The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Beau,

Hello there, my fellow handsome. I know, you're new to camp but I need you to find something for me; it's my caduceus, it's a short winged staff with a couple of serpents entwining it, and it doesn't really does anything very important like hold my power, it's just that it's my symbol. In case you want to know how it exactly looks like, I'll have a photograph sent in your e-mail. Anyway, I lost it around a week ago when I watched Miss Universe in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas with some of the gods just as a hang out. I believe that it's still there in Planet Hollywood and is probably in the hands of a mortal or in worst case scenario, a monster. Anyway, I need it ASAP since Zeus was the one who gave it to me and I'm meeting him in a week since it's his birthday party and I've gotta make the old guy feel special and the preparation for his birthday is also the reason why I can't get it myself. So, take care, kiddo, and I'd promise to give you some good stuff in McCarran International for you and your fellows if you got it.



Thou, a child of transition and boundaries,

Bound in the search of thy father's accessory,

Found in the sin city after a pageant of beauty,

Shall bring along four others for company,

To defeat the disastrous, monstrous enemy

And from thy father, thou shall receive a bounty.


  1. Beau Merrick, Hermes. Ela (Leader)
  2. Haru Akimodo, Dionysus. Fally
  3. Wallace McKidd, Poseidon. Miggy
  4. Meribel Rebane, Eris. Hyu
  5. Harper 'Harp' Beaumont, Persephone. Mika


Camp Entrance

Beau waits for the other questors by the camp entrance, and is currently playing Temple Run.

Beau: I wonder where those four are by now...

Wallace: Wallace arrives at the Camp Entrance with all his stuff. Hi... I'm guessing that you're part of the quest?

Beau: He shuts the game. The leader, as a matter of fact. Anyway, I'm Beau Merrick. We're waiting for the others apparently.

Haru: She jogs up with her dufflebag Konichi'wa. I'm Haru.

Wallace: He looks at her. Hi... Haru. I'm Wallace, head counselor of Posey's Cabin.

Haru: Daughter of Dionysus.

Harper: She walks towards them in a white t-shirt, jean shorts, and combat boots while tying her hair into a messy bun. When she sees them, she smiles and waves Hey, mates.

Beau: Now, the only one missing is the Eris kid, and we're ready to go.

Meribel: She runs up and sees them gathered. Sorry for being late. Woke up after the alarm rang five times.

Haru: Is that everyone, Beau? I'm just making sure so no one gets left behind.

Beau: He nods. Yes, Haru. Anyway, who wants to drive? He shakes the keys.

Haru: Me! I'm eighteen so...

Meribel: You do it. 

Harper: She shrugs As long as you don't kill us, girly, I'm fine.

Haru: Chill. I have a car at home. She takes the keys and walks over to the car Everyone in. She hops into the drivers seat

Wallace: Wallace sits on the shotgun seat next to Haru.

Meribel: She enters the van and seats behind Wallace and Haru.

Beau: Beau enters the van. So, the itinerary of the trip... We're off to the NY Airport, then McCarran International in Las Vegas, and finally Planet Hollywood. I've reserved two suites by the way. Then in McCarran, we'll meet Hermes, and we go back. He has both thumbs up.

Haru: Alright. She starts the ignition C'mon let's get it on!

Meribel: Please do be careful or I'll have you eat a whole apple.

Haru: Promise. Everyone in? If so, buckle up.

Wallace: He fastens his seatbelt and grabs the handlebar. Let's go!

Haru: She starts driving smoothly Told you. I never break a promise.

Harper: She slips on her headphones and drums her fingers against the armrest

Beau: Off we go to the airport... He goes back to his laptop and views the picture of the caduceus from Hermes.

They drive off and eventually reach the airport and they are about to park the vehicle in the parking lot.

NY Airport

Harper: She shrugs her backpack onto her right shoulder and gets out of the van once they park

Meribel: She follows her and gets out of the van. 

Wallace: He gets out of the van and waits for the others so they can enter the airport.

Beau: Holy crap! Guys, look at that. He points at a group of six harpies in the sky chasing them and begins running away from public view.

Wallace: He looks up and sees the harpies. What the!? He pulls out his lighter and clicks it making it transform into a trident. Come at me you ugly birds! He sees a nearby fountain and jumps in it. He sent a ray of water towards the harpies.

Haru: Oh crap! She scurries to get out of the van, grabs her dufflebag, and presses the charm on bronze braclet which turns into a sword and swings at one

Meribel: She takes off one of her bangles which turns into a dagger. Then, she takes out a golden apple from her bag. Ooh, time for a little chaos. She chuckles.

Harper: As the harpies fly closer, Harper starts concentrating and, the second they come closer, a massive wall of flowers erupts out of the ground; throwing a couple harpies off balance.

Beau: He leaps into the air reaching a specific harpy. He spins the nunchaku around the harpy and made a massive hit to its abdomen which causes it to fall out of balance.

Harper: She summons a tangle of ivy to wrap itself around a harpy, driving it to the ground, before she stabs it with one of her knives.

Haru: She stabs a harpy, turning it to dust. Another harpy slashed at her right arm. Ow!

Wallace: From the fountain, Wallace sends a torrent of water which makes one of the harpies fall on the ground. Then he lunges at the harpy and impales it with his trident turning it to dust.

Harper: She throws a knife at another harpy, impaling it in the chest, and turning it into dust before chuckling Four down, two to go.

Beau: Harper, take charge in this one, please. He pulls Haru out of the fight and gets his medical bag.

Meribel: She turns for one of the two harpies. She uses her powers to stun the harpy. Given that the harpy was stunned, she uses her dagger to stab it in succession until it turns into dust. Shall I take the last one?

Harper: A wall of flowers suddenly erupts in front of the harpy, making him/her/it/whatever run into it and become stunned. Harper then throws her knife with incredible accuracy at the harpy and it dissolves into dust.

Meribel: I guess that would be my prompt. She takes out another bangle which turns into another dagger. She does what she did the last time, turning the last harpy into dust like the others. Well, done.

Haru: Thanks Beau. Sorry I couldn't fight. Stupid harpy. I'm really sorry. She frowns.

Beau: It's okay, Haru. Anyway, He gets the tickets out of his pocket. Let's go inside the airport already.

Wallace: Yeah, come on let's go! Before other monsters come to skewer us with their talons and whatnot. 

Haru: Okay. She gets up and helps up Beau, grabs a ticket, and walks to the airport

Harper: She takes a ticket and puts on her headphones again as she walks to the airport

Meribel: She gets hers then follows after them.

Wallace: Takes his ticket and follows the others into the airport.

Beau: He follows his fellows.

They talk to the front desk and put their baggages on the carousel and heads to the terminal and enters the airplane.

Meribel: She takes a seat near the window then puts her bag on her lap.

Haru: She also takes a window seat across from Meribel. She buckles up and pulls out a photo of her and a girl wearing a pink knit cap. She sighs sadly

Beau: He sits by the aisle of Meribel's row and nods in acknowledgment of the two girls.

Harper: She sits in a random seat and starts chewing a piece of bubblegum.

Wallace: He sits next to Harper and puts his headphones on. He drifts off to sleep.

The plane lands on the runway and there goes the usual airport processes in McCarran International Airport and they are fetched by Planet Hollywood with one of their staff holding a mini-flag with a logo of their hotel by the front entrance.

McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)

Staff Guy: He raises the flag and waves it in the air.

Wallace: He takes his bag from the carousel and waits for the others.

Meribel: She approaches Wallace, waiting also for the others.

HaruShe takes her dufflebag from the carousel and puts the photo away

Staff Guy: Planet Hollywood visitors! He waves the flag continuously.

Beau: He takes his belongings and walks to Wallace; he also notices the staff guy and points him. I think, that's the guy who's supposed to fetch us. 

Harper: She nods and starts walking towards him with her hand on her knives just in case.

Meribel: I feel bad about this a bit.

Wallace: He walks behind Meribel and readies his weapon.

Haru: I agree with Meribel. I'm getting a bad feeling about this

Beau: Guys, there's nothing to worry about. We're riding a separate vehicle, that dude just has the keys.

Wallace: Oh well... He puts his weapon away and grabs the keys from the guy. This time, I'll drive... now where's the van?

Staff Guy: Ah, Mr. Merrick? Your van is there. He points out to a modern Chevrolet pick up truck outside.

Meribel: She shrugs and lets go of the bad feeling. If you say so, what's that, Mr. Merrick?

Haru: She lets go of the bad feeling Mr. Merrick? Eh. My last name is Akimodo. Aki is Japanise for Fall...

Beau: That's me. He shows his ID.

Staff Guy: He checks Beau's ID and then hands him a street map to the hotel. There you go, Sir. He continues calling out visitors from the hotel.

Harper: She sighs and turns to them Who's drivin', mates?

Haru: Do you guys want me to drive again? I don't mind.

Meribel: You weren't bad the last time so sure.

Beau: Wallace volunteered earlier, girls, so we've got to settle with Wally. He chuckles.

Wallace: Wally? He rolls his eyes and gets in the driver's seat. Get in girls... or else I'll leave without you.

Haru: I'm coming! She hops into the backseat.

Meribel: She smiles as she follows Haru. Hop to it.


Mission Overview

Hermes' caduceus is lost after he watched the Miss Universe pageant in Planet Hollywood with some of the Olympians and he is asking his kid, Beau, to find it for him. His kid brings four other questors with him to find it there. In NY airport's parking lot, they encounter 6 harpies that sensed them due to the abundance of demi-god blood in the area. Then, they arrive in Las Vegas' Airport and drives off to Planet Hollywood. In the parking lot of the hotel, the get attacked by 4 hellhounds. They continue the search for the caduceus and they eventually find it in the hands of a mortal that turns out to be a fury who would like to use the caduceus against Hermes.

Locations and Miscellaneous

  • Camp Half-Blood Entrance - They meet there and goes to the airport. 
  • NY Airport - In the parking lot, they encounter a flock of 6 harpies that sensed them because of the abundance of demi-gods.
  • Las Vegas McCarran International Airport - They arrive there safely and drive off to the hotel.
  • Planet Hollywood - They get attacked by 4 hellhounds in the parking lot when they arrive at night. They will stay here and will keep searching around the hotel. They eventually find it in the possession of a "mortal" who turns out to be a fury who would like to make use of the caduceus against Hermes.
  • Mall - They will buy stuff for friends there and will hang out for awhile too, then a scorpion appears when they accidentally enter the fire exit.
  • Las Vegas McCarran International Airport - They all receive a tab with unlimited Internet connection whenever wherever they are because Hermes is the one who "created" the Internet anyway.
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