A band of Discord Nymphs decided that it would be funny to steal Aphrodite's Chariot. Aphrodite found out and asked Aerin to bring 2 others to go and track down the chariot. The nymphs stole the chariot near Camp, and are currently bringing it on a joyride to Hollywood.

A band of trouble will arise
Beauty is the woman who they despise
Taking her most prestigious throne
Using for only their very own
Beauty must send her daughter to run
Ensuring her throne stays with only one.

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Aerin,

Hello child, what a wonder it is too see you all grown up. Oh, anyways, there is something I need to ask of you. My dove-pulled chariot was stolen by some discord nymphs not very far from Camp. They are currently moving in the direction of California, and they seem to be moving fast. You must enlist 2 friends to help you retrieve my chariot.

This will not be as easy as it sounds. You see, these nymphs are very sneaky and fast. They can run out of your grasp the second you grab them. You need to gather clues in the town near camp, maybe there will be some guides as to their final destination.

Be safe, and make sure to return the chariot to me as fast as you possibly can.


  • Camp Entrance - The gorup will meet outside the camp entrance to go to the town
  • Nearby Town - They go to the nearby town and find a travel brochure for Hollywood
  • Outside JFK Airport - They fight 3 hellhounds outside the airport
  • JFK Airport - They recover and get on their plane
  • LAX Airport - A small cyclops attacks them at Baggage Claim
  • Hotel - They unpack and settle in
  • Hollywood - They get attacked by 5 harpies, who look like birds through the mist
  • Burger King - They see the discord nymphs getting lunch and follow them to the chariot
  • Dark Alleyway -They face off against the nymphs and manage to retrieve the chariot
  • Camp Entrance Again - They give the Chariot back to Aphrodite

  • Harpies
  • Cyclops
  • 2 Hellhounds
  • Discord Nymphs

Camp Entrance

Nearby Town

Outside JFK Airport

JFK Airport

LAX Airport



Burger King

Dark Alley

Camp Entrance Again

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