The following message took place during a dream:
Dear Holly ,
Holly I need your help, you see Triton recently seem to have misplace the conch Trumpet which happens to be the symbol of his power. He tried in vain to look for it, but to no avail. Just to warn you there is the possibility that it could have been stolen by someone who has a grudge against the gods. So you need to be on your guard. Now according to  Triton the last time he remember having it was in coast of Chatham Islands, New Zealand.  I need you to go to Chatham Islands to see if you can be able to locate the missing conch. -Poseidon


1) Holly Xu, Sage

2)Ember Glass, Broken

3)Ailred Wolfskill, Dduffurg48

4)Isadora Taylor. Barbie


1} Find out where the conch is

2) Decide who the one who really stole the conch.



Peaceful waters you will not find

As long as the conch is confined.

For there is no other choice

Find the one with a beautiful sing voice

Only the man of sea know where to go

Remember not to run slow

For monsters will appear on your path

Increase in power will subdue their wrath

You will be judge and jury

To individual with alot of fury

Make your descision with the heart

Only there will the truth never part


Ailred: He sits by a tree, eating a small chocolate bar and reading a book, wating for the others

Ara: She walks up, carrying a small rucksack on her back.

Holly: Holly walks toward the others while  carrying a messenger back, which has  some plane tickets sticking out of it.

Issy runs up carrying a small backpack and sliding a vial of sea water arouand her neck

Holly: Well looks like everyone here.

Ailred: He looks up from his book Guess so

Issy: so I guess we might as well head out then

Holly: Good idea. Holly says while she begins to walk toward a jeep.

Ara: She walks to the jeep. Oh, name's Ara.

Ailred: He walks after them, still reading Ailred

Issy:Isadora but please just call me Issy

Ara: She gets in the jeep. This is my second quest since coming to camp, what about you guys?

Issy: my first but Lia asked me to help her friend and well I tend to make Lia happy

Holly: Holly gets in the jeep, and is holding a smile on her face.. This is my first quest, and I excited about it.

Ember: takes off her earphones Oh yea, I'm Ember, daughter of Zephy. I went to different events like the mission in Germany, but this is my first quest.

Ailred: He closes his book and marks the page Yeah same here He gets into the jeep

Ara: So, Holly, where are we headed?

Holly: We are heading to the Chatham Islands in New Zealand, to look for Triton's Conch.

Ara: She nods. Ah okay. Anyone hungry?.

Ember: Bit, why?

Ara: She takes some cupcakes out of her bag and hands them round. Enjoy!

Ailred: He eats one New Zealand? That should be fun

Ember: Thanks She takes one.

Ara: She smiles. No problem. She starts the jeep. Let's go.

The group drives up to the airport in silence, upon arrival the check in to their flight. Spend some time in the terminal before they got on the plane. The group then spend several hours on the flight before the  pilot announces their arrival in New Zealand, which didn't take very long after that announcement for the plane to land and passenger to exit the plane.

Holly:You know it days like this where I miss the Concorde.

Ember: I can't actually relate to that. 

Holly: You don't say.

Ailred: He laughs a bit

Ara: She laughs. So, where next? Check in at a hotel or...?

Holly: Actually we are going to rent a boat at the Waitangi Port, so we can begin our search for the conch.

Issy: Finaly we are away from that infernal metal box and close to water.dives into the closes sorce of water and just floats for a second

Holly: Holly is restraining herself from laughing. Issy why are you swimming in a fountain?

Issy:glares at her why didn't you tell me i was going ot be in a metal box for hours? I need water it makes me happy goes back to her floating

Holly: I hate to break it you, but Issy you need to get out of the water. She then sees Issy still remaining in the water. we don't need this kind of attent...Holly then spots a police officer coming their way.  Too late. She groaned.

Issy: starts moaning in pain Ow Ow oh my back I hurt my back in this fountain.

Officer:  Just what in heck do you think you are doing.

Holly: She looks at the name tag which says Officer A. H. Ole. I am sorry Officer A Hole.She then realize what she said

Officer A. H. Ole: Excuse me? The officer trying to make sure he heard her right.

Holly:No,  I meant to say  Officer A*s Hole...

Officer A. H. Ole: Officer Ole isn't looking amused by Holly antics.

Holly: Ole... Officer Ole my friend doesn't mean to jump in the fountain and swim in it.

Officer A. H. Ole: Oh really and why is that. He glares at Holly.

Holly: You see my friend Issy has Schizophrenia.

Issy: Yes officer I have Schizophrenia and I need to be in the water so the little people can't get me gets up making sure she is actually wet and clings to him arm with tears in her eyes please don't let them get me.

Officer A. H. Ole.: Begins to look very confused. UH...

Holly: Officer we are only hear to make sure our friend goes into a new white padded home. She then does a puppy dog pout. Please officer  we don't mean to cause any trouble.

Officer A. H. Ole: The glares at Holly Hey I know you

Holly: Uh  you do?

Officer A. H. Ole:  Your that girl  who called me a Moronic Prick and then proceeded to kick me in the ball....I can't have any children because of you.

Holly: Holly eyes widen. Sir, I think you are mistake me for someone else.

Officer A. H. Ole:I know it was you.

Holly: Holly begins to walking away from Officer Ole slowly Officer this is my first time visiting New Zealand.

Officer A. H. Ole: Liar, it time for me to get my revenge.

Issy: oh screw this. punches the officer hard enough his head hits the ground and knock him off uh yea we should probably run

Holly: Good Idea. Holly says as she begins to run away from the officer.

Ember: Pretends to not even know Issy and Holly and gets away with it

Ailred: Follows Embers plan and turns around and open a book

Ara: She follows Ember and Ailred and just pretends to text.

As the group run through the terminal, they are able to dodge and swirve over any obstacle that lay on their path. While Officer A.H. Ole seems to have hit everyone of them, like slipping on wet floor to slamming into a door. Eventually this lead them to go outside, and enter into an open taxie.

Holly: Waitangi Port and step on it.

As the taxie leave, Officer A. H. Ole finally comes outside, and appears to be scream, unfortuatly the group can't exactly make out what he is saying.

Ara: She looks at Issy. What the hell?

Ailred: He looks down Just ignore him

Holly: I agree that man is out of his mind.

Ember: Well, now that man is out of the way...  

Issy:looks down I am sorry I am a sea nymph and the flight made me all twitchy and I just needed to get into some water, and then he just wouldn't shut up.

Ember: keeps quiet as she remebers why the policeman hates them

Ara: Why does he hate us?

Ailred: Maybe he's just crazy?

Ara: Maybe...

Holly: We might as well move on...

Holly gets interrupted by a dead body is flung into the taxi cab window, the driver looses control  of the vehicle and ends up hitting a tree.

AIired: His head hits again the chair What the fu.... He looks at the body OH MY GODS

Holly: Holly who is beginning to get up, looks to her left to see the Manticore's tail shoots spike at them. Holly creates a wall made of water stopping the spike from hitting them. Get out of the car! Holly says as she open the taxi door and get out of the vehicle.

Ailred: He tries to open the door, but it's jammed For f*ck's sake He kick the door open, and clicks his pen, turning it into a hammer

The Manticore continues to shoot spike at the quester has it begins to charge toward them.

Holly: We have to lead that thing away from the roads before it hurt anyone else ; It was at that moment when one the spikes manages to hit the taxi driver in the chest. like him.

Ember: gets out of the taxi and her kusarigama appears, as well as her gauntlets Let's get some killing

The manticore is about to reach  to reach the quester when a sphere of water blocks it path.

Holly: Okay we have a few moments until the sphere falls, Isadora when that happens you'll need to water travel from behind the manticore and attack it from there. Ember you'll need to attack the manticore from its left side, and Ailred you  will have to attack from right side. While me and Ara attack it from the front

Issy: I don't have that power.

The manticore begins to shoot it spike at sphere, which causes Holly to concentrate harder on the sphere.

Holly: What are you talking about? You have to have that power, I have seen  the other water nympth use it.

Ember: Oh, just do whatever you can already. uses the winds to speed her up to attack from the left side

Issy: They may have it, but I don't. She then feels the other's eyes on her Okay maybe i don't know how to use that power

Holly: Really that was the first of my powers that I develope before I learned I was a demigod.  the manitcore continues to attack the sphere, as Holly begining to have difficulty in holding it. Just concentrate and focus on the location, and your insticts will do the rest.

Ara: She dislocates her jaw and grows rows of shark teeth. She starts to attack.

AIlred: He very quickly darted to the manticors side, swinging his hammer intoHothe air. Hoping to smash something important

Both Allred and Ara get knocked back when the manticore uses his paws to swipe at them.While this action caused  Holly focus on sphere begin to dwindle.

Holly: Have you lost your minds? You can't face a manticore head on, it will kill you before you get a chance to strike. Get into position, before I kill you myself. .

Ailred: He jumps back up Sorry He gets back in position We have to attack at the same time

Holly: That is why you are attack from the right side, if we attack from different position, it will confuse him, but this plan can only work if Issy water traveling from behind. Normally I would do it, but it is taking a lot of focus and energy The manticore continues to pound and attack the sphere. just keeping the sphere from falling.

Ailred: He grunts and nods, getting into a strong position

Ember: doesn't look happy at all Follow Holly's orders and let's kill without anymore side 

Ara: She didn't get knocked back as she attacked from behind. She throws a knife to its chest area.

Holly:  At the same time Holly moves a step to the right, only to have the knife be plunged in her back causing her to loose all focus of the sphere. As she fall to the ground the sphere of water disappears, which causes the manticore to be released, as it sends several poisoined spikes at Ara direction.

Ara: She dodges the poisoned spikes and runs round, throwing two more knives.

Ailred: He charges in, smashing his hammer into the creature

Issy::Soon Issy saw the sphere begin to fall, and notice Holly on the floor with a knife on her back. She begins to panic, only to remember she has to get behind the creature.  Before she knew what she was doing she takes the knife from Holly back, and water travel behind the creature. She then throws the knife at the Manticore.

Ara: Holly! She shouts. 

Ember: Attend to her, I'll hold canives a way to distract it for a while

As the Manticore screams in pain, and is about to about to use his tail to attack Ailred.

Ember: wraps herself in a tonardo of air to boost her speed and distorter the attack as she goes towards at it, specifically for its head, to slash it

The Manticore's tail is about  5 inches away from hitting Ailred, when the creature crumbles into dust as a result of the injuries he entailed from Ara, Issy, Ember, and Ailred attacks.

Ember: shrugs as her kusarigama disappears and she turns to Holly She ok now?

Holly: Holly groans, while her eyes remain shut.  My back hurts.

Ailred: He walks over and buts his bag on the floor, he pulls out a flask Drink!

Holly: Holly shifts a little to her side. Leave me alone, I don't want to play duck, duck, goose.

Ara: Give her some ambrosia!

Ailred: He lifts his left eyebrow and put the lip of the flask in Holly's mouth

Holly: Holly attempts to spit the ambrosia out, while she remains sleeping.

Ailred: he sighs and closes her mouth with his hand, forcing her to drink it

Holly: Holly is then forced to swallow the ambrosia, and having the substance go through her system. In an instant Holly injuries she developed during the attack was healed, and she open her eyes. Why do I feel like a car just ran me over? She then remember the Manticore. Oh no, the Manticore! She then clumsily get up and tries to spot the creature. Uh...Where the Manticore?

Ailred: Dead He sighs

Holly: Holly looks surprised. Really? Then she looks disappointed. And I missed it?

Ailred: I guess so He wipes the sweat from his brow and sits on the floor, panting

Holly: How long was I out?

Ailred: No idea, I wasn't looking He pants

Holly: That can't be a good sign

Ember: Can you guys keep on going---or?

Holly: Honestly we need to get out of the area before the cops get here. Which by now I assume they must of gotten a some phone call.

Ember: looks like shes in a hurry Alright, let's go. 

Ailred: Where do we go next sorry?

Holly: We are going to walk for about 2 miles in the woods, and then lay low for a day or two before we continue on this quest.

Ailred: Fine with me, I have enough books

Issy:Well I have no problem with that as long as we are close to the water

Holly:Okay, we better get moving. Holly gets up from the ground a bit too fast, only to realize she become a bit dizzy. She hold on nearest person so she doesn't fall to the ground.

Issy:  She wraps an arm around her waist to help her along

Holly: She looks a bit embarrassed. Give me a second. It takes Holly a few second to recover. Okay I am ready let go.

The group then proceed to leave the scene. They ended up spending a day and half. in the woods, before they decided to continue on the quest. So they packed up the things in the camp site, and ended up hitchhiking all the was to Waitangi Port.  After half an hour of they manage to get a ride, and  later arrive at port

Holly: Thanks for giving us a ride Mrs. Tomescheski  She says to woman who is in her 40s driving a car.

Mrs. Tomescheski: Your welcome kids, just make sure to next time call a taxi. There are a lot weirdos out there who can take advantage of you of kids.

Holly: Holly then remembered the taxi driver who died from the Manticore attack. Uh... We keep that in mind

The group step out of the vehicle as Mrs. Tomescheski drives off.

Ailred: She seemed nice

Holly nods.

Ember: Since she is hard to please, she stays quiet as she checks for any sign of unusualty.

Holly: Look I am going to see if we can rent a boat. While I am there, please do not do anything that will cause unwanted attention, unless it becomes necessary. Okay.

Ailred: Fine He rolls his eyes and sits on the floor. He pulls out a book, and opens back to the page he last left off

Holly: Holly then walks away from the group, and enters into a building that rent boats.

'Meanwhile the group waits for Holly to comeback, one of the dock worker is staring at group while he attempts to conseal his presence from them. The dock worker is slightly overweight has a short white hair with a beard to match, and is wearing a button up jacket, with jeans. The most distinct feature is the order of fish that is reeking off his body.

Ailred: God that guy stinks He says holding his nose

Ember: takes notice of the guy's clothes and appearance Something smells fishy about him

The man notices that they are staring at him, and begins to quickly walk away from them.

Issy gets up and hurrys after him excuse me sir I need to ask you a question

As soon as the man hears Issy speaking to him, he begins to run away from group.

Ember: Uses a bit of her powers to boost her speed and overtake the man Well, I thought it was our elders who taught us not to turn our backs when someone's talking

Man: The man struggle to be released, but to no avail. What do you want?

Ember: Why are you running? Also, whats with that stench?

Issy: I swear on my father Oceanus that I am not going to hurt you

Man: I was running because I did not want you to catch me, and unfortunately was your one question hero. The man is able to escape from Ember grasp, by changing him into Pacific treefrog, and begins to jumping away from the group.

Ember: glares as she summons winds to try and capture or surround the frog No one runs away from me

But the frog jumps to the side, causing him to escape Ember's trap. He continues to jump away from her, and the others.

Ailred: He laughs and picks up a lobster tramp, which he then throughs over the frog.

The frog narrowly misses being captured by the lobster cage, because he decides to  change direction after noticing the cargo was blocking  his access to the ocean.  He hear the cage bang against the cargo  as he begins to head into warehouse.

Issy makes a small water dome over him and bends down to grab him by the leg

Ember: This is why I enjoyed frog dissection and would absolutely love to do it againsmirks at the frog

Ailred: He sits on the floor, he didn't like talk about cutting people up. It made him feel sick

It was then that the tiny frog turned into the venomous water moccasin snake, causing Issy to loose grasp at creature leg. The snake hiss at the group before jumping over water dome made to hold the frog, he quickly slithers away from the group, and into the warehouse, causing Ailred, Ara, Ember, and Issy to loose sight of him.

Ara: She screams.

Ailred:'' He angrily stands up, and picks up his hammer. Dragging it across the floor

Ember: Disecting a snake wouldn't be bad toolooks aroundCheck out the warehouse or continue?

Ailred: I don't mind He sighs

Ara: She looks faint. I'm kinda scared of snakes, I was bitten as a kid.

Ailred: You girls stay here. I'll go inside and looks for it. I'll call if I need help He leaves the groups and enters the building

As he and the other enters into the warehouse, they first notice that there are many shelves lined up in rows filled with cargo boxs, and for every five rows lays white  columns that goes all the way up to the ceiling.  They can see some of the worker using equiptment to stack up the cargo boxs, while others are taking inventory.

Ailred:'' He sneaks in, trying to find the god damn snake Come on snakey. Ailred isn't going to hurt you...much

Issy:sneaks in after him following her nose to one of the dock workers er excuse me sir I am very lost can you help me?

Ara: She follows, knife drawn.

The worker turns to Issy.

Warehouse Worker Exit that way He points the big steal doors that they just came in from.

Issy:Grabs his pointing arm and pulls it behind him and her other arm pulls him flush to her so he can't get away Oh poor boy that is not the help I need at all.

Warehouse Worker: The Bathroom is  located in the office.

Issy:You stink of the see old man. now you will answer my question. when i think if it of course.

Warehouse Worker: Excuse me?

Issy:Don't try the innocent act and tell me where the snake is hiding then.

Warehouse Worker: Snakes?  Kid  we don't allow animals in this warehouse.  Even if a company send us a shipment of live animals,  I wouldn't be able to tell you anything since there is so much cargo being sent in that it is hard for anyone to keep track

.Issy: then how about you tell me why you smell of turned fish and rotting seaweed.

Ember: While they were interviewing, she looks around and scans the place like she always does.

Warehouse Worker: I SMELL LIKE WHAT! Screams the warehouse worker.

Issy: You smell like rotten tuna and seaweed


While this is going on Ember begins to smell the auroma of which is coming from the rows which is nearest to one of the exit, while the warehouse worker in the middle of the warehouse.

Issy:Oh no please don't sir they are in league with the little men. starts sobbing they will eat me if they find me.

'Warehouse worker was ignoring her as he began to use his cell phone to call warehouse security guard, in minutes they arrived and excorted Issy out of the building, while the rest of the group was busy looking for the snake.

Ember: Follows where her nose takes her with utmost caution of not letting anyone see her 

The smell leads her to a row of shelves which are filled with crates, which some appear to have been left open.

Ailred: He slowly follows Ember Wow, what was in that thing he looks at it eye open

Ember: She cautiously takes a look'

The box was filled with  a bunch of packet of fake vomit, but before they can have any kind of reaction to this they can hear movement from the big wooden cargo box that is in the corner.

Ember: She readies her wind as she takes a a distance look at the moving crate.

The crate continues moving for a few moments, before it abruptly stops.

Ailred: He walks over and slowly opens the door

Inside the small crate lies a bunch of  snakes, with different colors, sizes, and species.  It was the first time Ember and Ailred notice that the crate has air holes on it, and when they take a closer glance at the crate they realized that some of the snakes there are poisonous. They had to be careful, since one false move can quickly turned deadly. Although they did have experience in fighting mythological monsters, they understood that things like poison, strangulation, and gun shots can still be able to harm them. The question is which snake was the one they were looking for?

Ember: Seeing the poisonous snakes, she grabs Ailred and hovers on air Wth... she lands with Ailred on top of a crate over a crate over two crates.'

Unfortunately the winds that was used to lift Ember and Ailred had knock some crates over including the one that was filled with Snakes. All the snakes was in the crate quickly began to escape, as they hiss slithered in every direction. As one of worker who is employees by warehouse see the snakes on the ground and delivered a blood wrenching scream. This scream alert three other worker to the area, and they soon come to check out what is going on. When the two other worker arrive they see the snakes on the floor they began to panic and run away from the shelves screaming Snake!

Ailred: Gods, I don't think we can catch all of them

Ember: How to catch a greek snake...

One the snakes is seen slithering through floor and aiming to leave the Aile. Before they could react they see he had quickly made it to the edge of aisle, where he turns toward them. The snake's eyes are filled with mischief as he appears to hold a wicked smile, before there very eyes they see the snake transform into a polar bear. The bear turns his back away from the questers as he begins to run away from aile.

Ember: I'm not that easy With in mind that there are snakes down below, she hovers, leaving Ailred, and attempts to hit the bear with the ball of her kusarigama'

The snakes were moving at all directions, there was 2 snakes that remain in the cage, 4 that were heading to the bottom of the shelves, 3 were climbing shelves, 5 snakes were slithering around the aisle, there was at least one snake that was following the bear lead and leaving the aisle and 10 that had already left the aisle.  Meanwhile the polar bear begins to head toward the exit as more the worker in the warehouse begin to notice its presence. Soon they hear more and more screaming coming throughout the factory, and in the corner of their eyes they can see people pushing, shoving, and running as if their very lives depend on it.

Ember: She decides throwing wouldn't work since she might hurt others. Instead, she hovers near the bear and uses the chain between her sickle and the ball and tries to put it around the bear's neck, to stop it and even suffocate it for a while 

Before the chain can be wrapped around the bear the neck, the bear side steps the attack. Instead of the bear, it was one of the factory worker, who had their neck getting wrapped and being suffocated. Meanwhile the other questers temporarily loose sight of polar since he run through the exit.

Ember: She immediately releases the grip on the factory worker. She goes back to get Ailred as she hovers back to the members, quite drained'

The polar bear continues to run away from the warehouse. He sees the sign for a boat rental business, and remembers that the business as a second exit that he can use to loose the questers. He makes decision to head toward the building, but it may prove to be the wrong move since one of the questers is already in building is quickly loosing her patience.

Holly :Are you finished checking my id? Holly says as she begin to tap her foot very rapidly in the ground, but the clerk appears to be ignoring her. You have been staring at it for past 15 minutes. Holly groans in frustration. Hello Mr! I am talking to you! Holly the lean against the side door.

Clerk: The clerk respond to Holly in a Monotone voice that can make Ben Stein jealous. You need to be 17 years or older in order to rent a boat, The Clerk grabs a pair of scissor, and unfortunately He uses the scissors to cuts Holly Diverse license in Half. I think it fake.

Holly: Holly was about to give the clerk a piece of her mind, when the polar bear burst into the building. While the Clerk Holly was instantly trilled at the chance of seeing a polar bear up close Yay! It an adorable Polar Bear.

The Polar bear is frustrated since he recognizes that Holly is a demigod, and worse she is blocking the exit. The polar bear realize that Holly isn't aware that the other questors have been chasing him, so the bear decides to try to scare Holly. He stand up by his hind legs, and roars at child of Poseidon. Much to his surprise, it doesn't seems to have any effect on her.

Holly: I can't believe I am standing in front of a New Zealand polar bears! Just when Holly hears a thud coming from behind the counter, it was then that she has an epiphany.

The polar bear become aware that Holly has just recognized that something was wrong by looking into her eyes. He decides that to cut his loss, and figure out a new way to loose the other questors. He drops his two front legs to the ground, and is about to run in the same direction he came in. When he notices that the other questors have caught up to him, and are now blocking the exit.

Holly: New Zealand doesn't have polar bear population. She look up and immediately spots the other questers, and scream. What the hell did you morons do?

Ember: She does not answer after Holly says morons, but she points to some, five, snakes a safe distance from them

Holly: Holly looks at the five snakes, and then turns her attention to them. What the hell happen? I left you guys alone for 15 minutes only to find everything turns to chaos while I am gone.

Ember: Shrugs as she puts no emotion to her next line It's fine. There are anti-venoms for these types of snakes anyways.

Holly: The anger that was previously painted across Holly's face melted away to one of shock , and disbelief.  First off  the only snakes that naturally in New Zealand is Sea Snakes. There a good possibility that if someone get bitten by a different type of snake that they won't even have the anti-venom to be able to cure that person.

Meanwhile the polar bear is patiently waiting for one the demigods to make a mistake, while focusing in on their conversation.

Holly: Holly places her hands behind her back The snakes you pointed only two of theme are a sea snake is the Rainbow Water Snake which is nonvenomous. Although it isn't a sea snake, two of the snakes is the Sierra Mountain Kingsnake is also nonvenomous. She see how they are are relax, hearing that three of the snakes are not lethal. The last snake on the other hand,is considered to be the most deadliest snake on the planet. Since most people are allergic the anti-venom used to treat the Black Mamba's venomous bite. Holly says while pointing to the snake.

It was then that polar bear did a double take and realize that the child of Poseidon was right. One of the snake that was slithering in the ground is a Black Mamba. In the corner of his eye he sees Holly take off one of her bracelets and then throws it at the snake. Much to the polar bears confusion, this result in the Black Mamba's head being cut off. The polar bear was perplexed about what he just witness, and began to focus on the bracelet. Only to realize that the item before him wasn't a bracelet, but a small chakram made from gold.

Holly:   I will ask you one last time before I start physically express my feeling for the situation. What the hell happen after I left for the boat rental store? This time don't skip out on giving details.

Ailred: It all went so fast. Ask Ember He shakes his head

Ember: She shrugs That bear was a snake that slittered through a box of crate---She continues to give the details Now are we through to catch that thing?

Holly: The snake turned into a bear? Holly said in a perplexed tone. That impossible...A thought pop into Holly head.

The polar bear understood at that moment that Holly was now aware of who he was. Any hope of him escaping without demigods asking him a question was gone.

Holly: Unless you guys were chasing Nerseus.

Ember: Pretty much the whole time while you guys were asking for directions.

Holly: Holly didn't looked amused. Why were you chasing Nerseus?

Ember: She turns to Ailred for his answer

Ailred: D-Don't look at me His face is pale from reseaving terrible news from camp

Holly: She awaits a response from them, but when it became obvious none was coming. Well Holly crosses her arms. I don't have all day, so one you will have to answer the question.

Ember: She shrugs Get as much power and help. That guy is a sea god, what do you expect us to do? Let him get away when he knows something?

Holly: It doesn't matter if he know something or not...

The bear looks genuinely surprised to hear what Holly said.'

Holly: Nerseus has the same rights as you and I have.... Holly sighs Although I can understand your frustrations, and understand the importance of finding the conch, I also emphasize with Nerseus. Since I have been in his position, I know what it like to have someone chase you around because of something you may or may not know. Worse to have someone try to kill you, because you gave them an answer they didn't like.

Ember: At the corner of her eyes, she notices the bear, but looks like she doesn't know. She turns to Holly and simply nods to her words as she abhors hearing life lessons of sympathy,consideration and such; only hearing the start, not the end. Being adept at acting, she looks like she's listening to Holly attentively though, but in reality, she tries to sense the bear.

Holly: Holly moves away from the exit she is blocking, looking into the bear eyes, as she open the door. As long as I am on this quest I will not force you to tell me anything you don't want to.

The bear was in surprised to see the door open, and hear Holly's words. He was about ready to bolt, when he hears the next words that come from Holly mouth.

Holly:In fact we don't even need the help of man who only claims to be able to tell the future. In fact I don't believe for five seconds that you know any more than the rest of the other gods. Your so called foresight must be a sham.

It was then that the bear becomes angry and turns into a man.

Nerseus: Excuse me!

Ember: She gives a faint smirk on her face Well, you heard her pretty well didn't you?

Nerseus: Do you have any idea who I am? I have had people beg for my assistance for century, and you dare to question me. Nerseus glares as she glares at Holly.

Holly: Duh! If you were a real psychic, you already know of the consequence of what will happen if you don't help... Nerseus grabs Holly by throat, and begin to chock her. especially to your children. Holly says in low and raspy voice.

Ember: She shrugs as she creates a wind cresent wind slash on Nersus' thighs so he ight let go of Holly'

Nerseus: The wind crescent does causes Nerseus to loose grip of Holly's throat. You are going to pay for doing that child of Zephyrus. Nerseus was about attack Ember, when a sphere of water appear to be blocking him from Ember.

Holly:I guess this really does prove that you can't see the future, or that you are an idiot. Nerseus is about to turn his attentions to Holly. Because considering how many of your children have the ability to use water, it is mind blowing to believe in  how you can care less about the impact Triton's conch will have if it fell in the wrong hand.

Nerseus: Nerseus face went from anger to confusion The conch has been stolen?

Ember: She gives a simple nod

Nerseus: How?

Holly: Not sure, but as for the where She laughs this very town.

Nerseus: Impossible, I certainly would have heard something.

Holly: Looks like Triton, and my father are trying to bury the situation.

Ember: Knowing Nersus is with Holly, she decides to shift her attention towards something else

Nerseus:  That maybe, but why should I help Triton if he was stupid enough to loose it.

Holly: No more stupid than you being framed from stealing it. '

Nerseus: Nerseus entire body then tense up.

Holly: Think about Nerseus, the conch was stolen in this location. A location where you probably resided in for days, weeks or months pretending to be another average mortal. She then stares at Nerseus in the eyes. Now I may bot be a god, but it seems to be that seems pretty suspicious.

Nerseus: Nerseus looks upset. It wasn't me, because I am a God, and Gods can't steal other God's symbol of power.

Holly:I know you didn't do it,...

Nerseus: The god began to calm down.

Holly: but that doesn't mean Poseidon or Triton won't find it suspicious. You know how my father get whenever one of his children get hurt, so imagine what he is going to do to the person who dared steal from his heir.

Nerseus: It was then then that Nerseus has an eerie and distance look in his eye. His entire body language had shifted, and appeared as if he wasn't paying attention to what Holly is saying.

Holly: Look I am just trying to find this thing. I don't mean to offend you, but Holly then notices he not paying attention. fine if you really don't want to help out that is your issue. At least you can say I gave you the head up before the sh*t hits the fan.

It was then that Holly was about to leave with the others in tow, when Nerseus speaks up.

Nerseus: You will find the conch southwest from this position, but be warned the water who you will be sailing are dangerous. If you succeed in your quest, no matter what you decide all of you will gain a new enemy.

Before the others can say anything in response, Nerseus quickly walks out the Rental place.

Issy: Issy walks into the rental place, and noticed that Ember, Ailred, and Holly where staring at something. What are you guys staring at?

Holly: Holly groans. Nothing.She pauses. Are any of you guys older than 17 years old?

Issy: I am.

Holly: Then you won't have much of a problem trying to convince this moron. Points at clerk who is still passed out. to rent you a boat.

Issy: Why do we need a boat, if we can swim in the ocean just as easily.

Holly: We will be wasting our energy just trying to prevent people from drowning by maintaining  3 airbubbles.

Issy: Issy faces turns to confusion. Don't you mean 2 airbubbles.

Holly: Holly pauses for a long time, before responding. Just see if you can rent the boat, I'll be waiting outside.

Holly then walks out of the rental shop, and waits half an hour before being knock over by a someone wearing a hoodie.

Holly: Watch it! As Holly looks up she loses sight of the person who knocked her down. She slowly gets up only for her to get pushed the side, it is then that she noticed that people were still in panic. Oww! She says as she looks at her arm and notes was that there is no visual sign of injury, but it is sensitive to the touch. A small golden journal that lays in the ground catches her eye. Holly quickly pick it up, and begins to read it. Her attention was so focus, that she didn't noticed the other walked out of the boat rental store, and are right behind her.

Issy: Issy has annoyed looks on her face. We couldn't rental.

Holly: Okay. She says while continuing to read the journal.

Issy: The nerve of that man, first he calls us a liar, and then he destroys our ids.

Holly: That great.

Issy: It is then that Issy realizes that Holly is obviously not paying attention, and sees the book in her hand Holly?

Holly: Huh.

Issy: What are you reading?

Holly: Huh uh.

Ember: If we can't rent a boat, why not just "borrow" it? ''She turns her attention to the book intimately without questioning more.

Issy: You make a goo...

Holly: No. She unknowingly interrupts Holly as she is still engrossed in  the book.

Issy: That it.Issy takes book from Holly's hand.

Holly: Hey!

Issy: Just what in the hell are you reading.Issy read a few page, before her face become blank. You are reading someone diary?

Ailred: Uhm... I think we should take a look. Anything here could be a clue and we need a clue damn fast

Holly: Come on, I was getting to part where Urszula  thinks she is man trapped inside a woman body..She whined, and pauses When did you arrived?  I thought you were in boat rental shop.

Issy: Issy facial expression is the mix between disbelief and amusement. Outside of that juicy gossip did it say anything else.

Holly: Well outside of her confusion on her gender, she is a fan of Ursula the sea witch.

Issy: I meant anything pertaining to the quest we are on.

Holly: Yeah, that he-she like to play devil advocate.

Issy: Issy looks confused. What do you mean?

Holly: Well I think the best way is to give you example out of the top of my head. Let say Athena gave Ailred a watch that stops time. The moment Ailred receive the watch he starts showing it off, and soon everyone is talking about. Eventually Urszula hears about the watch and wants it for herself. She knows Ailred will not give up the watch so easily, and stealing it will cause some backlash. So she gets to work to manipulate events like stealing Ailred entire life savings, framing him for some trump up charges, or worst yet poisoning someone he care about. In each scenario, always would end then same where she would present herself to Ailred promising all his troubles away if he would just give her his watch. Holly then get interrupted.

Ailred: Yeah well I don't have that watch do I? So that irelevant

Holly: Holly looks annoyed Off course you don't have a watch that stops time that because as far as I know it doesn't exist. Besides I was only using the watch in an example of situation that is relevant to the quest. Which by the way I am not done with yet.

Issy: Then by all means continue.

Holly: If Ailred were to refuse to give the watch, despite whatever situation he finds himself in.  Urszula would then fight, and  kill Ailred then steal his watch. Or in another scenario  if she knew Ailred would never willingly hand it over,  it is rather she will trick someone close to Ailred ; who does have access to the watch, into stealing it, or if she gets desperate she will steal it herself . Holly pauses Oh now I am done with my example.

Ailred: Has she done this before?

Holly: According the diary, she has done this kind of scam to a lot of different variety of people, it not just special items that she goes after it could be money, animal, motor vehicle,  and She mumbles in a low tone people.

Issy: People?

Holly: Holly nods People. Holly pauses as she allows the other to process the information. Look whether or not this Urzsula is the one who stole Triton trumpet is irrelevant,  she is still a very dangerous woman.

Issy: Issy then begins out loud If she did steal the Triton's trumpet, a good question to ask is how did Triton get duped?

Holly: Well..

It was then that someone from behind the group interrupts Holly.

Tourist: that is more easily accomplish than you think. Especially if Triton was already vulnerable at the time of the theft.

Ember: Can you elaborate further? Anything more you've sensed?

Tourist: According to a few my sources Triton was already angry and depressed when arrived to the Island. They say he was looking for a kid of his who had ran away. He spent all day looking for the brat, and at night he went to a nearby bar to drink his sorrows away. All I know is that in the morning his conch trumpet was gone, he spend about a day looking for it, before giving up and drinking again. I am guessing it is around that point when your father points to Holly decided to ask you for help.

Issy: That is what I don't understand why did Poseidon ask her when their other more qualified demigods to lead this quest.

Holly: Excuse me. Holly looks annoyed and insulted.

Tourist: Because despite what you make think no one in the Poseidon cabin would be able to put their feeling aside to help Triton.  Let alone make an effort to find the conch trumpet, even if they knew how dangerous it is.

Issy: What is so dangerous about a trumpet that stops waves?

Tourist: The tourist expected the questers to be confused, and based on the looks on their faces her assessment seemed to be accurate. As she focused in on their body language she found that at least one of them didn't share the other confusion. Well kid I am not here to tell you information that you already have access to.

Holly: Holly face went from being baffled to pure confusion. I don’t understand how we can have access to the information? Holly looks at the diary. Is it written down in this diary?

Tourist: I doubt that it is, and even if that were the case Tourist looks at daughter of Poseidon. you don’t need it to help figure out why calming the waters is dangerous. She looks at the other demigods. None of you do.

Issy: If you’re not here to give us info than why are you here?

Tourist. It was in that moment she hold a pair of keys in her hands before tossing into Holly’s hand. To give you boat, and piece of advice she pauses. It is a known fact that before any of you leave this island that all of you will contribute in abolishing someone life.

Holly: We are not planning...

Tourist: The tourist ignores Holly. By joining this quest you are insuring that destruction will happen, but you have a choice. Its rather you abandon the quest and save yourselves any future pain, but indirectly causing more harm to innocent people. Or you can go on that boat and take down the person responsible of the theft, and gain a new enemy. The tourist pauses No matter what you decide, just make sure that destruction happens to the right person.

Holly: Holly then says in a low voice, as she looks at Tourist in the eyes..We are not planning on killing anyone.

Tourist: The tourist then looks at Holly.  I never said you were going to kill anyone. Killing a guy and destroying him is two different things. You know not many individuals understand this concept. You know what though that do sometimes end up becoming pretty influential, or wise .

Issy: I am betting you are going to tell us that you are wise.

Tourist: No, I am a foolish a*shole named Jess. she says with a smirk. I have to go now, good luck on your quest. Before anyone of them could say anything, they find that Jess is already gone.

Holly: Holly looks at the keys to find that name of ship is written on it. She pauses for a few seconds before she turns to the other to speak. I am not going to force any of you to continue on this quest if you have having second thoughts, so if you want to continue on this quest please meet me on The Goliath. If you are not there in one hour then I will not think any less of you. Holly then leaves the other to their thoughts, and begins to head for the docks.

Forty five minutes later Holly still in on the upper-deck waiting for the other questers to arrive.

Ember: She arrives to the scene like nothing happened. She turns her head around to only find herself with Holly. She looks a bit shocked Where are the rest!?

Holly: I don't know, but if they are not here in 15 minutes than we will be leaving without them.

Ember: She sighs We have no other choice then.She waits for the 15 minutes to pass

The two waited 15 minutes to pass before Holly's sigh in defeat.

Holly:We better head off we are wasting daylight. Holly walks up to  medium size box, and takes out two life jackets. She puts one of them on, and after hands the other one to Ember. You need to this life-jacket on, because if something happens and I get knocked out this can prevent both of us from drowning. You can find the  safety kit in the box in  it you can find the  first aide kit, fire extinguishers, inflatable life raft, flare gun, and that sort of thing.  Question how good are you in monitoring equipment?

Ember: ''She nods and takes the life jacket. She then secures it tightly over chest.Depends on the equipment. She says, remembering how she was taught in technology. She was always facinated by logic and other sorts of objects like such.

Holly: Okay because I set up some sonar equipment to monitor what is occurring under water, so we can see if there is any unusual activities going on.  If you will come with me to the cockpit I can show the computer where the program is set up.

Ember: She nods as she has tried this a few times before on a "fishing" trip. She follows Holly.

Holly lead to Ember to the cockpit where aside from the steering wheel, and navigation equipment. There is a separate area set up where their is small lap top computer sitting on a small table, with a pair of earphones attached to it.

Holly: I know it looks small, and not what one in use to when they think of sonar equipment, but it does work. Holly turn on the computer, where she click on a fish finder, she wait for the program to pop up. A friend of mine who lives outside of camp has been busy  doing some research on mythological objects. Holly wait for a minute for the program to open up where she it then asks for user name and password. Holly then quickly type it out , and press enter. more specifically to see if they can be replicated by a non-Hephaestus kid.  Well apart of the research involves studying  the energy being emitted by the object when it is in use and when it is dormant.  The page open up to reveal one half of it look like a video recording what is occurring below water and the other a sonar screen.

Ember: After Holly types in the password, she sits beside the recording. Clearly, she knows what to do and flashes a look like "leaving yet" at Holly

Holly: Sees Ember already at work Clearly you already know what you are doing, so how about we just heading out.  

While Holly begins to prepare the boat to depart, Issy is silently praying it doesn't as she continues to run toward the dock. Several times Issy had dodge and side step her movement since some of the people in the dock happen to get in the way.  At one point she had to climb over a fence, only to realize after she had completed this obstacle that the gate was open. At this moment that doesn't matter since the boat was in her sights, she increased her speed to get to it faster. It wasn't until she arrived, where she realized that the boat had already left port.  

Issy: Shit.

She exclaimed as she sees the boat heading further, and further away from her. Issy narrows her eyes just as she made to go swim after them. She takes two steps back right before diving into the water, meanwhile on the boat an unknown object appears on the monitor.

Ember: She notices the unknown boat and calls Holly from her position Holly, something came up.Its an unknown boat at 43° 57' 00" S, 176° 33' 00" W.

Holly: Holly who was still steering the boat. Well that can't be right since though are the coordinates to location where we were docked.

It was then a thought pop in Holly's Head, she quickly places the boat in autopilot. She then heads to the monitor screen and notices that the unknown object is marked in blue.

Holly:Okay it not a boat since that I know its marked in green, and special magical items and weapons are marked in red. I can't remember what blue mean, let me check on the list my friend gave me.

Holly goes to retrieves the list which is located in the bottom drawer where the monitor is located.

Holly:Purple... no She says while skimming down the list. Yellow...No she says with a sigh  Orange... Interesting, but no. She finally stops reading when she reaches blue. Ah here it is blue. Holly begin to read the information out loud. When the monitor shows a blue dot it signifies that an unknown creature or humanoid of magical or mystical origins is the area. Shen stops, and has a neutral look on her face. Huh so I guess a mystical creature is heading toward the boat.

Ember: Her eyes widen at Holly for taking this calmly. The can't identity the size of the creature, but her gutt has a bad feeling about it.Why are you not worried at all?

Holly: Holly has her necklace, and bracelet transform in armor, and Kwan Dao. Apart of me is freaking out, but I know there are lot of species that can be categories as a mythological creature, and not all of them are dangerous monsters. I am saving judgement until I can identify what creature is coming our way, but just in case is dangerous grab your weapon. After Holly says this she grabs her weapon, and goes upper deck.

Ember: She nods before taking out her breastplate and kusarigama appears. She turns towards Holly leaving then back at the monitor. Once the thing got closer, she follows her updeck, knowing it cant be a glitch.

In the meantime, Issy is swimming as fast as she can to catch up to the boat. Although she has never timed herself, she is pretty confident that she can swim faster than the mortal Michael Phelps. She doesn't remember watching the race which resulted in Phelps breaking the world record progression for the 400 meters freestyle relay, since she would rather be swimming in the water than watch other people swim. She did hear from the other sea nymph that her father Oceanus was upset about his accomplishment, because one of his demigod’s children was the previous record holder. Issy can only imagine what kind of impact the news must have had when her father saw a mere mortal surpass his son’s accomplishment. Issy would much rather watch the every single relay was broadcasted during the Olympics than be swimming after this boat. Suddenly the boat came to a complete stop, once this occurred it didn't take her long to reach it. She was greeted by two very annoyed faces, both of whom are fully armored with weapon on hand.

Holly: Your late. Holly says as her armor and weapon transform back into the necklace, and bracelet.

Issy: Issy sift her feet from side to side. I am sorry.

Holly: Why?

Issy: Escorting Ara, and Ailred to airport, and had dinner.

Holly: Okay. Holly shrugs and then goes below deck in order to continue to steer the boat.

Ember: She turns her back away from Issy before muttering in a warm tone, Welcome back. She proceeds to the lower deck to monitor for any suspicious arrivals.

Issy: What are we watching for? Is another boat ment to arrive?

Holly: The monitor is to tell us what is occurring above and below the water  in a 25 mile radius.

Ember: She sighs Being demigods, we have more to worry about, like monsters as well.

Issy: looks the radar over and smiles oh did I show up on this then? when I was chasing the boat I mean.

Holly: Pretty much.

{{Post}Ember|She nods the same time Holly says her line. She sighs. However, we thought it was something else.}}

Issy: Yes I guess a mermaid would be mistaken for other things

Ember: Wanting to arrive to the objective, she leans closely on the monitor. You can see the intense aura in her to complete this mission. With her eyes glued on the monitor, she awaits for anything else suspicious. Little by little, she might answer some questions or statements that will be given by her other questors.

Holly: Holly nods in agreement.

A few hours later, the boat was in the grips of a terrible storm. The once blue sky has now blackened while the rain blocks the vision has the glimpse of lightning being the only light available. All the sails on the boat has been lowered, while the windows and doors remained closed, and yet despite of this they can still hear the rain, and hail fall from the sky. Although can hear and feel the waves crash upon the steady yacht this did not frighten or deterred the questers from their quest. Issy and Holly were hard at work trying to keep on course, while Ember continues to watch over the monitor. It was at this moment a small orange dot appeared on the screen, revealing that the radar had finally pick up on something.

  • Ember: She looks around to find rain covering the windows. The waves were ferocious as wolves. Once the orange dot has appeared into the monitor, she tries to remember its signal. She grabs the book Holly has set aside for the signals and flips the pages for it. While doing so, she calls onto Holly Orange Dot!
  • Holly: Holly faced paled and her body begins to shake uncontrollably. Orange? She quickly puts the boat in autopilot. Are you sure?
  • Ember: Only from Holly's voice, she gets a hint that they will be in a dilema. Yes. What does orange stand for?
  • Holly:   Holly quickly is gather her belonging. Orange means  monster wave.
  • Ember: Monster wave? Despite her inner emotions screaming, she remains a calm outward appearance. Well, what are we waiting for?
  • Holly: First you have to get the CD out of the computer since information for my friend's radar systems is stored in the CD. Monster wave or not I really don't want to be burned.
  • Ember: She nods as she does what she is told. She holds out the CD up in air What next, commander?
  • Holly: Holly finishes packing up her belonging. She stops to listen to Ember question and thinks for a few second. We need to go to the upper deck. Holly then head to the upper deck, once there she walks into the medium size box where he grabs the first aide kit, inflatable life raft, and flare gun, and puts these items in her bag. Holly turns her head to the side, and spots the monstrous wave for the first time. Shit Her breath becomes eradicate, and her body begins to shakes the moment she sees the wave is coming closer and closer to the ship. I can do this, she whispers to herself. the water is your friend it can't hurt you.
  • Ember: She follows orders and dashes towards the upper deck. She can see the first aid kit, the flare gun and other stuff. She also notices an extra map, but she relies on Holly's coordinates. Her left eye catches on something reflecting light. It appears to be binoculars. She quickly straps it around her.
  • Holly: Holly then climb up one the railing of ship, and closes  her eyes.
  • Ember: With minimal power usage, she boasts herself to Holly's side.
  • Holly: Are you ready?
  • Ember: She nods Yea
  • As Ember and Holly stand on top of the railing of the boat, Issy walks into the upper deck and immediately see the two on the railing.
  • Issy:  What are they…. As she whispers this to herself, she then realizes what the other two girls are planning on doing, and is surprised to see that Holly is hesitant to get to the water. She knows if they don’t get into the water and water travel somewhere away from the wave that they won’t live long enough to see tomorrow, so she did the only sensible thing to do. Issy get on top of railing,  grabs Holly and Ember arm, and proceeds to jump off of the water taking the two other girls with her. While the three plummets into the water, Issy thinks of a location in her mind, and the moment they land in the water they immediately transported somewhere else.
  • Just in time too since it was at the time the wave had reached the boat, and destroyed it to a million pieces.
  • Holly: Meanwhile Holly is struggling in remain a float, since she had failed to mention to anyone in the quest or in camp that she slight fear of being in the water.Sure she can take a bath, drinking water and use it for attack, and defensive moves against opponents, but she is completely helpless whenever she is inside it.
  • Ember: Landing on water, she gracefully dives into the water. Feeling that the fall will no longer interfere with her swim, she raises herself towards the surface. She turns to Holly in surprise as she takes her head out of water to grasp for air. You don't look so well, are you ok?
  • Holly: Holly is struggling to remain a float, and not drown. Help me out, I don't know how to swim. It was at this point where Holly begins to swallows chlorine water. As she sinks further into the water Holly recognized that she is no longer ocean, but in a pool.
  • Ember: She actually looks more surprised at the irony of Holly. Nevertheless, she takes hold of her and swims towards the other side. She also propels herself using the wind to add speed and strength.

Issy: Issy swims right behind Ember and Holly, and after a few moments she reaches the other side of the pool.’’

Holly: Holly who at this point is out of the water, and clenching her chest as her body continues to tremble. Holly spends several minutes taking deep long breath before she finally calms down.

Issy: Issy sigh as she reluctantly leave the water, and stares at Holly. Has anyone tried to teach you how to swim?

Holly: She shakes her head. No.

Issy: She looks surprised. Not even in your cabin?

Holly: She then looks at Issy and Ember with serious expression on her face. They are very few people who knows my secrete, and from though people none of them are from the Poseidon Cabin. She pauses for a second. No one in my cabin trains with me in terms of power development, everything I learned is self-taught, or I figured out it my observing people in other cabins.

Issy: Issy shakes her in confusion. I don’t understand. Why it was then that she that in the corner of her eye she look through a window, and she became astounded. isn’t there any dark cloud and sky?

Holly: What? Holly then looked in the same direction that Issy was staring at and saw the sky was clear. Issy where did you take us?

Issy: To our next check point.

Holly: That is improbable if we are in our next check point, then we should be in the middle of the storm. a thought pops into Holly’s head. Unless…

Ember: Analyzing the team's steps, she comes in a conclusion the same time as Holly--It's in the ship!

Holly: Agreed.Holly Pauses If we are right at least we know why the conch is so dangerous.

Ember: She sighs, seeing the conch is left behind. What do we do now?

Holly: In a matter of seconds Holly’s necklace transforms into armor the moment she twist it, but that not the only thing that changes. Holly’s hold a wicked smirk on her face as she takes out her brown colored contacts to reveal an incredible and brilliant sea blue which is now filled with mischief. Now we are going to break the law.

Issy: What? Issy looks at Holly in confusion.

Holly: Well we already committed burglary, Holly continues and spots a security camera, she takes out one of her chakram and aims and throw the weapon at the lenses of the camera. but now we are going to commit larceny and potentially robbery with the dash of assault and battery.

Issy: Issy jumps up in surprise while her eyes now stare at the security camera who now as the chakram sticking right out of it.

Holly: We first need to permanently disable the entire security systems, and by taking out the hard drive of the computer system that on board. Holly then begins to walk out of the room

Issy: Issy quickly follows behind Holly How do you know the computer that runs the security on board?

Holly: If the boat did have a security system that is run by a network then there would be little point in having him ask me to go on the quest.

Now it didn’t take too long for the girls to find out where on the boat security system was located, and it took even less time to take out the guards. Before the girls had completely disable the boat’s security system, they deleted and alter all the security footage of them as well as printing out the passenger list and their profiles. Well when were finished in the security room, they decided to go the upper deck where they begin to go through the list that was print.

Issy: I feel like I looking at passenger list for the Love Boat criminal special.

Holly: Holly smiles It’s not that bad.

Ember: Urging for a good fight, she feels refreshed after taking out the guards. She smiles a bit. I rather be a criminal than those guards though.

Holly: No doubt, they remind of the one who kidnapping me the second time in terms of they don't know how to take a punch, and they continue to refer to me a demon. At least this time I didn't have that stupid collar that electrocutes me.

Ember: She nods. Wait, collar?

Holly: Well you have heard about though collar that electrocute dog whenever they bark. This is a similar concept, except they had manage to manipulate the dog collar design to include a GPS, and programmed it to issue an electrical shock every time I left the building. She says as a small giggle escaped her mouth. I had this small issue of always trying to break out, there wasn't a single moment where I stopped fighting. She place back against the chair she was seating while continuing to read, while she maintained a happy tone in her voice. Honestly I think the worst ordeal is when they healed us, because they wanted to continue to break down our will, and in case we escape that there would be no evidence to collaborate with our story. They never succeed in breaking down our will though. She pauses

Issy: They didn't make you cry out for mommy.

Holly: Holly laughsThey couldn't get me to cry out daddy.

Issy: Sound like though mortal didn't stand a chance.

Holly: No they didn't, and Issy they were demigod not mortal.

Ember: She folds her hands and gives a small grin before turning to Holly, quite impressed. I see it wen't really well for you to be happy. I know we have time, so mind telling me how you escaped, captain?

Holly: Well it a mixture of psychological manipulation, someone's older  brother forming a rescuing part, the same person's mother threatening people's lives, and underestimating the blind.

Ember: She nods How complex. Let's not go deeper there. I'm guessing you were not the only demigod?

Holly: No, I wasn't the only one taken, but to be honest the entire incident is more an embarrassment for the camp, and the camper than it is for me.

Ember: Well, embarrassment only lasts for a short while.She nods to her words, before shifting her attention to something else. It seems that she wants to get the mission over with as soon as possible.

Issy: Issy looks confused. Why would you being kidnapped be embarrassing for the camp?

'Holly: Well for starters I wasn't… Holly then stopped her train of thought I have found Urzula

Issy: The sea witch or gender confusion thief?

Holly: Gender confusion thief, and get this her real name isn't Urzula its…

Issy: Issy interrupts Holly by taking the document away from her hands Does it say where on the ship she is located?

In an instant all three girls heard a large loud crash happen in the other side of the boat, which all three of them seemed to stare in that direction

Holly: I pretty sure she is located in Holly points in the direction where the crash came from. that direction.

Issy: Issy didn't hesitate to run in the direction where Holly had just pointed to.

Holly: Wait! Holly quickly grabs her thing, she then runs after Issy.

Ember: After shifting her attention to other matters, her attention has been withdrawn back to the two girls and their conversation. She then follows Holly who follows Issy.

As the questers arrived closer to source of crash, they begin to hear a man and woman arguing with each other while sounds of fight occurring fills there. While Issy was itching to get in a fight, Holly was determined to stop it. Holly summons a small dome of water around Issy.

Issy: Issy is confused for a few seconds, until she see the dome disappears when Holly manages to catch up to her? What the hell was that for?

Holly: Stopping you from making a mistake

Issy: ' Making a mistake? She said in confusion I am not making a mistake, you are just being a coward. She said in anger.

Holly: I rather be a living coward than a dead fool. She pauses and looks straight into Issy's eye. Only a fool will walk into a fight that he has no knowledge.

Ember: Her eyes gleam at Holly's words. Can't be better said. After making her comment, she turns to the couple. Not bothering to look at Issy's reaction, she tries to evesdrop on the man and woman's arguement.

Issy: Then what we do. She said in an exasperated tone.

Holly: Holly pauses to think only to hear another crash, and looks at the direction where the man and woman are fighting.. We have to stop them from fighting, and get them to listen to us.

Issy: How?

Holly: Good question, I guess we will figure out that answer when we get there.

With that the dome of water disappears that was blocking the the hall disappear. The rest questers sett off once more, the continued to go straight, until they turned a corner. It was only then where they finally get a good visual on the fight. They can see a woman with  short choppy black and piercing green eyes slashes at the man  in an upward angle.  The man with long red and a lean muscular body  takes a two steps  to steps to back which narrowly missing the woman attack. The woman as a wave of water propel the man forward, allowing her the opportunity to slash him across the chest. While he winces at the pain, they notice that the man shoulder is bleeding. Holly also recognizes something more important that the man and woman can be able to spot them if they remained in the open. She immediately pulls Issy back into the hallway.

Issy: Hey! She exclaims.

Holly: Holly then shushes her, as she kneels down on the floor, and carefully looks around the corner at the fight.

Issy: Issy became confused, only for her to realize what Holly was actually doing. Issy the followed Holly's actions by kneeling down in the floor and looking around the corner toward the fight.

Holly: Holly's begins use her foot to send a Morse Code message that says Can you guys hear me?

Ember: She nods at Holly

Issy: Yes Issy replies using Morse Code.

Holly: Okay, in order to maintain our position, we will be using morse code to communicate. Is that understood?

Issy: Crystal.

Ember: Yet again, she nods.

Holly: Holly then looks back at the fight to see man in the ground groaning in pain as the woman attempts stab the man in stomach . For a split second Holly is about to take back her order in not interfering, when the man rolls to the side causing him to narrowly miss his opponents blows.

Issy: It was at this point where the man gets up from the ground as he clutches the wound on his chest. Holly I really think we should interfere.

Holly: I agree, but we still need a good tactic that can give us an advantage.

Issy: Like what?

It was at this point the man creates a dome between himself and his opponent, and then moves toward a big pile of fish

Holly: Well there is one strategy that comes to mind. Its unusual, but it might be crazy enough to work.

Holly paused for several seconds, as the man begins to look through the pile of fish.

Issy: Issy decided to break the silence Which is?

Holly: We are going to have them believe that Ember is a lot more powerful than she actually is.

Issy: Issy felt very surprised, and was now gripped with curiosity How?

It was then that man took out a bag buried within the pile of fish

Ember: A tornado?

Holly: A tornado could help, but it can destroy the ship as well.

It was at this point that the dome fell and the woman see the man carrying the bag.

Holly: I was thinking more or less letting them beli…

Woman: Holly is interrupted by the woman You foolish child, She uses the water to knock the bag out of the man hands. did you really think that ploy will work on me.

Holly Holly uses the water from her bottle to wet the ground around the quester. Never mind new plan, Issy if you can may you water travel next the ship when I give you the signal.

Issy: Sure She says despite the fact that she is confusion.

The man gets up and tries to reach for the bag. Unfortunately for him, the woman uses the wave to knock him back. She laughs maniacally when she sees this caused some distance between him and the bag

Holly Ember,

Woman: The woman then walks up to the bag. Child you can’t fight destiny,

Holly please use the winds to knock the bag into the water.

Woman I am destined to…

Ember: Glad to. Having the go signal, she circles her left hand in a inward motion before firing a wind blast, trying to seperate the woman and the bag. She does this in a very abrupt manner to surprise her opponent.

The winds that Ember had directed into her opponent had done everything that she intended to do, and more. If it weren’t for the ship railings the woman would have gone overboard, but the bag she was holding wasn’t so lucky.

'Woman: NO! The woman screams in horror as she watches the bag be sink into the oceans.

Issy: Issy carefully watches Holly, since she is waiting for the signal to retrieve the bag.

Holly: Holly waits for the bag to sink a bit further before allowing Issy a chance in retrieving the item, since she is still wanted to keep the element of surprise. It was when she was about to given the signal that she heard the woman laughing.

Woman: Clever ploy boy, She says while grabbing the man by the throat but its not going to….OWW! She yells as the man kicks her in shins, and pushes her back.

Holly: Holly’s fists who were once clutched tightly immediately begin to point to the ocean.

Issy: Issy assumes this was the signal that Holly was referring to, and doesn’t hesitate to water-travel into the ocean. She quickly begins to swim toward the area where the bag descended, and immediately began to scan the area. As she focused on the area around her, and in a few minutes she spotted the bag. She quickly swan right toward it, and as soon as she was close enough she grab, and hold it in her hand. It was when she looked in the bag that she noticed the conch trumpet was inside. For a few moments Issy began to silently cheer, only to stop when she noticed a large creature just swam right under her.

Meanwhile Holly and Ember were still watching the man and the woman continue to fight each other. When Issy appeared right next to them, but they didn't notice her right away.

Holly: You know if I knew I was going to watch these two idiots fight, I would have brought popcorn.

Issy: She took out a pen and paper and began to draw a picture.

Ember: Somehow, she senses a bad omen. She turns to Issy to see a vague sketch of a large creature . Her eyes widen and it switches to Holly. She runs towards the edge to get a closer look of the creature

Holly: Holly turns and see that Issy has arrived and she has the bag. At first she was excited until she sees Issy's drawing. Issy is this an animal or a monster.

Issy: Issy nods I am pretty sure its the animal, because the ones I saw went pass the boat. If it was the monster it would have attacked the boat without any hesitation. Issy pauses Guys there was more than one of them down there.

Holly: That may be, but if its not attacking us we shouldn't be looking for a fight. I will recommend staying on guard.

Ember: She casually leans on the railing and stares at the couple. When are we going to break them up?

Holly: As soon as we look through that bag to make sure the conch isn't in there.

Ember: Getting Holly's message, she shrugs.

Issy: Issy places the bag between all the girls, and begins to rummage through it. She takes out all sort odd items like a fork, Corkscrews, empty candle holder, and a musical box. She continue to take out the items, until she takes out a pair green speedo At least we know who the bag belongs too.

Holly: Not really I believe the woman is the mysterious Urzula, and if that the case if you can recall that she does have gender confusion issue.

Issy: True, but... Issy stop mid sentence as one of the items catches her eye, and immediately a smile came to her face. She slowly takes out the item which is reveal to be the conch. Looks like we found the conch.

Holly: Holly feels a great deal of joy having found the item they have set out to find. Only for her to frown when she looks at the man and woman continue to be in the mist of battle. And its potential thief Holly then takes out a conch that look identical to one in Issy hands.

Issy: Where did you get that?

Holly: Before coming on the quest, I did some research, and found a pretty good description of it. I spent several days in camp and here trying to find one that matches it, but as odd as it sounds right before I arrived on the boat some guy sold it to me for $15.00.

Issy: What are you planning on doing with it?

Holly: Oh that easy you Issy will blow on the real conch trumpet, and then out of site.

Issy: Wait why do I have to stay out of sight?

Holly: Outside the fact that you have used up a lot of energy, and if you continue waste any more that you will become exhausted. She pauses, and hands Issy Urzula's diary, and a dog whistle If a fight breaks out, and it looks like we are going to loose I need to sure the conch trumpet will be return to Triton. She paused. Issy you are ensuring that this quest wasn't in vain, but if you two have any disagreements please say so now.

Issy: I don't like it, but Issy sighs I will go along with it.

Holly: Holly then turns to Ember.

Ember: She nods before turning to the real conch. I suggest we leave the real conch to Issy. If it goes this way, I propose I stay behind with Issy for back-up.}}

Holly: I agree, and if that situation were to occur I want you to blow on this whistle She then hand Ember a dog whistle This will ensure that you two will escape with the conch, while I hold them off.

'''Ember: She nods without any hesistance. She looks a bit intruiged by the whistle What will exactly come for us?

Holly: My hellhound Athie, I named her after Athena...Do you want to see a photo of her? She takes out a photo of Athie from her back-pocket, and shows the other. Isn't she adorable,

Ember: She looks at the picture of the hellhound before crumbling into her hidden girly self. As much as she tried, she could rarely contain herself with children and animals. Well, she is quite adorable... I am guessing she is wise as well...She stares at the picture intently, trying not to make a >.< face

Holly: That she is. I always train, and practice with her in the training arena at every night, since I know there a good chance that one day she will fight some random demigod. If that day were to come, I  hope that she will victorious. Holly smiles sadly. I normally wouldn't even suggest using her like this, but given the situation She then looks at the woman I fear we will have very little choice in the matter.

Ember: She looks at Holly, seeing her other side. She gives her a serious expression. We'll promise to take very good care of her. Nothing to worry about. What we need now is for you to focus. She gives a weak smile

Holly: Alright She says as she get up, and steps out of their hiding place.

Issy: Issy doesn't hesitate to place the mouth in the conch's mouthpiece, as she awaits Holly's signal.

As she begins to walk away from the other questers, and closer to the man and woman who are fighting. It appears as if neither the man or the woman has yet to noticed her appearance.

Ember: As Issy was awaiting Holly's signal, she spends less time looking at her. Instead, she looks in her surroundings if anything unexpected might happen. Most of the time, she cautiously eyes the couple.

Holly: Holly the closes her eyes, and puts her mouth into the mouth piece.

Issy: Once Issy sees this, she immediately mimic Holly action, and proceeded to blow on the conch.

The sound of the trumpet was heard thought the entire ship and it effects where felt immediately. The air around boat felt peaceful and was as the water around them grew still, even the one that was being used by the Urzula, and the man. Since the water they were using dropped down in mid attack and defense. It was then the two immediately turn toward Holly, who had lowered her arm to the side.

Holly: Holly never felt more at peace than at that moment, but she knew she couldn't let down her guard . She open her eyes and gave the them a unemotional look as the rest her body appears to be calm and reserved. I am going to make this short, sweet, and to the point which one of you two dumb-asses stole Triton’s trumpet. Now I know there a good chance that two of you could have stolen it together, but with your reputation she points to Urzula I doubt it.

While Urzula is annoyed, and angry, the man on the other hand looks to be very intimated and in a bit of shocked.

Holly: She says in a cool and sadistic tone. I am an honorable, and honest woman, so I making you this offer if whoever did this comes forward then I won’t recommend and watch as my father to turn you real life version of Ursula the sea witch.

Urzula: Urzula then laughs at the demigod. You my dear sweet child are no one judge and jury.

Holly: Normally you would be right except for that small little prophesied foretold by the oracle that when it comes to this particular matter I am.

Ember: As Issy and her were in hiding, she is keen to notice the facial expressions and contours of each individual. While doing so, she stays quiet and hidden as instructed.

Urzula: It not nice to lie.

Holly: You are avoiding the question.

Urzula: Urzula then smiles wickedly at Holly. I don't have to tell you anything since I am not afraid of you or your father.

Holly: My father is Poseidon, and you are in his realm.

Urzula: I can say the same thing since my father is Oceanus.

Holly: I can guaranteed that your father isn't going to lift one finger to help you, Holly says as she puts the conch in her bag. since one of you two stole a weapon that can be used against him or any other water deity.

Issy: Issy does agree with Holly that her father could be neutral since it could be used against him. She also know that Oceanus isn't a big fan of the Poseidon's kids, and if a fight were to break out between Urzula and Holly this could end badly for the Poseidon kid.

Holly: She gives Ursula a small creep smile while she has her right hand touch her bracelet In concern with this matter you really don't have his support. Now I am loosing my patience answer the damn question.

Urzula: Well you make a reasonable point child, and the truth is that I didn't bring the conch Trumpet on board .She says in calm and matter of tone, and points the man He did.

The Man: The man his body began immediately to shake uncontrollably, he tries to speak up, but he fails to find his voice.

Urzula: See he can't even defend himself. She steps away from the man you have your thief child of Poseidon, now do what must be done and destroy him.

Holly: While Holly external demeanor appears to calm, internally she is freaking out and confused. Logically she knows she should agree with Urzula, but there a small voice in the back of her mind that disagree.She couldn't help but continue to stare at the man who is struggling for words, but it was when their eye meet Holly finds herself saying He doesn't need to speak any words, since I already know he is not the thief.

Issy: While both the Urzula and the man stare at Holly in shock and dumbfounded. Issy couldn't help, but find herself being a bit curious to why Holly drew that conclusion. Like Holly, she too was finding herself doubting that the man was thief.

Urzula: I told you that he brought it on board

Holly: That may be, but he didn't steal it.

Urzula: You don't have any proof that he didn't do it.

Holly: While you have no proof that he did.

Urzula:He had to have stolen it, since it was in his possession.

Holly: Not really he could have found it, and decided to keep it.

Ember: She nods to Holly's logic. The man could simply be nervous and unable to convey his words. Something in Urzula gives Ember a cold spine.

Urzula: Urzula then said in frustration. Child don't be so naive...

Holly: Holly then interrupts Urzula. Naive. As her eyes are filled with anger. Lets get one thing straight Holly takes a few steps closer to Urzula. I am not being naive, because if I was naive she replied while for the first time she began to look at Urzula in the eyes I would just take your word for it.She paused as she recognized the emotions that laid in the older woman eyes. She look down on the ground, while she tries to figure out the best way to approach the issue before she spoke again. That is the point of all this isn't Ren Salacia.

Urzula: Urzula was taken a back. How...

Holly: Holly finishes Urzula sentence. do I know who you are? She said with a tone full of glee Well that because I do my homework. There is very little information that I don't know about you. I know your inner thoughts the kind that you would never say out loud..

Issy: Issy couldn't help, but have her eyes wander to diary that Holly found.

Holly: I know about your desire for power and that is what drives you to steal enchanted objects from anyone who possess it. If something gets in your way, well you don't waste time in getting rid of it. Holly then flashes Urzula a wicked smile Even if it mean to accuse another person of a crime that you committed.

Ember: She spots Issy's eye direction diverting into the diary and decides to divert hers to the conch.

Urzula: You know nothing. She said with scorned.

Holly: Holly casually places both hands behind her back while her hand still remains on her bracelet. Give up the act Ren, you and I both know there is only one thing left to do.

Urzula: Your right A smile than emerges from Urzula face. Death is the solution. Ursula laughs as she quickly stabs the man in the back.

Holly: NO! Holly yells as she see the man falls to ground.

Urzula: One down. She takes her sword out of the man’s body. One to go! She then proceeds to run toward Holly and slash her in the stomach.

Holly: Only for Ursula’s attack was the deflected by the Kwan Dao that Holly was holding. Continuing her momentum she spins the weapon, and then cuts down at Urzula's wrist.

Urzula: While Urzula was able she move her hand out of the way before Holly could cut it off, and slashes her weapon across her chest only to be surprise to her a clank sound.

Holly: Armor never leave home without it. Holly then thrust her weapon forward hoping it would push Urzula back.

Urzula: Urzula tries to quickly conjure a wall made of water, but surprisingly failes at the attempt. Leaving her open to Holly attack which does knock her down. Urzula looks alarmed to see her powers had failed. I don’t know how you are doing this, but you will pay! She the proceeds to widely attack Holly with her sword.

Holly: While Holly does her best to block all her attack.

Issy: Meanwhile Issy attention seems split between the fight and man on the ground. I know Holly said to stay put, but are we seriously going to let that guy bleed to death.

Ember: Having lost pity at a young age, the girl hates to hear a matter that could stir her small guilt. She eyes the man intently, trying to see if a few minutes would matter to his dear life. All I want is to successfully complete this mission. If you want to save him, then I have no choice but to follow your back. Easy as that.

Issy: Saving him would be a risky move, but … Issy then pauses for a long period of time as she stares at the boy what if he is the missing Triton’s kid.

Ember: Her eyes seems darkers as she doesn't want to accept that fact. She looks at his pained eyes and turns away. Sh*t. It must be him. How the hell do we save him without being much noticed by those two...She then looks at Issy. One of us get him, the other stays hidden.

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