks up at Aki and immediately blushes and looks away, in the direction of the international terminal. "I'm fine." She murmurs. "Just... I don't want to be attacked out here."

Sparrow: She jumps out after Akihiko and looks at them both. "Don't worry, even if we are attacked, the monsters wouldn't be able to take down all three of us." Her voice is rather quiet, as she smiles at both of them

Azalea: She blushes at Sparrow's dig at her and Akihiko. "O-of course..." She shifts her bag on her shoulder and gestures meekly towards the international departures entrance. "Shall we?"

Akihiko: He shrugs and walks along, checking his bag every now and then until they reach the departure entrance. "Er, where are we headed again after this plane ride? You see, I haven't got wind of the whole quest briefing," he asks Azalea.

Sparrow: "Yeah I was actually wondering that too." Since coming into the airport she has taken off her hat and it now is stuffed into her bag, she digs through her bag and eventually she finds some candy. She then begins eating some

Azalea: She glances around the area, then ushers the group to a row of seats outside baggage check-in. "Okay. So, uh, there's a half sister of mine in Vietnam who's working in a sweatshop, and my mom wants me to get her back. Ohh, um, and a son of Deimos stole mom's special nikes and he's a lot stronger now and he's the one keeping my sister in the sweatshop because he owns it." She pauses and takes a deep breath in. "So we have to go to Vietnam and find the sweat shop and free my sister and defeat the Deimos kid." She stops and looks down at her hands. "So, yeah, that's it."

Akihiko: As soon as she finishes explaining everything, he abruptly sniggers with a look of surprise. "Wait, your mom actually has her namesake sportswear? Whoa there."

Sparrow: "So we're going to find Nike's Nikes? Cool!" She has a smile on her face as she finishes the bag of candy she was chowing down on earlier.

Azalea: She cringes. Despite Sparrow's enthusiasm, the concept of the quest was a bit too cheesy for Azalea's liking and it didn't help that Aki laughed at her. She forces a small fake laugh and manages a "Yeah" in response to both of them.

Harpies: A light brown feather graces itself upon Azalea's light blue hair. As loud screeches can be heard, 3 ugly and winged women descend upon the 3 questors. Unable to resist Azalea's and Aki's demigod scent, two of them see the daughter of victory as a favorable target. One of them moving in front and attempting a slice at her face. While the other tries to rapidly claw into her back. The third winged woman soars into Akihiko, trying to tackle the boy.

Akihiko: He ducks out of the harpy's way, pulling out his celestial bronze naginata as he does. As soon as he is out of the monster's field of vision, he lunges at it with the naginata's blade trying to saw through from its shoulder.

Sparrow: She stands there unsure of what to do, she eventually remembers she had a bottle of water, knowing she can control water she uncaps the bottle and pours the liquid out, as it spills to the ground she moves her hand in a spinning motion creating a vortex of water. She then splits it down the middle causing to small spirts of water to go towards both harpies, hoping to have it splash them in the faces and distract them

Azalea: With the two harpies upon her, she feels like the more favourable option is to roll forward away from the harpy at her back. The front harpy manages a slice that carves a deep gash down the left side of Azalea's face, but she prevents any further damage by dive-rolling away, landing to the right of Aki. She stands, blood trickling down the side of her face, and pulls her armband off so it transforms into a double-bladed dagger. She wishes she had her kama, but that was in her bag. She lunges towards the harpy that had been at her back, her dagger clenched in her fist so the two blades stick out either side, aiming at the left leg of the harpy.

Harpy 1: The first harpy screeches out in pain upon feeling Aki's naginata. It's wings flap as it panics, causing dust to fly towards Aki's face. The harpy is seething with rage as it tries to move out the blade's direction and scratch into whatever arm he uses to wield his weapon.

Harpy 2 and 3: They both squawk in annoyance of the water in their eye. Their attention still on the two questors admitting a demigod scent. Consumed by their gluttony for their flesh, the two beasts hurl themselves towards Azalea. One of them is in pain from losing the lower half of her leg, both drool while they plan to use their talons to tear the blue haired warrior to shreds.

Akihiko: He receives a shallow cut from the harpy, making him stagger and lose hold of his weapon. It seems he's too preoccupied in trying to put pressure on the wound than retaliate.

Sparrow: Panicking as her only idea had failed to distract the monsters, she rummages through her purse and finds a small nail clipper, she opens it and it turns into a small dagger. She throws the dagger in the direction of harpy 2, hoping that the celestial bronze dagger will hit it

Azalea: She spins around after cutting off the leg of one harpy, only to see two of them coming towards her. She scowls and blows some hair out of her face. She studies the harpies and, using her powers, deducts the weak points of her attackers. He jumps high into the air so she is above the harpies, and aims so she should fall onto the 2nd harpy. Her dagger is pointed down, so if her plan was successful she would pierce the harpy in the base of the neck.

Harpy 1: It grinned as Aki allowed himself to become so distracted. It attempted a powerful slash across his face, seeking to cause him intense pain.

Harpy 2: It's right arm is hit with the dagger, giving it an ample distraction as it feels it's spine pierced by Azalea. It exploded in golden dust.

Harpy 3: Angered by it's sister's death, the third harpy attempts to grab Azalea before she reaches the ground. Hoping to dig deep into her shoulders with it's fangs and carrying her into the air.

Akihiko: Now that the same harpy is going to slash across his face, he sets aside his bleeding forearm and conjures swift flying stars, attempting to distract the monster before it can even attack him. He scrambles to his feet on a crouching position, feeling the ground for his weapon.

Azalea: The harpy misses her by an inch, though it does manage to pull out some of her hair. Azalea winces in pain as she hits the ground, but keeps her mind set on taking down the harpy. She looks up at the harpy and throws her bloodied double dagger towards the harpy's right wing, hoping to injury and bring it down to her level.

Sparrow: Having felt somewhat useless in this fight, she foolhardedly attempted to tackle the harpy that was distracted by the stars.

Harpy 1: It was somewhat blinded by the lights, but felt Sparrow's push and quickly bit into her shoulder. It flew up with her, slightly disoriented.

Harpy 3: It cried out in pain as it's wing was pierced by the dagger, it tries to fly away but it's efforts were in vain.

OOC: Brocky has no desire to rp Sparrow, so i'll just have her break a few bones and some satyrs'll take her back to camp. No worries guys (Hydro)

Azalea: She races after the third harpy and launches herself into the air, aiming to land on the harpy's back and force her to the ground. Both her footsteps and her glide through the air were near silent, and her breathing was inaudible, so the harpy should have a hard time realising Azalea was after her.

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