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The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Sammael,

It may seem odd that I am coming to you for this, but I don't really have anyone else to turn to for this. I have...lost something and I wish for you to retrieve it for me. This thing I have lost, it is a treasure of mine and it is something I've longed for for quite some time. It's a little personal, so I can't really tell you what it is, but you will know it when you find it. First, I need to you come to the Tartarean pit, at which point I will give you a key. This key will lead you the rest of the way. Be wary of where the key will take you, for it is not a safe place for mortal souls.



Sammael and the questers will first travel to the underworld proper, by any means. From there, they will head down to the Tartarean pit where they will find its keeper Tartarus. He will give them a special key that will then guide their path to his treasure as well as open it from what it is contained in.

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With the exception of the general location of the underworld and the Tartarean pit, the locations of this quest will be kept as a mystery to the questers.


With the exception of non-underworld related monsters and the monster that will be used for the last/boss fight, and monsters could show up at any time on this quest.


  1. Sammael, Son of Hades (Azrael)
  2. Austin, Son of Aristaeus (Wind)
  3. Nathan, Son of Prometheus (Rider)
  4. Azaran Zeladrin, Son of Poseidon (Lott)


A secret tresure hidden away

Yet no one shall know where it lay

Down to the underworld you must go

How deep, no one can really know

After recieving the god given key

On the way to the treasure you will be



Sammael: Sammael awaited at the designated meeting place for the others who would be joining them on his quest. The meeting place was in a field near the entrance to the camp. Sammael had chosen to meet here as he had not yet been at camp long and didn't really know his way around so this place seemed the most logical as he could easily find his way here; as could the others. Still, he felt a bit nervous as he did not really know the others as they were simply assigned on his quest.

Austin: Austin emerged from the entrance and casually walked toward the field. He appeared not to be carrying anything except for a large chunk of slightly hardened honey which he was joyfully munching on. "Hey Boss!" He said casually between bites.

Az: Az walks into the field, looking slightly timid. He has only a small backpack with him and his walk suggests a certain uncertainty about himself. "Hi, you guys. I'm Az. Here for the quest?"

(OOC: Going along with the assumption that Rider's char is here, too)

Sammael: Sammael, trying to put on a stoic appearance, as he was supposed to somehow lead these people, stalwartly said, "Yes, our quest was given to us by Tartarus himself. He has lost something and wants us to retrieve it for him. Beyond that, I don't know much about what we will be doing. However, our first goal is to reach him in the depths of the underworld." He stopped talking for a moment, until, a bit self-conscious about asking, he continued, "Does anyone have any idea how to reach the underworld?"

Az: .....In all honesty, I thought you did....

Sammael: "Well, um, I probably would if I had been around here longer, but I'm kinda new to this whole camp and demigod thing," he said hesitantly with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

Austin: "I have no clue either, sorry boss." He takes another bite from his hardened honey with a loud crunch.

Sammael: "Hmm, if I recall correctly from what I heard around my cabin," he said while bringing one hand up to his chin, "There is an entrance somewhere here at the camp that a child of Hades, like myself, can access."

Austin: "Sounds like a plan to me!" He tosses the rest of the honey into the field and prepares to follow Sammael.

Sammael: "The only problem being," he said as he turned to Austin, "I have no idea where this entrance is. I've only heard of it. Any idea who we could ask that might know?"

Austin: "Hmmm.." He scratches an imaginary beard. "How about the Hades Cabin Counsellor? Or perhaps Alexander the Great?"

Nathan: He wakes up from a nap he was taking on the floor. He looks at everyone. Wait, when did you guys get here?

Austin: "Just a few centuries ago." He grins at Nathan.

Nathan: He sighs and gets up, dragging along his woldo on his back. Where are we headed again? All I heard was that we needed to find some kind of treasure or something.

Sammael: Turning toward the newly awakened Nathan, Sammael said, "Well, we're discussing how to get to the underworld. I've heard there was a way to get there from inside camp but I'm not exactly sure how or where."

Az: "Well, I heard about it being in the dining pavilion once. Worth a try, I suppose."

Nathan: With a shrug, Nathan simply sighed. We'll know where to go in the Underworld, or do I need to find some money to tip the ferry man with?

Sammael: Noting what Azaran had said, Sammael then stated, "Well, then I guess we should head off to the dining pavilion." He turned in the direction that the pavilion was and started walking.

Az: He then follows Sammael, walking a few paces behind him.

As the all arrive at the dining pavilion, assorted groups of people could be seen scattered around sitting at some of the tables. It was a little bit after lunch, so the pavilion wasn't completely full. As the approached the interior of the pavilion, Alexander could be seen finishing up a conversation with another demigod. As he turned to leave he noticed the group and walked over to them.

Alexander: "Hmm, aren't you the group that's supposed to be going on a quest?" he said perplexed.

Sammael: Caught off guard by the mechanical being that stood in front of him, he took a step back. However, after a few moments he composed himself as he recalled being told about Alexander and other automatons. "Well, about that..There's a slight problem," he said as he turned back to the others with a slight distressed look on his face.

Austin: "Sir we need to find a way into the underworld but we're stupid and don't know how." Austin blurted out childishly.

Nathan: Nathan looked at Austin and said, Hey! I resemble that remark. He then turns to Alexander. Well, he is right. We're having a hard time locating an entrance to the Underworld.

Alexander: After hearing what the others had said, Alexander turned to Sammael with as much of a puzzled look he could make in his body. "I'm surprised 'you' are here to ask me," he said now adopting a cheeky grin, "Especially, as only children of your father can open the way."

Sammael: Sammael nervously scratched at his head and shrugged a bit, "Yeah, well, I'm kinda new here and all. I've only heard about this entrance."

Alexander: A mechanical echo that resembled a laugh echoed from Alexander as her turned and pointed a finger to the edge of the pavilion, "Go look over there. You'll find a skull embedded into part of the pavilion wall; from there it should be obvious." He turned and walked off in the direction of the Big House.

Sammael: Sammael, still uneasy about having to of had this explained to him in such an embarrassing way, shuffled over to where Alexander had pointed. After a few moments of searching, he found the skull embedded into the wall so close to the ground that the grass was hiding most of it. He reached down and touched the skull which then caused the eyes to begin to glow.

The ground underneath their feet began to shake. A few worried cries could be heard from the pavilion but most there knew what was happening and paid it no mind. As the ground shook, suddenly it tore apart from skull outward. Forcing them to back away to remain safe, the tear in the ground revealed a staircase down which led underneath the pavilion. The sound of running water could be heard from down the long darkened staircase. From where they stood, nothing could be seen but blackness.

Austin: "Scary skull entrance? Unseeable black depths? Looks like an entrance to the underworld to me.

Nathan: Nathan looks into the darkness and turns to the others. Welp, I suppose we have to go in there. any volunteers for leading us in the pit?

Austin: "Aww what the hell, I'll go first." Austin grinned nervously at his fellow questors and then cautiously began his descent down the stairs.

Sammael: Sammael, while not fearing darkness, still saw no reason to plunge into it blindly. Due to this concept, he pulled a small LED flashlight out of his bandoleer and shined it over Austin's head, illuminating the immediate portion of the staircase. "I believe this might make things a bit easier," he said with a droll tone.

Austin: "Awww man where's the fun in that?" Austin whines childishly as he continues his descent of the stairs.

Az: He looks over at the rest of the group, who seem to oblivious to Sammael's apprehension. "Hey, am I the only one who seems to think these two are less than competent?"

Austin: "Heey!" Austin whined again as he briefly stopped and turned around. "I heard that mister!"

Nathan: He also turns around. Just because we're not too frightened doesn't mean we're stupid. He holds out his hand and a small flicker of fire comes out. The little flame danced around in his hand before going out. Aw, I thought it would last longer.

Austin: "Oh well, least we got Sammy's flashlight!"

Sammael: Sammael, steadily holding the flashlight, shook his head slightly while dropping it down in pity and then walked on ahead down the tunnel.

Nathan: He suddenly starts to wonder if the group has to go past Charon and pay the toll. Hey, we don't have to ride the ferry down here, right? I mean, I'm pretty set, but you know, it's just creepy. He shudders at the thought of the souls of the dead.

Austin: "Oh gee, I sure hope not. I don't have any gold to give the dude. Except my boogers!" Austin giggles childishly at his own humor.

Sammael: Sammael raises his right hand up to the side of his head and points the flashlight at it. With his fingers fully extended and spread, four drachma glittered resting in each gap between his fingers. "We're good, kid." The small coins clanked together as he lowered his arm and grasped them all. "I have plenty of these stocked up for in case I needed to get it, just always figured I'd need to go to LA to use them. Anyway, you can pay be back later." He turned back and smirked.

Nathan: A quick sigh of relief came  out of Nathan's mouth. Holding his woldo out, he starts to move ahead, scanning the area for any type of monster that lingers here. I hope this goes smoothly. I'd hate to get eaten down here.

Austin: Fresh out of quips, Austin followed close behind Nathan, becoming less and less confident with each step he took.

They reached the base of the stairs. The fell upon a dark cavern expansive in seemingly every direction. However, straight in front of them, there was an opening, a dark red light spilling out from it.

Sammael: Sammael motioned toward the opening and began walking that direction, turning off the flashlight when he stepped into the light.

Nathan:A bit scared now, Nathan stops for a second before moving forward. As the son of the titan of forethought, I've got a bad feeling about this. Be on your guard. The long bladed woldo pointed forward, and Nathan drudged on, thinking of his friends back at Camp.

Austin: Austin nervously raises his bo staff and then follows slowly behind Nathan.

Sammael: "Settle down guys, we're still in the camp," he said turning around shaking his head.

Nathan:He still holds out his woldo, but relaxes a bit. OK, then.

Austin: "Oops.." Austin says sheepishly as he lowers his bo staff in relief.

As the group stepped out into the light, immediately, a wide and expansive river could be seen. It stretched out into the distance and seemed to pour downwards. A dimly lit fog covered the 'sky', but there was no sky above them in the cavern. The area was lit with a red glow from a large doorway at the end of the river which was guarded by two large statues. The doorway was half cracked and a dark red light emanated from it. Near them sat an empty dock.

Sammael: "Well, then," he said eyeing down the expanse of the river, "I guess we wait?" He looked at the empty dock, noting that no one was there.

Nathan: Wondering for a second in his head, Nathan starts to think out loud. Maybe I could make a clay boat for us to sail on... No, it'd be too big, and it'd probably waste my energy as well...I suppose we'll just wait. Sitting on the ground, Nathan begins to wonder where the ferryman is.

Austin: "Oooh! Maybe The Ferry dude is attracted to the shore by like the aroma of gold or something and that's how he knows to go pick up the dead souls. So maybe we have to take out the coins and wave them around."

Sammael: "Yeah, I doubt it. Every other time he's just been here," he said looking back at them, his hand unconsciously hovering over his pocket with the coins, "But that was in LA, I don't know if we just have to wait on Charon to get here from there or something."

Nathan: Making a small clay stone, Nathan goes to skip it over the the River. It bounces once then falls into the water. Maybe we need to call for the ferry man. Is there a "Call Charon" button over here?

Austin: Austin nervously elbows Nathan in the ribs. "Maaan don't do that! Who knows what scary goblins could be lurking down there!"

Sammael: A deadpan look fell over Sammael's face. "Goblins? Really?" He shook his head but said nothing more. Instead he turned and gazed down the river. He thought he could see a small figure, "Do you guys see that?"

Nathan doesn't look where Sammael is looking; rather, he stares at the wall behind the group.

Nathan: It's him. He'll stop here at the dock and ask us for drachmas. Shaking his head, Nathan regains his normal sight, before looking at Sammael. Foresight is a wonderful thing.

Austin: "Awesome! Sooo I guess we just wait?"

Sammael: "Well, I guess that's him then," he said eyeing over at Nathan. He stood, there, waiting in patience.

After a few moments, the figure was much more visible. A small canoe-like ferry with what appeared to be a normal man in a dark sackcloth robe could be seen wafting down the river slowly. Eventually, the ferry arrived at the dock and pulled to a halt.

Sammael: The boat, not as much as Charon, reminded Sammael of a Venician gondola as it floated across the waters toward the dock. As it came to a stop, he approached Chraon and held out his hand. Charon reached out his, long fingers, that appeared as if they had never seen the sun they were so pale, snaked out from his fist as he reached for the coins. Sammael released then from his grasp and as the fell Charon snatched them from the air in on fell snap. Sammael inclined his head, "We good?" Charon nodded and stepped back to make room from the group. Sammael lept forward onto the boat causing it to rock from side to side. Though, it didn't seem to effect Charon, who simply swayed with the movements of the boat.

Nathan: He follows Sammael's lead, handing over the coins, and sitting on the boat quietly.

Austin: Austin's small frame allows him to enter the boat without rocking it but as he pivots to enter the boat he accidently bops Sammael in the head with his bo staff.