The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Callista,

I don't have much time. I was taken by Moros, the god of impending doom and demise, which is a somehow opposite of victory. I'm bound in chains in Flint, Michigan, one of the most dangerous cities in the US because of its high crime rate. I was abducted by Moros so that all battles fought by the demigods will fall into impending demise because I am not there. But he made a wrong idea about that, if the demigods face doom because of me not around, so are our enemies. I'm using up my remaining power so that this quest will be victorious. Callista, you received the powers to telepathically communicate with Athena. You need her wisdom. To defeat Moros, you must find Pandora's Box which I think is hidden in Richmond,Virginia. As you know, Hope or Elpis remained in the box. Temporarily release her from the box upon you fight Moros. Please, save me before all victory is consumed. I trust in you and your friends. Good luck.

-Love, Nike


Moros abducted Nike by secretly putting trap chains in her chariot. Nike activated the trap and she was bound in cursed chains that slowly drain her power. Seeing that she activated the trap, Moros took her captive in Flint, Michigan, a city with high crime rate. His reason for capturing Nike is for the demigods to fail since her power to bring victory is gone. He doesn't make an alliance with the demigods' enemies but he has the same reason as them: to overthrow the good side. But, he didn't know that he made a huge mistake. If victory is gone, which is Nike, even the demigods' enemies will fail. Nike uses up her remaining powers of victory to ensure that the quest is a success but time is running out quickly. Moros is a spirit of depression and when someone dares go near him, it causes them to feel sadness and depression. Thus, this lowers their guard and weakens them. To win over Moros, they must find Pandora's Box which is in a museum in Richmond, Virginia. But they don't know where to find it. Callista asks for help from Athena at the start of their quest. Since Nike is Athena's close friend, she does help by giving her a riddle, which she couldn't decipher/figure out at first (the riddle will be WIP until the actual time it will be told). As they move on, she began to put the pieces in place. She found out she has to go to a museum in Richmond, West Virginia plus other things she figured out on how to get it (that's still WIP too). They must temporarily release Elpis (Hope) to greatly weaken Moros. It weakens him by: (this is the concept) Moros is sadness and Elpis is hope. Sadness brings hoplessness and when you have hope, sadness goes away.


  1. Callista Harvey - Daughter of Nike, Priestess of Athena - Barbett (Leader)
  2. Amylla Moor - Daughter of Zeus
  3. Diara Winters - Daughter of Notus - Shady
  4. Ishtar Nocturne - Daughter of Asteria - Wai
  5. Fiona Ash - Daughter of Demeter - Minx


This is according to order of visit.

  • Camp Half-Blood - Their starting point.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Where they take a ride to Richmond. They encounter Basilisks here..
  • Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Virginia - Where they must find Pandora's Box. They plan to sneak in the museum to find it while they avoid the tight security.
  • Columbus, Ohio - Where they encounter a large flock of Stymphalian Birds. This also is the point where they take a ride to Detroit.
  • Detroit, Michigan - Where they get a ride to Flint. They encounter Hellhounds here.
  • Flint, Michigan - Where Nike is taken captive. Also where Moros is.


  • Stymphalian Birds (In Capitol Square in Ohio. The Mist turns them into normal pigeons)
  • Hellhounds (In a bus station in Detroit. The Mist turns them into bomb-sniffing dogs)
  • Basilisks (In Italian Market in Philadelphia. The Mist turns them into snake statues in the fountain)


Opposing forces shall both have to fail
When Victory is helpless, to no avail
Follow Wisdom's advice, a challenging decipher
{C}And with it find Elpis' fire
Battle Doom with hope in your hands
And release the goddess, on her demand


Camp Half-Blood Entrance

Fiona: Wagerly waits for the other questors. I can't wait for the other's to get here! I'm so excited!

Callista: Comes to find Fiona waiting Hello there. Are you one of the questors of this quest?

Diara: She floats over on a small cloud with her backpack and lands on the ground next to them. Hey guys, I'm ready to go.

Fiona: Oh, I'm just so excited! She hugs Diara and Callista. Who're we missing?

Callista: Got hugged by Fiona Oh! Thanks. So, we still need thinks the daughter of Zeus, daughter of Hephaestus and daughter of Asteria to get going.

Fiona: Oh, what to do. Sits down. The excitement is unbearable!

Callista: I can feel it too. But since I'm the leader, I can't resist being nervous. Paces back and forth

Fiona: Puts her hand on Callsta's shoulder. You'll do fine Callista! Have a faith in your self and your mom. Oh, and Athena! She smiles.

Callista: Thanks, Fiona. I guess being nervous doesn't do any good. I have to keep positive.

Amylla: Amylla arrives with her bag. So, who else do we need?

Diara: She sits down on the grass. Two more people.

Callista: Hello there. You must be the daughter of Zeus, am I not correct?

Fiona: That just leaves the daughter of Asteria, correct?

Diara: You are incorrect. I'm the daughter of Notus.

Callista: Sorry. I was talking to her. Points to Amylla.

Fiona: Groans. I'm so lost. She scratches her head and smiles. I guess we should better acquaint ourselves.

Star: Arrives with her backpack and sword HI!!!!

Amylla: Finally. We are all complete. Why won't we leave camp now?

Callista: Okay, good. But before that, check your belongings and see if you have forgotten something. I'll just check something. Goes a distance away from them and started praying.

Fiona: Takes out her fans and constantly opens and closes them.

Diara: she checks her boots and pulls out her two hunting daggers, then secretly looks at camp on last time.

Amylla: Checks her backpack. Nah, I am totally ready for this one.

Star: Ditto to that. Hope we don't get killed by giant birds though.

Callista: Stands up and joins the others. Hey guys, I received something from Athena. Kinda like an advice or something.

Amylla: So, what is it? I am dying to go on an adventure!

Callista: Okay then. She clears her throat and began:

"Walk the beaten path

To stop this threat’s aftermath

Reach for the cradle of beloved liberty

While avoiding the serpents with shining crowns of no royalty..."

Fiona: Maybe she's suggesting we go to New York?

Diara: I think she's talking about Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Because liberty was found there and also that's where the liberty bell is and many other things about liberty.

Callista: Okay then. We'll go to Philadelphia. But what about those "serpents with shining crowns of no royalty"? Hmmm... serpents who have crowns.

Fiona: I think there's a statue of a lion crushing a serpent there.

Diara: Really? A lion crushing a serpent.....

Amylla: Thinks for a second and pulls out a book. Hey guys, I've read about something before. She flips the pages until she reached page 108. Here. Basilisks are a legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance. The basilisk is called King because it is reputed to have on its head a mitre - or crown shaped crest. Girls! That's it.

Callista: You're right, Amylla! Great! So, we need to avoid them while in Philadelphia. But from the looks of it, we're going to meet them... But its no use standing here. Let's set off! Puts on her backpack and starts their quest.

The Way to Philadelphia

~They are on a bus going to Philadelphia. Night time.~

Fiona: Yawns and stretches arms. How far are we from Philadelphia? I can't wait to see the bell.

Callista: In a few hours. Two or so. You do know our objectives for this quest, Fiona? And everybody else? Looks over the seat in front of her then looks at the opposite seats.

Fiona: Avoid the crowned serpents, right?

Callista: No, the main goal of this quest.

Amylla: Overhears the question. We have to rescue your mother, right?

Callista: Yup, Amylla. You got it again. She's taken by Moros, god of impending doom, which is victory's somehow complete opposite.

Fiona: She lowers her head. Oh, I thought you meant this portion of the quest's objective.

Callista: Ah. Yes. But from the looks of the advice, it sounds as if we're going to encounter it. In any case, we have to be careful. As I can see through the Mist, I can detect where they are. Of course I'm counting on all of you too. She smiles weakly but obviously she is worried. We can do this.

Diara: She speaks up for the first time since they left camp. Well, I think everyone needs to rest before we get there. If we're going to protect ourselves and each other than we need rest.

Fiona: She puts her self in a comfortable position. Im gonna take a nap. She yawns. Night, guys.

Callista: Okay, good night, Fiona. I'll take a nap too. Closes her eyes and began to drift off to sleep.

Diara: I'll keep watch.

Star: Okay then. closes her eyes and falls asleep

~Two Hours Later~

Diara: Okay sleepy-heads. We're here!

Callista: She wakes up to Diara's voice Oh that was fast. Okay guys, wake up, wake up!

Italian Market, Philadelphia

Fiona: Oooh, Italian! I wonder if they sell spaghetti.

Callista: I'm sure they will. Italians love 'em. Hmm, do I smell panini?

Fiona: She sniffs the air. Yup!

Star: I don't smell anything though sniffs Strange.

Callista: She sees a fountain Wow. Nice fountain. Then she feels something. Ahh! My... sight... its disrupting...

Amylla: Rushes to Callista. Why? Wha's happening. Ouch. My head. Something's happening.

Star: Rushes to them Probably The Mist playing with us. What do we do?

Callista: I'll try to "uncover" the Mist. She waves her hand in front of her and her face turns that of fear. Guys, remember part that we're going to avoid basilisks?

Star: Duh......why?

Callista: See this. She uncovers more of The Mist so that the others can see it. You thought they were just normal snakes in a fountain but no. THEY are basilisks. Oh no, they saw us.

Star: Thanks, Captain Obvious.takes out her sword

Fiona: Whips out her fans. You guys ready?

Diara: She quickly pulls her daggers out of her boots. Whats the plan?

Fiona: She turns to Diara You guys could distract, then I go in for some close combat. She pauses, then thinks No, too easy. No fun.

Callista: She rolls up her pants to reveal the greaves inside. Fiona. If your fan touches the snake, it'll disintegrate. If it is made of wood, yes. She concentrates on something and a soft aura enveloped her. Well, we shouldn't just stand here. Let's take 'em on.

Diara: Okay, no plan let's go. She charges the snakes and uses the winds to lift her into the air.

Star: charges with her sword Should have brought an bow and arrow.she summons a cluster of stars to defend herself.

Callista: She becomes stronger and faster then before. I'll help you out there, Star. She charged in to attack with her greaves.

Fiona: She shouts at Callista while she's fighting My fans are made of CB!

Callista: She shouts back at Fiona while kicking the basilisks. Well come on over here!

Star: summons another shield after her first one disappears and slashes at the first basilisk Take that!!! A piece of wisdom... never look at it in the eye. the basilisk retaliates by spitting fire at her Crap...

Diara: She see's the flames heading toward star and sends a gust of wind and the fire is blown out then she throws one of her daggers at the basilisk with expert aim and hits it in the neck.

Callista: She rushes in to deal a power-enhanced roundhouse kick at the basilisk, hitting it at the neck her face is away from the basilisk's point of contact. Hah! Feel that!? The basilisk recovers and attempted to bite her.

Star: she slashes her sword at one of the basilisk hopefully to kill it Look out!!!

Fiona: Sends one of her fans flying at the basilisk Gotcha buddy!

Star: defends herself with a shield for a basilisk's fire-breath and slashes at its neck.

Amylla: She would stand up and saw the Basilisk's body. She immediately recognized it and avoided eye contact. She heard the others fighting. She felt unhelpful. She got enraged and raised her arms sending a bolt of lightning at the Basilisk. It flinched for a while but it recovered easily as the bolt is weak. She fell to the ground, unconscious.

Diara: Amylla! The winds pull her over to Amylla and creates a dome of air around them. Then starts feeding Amylla necter.

Fiona: Just as a Basilisk is about to attack Amylia and Diara, Fiona goes up to the basilisk and slashes it with her fans.

Callista: Callista sees Diara attend to Amylla so she continues to fight the basilisk. Take this! Knuckle sandwich! She strikes the basilisk with a super-enhanced punch.

Star: blasts an intense beam of plasma at Callista's basilisk hoping to burn it

Callista: The basilisk got burned by Star's plasma beam and she rushed over to Amylla. This is not good. She isn't responding.

Fiona: rushes toward Amylia Is she alright?

Callista: No. She used a lot of power when she used that lightning bolt. We have to let her rest for a while.

Diara: Picks up Amylla, tiredly. We should find a place to rest. I can finish taking care of Amylla later.

Callista: Yeah, you're right. That was tiring. But better be it quick, we still got a long way to go. She looks for a nice place to rest with her team. Those benches look good enough, shall we?

Fiona: We shall smiles and walks over to the bench It's not that bad...

Callista: She sits beside Fiona. Yeah, its not that bad. Hey, Diara, is she doing okay?

Diara: She lays Amylla on one of the benches and starts gives her a little bit of necter. Amylla will be fine after a good night's rest. She sits next to Amylla's body on the floor and slides her daggers into her boots then lays down on the ground and falls asleep.

Star: sighs So....What's next?

Fiona: We could take shelter? How about the woods or a hotel?

Callista: No that won't do. It'll lead us away from our true destination: Richmond, Virginia. Mom said Pandora's Box is hidden there which can help us defeat Moros.

Star: What about Amylla?

Callista: We just have to wait a bit more time until she gets better. She sighs. I just hope mom's alright.

Star: pats her back Don't worry! We'll get your mom back. sips her energy drink

Callista: Thanks a lot. Hey Diara, how's she doing?

Diara: She sits up, looks at Amylla then snaps her fingers infront of Amylla's eyes, seeing if she'll wake up.

Amylla: She swats her hand Daaah! She opens her eyes Am I awake? Someone pinch me to make sure.

Diara: Pinches her then stands up.

Fiona: Now that everyone's alright, shall we go off?

Star: To Richmond it is.

Callista: Let's go!

Way to Richmond

Callista: We're at our first goal once we make it to Richmond.

Diara: How far is Richmond?

Callista: Not that very far from here. We can get there in a few hours. Amylla should be doing fine by now, huh?

Star: she? Why are we going to Richmond again?

Fiona: She turns to Callista To get Pandora's box, right?

Diara: Pandora's box? WHy are we getting Pandora's box?

Callista: We're going to release Hope to bring Moros down.

Star: Then capture it again....

Callista: I know Hope is a goddess so I guess she'll do that on her own.

Amylla: The last time Pandora's box was opened, all the world's disasters were released.

Star: Since they are all released, they are not trapped. I thought it was Pandora's Pithos...not a box.

Callista: Many says that it is a Pithos, only that they named it as Pandora's Box.

Amylla: Now that's confusing...

Callista: Okay, we're going to consider it as a Pithos.

Diara: Even though its easier to say Box?

Callista: Okay, change it to Box as that's what I said earlier. Just keep in mind that its not a box in form, only in name.

Star: We there yet?

Callista: I think we're getting there. Richmond road signs start to appear.

Amylla: Yup! Were almost there!

Fiona: She smiles Finally!

Callista: Okay, we'd better hurry to the next location there. I'm going to ask Mom again and see if she has another clue again.

Diara: Okay.

Callista: Hey Amylla, is Richmond in sight?

Star: We are going to get there right? drinks more of her energy drink

Callista: I am pretty sure we are very close I think that is it right ahead

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