Tithonus is plotting a rebellion against Zeus for making him immortal but not making him youthful thus resulting him to suffer because of old age. To take his revenge, he plans to transfer his soul to a body of a demigod making him immortal AND powerful, with the help of Raveena, a witch and a daughter of Hecate. (Also with the help of Raveena, from being a grasshopper, he was turned back into a human but still old and frail.) Paige and her friends are asked to prevent the rebellion from happening.

Eternal shepherd, despised of young age,

Possessed such half-blood, of vengeful rage.

On prosperous Gaul lightning shall turn the act,

Doom of death befall on those who made their pact.

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Paige,

Hello there, my daughter, how are you doing? I hope you are doing just fine. Listen dear, Zeus needs your help and well, he is too ashamed to admit that he needs help from a demigod. So, I’ve decided to just do it myself since you are my daughter. There will be a great rebellion coming. However, we do not know who is planning all this and where this person, if it is a person, is residing. There is some strong magic that blocks our vision. He is doing a good job in hiding from us. I do not actually know what Zeus is talking about but he said that a daughter of mine can be our only hope so, I chose you. We need you on this quest to stop the rebellion or else… well, we do not actually know what might happen next.

Oh, and my dear, I’ve got more news for you. Your father, I believe you can finally find him. However, I also do not know where he is. I can just feel it! I just know that you will finally find him.

I apologize for making you go on this quest without having any idea where the rebel is. But I do know where you can start—in Spain, specifically in Madrid. That garden—Oh! Garden! Haha! Go to Sabatini Gardens and you shall find Proteus, the wise old sea god. Try asking him where you can find the rebel. I’m sure he knows.

Well, Paige, that is all it. Go and save us. You could be our only hope. Prevent the rebellion from beginning. I know you can do it! I trust in you.

Oh! Wait! Another thing, dear. If you succeed, we shall grant you one wish. Anything you want. Just say the word. Alright, goodbye for now, my little flower.


  • Airport - They just arrive
  • Airplane
    - They will fight a furies and the plane will crash (not a gentle crash)
  • Salamanca (fields) - This is where the plane will crash and they'll spend the night camping out here
  • Diner - A few empousai will attack them. Maybe about four of them.
  • Train to Madrid - Nothing special. Just ride
  • Sabatini Gardens in Madrid - This is where they'll find Proteus
  • Hotel - No attacks whatsoever just a peaceful night before the battle
  • Chateau de Beynac in France - Sebastian will get possessed (Time already agreed with this) and they'll try to get Tithonus out of his body. Also, Paige and the witch will battle to the death
  • Entrance to Camp - They just get back

  • Furies
  • Empousai
  • Cyclops



Salamanca (Fields)

Back to the Fields

Back to Fields Part 2 (Monastery)


Paige: She expected Sebastian to be there and, yes, there he was getting himself drunk. Seeing what Sebastian was doing, Paige got disappointed and said, "What does he think he's doing?"

Sebastian: He was in the back booth, a bottle of beer in one hand and he was gulping it down, he hadn't noticed them come in as his back was turned to them but the way his brown hair stood up it was obviously him. He finished the bottle and the waitress came to replace the drink and it wasn't long before Sebastian started drunkenly flirting with her.

Amanda: She followed Paige and Cody into the diner. It wasn't the first time she saw Sebastian drunk. But it felt as weird as the other times, considering he was flirting with a stranger. It gave her a semi-disappointed feeling, yet her expression stayed mundane, being used to this. She eyed the others, examining their looks. She wasn't the best mind-reader, but she could tell that they were somewhat pissed off.

Cody: They went in a diner, and this was just what he needed. A diner in Spain-- which was nice in a way. Spanish waitresses, cold cerveza, it was a whole new experience. Paige and the others went to a booth but Cody proceeded to the counter instead, where a very hot brunette was stationed. She had apple green eyes and pixie cut. Her dark eye makeup complimenting her perfectly olive skin. He had to admit, things were looking better. Walking up to one of the chairs, he ruffled his hair, licking his lips a bit before turning his so called 'charm' on. "Hey baby, I'd like a bottle of cerveza, a basket of fries, and your sweetest smile." He half-smiled,hoping as hell that she could understand english.

Waitress 1: She folded her arms on the table and rested her chin on her hand smiling at Cody. "What did you say, gorgeous?"

Paige: She didn't know what to do. Flirt here, flirt there, flirt everywhere. She shook her head thinking, I can never understand boys. She took a breath and sighed. She just had to focus on filling her stomach for now. She proceeded to the counter, as well, to order something but she wasn't anywhere near Cody for she didn't want to ruin his 'moment'.

Waitress 2: Later, another waitress approached her and asked with a smile, "American?"

Paige: She shook her head smiling a bit. "No. Canadian actually."

Waitress 2: "Ah," she said, "Nice to meet you senorita. So what would you like for breakfast?" She held a notepad and a pen waiting for Paige's reply.

Paige: "Uhm..." When she was about to reply, she saw out of the corner of her eye Cody and the waitress. That very gorgeous waitress being so close to each other. She slightly turned her head to look at them. "Uh..." She felt weird. When she saw the waitress, she didn't feel good about her like there was something. She just felt it.

Waitress 2: She cleared her throat and knocked on the counter to get her attention. "Senorita?"

Page: She didn't realize she was staring at them for so long. She quickly looked away and faced the waitress. "Uh-- Oh! Oh... right," she said with a forced smile. "Mmm... do you have pancakes?"

Waitress 2: "Pancakes for the Canadian miss," she said writing her order, "Coming right up." She gave her a grin.

Paige: "Thank you." She smiled back.

Cody: He leaned over the counter, speaking in a lower voice. "I said--" He parted his lips a bit biting his tongue before continuing. "A bottle of beer, a basket of fries, and darling, you are very hot. " He winked before stitting up straight once again.

Waitress 1: She was flattered, in fact he gave him a smirk before saying "Got it, american boy." She turned around slowly, walking towards the window to the kitchen and said 'a basket of fries' in spanish. She then opened the fridge to grab a bottle of Spanish Beer. She pulled out a pen from he apron and wrote something on the napkin. 'ding!' It indicated that the fries were done. She took it and served it to Cody, also giving him the napkin. "Enjoy." She winked, inconspicuously caressing Cody's hand before goin back to her other business.

Cody: Hot damn. She was really-- how do you say it, alluring. He looked around, his eyes fixating on Paige who was a few seats away from him. Right-- they were on a quest. He wasn't alone, and had to focus. Bu today, just today, let him have this one. He took a wing of the beer before seeing something written on the napkin. ' I get off in 10 minutes, meet you at the back xoxo' He grinned, nodding as he took another drink. Finally. He took the fries and the bottle of beer and moved towards the table where the others sat down. "Fries, anyone?"

Paige: Just when she was about to sit down, Cody approached and offered some fries. "Oh," she said managing a weak smile. "I'd like to have some." She noticed something different with Cody. She knitted her eyebrows and looked at him from head to toe. It was the pullover hoodie. "Since when did you--" She was too focused on so many things that it's just now that she noticed he changed the polo he was wearing earlier. Then she just decided to drop the subject. "Never mind."

Cody: He looked back at the counter to check out the waitress again before noticing Paige. "Huh? Right, here." He handed her the basket before drinking. He noticed that Paige was examining him and raised a brow, leaning back on the chair. "Change? When we went back to the plane. I mean seriously, do you think I'll walk around wearing that polo? It's not to my liking. It's too-- business." He shruged, finishing his bottle and taking some fries for himself.

Paige: Right. Polo wasn't for him. But she really thought he looked... amazing in it. Anyway, she ate some fries as she waited for the pancake. It tasted bland for some reason. Maybe she just didn't have the appetite. "Cody? Just a heads up. I know you love women especially that..." She nodded to the waitress' direction. "Waitress over there. Just be careful." She just felt the need to tell him.

Cody: He listened to what she had to say, but he got confused about what she. Love women? No. More like a teenage guy's needs that have to be met in order for him not to go cranky during a dry spell. "Aw, If you're jealous darling, just say so." He chuckled, tapping her chin up with his index finger. He was only teasing--but in all seriousness, he wondered why she said that. All he could see was a hot latina waitress who speaks English. He decided to just shrug it off, eating some fries. After all, he might get some tonight.

Amanda: Out of the corner of her eyes, she could slightly see Cody and Paige's scene. But her eyes were mostly fixed on Sebastian, who was flirting with a waitress. She felt butterflies come into her stomach, but certainly not the good kind. She tried to shake her thoughts away, looking at her food. She hadn't eaten much. Her appetite seemed to have flown away. She was still thinking about Sebastian. She finally got up, making a polite excuse to the others, and headed towards Sebastian's table, doing what she thought must be the most stupid thing she'd ever done. The waitress had went to get Sebastian another bottle, leaving her alone with him, as she awkwardly took a seat.

Paige: She scoffed surprised that Cody actually said she was jealous. "Me?" she said putting her hand on her chest. "I'm not--" Wait, was she actually feeling jealous? That bad feeling... was it jealousy? No... no way. I just couldn't be. It was something else. She cleared her throat and continued her sentence, "I'm not jealous. I'm just saying be careful. Just... take it or leave it."

Cody: "I can take care of myself mom, thanks." He scoffed, waving his hand dismissively. He doesn't get what she was so worried about. It's only a girl. A hot one for that matter.

Sebastian: He was drinking from the bottle having already noticed the three were there but didn't bother walking over. Too drunk to walk anyway. He had tried pouring the bottle into a glass but had missed the glass and a puddle of wine now resided on the table, some of it dripping off onto the seat just next to him but he didn't care. He glanced up wanting the waitress to return with the new bottle, as the bottle he was drinking from was running low, but instead he got Amanda. 'Oh its you. Well then time for me to leave.' he grunted putting the bottle back onto the table.

Waitress 3: Before Amanda could even bother replying, the waitress whom previously served Sebastian came back to his table, with a smirk. To her disappointment, she saw Amanda sitting next to him, but have Sebastian another bottle. "Is that your compañera?"

Sebastian: He gazed at Amanda before smiling at the waitress. 'Ex companion.' He said.

Amanda: At first, she didn't understand what the waitress had said, unable to speak Spanish, but gathered the topic after Sebastian's reply. She was shocked to hear him, since they were never actually in a relationship in the first place, but recalled the fact that he was drunk. "Friend. Just friend." She corrected.

Waitress 3: She winked at Sebastian with a grin, before heading to another table.

Sebastian: He finished the bottle of wine then took the next bottle. 'Any reason you're here?' he asked her. 'Shouldn't you be off with Cody or Paige?' He tilted his head, ignoring the fact that at the moment Amanda was a blurred blob.

Amanda: "It just doesn't seem very wise to leave a drunk 17 teen year-old alone in Spain. Look, I'm really not going to force you to come back or anything, like I even could. But I'm serious." Realizing his dazed expression, she snapped her fingers in front of him, as if to wake him up from his state.

Paige: Something just didn't feel right. Or was she just being paranoid?

Waitress 2: "For you senorita," she said as she put a plate of pancakes on the counter in front of Paige.

Paige: She faced the counter and there it was--the pancakes she ordered. "Uh... Gracias," she said with a smile. Perhaps it was the only word she knew in Spanish. She grabbed the fork beside the plate. She suddenly lost her appetite and ended up just staring at the food gripping her fork thinking whether she should take a bite or something.

Cody: How long has it been? He took a knife fom the table and unconsciously twirled it aound his fingers before carving out random words on the table. There was a light tap on his shoulder, he immediately dropped the knife as if he wasn't doing anything and looked up from his seat. The waitress earlier walked outside, swaying her hips as she went out, hre apron off and her hair free from the work bandana she had earlier. Cody stood up as she left, gave two thumbs up to PAige and winked, before following the waitress out through the back door.

Paige: She immediately stood up and ran after him just before he completely got out. She grabbed his shoulder and tugged it. "Cody, no!" she hissed. She gave him another warning. "Don't go after her. Let's just leave." Worry could be clearly seen in her eyes. "Please," she pleaded, "Just for once, listen to me." She was actually hoping Cody would listen to her but then another part of her was saying nothing would work. He's Cody after all.

Cody: "Sorry mate , can't pass up the chance. 'Life is short, and she is hot.' " . Cody laughed, forgetting where he quoted that line from. He heard it from the television, as far as he can remember. He shrugged off Paige's hand before patting her head. "Don't worry. You're still my favorite girl~" He said rather jokingly, laughing his way out of the diner. The wind was really cold, but he looked around anyways. He headed to the back to see the girl waiting there. He smiled as she was looking at him with sly, yet seducing eyes. This seemed to lure him in even more. He walked towards her and came closer until her back was pressed against the wall. Cody placed one hand on the wall as well, staring into her eyes with a smirk on.

Paige: It was useless. "Ugh!" she said in annoyance as she walked back to the counter. "You know what? Fine! I'll just eat these... stuff." Her food was still untouched. It did look delicious but it had no appeal to her. She was very much disappointed that no one listened to her. "Paige, just let them be. Nothing wrong with a hot waitress," she said to herself then she sliced a small piece of the pancake with the fork and ate it.

Waitress 2: She heard Paige talking but no one seemed to be there which she found weird so she asked her, "Are you... okay, young miss? Who are you talking to?"

Paige: "Huh?" She was startled. She didn't know she was talking too loud. She chuckled nervously and replied, "No one... sorry. I was just memorizing some lines." That was a lame excuse. She felt like she wanted to bury herself under the ground because of embarrassment.

Cody: She smiled at him, and he took it as a sign to take it further, so he placed his hands on her waist. She on the other hand, wrapped her arms around his neck and began kissing him. It was great, he won't deny it. But something was kinda-- off? A gut feeling in a sort of way. He tried not to think about it. Still, he couldn't she the feeling off, so he opened his eyes a bit and say her legs suddenly transforming into something different. "HOLY SH--" Cody thought as he pushed her back, eyes widening as he wiped his mouth. The waitress turned into an empousa. He made a gagging sound and wiped his mouth with his hand. He just made out with an empousa. "That's great Cody, just great." He said to himself as he backed away. "Just once, would you hook up with someone normal." He slowly backed away as the creature shrieked in his direction. "Sorry babe, I'm really down for hot gingers, but you're not really my type." He said as he grabed a small knife hanging fom his belt and with his best aim-- threw it in her direction. He started runing to warn the others, seeing them through the glass windows of the diner. "OUT. NOW. DANGER. EMPOUSA." He was running as he shouted, hoping they would hear him or at least see him.

???: She smirked when she spotted one of the demigods--Cody. She walked towards Cody in a very calm manner but malice was very eminent in her eyes. She stopped just in front of him, blocking his way. "Oh, did you have a nice flight," she asked, "sir?" She had blonde hair tied in a bun and she was wearing a flight attendant's uniform. She had her name tag pinned on her uniform saying... Natalie.

Paige: She was almost finish with the pancakes when she heard someone shout and she recognized that voice. It was Cody's. She looked outside and her eyes widened in surprise when she saw him go all panicky. She almost choked. "C-Cody?" she sputtered. Then she saw that girl, Natalie, again. She squinted her eyes and balled her fists. That was another girl she didn't like very much. She stood up and grabbed a glass of water and drank before going out of the diner feeling all fired up.

Cody: He was on guard, his pendant had already turned into a sword which was now in his hand. "Honey, don't tell me I'd have to kill you too." He said, keeping his guard up just in case.

Natalie: She just laughed in ridicule. "Oh but sir... before you do that," she said as she little by little morphed into an empousa as well, "I'll kill you first."

Paige: "Um... how about I do that first?"

Cody: His eyes were focused on the empousa's transformation. "Not exactly my way of undressing you but-- okay, whatever floats your boat." He taunted.

Natalie: When she was about to charge, she felt something poke her head and she also heard someone speak. She turned around snarling then she was just surprised to see that Paige was already there her crossbow aimed at her head.

Paige: What was she doing? She should just shoot and do not waste time. Was she actually hesitating? 'Paige, she isn't human. She's a monster. Just shoot!' she said in her mind. "Alright. Bye." She immediately pulled the trigger of her crossbow aiming for the empousa's head but the empousa was fast enough to dodge the arrow.

Empousa 1: "Oooohhh a game! Whoever kills first shall win, eh? I think I love that." She laughed maliciously.

Paige: She slapped her forehead and hissed at herself, "Stupid!"

Cody: "Paige daring, please learn how to aim next time." He said, backing away slowly, gripping his sword with both hands, ready to attack whenever.

Waitress: She goes back to Amanda and Sebastian smiling as she slid another bottle onto the table and looked at Amanda 'A drink for you, miss? Vodka?' she asked in a heavy spanish accent.

Amanda: "No thanks." She politely declined, staring at her own fingers. "I'm good."

Waitress: 'Oh but I insist' she said bringing out a bottle of wine and poured it into a glass and pushed it infront of Amanda and with a sick smile she walked away.

Paige: In annoyance at almost everything, she just ignored what Cody said. She transformed her crossbow back into a pocket watch. She glared at the empousa motioning her hands upward. Later, vines started to grow out of the ground wrapping around the empousa's legs. Paige closed her fists and the vines tightened their grip on the empousa. They grew rather fast--faster than how Paige usually did before.

Empousa: It just screeched squirming trying to free itself.

Paige: She held her palms forward and shot poisonous pines at the empousa making it unable to move. It was a bull's eye. Knowing the effect of those pines were only for a short time, she turned to Cody forcing a smile as if she wasn't annoyed at all and said, "Cody, will you do me a favor and run away with me?" She grabbed his hand and quickly, her seemingly bright expression turned into a serious one. "Now." She began running, not waiting for his response anymore, going inside the diner to get Amanda and Sebastian, dragging Cody along.

Amanda: Before she had the time to yet again decline the drink, the waitress left, soon to be replaced by the entrance of Paige and Cody. He examined her friend, feeling that she was somehow different, with an extrovert aura. Amanda slightly frowned, as they seemed to be in a sudden hurry. "What's wrong?" She asked.

Cody: He watched as Paige called on her vines, ensnaring the empousai. "Never knew you were into these kinds of stuff, Paige." He kept making unneccesary remarks about how she's dealing with the empousai, not helping at all as his sword transformed back into a pendant which he shoved in his pocket. "Run away with you? Don't you think it's too soon for that?" He joked, but already started to run towards the diner as Paige grabbed him. "So, Seb can fly, what about princess over here?" He motioned over to Amanda.

Paige: She panted as she stopped running and let go of Cody's hand. She turned to Amanda and Sebastian and said still panting, "Monsters... they're...h--"

Empousa 2: While Paige was talking, the waitress who served Amanda and Sebastian also morphed into her true form--another empousa.

Paige: Her eyes widened seeing another monster appear. "Oh, great," she said. "Now we really gotta go." Seeing Sebastian too drunk, she ran up to him to assist him. "Amanda, Cody, just go! Shadow travel or something. I'll uh..." She didn't really know what to do next but she had to think fast before the enemy acts. "I'll just call the pegasus. Now go!"

Empousa 2: It screeched and charged up to Seb and Paige since they were the nearest ones.

Paige: She was being frantic. She had to hurry. "SEBASTIAN! COME WITH ME! NOW!" She shouted at him shaking him hard.

Sebastian: He had been looking at something else and he looked back to Paige. 'You know....sleep sounds awfully fun...' he trailed off and quickly passed out, falling into Paige.

Paige: "GODS!" she exclaimed as Sebastian falls on her however, she wasn't ready to support his weight thus making them fall to the floor. "Ugh..." she groaned in pain. She attempted to push Seb to the side but it was no good. He was too heavy for her. "WAKE--UP!" She saw the empousa getting closer and closer. No possible way she could ever carry someone that heavy, right? The only thing she could do at that moment was to call her pet. When she was about to whistle, another empousa broke the glass of the diner screeching. It was also, obviously, hungry. It was the empousa who flirted with Cody earlier. Upon seeing another one break in, Paige's eyes widened. She looked back at Seb and said, "Sebastian! I would really appreciate it if you wake up right now!" She continuously shook and slapped him. Actually she felt bad about slapping him but no can do.

Amanda: Great. Sebastian was passed out cold on the floor, on Paige, while a group of South American empousai were in line to eat their flesh. Everything was going just great in reality. On the bright side, that makes two out of them that have actually slapped him. Instinctively, she took her sword out, even when the odds she'd actually have a chance beating the monsters were uneven. She caught a glimpse of the mortals' reaction to the situation. What was actually a soon to be demigod feast might have seemed like a robbery, considering their wide eyed expressions. It didn't matter. They were on their own as always. Amanda approached the others, ready to attempt to defend the down to ground teammates from the empousai.

Cody: He was being very cautious, watching the empousai with stern eyes. Why wasn't anyone doing anything? He thought. He was losing his temper. He wanted to fight those mean creatures but they were outnumbered, seeing the state Sebastian was in. Speaking of... He looked around and saw him on top of Paige, probably passed out. But still, he didn't like it. He hurriedly walked up to then and grabbed Sebastian by his shirt collar. "Paige, I appreciate that you're trying to practice your new-found liberty here in Europe I mean, What happens in Spain, stays in Spain yeah? but don't you think now's not the right time?". He then tried to keep Sebastian on his feet and propped him up, his arm wrapped around Seb's waist to prepare him for a shadow travel. "I'll take care of him. You take Amanda. Let's meet back at the monastery." He told Paige. "WEll, let's just hope he's drunk enough not to feel this." And with that, Cody disappeared in a flash.

Paige: She didn't understand a thing Cody said except for the part wherein he mentioned about meeting at the monastery. "WAIT CODY--!" Too late. He was gone. She struggled to stand up and grunted in pain. Sebastian sure was heavy. She facepalmed and said, "We're supposed to go to Madrid!" She muttered, "Fine..." She immediately turned to Amanda and told her, "Come on!"

Empousa 2: "Demigods! LUNCH!" It licked its lips almost salivating. It lunged at Paige.

Paige: Thanks to ADHD, she pretty much sensed that coming. "AH!" she exclaimed as she jumped out of the way. "AMANDA COME ON!" She whistled calling for her pegasus.

Amanda: Uneasy of the idea of running away, even if they didn't stand a chance, she joined Paige, as Michael had joined them.

Paige: "Amanda, get on Michael and get him going for me," she said, "I'll hold them off." She stood firmly facing the opponent's direction, her fists clenched. She was ready for action. She just waited for the right moment.

Amanda: She seemed reluctant on her proposition. Running away while her best friend was fighting for their lives wasn't what anyone would call loyal. "I'm not going anywhere without you." She said, even adding a little charmspeak to endorse her statement.

Paige: The charmspeak took effect on Paige for a moment making her say as if in a trance, "Oh yeah... that's cool...." But then she shook her head and snapped back to reality. "WHAT!? Amanda! What are you still doing here!?" The empousai were coming. Even the other one that Paige paralyzed was getting well again. She pushed Amanda towards Michael. "Just go, Amanda! It's a command," she said rather serious putting force into what she just said. "Just trust me." She faced the enemies and she just waited... and then she bent down slamming her hands onto the ground. Later, cracks started snaking towards the empousai's directions. At the end of those, vines--thick ones--grew out and whipped their way to the monsters constricting each one. The monsters couldn't seem to do anything but squirm and screech. They just cursed at Paige. It seemed like she was getting better at using those vines. They're very handy but then, growing bigger ones drained some of her energy.

Amanda: She bit her lip, seeing how her tone was unusually serious. She hopped onto the Pegasus, not having much experience, almost stumbling back down. She managed to balance herself and looked back at Paige, who at Amanda's surprise seemed to be growing incredibly thick vines. It must have drained her a lot of energy, seeing her weak expression. Michael flew in her direction, still in the diner, while Amanda helped Paige get on the horse. The empousai looked like they weren't going to move for some time, and wouldn't be able to follow them because of the fact that they couldn't fly. With a faint quest leader sitting behind her, she gave the Pegasus a hand signal to start flying, taking the flight in hands from here.

Paige: Exhausted, she gave one last glance at the raging empousai--maddened because they weren't able to get something for lunch. Paige was feeling very weary besides the fact that her energy was drained summoning such vines, she also wasn't able to get some sleep last night. She was thankful that Amanda helped her mount the pegasus. Her eyes were already half-opened and they were about to close anytime. She was already groggy, obviously, wanting to get some rest but she just couldn't. She should stay awake. She managed to say, "Amanda, let's head to Madrid... just send the boys an Iris message..." She added jokingly, "I hope you don't mind spending a few drachmas." She laughed a bit and it was a rather weak one.

OOC: Let's just act like there coincidentally was a rainbow near them. >.<

Amanda: She was worried about Paige's state, but managed to grab a drachma from her back pocket. She noticed a looming wave of colors... A rainbow? Not even wanting to know how it got there at the precise moment they needed one, she threw the coin as an offering to Iris. Sebastian and Cody, the Monastery. The image of the two boys appeared in the Iris Message.

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