The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Nala,

As you know, I am not only the goddess of youth. I assist Hera in putting the horses to her chariot. I care for her horses and her chariot. But the chariot has gone missing, and it only means one thing-it's been stolen. Queen Hera is angry and believes I let it slip through my fingers. If we do not find it, she will not be happy. Daughter, I ask you to go find the chariot and find the thief who took it. Oh, and you would do well to bring your sister, Angelina-you two are invincible together. Don't worry, you will receive great rewards, should you succeed.


  • Starts off at Camp entrace (obviously)
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Road in North Dakota
  • Helena, Montana
  • Border of Washington
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Seattle, Washington-The Willis Tower

  • Attacked by a Cyclops at Chicago gas stop
  • Visit Nala and Angelina's mother in Chicago-tends to their wounds and stuff
  • While driving in North Dakota, they are attacked by a hellhound pack, car is destroyed
  • In Helena, they get a new car and get back on track
  • At the border of Washington, they are attacked by rogue wind spirits, get knocked to Vancouver
  • They defeat the spirits at Vancouver, meet the god Hermes. Hermes has taken a liking to them and gives them duffel bags with mortal cash and new clothes.
  • They use the money to get a plane to Washington, then a train to Seattle
  • At the Willis Tower, a minor godling and rogue demigods are guarding the chariot.

A minor godling living on Olympus, named Dichoinia, minor goddess of mischief, took Hera's chariot to cause discord among the gods-she was resentful how the "great gods of Olympus" treated her like a child and acted almighty. She teamed up with a group of rogue demigods, who had all planned to join the BC. They guarded the chariot and planned to send a party out to the BC for help when the questors interfere.

The questors slay the rogue demigods and team up against the minor goddess. Dischoinia confuses them with her mischievous tricks-she was created by Eris and Apate. However, in the end, they have the aid of Hermes himself, who threatens Dischoinia. Frightened, she vanishes. The demigods use the chariot to return to Olympus and where the gods will reward them.

Sacked is the queen's most cherished chariot;
In the path, oppositions in variate.
Set free of accusations, four must sleuth.
Chosen is magic, night, fire, and youth;
Rewarded to return not just the truth.


Nala: Nala is sitting by the camp entrance, Alaska her timber wolf sitting dutifully by her side and Obsidian her falcon perched on her shoulder.

Adrianna: She walks up with a backpack. She sits by Nala. "Hi." she says nervouslly, since this is her first quest.

Leah: She walks up with an army duffel and rolls her eyes. Hello fellow questors.

Adrianna: She nods at Leah and then looks at the ground. 

Nala: Nala peers at the two girls. Well, joy. A shy one and someone with an attitude. Well, I'm Nala Phan, your quest leader, need any help, ask me, blah blah blah. We're just waiting for two more people...She tosses Alaska a piece of meat.

Adrianna: She brushes her hair out of her face. I'm not shy. she says meekly

Nala: Mmm, okay. I'm tooootally convinced. She gives Adrianna a playful smile. I dun bite, girl. You nervous? This your first quest?

Adrianna: Yeah, I'm just nervous. And, I really don't know any of the questors. But um, I'm Adrianna. She says, a little more confidence in her voice.

Angelina: A white wolf runs up to Alaska and tackles her along with another falcon perched on Nala's shoulder. Angelina walks up to them, throwing a ball in the air than catching it.

Adrianna: Are we taking all these animals?

Leah: She stares at the animals before shaking her head. Não, não, não! No pets! Who takes pets on a quest?

Nala: Pffft, pets? Girl, these are some of the former top-class wolves and falcons of the Hunt! Besides, Alaska would've been upset if I lef thim home, and Obsidian...well, he just follows me everywhere. She laughs as the two wolves tussle and she stands up and gives Angelina a hug. Ready for your first quest, sis?

Adrianna: Y'all are sisters? she asks

Nayra: She bounds up, holding her red duffel bag and smiling'. Hello! Is this the quest group?

Leah: She holds her hands up. Woah woah woah. Hold up. Will someone please explain what is happenng at this very moment.

Nala: Okay, here's the deal. Me and Angelina-yes, I mean the beautacious redhead over there-are sisters, we're bringing our wolves and falcons, y'all have signed up for a quest to help me retrieve Hera's chariot from a couple of who-knows-what to clear my mom's name. She breathes in deeply. So, we ready to get the ball rolling? Let's get the show on the road! She shifts her bag and walks towards the car waiting. Come on, slowpokes!

Nayra: She grins again and heads towards the car. Yeah, girl power!

Nala: She grins, turnign around and giving a thumbs up as she walks towards the car. That's the spirit! She clambers into the driver's seat as Alaska jumps into the trunk and Obsdian perches on top of the car.

Angelina: She runs and climbs into the passenger seat. "I sit next to Nala." Snowball follows Alaska and Hawkeye perches on the surfboard thingy and gives Leah the "eagle eye" xD

Nayra: Fine by me. She smiles and jumps into the back, in a window seat.

Nala: She waits until everyone gets into the car, then passes around a slip of paper. 'Tis be the prophecy. Read up. (the prophecy needs to be altered since the questors were changed)

Adrianna: She hops in the back seat and takes the slip. She reads over the prophecy, nodding.

Nayra: She peers over Adrianna's shoulder at the prophecy, a slight frown appearing on her face It's not that specific about what we've got to do...

Adrianna: Yeah, Nala? We don't really understand the prophecy. Have you had time to try and figure out what it means?

Nala: She shakes her head and starts to drive. I'm just as clueless as you guys are. But Mom-I mean, Lady Hebe-told me it's somewhere high up, in Washington. 

Adrianna: Oh okay.

Chicago, Illinois

Nala: She checks the gas level. Well damn. Low gas. Anyone know a gas stop around these parts?

Nayra: She peers over Nala's shoulder and mutters an ancient language under her breath, weaving a spell. Glowing a golden orange for a brief moment, Nayra slumps back to her seat, small beads of sweat on her forehead. Ok, so the van is enchanted to drive itself to the nearest gas station. It's all I can manage, sorry.

Adrianna: Sorry? Thats so cool! she can't help but saying.

Nala: Nice work, Nayra. She leans back as the van parks itself into the gas stop. She steps out to pump the gas. Soon, a scream is heard.

Adrianna: She jumps out of the van, scythe in hand.

Nala: She holds up her hunting knives just as the sword of a Cyclops rains down. She intercepts with her knives and holds, her feet sliding, her face beading with sweat from the pressure. She spots Adrianna. Dammit, help me! Tell some of the others to keep the mortals here safe!

Nayra: Still slightly exhausted from her spell, she rolls out of the van, unsheathing her scimitar and ducking under the cyclops arms, slicing at his wrists to help Nala.

Nala: The Cyclopes howls in pain. While he's distracted, Nala shoots a volley of arrows, rolling away to give her some time to recover, clutching her arm.

Nayra: Realising she won't be able to physically help during the battle, she crawls to the side of the van, partly shielded, and begins chanting. Her aura begins glowing again and she passes out after charming the group to only sustain minor injuries and have electrically charged weapons. For as long as she keeps breathing, the charms will stay intact.

Leah: She jumps out of the van, holding a metal ball before pulling something out of it and throwing it at the cyclops. It gets stuck in its hair before moments later, exploding, throwing Greek fire and daggers onto the cyclops.

Angelina: She climbs out of the van and gets out her spear. She pulls her arm back and aims at the Cyclopes eye and/or eyelid if his eye is closed. She throws it at the Cyclopes eye, hoping for it to jam it's way in the eye. Snowball rushes out of the van as well and runs straight on the Cyclope, biting at it and snapping. Hawkeye flies up to get a Bird's Eye View of the ground to make sure no other monsters are headed their way.

Nala: The Cyclops roars before dissipating into golden dust. Nala coughs, limping over to them. Nicely done, troopers. She eyes Nayra and walks over to her.

Angelina: Hawkeye lands on Angelina's shoulder. "Anymore monsters?" Hawkeye squawks twice "Alright I think we're good for now." Hawkeye flies up on the roof of the van and Snowball walks over and sits next to Nayra, putting her head on Nayra's knee.

Nayra: She breathes in shallow gasps, unmoving. She seems to be out cold, and doesn't react to Snowball at her knee, not even batting an eyelash.

Leah: She walks over to Nayra before kneeling by her side. She pulls out a square of ambrosia and feeds it to her before standing up again. Get up Chika

Nayra: After swallowing some ambrosia, her eyes flutter open to see Snowball and Leah at her side. Still a bit weak, she pulls herself up slowly and props herself against the van. "How'd it go?"

Nala: "Well, the thing's dead, but the surprise attack got us all beat-up." She comes into view, her wrist at a weird angle. She exchanges a look with Angelina, her eyes sparkling. "I know a place we can rest up."

The Phan Household

Nala: She parks the car in front of a house. Well, since Nayra's in bad shape, she should probably rest here until she's fit again.

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