The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Ivan,

Hey son, I know thay you are having a rough time since your mother died. But for an odd reason, your twin brother is at Moscow, Russia. I asked my wind spirits to send a message on why he is here. But he ended up killing them. I kept on watching him until one of my surviving messengers told me that he was hypnotized by the empousai known as Verona. I don't really know her intentions but I think she wants revenge on both of you two for killing her friends when they killed your mother. I've been told that she is leading a small army of monsters. But I want you to lead a quest to save him. Last time I checked, she was at Ostankino Palace. I forgot to tell you that she was a demigod.


Mission Overview

Boreas sent messengers on asking why Ian is alone in Moscow, but he kills them all but lets one of them survive to bring the news to Boreas. Boreas kept on watching him until he found Verona, a very powerful empousai with a small army of monsters. Boreas thinks that she wants revenge for killing her friends. Now Boreas wants his son to lead the quest to kill Verona and her army. Moscow is also where Ivan and Ian were born.


  1. Camp Half Blood Entrance- The questors will go take the van and go to New York Airport.
  2. John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York City, New York)- Verona tasks the minotaur and cyclops to kill Ivan and his friends. They both disguised as a pilot and flight attendant. Both fail.
  3. Charles de Gaulle Airport (Paris, France)- As they get off the plane, they tour the city since they would have to wait for four hours for the plane to arrive. But are attacked from the harpies Verona sent. They were disguised as tourists. They manage to make them retreat but they missed the flight to Moscow. So they spend the night at a hotel. They get on a flight and head to Moscow. Ivan still worries about his brother as they sleep.
  4. Sheremetyevo International Airport (Moscow, Russia)- They arrive finally, Ivan is getting a lot happy and worried at the same time. At the mean time, Verona's rage is at her limits and sends the lycanthropes at them. They managed to escape but barely. They decide to go his first home. Ostankino Palace. But not being ambushed by empousai. They kill all except one, they interrogate her on where she is hiding. She breaks.
  5. Ostankino Palace- Its where Verona is keeping Ian. This is also where Ivan and Ian's mother use to own the mansion. But she loses her temper and has ten empousai attack them. She intends to sacrifice him in order to gain boundless beauty. But is interrupted. She then manipulates Ian again and makes him attack them. Not wishing to fight him, he gets knocked out by a kick. They then corner Verona and kill her.
  6. Sheremetyevo International Airport- They come back victorious.


  1. Ivan Kozlov- Boreas (Shisaac)
  2. Travis Nash- Themis (Hydrocarbon1997)
  3. Jessica "Jess'' Rodgers- Athena (DragonEmpress)
  4. Cynthia Jefferson Jefferson- Zeus (Astrid)


"In the Kremlin lies an abducted twin.

In a trance brought down by a fiend, hideous to be seen.

The fiend's motive enshrouded in mystery.

But for a guess, the death of one's mother is the beginning of the story.

An army of fiends guard the abducted twin.

And in one's leadership he will spell safety for the win."

Camp Half Blood Entrance

Ivan: Packs his travel bag and carries his electronic keyboard with him and sits on the grass waiting for the others.

Cynthia: she is caring a medium sized bookbag and walks up to ivan Are you Ivan?

Ivan: He smiles In the flesh. May I ask who are you?

Cynthia: I'm cynthia Astrid told me I was needed in this quest, luckily I had nothing better to do...luck for you I mean she smiles

Ivan: Yeah did she tell everything exactly?

Cynthia: she plops down in the grass beside him Nope.

Ivan: Sighs I will bring everyone up to speed once two more get here.

Jess: She walks up with a black duffle bag Okay. You two, names?

Ivan: Looks at Jess Ivan Kozlov, son of Boreas.

Travis: walks up to them Sorry i'm late! oh hey cynthia!

'Cynthia': she looks to Jess Cynthia Jefferson, daughter of Zeus. she sees travis and rolls her eyes groaning Astrid owes me big time... Hi Travis.

Travis: Travis Nash son of Themis! okay i know who you are ivan but who's the pink haired chick?

Jess: She growls I'm Jess, daughter of Athena. If you call me Jessica, I'll rip your head off. She snarls

Ivan: Facepalms Can we please not fight.

Jess: Well, Toby started it!

Travis: Hey the name's Travis pinkie!

Jess: Don't call me pinkie, airhead! Okay?!

Travis: Okay hothead! *he winks*

Jess: Don't you wink at me, brainless!

Travis: If i'm so brainless then why is it so easy for me to piss you off?

Jess: I'm not pissed off. I'm mean and careless. Got a problem with that?

Travis: sure sure short stack *turns to Ivan* so let's get out of here

Jess: She mutters B*tch...

Ivan: Gives an irritated look Lets go. I'm guessing we are getting along so well. Laughs at his personal joke.

Cynthia:she was sitting on the ground and stands up rolling her eyes. Okie dokie then...

Jess: Whatever She rolls her eyes as well.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (New York City New York)

They all go into the van while Jess and Travis push each other to get the front seat. Argus silently tells them to sit in the back of the van, while Cynthia takes the front seat. As Argus drives the van to the airport, Ivan is reading a book in Russian, at the back, Jess and Travis constantly bicker at each other. As they got to the airport, they wave goodbye to Argus as he drives back to camp. But not before being strangely greeted by an air pilot and a eldery female flight attendant.

Air Pilot: Hello there smiles devilishy, My name is Alfred Cunningham and this is my friend and flight attendant Evelyn Kingston. She waves. But to their shock she has one eye.

Travis: Gets suspicious Miss Kingstion what a big guy you have

Ivan: Unstraps his watch and gives Cynthia and Jess the signal to attack.

Cynthia: she pulls out her lightning dagger and throws it. It hits the Cyclops in her eye Bulls eye. she chuckles

Cyclops: Pulls the dagger out dropped near her feet, she screamed You will pay for that daughter of Zeus!! Now where are you! She wildly swings her club and ends up crushing a taxi cab.

Ivan: Presses the button on his watch and it turns into a halberd. He was about to strike the cyclops but his halberd was grabbed by the minotaur and throwned into a window. The minotaur was about to bring down his giant axe until he gave him a blast of icy wind with ice shards.  The minotaur stumbled and landed into a wall.

Travis: he jumps up with his scythe in hand towards the minotaur yo hornhead! incoming! he tries to cut the minotaur's chest

Minotaur: It screams in pain as Travis slashes his scythe across it's chest. He grabs Travis and slams him on the ground then throws him at Ivan. And roars like a bull as it begins to charge at Cynthia and Jess.

Ivan: Ivan hovers over the ground and grabs Travis with the other end of his halberd before otherwise, crashing into a luggage cart. Your welcome. He gently sets him on the ground. Travis, aim for the legs! I'm going for the head!

Travis: Meh sounds good runs towards the minotaur time to cut some beef! he slashes at the minotaur's legs

Minotaur: Roars in agony and falls to one knee, he notices Ivan

Ivan: Laughs at Travis' joke as he flys at a wall; he places his feet at the wall and pushes as hard as he can and flys full speed with the halberd pointing at the minotaurs head, he missed and was swatted out of the air like a fly, he ended up crashing into a car and had the wind knocked out his lungs. He collapsed onto the ground on one knee and wiped the blood from his mouth, breathing hard. Is... that..... all you got,... beefhead?

Travis: Ah crap Ivan! he stands defensively in front of Ivan dude take a breather i got this

Ivan: Still breathing hard from crash. If.... you..... say so. he said wheezingly.

Minotaur: It gets up on both legs after being slashed by Travis' scythe. It raises its axe over its head and brings it down.

Travis: He jumps out of the way alright mister moo cow ditch the axe or you'll get a huge headache!

Minotaur: It snorts and drops the axe. It clattered onto the asphault. The minotaur goes into a stand as if it was about to charge. It charged.

Travis: He dashes the other way and tries to stab the minotaur's knee

Minotaur: The minotaur trips as it's knee was stabbed and it bulldozes into a bus. No one inside was hurt but shaken. The minotaur gets up shakened by the crash and tries to walk, but it limps as it roars.

Travis: He starts spinning his scythe and hurls it at the minotaur's face. The blade flies right into its head, killing the minotaur and making it explode into dust

Cynthia:when the cyclops swung at her she flew into the air and slows down the cyclops' movement Let's play! she drops from the air and runs up to the cyclops quicky jumping up and kicking it in the already wounded eye. Bye,bye! she zooms away from the cyclops preparing to fire her bow , looking towards Jess.Lil help?

Jess: I'm fine! She gets up and dusts herself off. Cyclops' are a pain in the ass. 

Travis: Hey! Lil Miss Eyeball your next!

Jess: Shut up Thomas!

Travis: Get your eyes checked Jessiebell. I look nothing like Thomas

Jess: Don't call me Jessiebell or I'll have your head, Blueboy! And who the hell is Thomas!?

Travis: This really cool Aeolus kid

Cynthia: she rolls her eyes at travis and fires her bow and arrow, hitting the cyclops in the center of his chest. It exploads into dust.  You talk too much Travis...nextime just shut up and kill the damn thing.

Travis: now how much would that be? and plus do you knwo how hard it is to fight when a handsome themis kid is crackin jokes and swingin this thing around *nudges to his scythe*

Ivan: Recovers from his pain and walks toward the group and high fives Travis for killing the minotaur Nice kill Travis. Well, here are the tickets to Paris, France. *Hands them out to each of them.*

Jess: She snatches a ticket from Ivan's hand Whatever. By the way Tanner, nice girly scythe.

Travis: Highfives Ivan and takes his ticket thanks man! turns to Jess thanks jessie! and btw you did really good in the fight. How you just stood there while the rest of us fought was very helpful the scythe turns back into a silver ring on his finger. And that is the story of how brave demigods and Jess beat the minotaur. starts to walk off come on we got a plane to catch

Jess: The for information, airhead, I'm a child of Athena, so I know how to fight. Unlike you, who use lousy battle strategy. Your attacks were all off, your throwing was weak, and your strategy was predictable. So, I'm smarter than you. I wasn't born. I came out of my mother's head. What does your mother do? Oh, and I am a demigod, if you didn't know, since you obviously don't have a brain.

Travis: Hmmm okay let's doesn't matter if you can fight if you just sit there and watch us to it. Okay you can criticize my moves all ya want, but hey i'm a demigod who beat the minotaur, so should i really care? Same goes for the popping out of your mom's brain thing. My mom's the titan of law of justice you figure it out if your so goddamn smart. and i know your demigod, just not a brave one. and how the hell would i be able to tell you off if i didn't have a brain? Would you like some cream for that burn?

Ivan: Walks alongside them while turning his halberd back into his watch and speaks in a Russian accent. Are you two seriously going to fight along the way?

Jess: To Travis Oh, I am brave. You're just to stupid to even realize it. How many scrolls do you read in a day? I don't see you studying. Oh, that's because you don't. So I bet you're just lollygagging around, filling up your head with useless information like your fighting. I bet you don't even practice. Only a great fighter would practice, like me. And I was just checking if you had a brain in that tin can called a head. Do you need ice for that burn? Yeah you do. So, your argument is invalid. Sorry. End. Of. Disscustion! She scowls

Travis:  Once he stopped talking'  '''Travis put on his beats, not hearing what Jess and Ivan said. He starts walking to the airport. Come on guys! 

Ivan: Shrugs and continues walking into the airport along with Travis.

They all managed to get through security unnoticed even though the entrance was trashed. And waited for two hours for the plane to be ready. Ivan played "Fur Elise" on his piano really beautiful and even managed to stop a full crowd, even the most ornery people shed tears of joy. He continued playing until the plane was ready to take off to Paris. Before he got on, he bowed to the crowd as they cheered on for more but he had to leave.

Verona's hideout

Meanwhile in Moscow, Verona was watching them fight the minotaur and cyclops in a giant bronze bowl filled with water. Shimmering in the water, is the scene when Travis killed the minotaur and Cynthia killing the cyclops. Enraged by this failure.

Verona: Clawing at the rim of the bowl enraged by both of the creature's failures. I Know those idiots were of no use! I should have bought something more intriguing and unique. But no matter. Hears Ian coming through the door.

Ian: Opens the door a little Mogu li ya priyti v moyu damu? (May I enter madame?)

Verona: Calms down  Vy mozhete moi dorogiye, i vy ne dolzhny govoritʹ na russkom. (You may come in my dear, and you don't have to speak Russian.)

Ian: Opens the door widely Okay, Notices the claw marks on the bowl rim. Did you see something?

Verona: Smiles and hypnotically tells him; Don't worry about anything my child. Go into the lounge and play the  violin for our guests. I will catch up

Ian: Eyes change color and bows As you wish my lady. Walks away from her room and grabs his violin and goes into the lounge. The empousai inside, were chatting amongst themselves and noticed Ian walking towards the stage, they go silent. Ian plays the violin flawlessly.

Verona: While enjoying Ian's music, she is interrupted by the sound of wings flapping in the air. Ahh.. A new guest. Who may you be?

Madeline: Flys in the air and settles onto the floor and speaks in a French accent. I'm Madeline, representative of the harpies you have hired us for a special task in Paris. My apologies if you were interrupting you listening to that demigod's music. How absurd of you. You should just kill him.

Verona: She scowls I should cut that tongue of yours and dispose of you with the rest of your group.

Madeline: She gulps. I am sorry. But we will go to Paris at once.

Verona: She looks at her with a death stare. Don't Fail me.

Madeline: She bows nervously As you wish my lady. She flaps her wings and takes off with twenty harpies.

Plane Ride

When the four arrive on the plane. Ivan was put to sit two seats in front of Jess. While further in the back, Travis was set to sit across from Cynthia.

Travis: Sup Cynthia?

Cynthia:she glares at him and groans, while rolling her eyes.

Ivan: Overhears their conservation and smiles.

Travis: Cynthia come on what did i do to you?

Cynthia: she rolls her eyes and looks at him reluctantly First impressions with me are the only impression you get to make...and yours wasn't all that great. she leans her head back and closes her eyes hoping he'd think she'd went to sleep

Ivan: Gets up from his seat and walks up to Travis and Cynthia. Travis, I need to talk to you. *Walks back towards his seat.

Travis: He follows him Alright let's hear it

Ivan: How do you know me?

Travis: Huh?

Ivan: Back at the entrance, you said you already know me, I haven't even met you.

Travis: dude i was assigned for this quest, alexander told me who'd be leading it

Ivan: Raises hands defensively Sorry. I never met the guy.

Travis: Ah so man ready to do this thing

Ivan: *speaks in a Russian accent* If your talking about the unmerciful death of monsters. Then yes.

Travis: he playfully hits him in the arm heh heh your a cool dude!

Ivan: laughs Your a cool dude as well. Just wait until you see my brother.

Travis: what about your brother?

Ivan: Well, lets just say that he has an attitude that is similar to yours.

Travis: I like him already

Ivan: Some advice, I would not agitate him since he has ADHD and depression. For me, I have dyslexia and mood swings.

Travis: oh good to know

Ivan: Yeah. Drinks a glass of champagne.

Travis: he nervously backs away when he realizes what Ivan is drinking dude put that crap away!

Ivan: Gently puts down the glass. Alright. Looks at him Does something make you feel uneasy?

Travis: Look i'm scared of alcohol okay? don't tell jess or anything but i'm really scared of it. i barely stand being near the stuff

Ivan: Sorry. I didn't know. But the truth is, before my grandfather died, he got me to drink when I was like five years old when we were still in Russia. I regretted drinking the stuff. So now but slowly, Ive been watching myself not to binge drinking. Puts the glass of unfinished champagne onto the cart while the flight attendtent is serving drinks to other passengers.

Travis: Okay okay i'm in my happy place, happy place he's freaking out

Ivan:  Calm down. Your making us look suspicious. And I am really sorry for what I was doing, honest to the gods.

Travis: He's breathing heavily okay okay as long as i don't see it, i'll be fine. and dude it's cool, you didn't know. this is the reason why you never see me anyway near the dionysus cabin or around any wine nymphs......

Ivan: Stays quiet for a bit and nods I can tell, and as a promise, I will never drink on the quest. Are we cool about that?

Cynthia: she gets up and walks over to them 'Travis... Will you calm your tits? I can hear you from our seats. 

Travis: okay okay geez, sorry... turns to Ivan yeah man we're cool! gets up and faces cynthia okay let's go, say i heard you we're dating some sea spirit. how's that workin out for ya?

Cynthia: she looks at him sideways trying to decide whether to answer or not and replies reluctantly We're living together.

Air Pilot: Mesdames et Messieurs, pouvez vous s'il vous plaît prendre vos places car nous sommes sur le point d'atterrir à l'aéroport Charles de Gaulle International.

Travis: what the hell was that?

Ivan: Smirks The pilot is French, he is telling us to go back into our seats as we are landing in the romantic city in the world.

Cynthia: she sits down and heaves a sigh

Travis: he sits down somethin wrong?

Cynthia: She shake her head and closes her eyes going back to ignoring him

Ivan: Whispers in Travis' ear I thought children of Zeus are not afraid of heights?

Travis: whispers back yeah man....

Cyn: she helps Ivan up Drive what? she smiles Are we gonna steal a car?

Paris, France

A few minutes later, they land in Paris. Ivan goes off to see the screens to see the departures in Europe. Looks at for a few minutes and goes back to the group.

Ivan: Do you guys want the good news or the bad news?

Cynthia: I'd prefer both, but if you're asking which one first...I'd say bad.

Ivan: Bad news is, our flight to Moscow is not here until for another four hours; the good news is that we are touring the Eiffel Tower.

Cynthia: she raises her eyebrow. Almost sounds to good to be true.

Ivan: So? Doesn't kill ya to kill time while touring one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Am I right?

Travis: Heh heh yeah! time for the heroes to have some fun! oh and jess

Ivan: Come to think of it, Looks around for Jess. Where did she go?

Jess: She walks up to them, very pale and a bunch of cuts on her. Okay, I got lost, and out of no where, a few hellhounds attacked me, fought them off, and WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU ALL!? She looks now pissed

Travis: um on the plane and how'd you get lost?

Ivan: We all were.

Jess: I wanted to see the attractions, heard noices, got attacked, and you all are assholes! She crosses her arms aross her chest and looks at them

Ivan: Sorry but we were all going to the Eiffel Tower. But it was your fault that you left without telling us! Besides, our flight to Moscow is not here until for another four hours.

Jess: I'm fifteen years old! I can manage myself! I don't need to tell you where I'm going! I'm not a ten year old girl! No, I've faced worse. You're just f*cking brilliant aren't you!? She scoffs Whatever. She rolls her eyes. She walks but immidietly falls to the ground, head first.

Ivan: Sighs Whatever but first you need medical attention, is that right, child of Athena?

Jess: She doesn't talk. She lies there, not moving or anything. She's not even breathing

Ivan: Crap! He picks her up and runs towards the nearest hospital, Travis and Cynthia catch up and get into a taxi. Chauffeur, à l'hôpital le plus proche, maintenant, cette dame a besoin d'aide!

The driver nods in agreement and drives to the nearest hospital as fast he could. They arrive in the hospital and Jess gets a blood pack along with bandages on her cuts.

Jess: She lays in the hospital bed, unconscious and emotionless.

Travis: So what do we do now?

Ivan: Comes back from talking with the doctor I told the doctors that she got into a scrap with a couple of people outside the airport. We should wait until she gets better.

Jess: Her fingers twitch and she mutters something, like she was dreaming about something

Cynthia: she enters the room with four coffees "I guess she isn't up yet huh? I knew a chance to explore Paris was to good to be true... Well anyways I've got coffee"she puts the coffees down on the bedside table, then pulls out packets of creamers and sugars from her bag

Travis: He takes a cup with some cream and sugar thx cynt! he drinks from it geez i don't like the idea of being cooped up here. A monster could catch our combined scent

Ivan: Drinks the coffee, Yeah, some monster may come out anywhere. Looks into the window and cause as snow storm. Calming his mind.

Cynthia: she looks outside and smiles Cool trick.

Travis: yeah man pretty cool 

Ivan: Thanks guys, it usually intensifies into a blizzard if my brother was here.

Travis: Well good for the mortals that he's not he chuckles

Ivan: True, Do you guys want to hear the story of how my mother was killed? I just wanted to get this off my chest.

Cynthia: she shrugs, as she continues to look outside and causes lighting to strike

Travis: Sure man

Ivan: Well back then, My mother was a daughter of Aphrodite, she and her twin sister, Verona, grew very happy with each other, but then as they got older, Verona grew jealous of my mother, they even had a catfight that ended badly at Moscow. That is where our me, my mother and Ian grew up. When Verona ened up in prison after wounding my mother with a piece of broken glass. Then Aphrodite appeared and cursed her to become an empousai.... Takes a deep breath. Then me and Ian come along after Maryse had an affair with Boreas that ends with me and Ian. Before we got to camp, she was murdered in cold blood..... Then kidnapped my brother... His crying ends up causing a blizzard across Paris.

Cynthia: she looks away from the window and gives him a O.O face, then walks over and hugs him My twin sister was killed... and my mom doesn't even know.

Ivan:  Hugs her back You never told me that you had a twin, but I feel really sorry for you, I wonder how you managed to stay mentally stable after her death.

Cynthia: she looks away as a tear slips from her eye and speaks quietly I didn't... I attempted to commit suicide in the ocean... but poseidon created a sea spirit that saved me. Now I'm dating him.

Ivan: Whispers in her ear Im glad that you did not take your life.

Cynthia: She nods wiping her tear away So am I.

An undentified object knocks against the window and causes a giant crack.

Cynthia: she looks at the window starled

Travis: he gets up what the hell?

Cynthia: should I strike it with lightning? It may break the glass if I do though...

Ivan: No, just wait, gets up to see the window cautiously but gets tackled by three harpies who viciously claw and bite him.

Cynthia:she causes thunder to sound stunning the Harpies, hoping this will gove Ivan time to get away

Ivan: In retaliation, he blasts the harpies with icy wind while crawling away but has a slash marks across his face

Cynthia: You okay she calls upon a flock of birds that begin attacking the Harpies'.

Ivan: Agh!, damn it! after pulling a two glass shards from his face Im fine but we should leave. Travis, get Jess.

Cynthia: she looks wearily at the harpies The birds won't be able to hold them for much longer four more minutes at most.

Ivan: I know, call them off, I'll freeze them...

Cynthia: she looks at him uncertain and calls the birds off the fly away just as they came.

Ivan: Calls upon a small-focused ice storm that freezes the harpies just as the birds came out of range. The harpies screech one more time and shatter on the pavement. Sorry about that. feels dizzy.

Cynthia:she grabs Ivan's arm to support him Travis hurry up

Travis: okay okay he picks up jess and holds her on his shoulder and runs towards Cynthia and Ivan let's get out of here!

Ivan: Wearily summons Blizzard (his halberd) and focuses a blast of wind from blizzard though at a new flock of harpies entering the window. It is slowly drains him of his power.

Travis: Hey chicken ladies! Quit followin us or you all go blind for a short time

Cynthia: she summons more birds and begins pulling ivan out of the room Let's go!

Travis: he runs off with her so where do we go?

Ivan: We must get to the Eiffel Tower, which is ten blocks from here.

Madeline: Stands in front of them with many harpies. Surely you don't want to leave so soon? in a French accent while her evil chuckle echoes throughout the hospital, hoping that it would cause fear.

Cynthiq:her face shows no emotion and sh causesmore thunder hoping it'll stun Madeline

Madeline: She is stunned by the thunder but withstands it,' she kicks her in the stomach and tries clawing and grabs Ivan by the shoulders.

Cynthia: she falls back from the kick but quickly rolls out of the way she reaches to grab ivan but it too late

Ivan: Screams and tries to attack Madeline but she swats aside the halberd and nearly impales both Travis and Jess. Then is knocked out cold.

Madeline: Meet us at the Eiffel Tower and bring us food, one hour, if you fail to arrive. He will die, and my reward for his death shall be splendid from my mistress.... Her party cackles with laughter. Then they fly off with Ivan

Cynthia: she runs to the window as they fly out No! Travis why in hades didn't you anything!

Travis:  Still carrying Jess, Well strugling with sleeping beauty here!

Cynthia: she gives him a deadly glare and punches his stomach We need to come up with what to "feed" her....

Travis: Gets punched while getting an electric shock that he drops Jess onto the floor. Damn it, that hurts! Well I got nothing but she did mention to go to the Eiffel Tower, am I right?

Cynthia: she did... but I'm pretty sure she didn't want some croissants

'Travis': Nope I don't think so, I think she meant actual meat. I don't think cooked as well. Picks Jess up again. We should start walking as well, Ivan said only ten blocks away from here.

Cynthia: shrugs and begins walking out Maybe we'll pass a butcher shop or an unfortunate mutt in an alley...

Travis: Shudders from the dog idea We are not sacrificing a dog or any animal to hagged birds! Walks out along with Cynthia with Jess still in his arms.

Cynthia: Shrugs Better hope for a butcher shop then.

Travis: I hope so as well


at the top of the Eiffel Tower, and its closed off to the mortals, the harpies take turns beating Ivan.

Madeline: Hmm, he is so weaker than his brother cackles

Ivan: Takes a few blows to the face and is too weak to get up

Cynthia: she causes lightning to strike one of the harpies Look you wench... we brought you some food. she tosses a slab of raw beef ate Madeline

Ivan: He stares at them weakly and tries to say something...

Madeline: OH Shut up! Stabs him with his own halberd through his shoulder... And what we wanted for food was him... points at Ivan.

Ivan: Screams in pain....

Cynthia: Well not everyone gets what they want lady! She causes lightning to strike a few of thee harpies and sends birds after madeline

Most of the harpies distingerate upon zapped by the lightning. Madeline struggles with the flock.

Travis: Gently settles down Jess and summons his scythe and charges at the harpies beating on Ivan. Hey Bird-beaks! Get away from him! He slashes at the nearest  three and vanish into dust.

The rest of the flock flies toward Jess but were frozen on by an ice storm created by Ivan. The others fall to their death and shatter.

Cyn: ''while madeline struggled with the flock she tries to knee her in the stomach then kick her side.

Ivan: ''Crawls away from the fight and defends Jess from what he can muster his remaining strength.

Madeline: Gets kicked into the railing and claws at her for retaliation.

Travis: With a long slash of his scythe another pair of harpies fade away into dust. He turns to Cynthia fighting Madeline. He jumps up and tries to slash at her stomach. Don't worry this won't hurt a bit!

Madeline: Gets slashed and fades away into dust not before saying Curse you both! Then gets stomped by Travis.

Ivan: Gets up weakly, bloodied and beatened to near death, he vomits blood over the rail three times....

Travis: He runs up to Ivan just great now we got two injured members. this is bad

Ivan: Vomits two more times... You dont think, by the time we are going to miss the flight, so we may as well stay a night he--..... vomits more blood and starts to go deathly pale...

Travis: Cynthia get Jess, i got Ivan he's pretty messed up he picks him up

Cyn: grabs jess and throws her over her shoulder She's heavy!

Ivan:  Throws up one more time and grabs blizzard just before he faints... and the blood lands on the back of Travis' jeans... Sorry bro.. weakingly managing to whisper it. Then faints.

Travis: Damn... come on! he runs as fast as he can back to the hospital

Cyn: she stops Travis Here give me Ivan you take jess, I'll fly to the hospital

Travis: Sounds like a good idea he passes her ivan and picks up jess see ya there!

They arrive at the hospital in time. Ivan is on life support along with getting three packs of blood; he lossed nearly  3 quarters of blood. Jess slowly starts to wake.

Cyn: she is sitting in the chair next to jess's bed asleep from exhaustion'

Travis: he sits by Ivan's bed, looking quite sad and worried damn.... 

Ivan: Twitches a little then mutters something about Ian, he is dreaming.

Jess: She sits up slowly What...what happened? Did I miss something? Again?

Cyn: she opens one eye to look at jess You just missed us fighting for our lives and Ivan nearly dieing she closes her eye

Travis: he walks up to both of them. Okay Ivan's asleep, he turns to Jess cool your awake 

Jess: Yeah I am. She rubs her head My head really hurts

Cyn: she sits up opening her eyes and unfortuantely so am i she sighs so what are we going to do... four demigods in one huge city isn't very practical.

Jess: I'm sorry. Really, I am. I'm sorry I'm worthless demigod. I-I shouldn't be here. I shouldn't be anywhere. It's all my fault She burries her head in her hands and sobs

Ivan: Is still asleep and is having a dream about his times with Ian. Ian that is minee... muttering in his sleep.

Travis: he puts his hand on Jess' back hey relax don't be so hard on yourself

Cyn: she looks at Ivan and smiles slightly Don't get sappy on us now jess...we need to stay strong, for him she turns away from Ivan and looks at jess are you feeling able now?

Ivan: He is experiencing a nightmare, he can feel pain because Ian is getting beatened by Verona in a blind rage. his heart monitor is beating faster.

{Cyn: here eyes widen when she hears the monitor. she runs out into the hall calling out for a nurse

Jess: She gets out of her hospital bed and marches to Ivan's Now don't you dare fail on us now. I swear if you die now... She trails off

Ivan: Gets up breathing heavily.. No, She can't beat him! Groans in pain

Travis: He watches over Ivan, guys hurry!

Cyn: when she realizes he's awake she comes back into the room Are you okay?!

Ivan: Shakes his head but clings to his chest  Im alright but I can feel pain... so much of it... I had a dream about Ian, it looked... real. He was.... getting beatened by a group of Empousa... and the one who leads them. Feels pain again.

Jess: Okay, you need to lay down She lays him down gently

Ivan: Lays down  But you don't understand, Ive seen the leader, the one who murdered my mother....

Cyn: "So she's the one doing all this?"

Jess: Wait until she sees my fury. She pounds her fist in her hand

Travis: Hey get in line 

Jess: Travis, shut up please?

Cyn: she sighs heavily Guys...not now. Ivan when does our plane leave? have we missed it?

Jess: I said that in the nicest way I can.

Ivan: Groaning in pain and looks at his watch. Well, we missed it.. We will have to catch another one tomorrow. Come to think of it. I know a place to place to stay....

Jess: Where? If no one can't drive, I will.

Cyn: she helps Ivan up Drive what? she smiles Are we gonna steal a car?

Travis: That's crazy and against the law....

Cyn: shrugs I can't fly us all there...

Ivan: Guys, don't worry Grabs the three blood packs while summoning blizzard for support. I have an old Russian friend who works at Hotel de Crillon. He can drives to the hotel i mentioned... plus its a five star hotel and can someone pass me a phone, please?

Jess: She passes the phone to Ivan

Ivan: Dials the phone. Waits for a few seconds, he talks in Russian for a few minutes and then hangs up. Well, he should be here in about a few minutes.

Travis: Dude you sure you okay? 

Ivan:  Pats Travis's shoulder. I will be alright...

Travis: He nods well come on let's get a move on

They get out into the entrance and wait for about two minutes when a black limo drove up. and Ivan's  old friend opens the limo door for them.

Viktor: Welcome back Ivan, my gosh, you look terrible. These must  be your friends. Lets go.. Get in, get in...

Jess: She gets in, but a little too quickly cause she bumped her head on the top Ow... She rubs her head I'm fine.

Ivan: Laughs a bit then gets in.

Travis: He and Cynthia get in as well. Viktor closes the door and drives them to the hotel 

At the hotel :P

Ivan: This was the very hotel mom used to take me and Ian. Apparently this was where her and Boreas conceived us....

Jess: She flops down on a bed Oh I love a bed that's not a hospital bed.

Travis: He jumps on the bed next to her and chuckles at least you got a bed. say let's order room service!

Jess: Muffled into the bedding Can I get a black and white cookie with an espreso?

Travis: Sure thing! he gets up and takes the phone Cynthia, Ivan what do ya want?

Ivan: just Black coffee and one of the finest dessert here... Plus everything is on me..

Cyn: she lays on the end of jess' bed and closes her eyes while groaning  Sleep... I just want sleep

Travis: Hehe! May Hypnos be with you. I'm gettin some pizza and soda. He orders room service

Ivan: Goes onto the computer, his skin is getting back its original color. And orders four tickets to Moscow. They zip in with the room service.

Travis: He quickly takes up his pepperoni and his can of Pepsi. Come on let's chow down! He takes a slice and takes a large bite

Ivan: Signs the clipboard for the payment and gives the waiter a tip. then joins Travis on the bed and eats his dessert with his black coffee. Thanks man. then takes a large scoop.

Travis: He takes a sip from his soda. Dude i don't know why your thankin me! Your the one who's payin

Cyn: she reaches from the edge of the bed a steals a slice of travis' pizza, taking a bite while laying back down with her eyes closed

Ivan: You guys, this is a five star hotel, you can do whatever you want.

Travis: Alright He quickly gulps up 2 slices. He gets up and turns on the TV, he orders a 30 dollar movie (or whatever the currency is in France) on pay per view. It's Transformers 3

Cyn: she finishes her pizza and put a pillow over her head to block the noise from the tv

Ivan: Continues eating his dessert, which is vanilla ice cream, blueberry cheesequake and chocolate covered pomegranates. You should turn it down a little, Cynthia already had enough to deal with me. Feels guilty when looking at his blood packs.

Jess: She puts the lemon peel aroung the rim of the small cup and put in a lot of sugar What is this movie? Oh, and I know some French. I don't have enough energy to be mean. How about we get to know each other better? I'm only nice to my friends and family except for my kissass father. She sips her espresso and crincles her nose a bit

Travis: 'Pfft sounds good to me Jess! It's transformers 3 basically giant robots from space fighting each other, it's pretty cool. Yo Ivan you gonna share some of that cheese cake or what? he lowers the volume

Cyn: she removes the pillow and opens her eyes sighing. I think Jess has a great idea. she calls room service and orders a coffee and rum cake, with some hot wings and sprite when she hangs up she looks to Ivan I'll pay for it, I came prepared.

Jess: Okay, my full name is Jessica Hope Rodgers, my mother is Athena, I got picked on a lot in school because I was so smart, I lived with my aunt and her 3 kids, my father died when I was young, and I'm mean because of that. I'm still pretty angry at my father for dying and my mother never answered my prayers. I avoid people as much as I can and always have my nose in a scroll or book. The only thing that makes me happy is my kitten.

Cyn: Room service comes and she pulls a wallet from her bag, paying the person cash up front with a tip and turns back to Jess Nice to really meet you Jess. Well my name is Cynthia Tessera Jefferson, my father is Zeus. I grew up spoiled and pampered, with my twin.. we always had friends and life was perfect. But, right before we got to camp a monster attacked and I... I just left her, not even realizing it. I didn't even know that I'd left her for dead until I reached camp and heard her screaming my name. her face is pale and she looks ghostly as she takes s ip of her coffee black

Jess: She sits Indian Style on the bed and dips her cookie in her coffee and eats it Well, nice toy meet you Cynthia. I can tell we can be great friends one day.

Travis: Alright my name's Travis Nash, my old lady is Themis. I grew up with my dad most of my life. I had good grades, made friends all that jazz. Then me and my old man started fighting. When i was 15, after a huge fight i had with him. My dad was mugged and shot. So i ran away and tried to bring the mugger to justice. My mom gave me my scythe, i managed to fend off all the monsters. I lived on the streets for 2 years, But when i finally found the mugger. A huge number of Stymphalian birds attacked. In all the confusion the mugger got awany. I wanted to go after him, but a satyr showed up and he convinced me to come to camp

Cyn:  ;;she nods I think I dislike you a lot less

Travis: he laughs nice to know we're all gettin along

Cyn: she takes a bite of her cake and nods As long as you don't ask for my food, it'll star that way.

Ivan: ' Well we are all going to along with each other really well. Iam Ivan, the oldest twin brother by five minutes. Me and Ian grew up with each other really well. My mother was one of the most well known fashionists in the world. Her name was Maryse, she met Boreas at one of her shows. Then she conceived us. She was busy even after we were born, so she taken us to many countries. She taught us to speak French, Russian, Greek, and English in her spare time. My gift from my father is Blizzard, my halberd. She had me and Ian trained in the gifts our father brought us. We even learn how to play instruments. We moved on to the States. We attended a private school. One day, our mother was picking us up one day. She was visiting the headmaster. Until she got ambushed by Verona, her twin sister.... I don't want to continue.

JessYou don't have too. She sips more of her espresso Never get the espresso. I'm used to it. It's really strong, so that's why I put in a lot of sugar. She eats the rest of her cookie Now I want a birthday cake cake pop. She snickers

Cyn: she finishes her cake and coffee and moves on to the sprite and chicken wings It's weird I always liked eating sweets first real food last... my mom says it's somehthing that french people do too... Now I'm in france.she laughs

Travis: He laughs as he takes a slice of Ivan's cheesecake. He takes a large bite thanks bro! he reaches for another pizza slice

Jess: She yawns Can I put on a different movie please?

Cyn: she goans Please do... transformers 3 is the worst one any way.

Ivan: I'm going to take a bath you can finish my snack Travis. I'm not hungry.

Jess: She puts in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Travis: mmmm ice cream he takes a large spoonful so mind tellin what this movie is about?

Jess: The film is about Scott Pilgrim, a young Canadian musician, meeting the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers, an American delivery girl. In order to win Ramona, Scott learns that he must defeat Ramona's "seven evil exes", who are coming to kill him.

Travis: he eats another slice of pizza geez hope this ramona chick is worth it

Cyn: she bounces up and down I love this movie...especially the alternate ending.

Ivan: I like this movie actually. Be right back. He grabs his travel bag and goes into the bathroom door.

Jess: Oh, she's worth it. Let me put this in guy talk: in a guy voice dude, she's totally like, a smokin' hot babe

Travis:  he laughs is she nice and junk?

Jess: Shut up and watch.

Ivan: *A few minutes pass by and he is out of the bathroom and shirtless but wearing pants, with his shoulder length white hair down. He sits down on the floor with out his bloodpacks.* Hey there guys, how is the movie?

Travis: it's pretty sweet

Ivan: Laugh a bit. Thats good to hear. Hey im going for walk, I be fine. Puts on a shirt and grabs a trench coat. I need some time alone.

Cyn: She looks uncertain Be careful.

Travis: i dunno man sounds like a bad idea

Ivan: Im not going that far. I'm visiting an old friend a few blocks from here. I still hope that he works there still.

Cyn: she stands Well, just to be safe maybe Travis should go with you...

Ivan: Ok... Grab something, warm, its snowing outside.

Travis: ugh i don't wanna go he falls back on the bed. It's been a long day.....

Cyn: she glares at travis and punches his stomach hal heartedly Fine I'l go she grabs her coat and knife heading towards the door Let's go

Travis: *he's barely affected* gotta love six packs..... *he sits up and resumes to watch the movie with Jess*

Cyn: she rolls her eyes I don't see how you can have any packs at all with how lazy you are.

Ivan: Enough Cynthia. Lets go, grabs his watch and elastic to tie his hair.

Cyn: she sighs and opens the door Fine, Lead the way.

Ivan: Closes the door. and walks down the hall a few steps to open the elevator door. Cynthia, I happy to have you as a friend.

Cyn: she smiles It's nice to have you as a friend aswell...but are you okay. I know how it be away from your twin.

Ivan: I understand... Has your twin ever talked to you from the other side? I'm not offending you..

Cyn: she smiles sadly No to both

Ivan: Gives her a hug, But my mother has always told me this if my twin either went missing or dead... Never think about the negative things you have went through, think about all the positive things you both did together when you were both happy....

Cyn: she smiles Wise words, but I think I just pick the weaker past and do my best to forget...or atleast not think about her. But what do you need to go and do again. Was there more to the dream you had?

Ivan: Nods I know its best for you.Just keep happy and do things that your heart desires.... He thinks about for a second about his dream. When I was on the hospital bed, Ive seen my old home. Ostakino Palace, at the very outskirts of Moscow. I was seeing Ian's vision.... He shakes his head

Cyn: she puts her hand on his shoulder I know it must be hard for you...but it may help Ian. So, try to remember anything that stood out.

Ivan: Calms down a little. He was in the guest room... being beaten by some empousa. I heard howling in the basement, then I saw.... her.

Cyn: Your mom's sister?

Ivan: Nods coldly, his rising anger causes ice to form at his feet.

Cyn: she nudges him Hey focus okay? Do you think you're brother sent you the dream, and if you think you can send him one?"

Ivan: I dont know... Maybe..

Cyn: she nods Well after we visit this friend of yours, we should try

Ivan: Ok We can try later. I can see his store from here...

Cyn: She gives a curt nod, lost in thought

Ivan: You look unhappy.

Cyn: she looks at him hm... oh sorry i was just thinking

Ivan: Chuckles a bit, its okay... Hey Kyle! its me! Ivan!

Cyn: she gives kyle a small wave to kyle I'l just leave you two to talk... she walks a bit far off to give them some room while she thinks

Ivan: Kyle its a long time since we last saw each other..

Kyle: Aww man it is so true... Hey who was that chick with you, was she your girlfriend? Chuckles a bit

Ivan: She is not we are just friends.

Cyn: she leans against the wall and closes her eyes tiredly, but doesn't interrupt them

Ivan: He notices Cyn getting tired. Hey Kyle, your drunk again.. you should go home..

Kyle: I know... But I am so sorry for your mother, Ivan. Tragic isn't it.

Ivan: Clenches his fist. I know.. good night, Im leaving for Moscow in the morning. Meet us there...

Kyle: Nods and walks towards his store.

Ivan: Hey Cynth. your getting tired. Allow me to carry you back to the hotel. Picks her up and flies back to the hotel.

Cyn: she looks surprised Oh um okay, thanks. But you don't have to...

Ivan: Please you have done enough today.

Cyn: okay...thanks. Did you and your friend discuss what ever you needed to talk about. You didn't talk for long.

Ivan: He was drunk at the time. So I told him to visit us at the airport before we depart.

Cyn: she sighs So I guess that was a waste of time

Ivan: Not really. It was nice to see an old face again.

Cyn: she nods That's the hotel over there right?

Ivan: Yep... My mother always took me an Ian here during her fashion shows. But enough about me... You deserve rest; youve done alot today..

Cyn: she shrugs It's cool I honestly can't sleep till I'm in a warm bed

Ivan: Ok... if you say so...I want to experiment to send the dream to Ian

Cyn: You should try, but be careful with what you say. while you were talking to your friend I was thinking that maybe your evil aunt may have sent you the dream as a trap. So you should really tred carefully

Ivan: He nods but cries after she mentioned it It felt real....

Cyn: she hugs him Hey, it's okay. We'll get him, but for now we need to hurry and get back to the hotel to let everyone know about what we've talked about

Ivan: Ok... Flies around the hotel for a bit and looks for Travis and Jess he finds them and opens the window to get in. Guys we got news for you two.

Jess: Oh yeah? What's that?

Travis: what she said

Cyn: she yawns So you guys know how Ivan had a dream from his twin? Well that got me thinking...what if he could maybe connection isn't just ONE way. What if Ivan could connect with his bro as well?"

Ivan: He nods. I want to experiment it... he balls his fist in anger.

Travis: um alright, i guess it's time to go to bed anyway

Ivan: He plops on the bed after hanging his trench coat. Then falls asleep after his head hits the pillow. He then dream-messages Ian that he is coming.


Ivan: Is anxious to find Ian. He shakes from adrenaline. The cold temperature falls below zero because of his shaking but doesnt affect him.

Travis: *he runs up behind him* woah slow down man!

Ivan: "Sorry... But I can sense him somewhere....

Travis: geez this twin telepathy is freaky stuff

Ivan: "Meh... it usually happens if we are separated from each other." It continues to snow.

Travis: weird....

Cyn: she shivers I HATE cold places!

Jess: GAH! We can get a f*cking brain freeze in this climate! Let's see... She pulls out a weird thingy that tells the weather It's currently 10 degrees below zero... damn that's cold!

Ivan: *He notices that his friends are freezing.* sorry... ahhhh, its good to see my old country *says it in a Russian accent.*

Jess: If I may, this American accent is a phony. She begins to talk in her original Canadian accent Not that cold really. I came from Canada to be honest.

Ivan: "Canada is a beauty. Hey guys, i can buy you three warm clothes if you want."

Jess: Just a parka is fine.

Ivan: Alright... Cynthia, Travis?

Cyn: she shakes her head It's better if we just keep moving I think...

Ivan: Ok. *Buys a parka for Jess* your welcome.

Travis: *He's greatly shivering* Dude! i grew up in Tennessee! I'm not used to this! *He makes a >.< face and sneezes a bit*

Jess: She nods and puts on the parka and the hood. She already had skinny jeans on so she was fine. "I heard if you huddle up you get warmer." She snickers.

Cyn: and i heard that if you keep moving you get warmer.

Ivan: We should look at Red Square, start from there. He puts his trench coat on Travis and he doesnt freeze.

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