The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Lindsey,

I need your help with a certain task. It's close to the anniversary of the wedding Eris wasn't invited to, and she's still pretty angry about it. Lately she's been talking about taking her anger out on mortals. Knowing Eris, these chaotic situations will most likely be horrific. Would you be a dear and try to calm the situations after they start? The only information I've overheard Eris gloat about is where the acts would take place. The events will occur in New York. One of the most chaotic places in the world. The first will happen at a bank, the second at central park, and the last at time square. Please, do your best daughter, I am counting on you. Oh yea, Eris has something big planned for the riot. Be careful.



Lindsey and co must go about New York calming down three acts of chaos that Eris is going to commit. At the riot, Eris will place a replica of her golden apple in the middle of Times Square, causing mortals to beat each other to get to the apple. The objective is to destroy the apple to restore normality.


  1. Lindsey Rose, Minx
  2. Oscar Willows, Gyps
  3. Spettra Bonney, Bloom
  4. Russell Tillman, Lott
  5. Ana Caerulean, LCT


Child of goddess of blessed peace

You must stop the madness, the chaos must cease

The goddess of discord will plague your path

Destroy her tools, despite her wrath

Men will scramble to claim the treasure

The mortal's pain make the goddess' pleasure

In the central point of your new home's place The stain of strife must be erased


Camp Halfblood Entrance

Lindsey: She hums a quiet melodic tune, while she waits for her friends to arrive

Ana walks up with a pack slung over her shoulder, looking excited for this adventure.

Lindsey: Turns to Ana and smiles You ready?

Ana: Oh yeah! This is going to be awesome!

Lindsey: She lets out a small giggle Totally.

Russ: Walks up with his backpack on. Hey ladies.

Lindsey: Smiles brightly Hey, Russ.

Ana: smiles at Russ Hi there. I don't think we have met. I am Ana.

Russ: Nods at Lindsey. I'm Russ.

Lindsey: Hey, Russ. I'm Lindsey.

Oscar: He walks up to them, Am I late?

Lindsey: No, you're just in time! Smiles Is that everyone?

Ana: I don't know how many we should have, but this looks like a solid enough group to me.

Lindsey: Certainly, lets get a move on then.

---Drive to New York---

Outside bank robbery scene in New York

Lindsey: What's with the crowd?

Russ: It's New york. Crowds everywhere....

Lindsey: And the reporters? Something's going on.... Let's go in for a look. She pushes through the crowd

Oscar: He follows Lindsey, muttering apologies to people as he pushes past them.

Ana: *looks around carefully* You know, ever since we arrived here, I have had the strangest feeling I am being watched. And not just for my looks...

Oscar: He rolls his eyes, but looks around nonetheless.

Lindsey: The group reaches the end of the crowd and Lindsey spots a Harpy circling the bank Looks like we found trouble. Who's got a bow?

Ana: Not me, but... *gauges the distance* I bet I could throw something and hit it from here.

Oscar: He frowns, A bow would be more accurate, unfortunately I don't have one.

Russ: No bow, but He shoots a few thorns into a wall. I can do that.

Lindsey: She smiles Go for it

Russ: He fires a few thorns at the harpy.

The Harpy falls from the sky, paralyzed

Lindsey: Nice one! Now that we got security down, anyone got any sly ideas on how we can get to the bank?

Russ: There's always travel roses....

Ana:Sounds good to me. Otherwise I guess it it might mean trying to charm some of the men in blue to let us get a closer look at things.

Russ: Yea, the roses are much less creepy. He hands them out to everyone.

Oscar: He takes his rose, Thanks, these things are pretty cool.

Ana: *takes her rose and smells it* Ah, all travel should be this nice. *smiles*

Lindsey: Sniffs her rose Both your plan and the aroma of your roses are excellent, Russ. She takes a breath So, I guess I'll go first. She uses her rose and travels to the bank

Ana uses her rose and follows after Lindsey.

Oscar: He does the same.

Russ: He uses his rose as well.

Inside bank

Lindsey: Appears behind the bankers counter with the other questors Looks like the other two got the hostages all tied up in one place. I think we should take them out quickly, then get out of here before we attract attention. What about you guys?

Ana:I agree with the quickly part. I don't think we need to be too subtle though. The mist will go a long way in hiding that we were here.

Oscar: I agree with Lindsey. If we attract attention before we take them out the hostages may be harmed, so we need to be careful for that.

Russ: Well the matter at hand is that we need to take them out.

Ana: There are only two, right? So maybe we spiny thing one like the one outside and the rest of us gang up on the other and keep it away from the hostages?

Oscar: That sounds good.

Russ: I'm for that.

Lindsey: Takes a knife from her belt Ready?

Ana: Takes out a short celestial bronze club Let's do this!

Oscar gets his ready, taking out his sword.

Russ: Fires a barrage of thorns at one of the guys.

Ana: Charges the second one as Russ fires at the first, trying for home run power with her swing.

Lindsey: Calms the hostages and forces a false state of peace on them, so that they pay no attention to the fighting.

Ana: is greatful for the distraction as it takes several swings of her bat before the beast explodes in a shower of dust and feathers.

Lindsey: Helps Russ out and flings 2 knives at the other harpy, successful in their combination attack, the harpy shrieked and exploded in a shower of golden dust

Ana: Pretty, but I wouldn't want to stuff my pillow with those feathers...

Lindsey: Laughs Well the hostages are calm, the harpies are gone, and I think we should get going before they regain their senses. Uses her travel rose to go to the next location.

Times Square

Lindsey: So, looks like we're here. Turns to looks for the others

Russ: Awesome, let's stop some chaos

Oscar: Yeah, lets.

They push through the almost rock solid crowd, when a pillar erupts from the center of TImes Square, the golden apple sitting on top of it. They four are immediately pushed forward by the massive crowd that're attract to the apple; like moth to flame.

Lindsey: Yells over the roaring crowd This's obviously the final fight. Lets do this without hurting the civilians too much.

Oscar: He nods, looking a little uneasy at the prospect of hurting civillians.

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