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Toenta is a chaotic, carrying a repressed anger his heart towards the world, and all it’s inhabitants. That is on the inside but on the outside Toenta is a very easy going laid back and fun loving person. Toenta suffered a tragedy in his youth that made his brain metaphorically fracture into two separate halves. On one side he is a human teddy bear that everyone loves, an outrageous flirt, a determined go-getter, and all around driven. On the other he is sociopathic, masochistic, unpredictable and very very uncontrollable. The switch is not an external process the only clues being the look in his eyes and the curve of his smile. He is conscious of his actions when like this so it is not a split personality it is an increase of a certain hormones in his brain. It floods his mind and Toenta flips meaning the facade is his nice guy personality he plays the role well but decides to “Cut loose” from time to time. When he is keeping up the charade his way of speak is articulate but when he drops it he is spewing curses and is a fountain perversion. Put simply, Toenta is driven by passion and passion alone whether fighting, love, or both he is looking for a thrill.


Lana was a training Olympic star with a bit of a mean streak an edge to her that made her almost too much to handle for most guys. Through hard work, effort, drive, and destruction of competition she excelled and eventually got to the Olympics. It was there she met Ares and there she met Ares as an alternate for the American team in martial arts. It is a known fact that in Olympic towns that all those people, with their perfect bodies, sex each others brains out. Lana saw what she wanted and decided to get it, and get it she did but more than she bargained for. They were a couple for the entire Olympic games and she won, ended up winning with a gold medal, but after the games Ares disappeared and she was left with a kid. Despite the hardship of raising him alone she had enough money for them both to live more than comfortably. She raised him with love.

Toenta grew up a silent and deadly kid, unable to control himself and prone to acting out while anywhere without his mom. He enjoyed dominating people and making them grovel at his feet; any challenge presented to him was crushed. Even as a child Toenta was a bright kid mentally as well not only bullying and crushing with his body but with his mind. Able to reduce people to tears with a few words and well placed quips about life. It was an animistic need to do so planted deep inside of him in he relished in slaking that need, stepping on any and everyone to get his way. His only grace in this world was his mother who had his loyalty and happiness in the palm of her hand. If she cried he would fight anything to make the tears go away, if she screamed then whatever made her scream met an untimely end. His mother was his rock, light, and reason to live in his world and he didn’t think it would ever change. Thankfully it didn’t…….except, it did and Lana began getting call after call after call from school. It was at this point she reached wits end and sat at the table sobbing after getting a letter in the mail. Toenta has just got home from school and opened the door softly because he heard crying behind it. He walked to the kitchen but couldn’t bear facing his mom knowing her tears were because of him. Being only ten Toenta knew it’s either he changes or he becomes the greatest source of his mother's pain. It’s here, resting against the wall of the kitchen opposite his sobbing mother, becomes a man. The end of the year comes and goes and finds Toenta a changed person. Laid back and fun loving able to talk to peers and teachers without wanting to fight or argue. Through doing this he found his off switch and the air around him felt different, not as violent. On the inside Toenta slowly becomes unhinged, the repression of his feelings soon to catch up to him, he begins to feel like he is being swallowed by anger. The feelings are bottled up and pushed down as far as possible but Toenta is close to blowing up.

Seeing her son needed an outlet Lana told him to try his hand at clubs and sports. Toenta did and excelled at many but seem to only like martial arts and debate. He was able to release tension and stress on the mental or physical battlefield. Using both of these activities as his outlet and therapy. For every opponent he faced it was a nightmare and extremely difficult to beat him. He was twelve when he finally met a worthy adversary who was able to keep up with him. They threw facts back and forth across the board eventually ending the match in a tie. Toenta reveled in the challenge and was disappointed time was brief with the girl. He didn’t have to wait long however when she suddenly appeared in the dojo he fought in. They fight was full on war, with neither ever connecting a decent hit, dodging and blocking the other at every turn. Toenta reverses the flow of the match and suddenly grapples, catching her off guard, before he moves close. “What’s your name?” he ask and with how close he is he notices the color of her eyes, a bright golden. She smiles and replies “Call me Eido” and from then on they date, everything between him and Eido going great till his thirteenth birthday party.

Toenta had amassed a lot of friends over the year because of his change of attitude and his birthday party was a large one because of it. He danced and partied and it was an all in all great time. He was given presents by the boatload, one of them being from his mom that he was to open now, a pair of ankle bracelets that was used by some big shot Olympian she met in the past. He put them on to make her smile but his real gift was the one from Eido; one she couldn’t give him in the middle of the party. So she lead him upstairs and sat him on the bed and told him to close his eyes. He did so and was about to open them again when she snapped at him for peeking. He could feel her then walk behind him and climb onto the bed but a shiver ran through his body when something cold was pressed against his neck. “This is where it all ends for you little demigod.” he opens his eyes incredulously unable to comprehend what’s happening. Out of the corner of his eye he sees that what is against his neck is a knife. He stammers out her name but she just laughs and tenses her hand to drag the blade across his neck. Out of self defense Toenta lashes out and his hand connects with her bare skin like a clap. It results in a shock-wave that rag-dolls her into the wall but, he doesn’t even have time to be shocked by this because Eido gets up. Her body moves like she is possessed by something but her golden eyes seem to still have the light he’s grown accustomed to. He begs her to snap out of it but she smiles and says there is nothing to snap out of, she tells him Eido never existed. For Toenta Eido just confirmed the existence of bogey men and Jason, for Toenta she just confirmed actual monsters exist. He knew that even though he loved her, this would be the last time him and her would see each other.

Eido flies off the bed towards him arms splayed wildly and hands aiming for his neck. Toenta ducks quickly before rolling to the left in search of the knife from earlier. A thought in his mind reminds him it was bronze in color which was unusual for a blade. Though a weird fact to remember it is literally kicked out of his mind by a well placed foot from Eido that sends him onto his back. Eido grabs the knife off the floor and stalks towards him blade raised and ready to strike when he kicks out. His foot connects with her thigh and she cries out in pain the blade the dropping and her wobbling backwards. He hops to his feet and retreats to the end of the room breathing heavily and staring at her. She stares back and slowly both of their eyes land on the knife, their eyes fly back to each other before both of them dive for the blade. Unbeknownst to him his mom was downstairs and had seen her son go up the room; assuming he was busy becoming a man she smiles and shakes her head. Toenta is still in this fight to the death and grabs the knife before she does prompting Eido to retreat this time. He holds the blade over her ready to end it when, for a moment, her eyes change to a bright blue color. “Please don’t.” and the knife drops from his hand unable to kill her. Eido’s eyes flash golden again and she catches the knife driving it into his unprotected stomach. He let’s out a yell and that is finally when his mom bursts into the room. His mom takes a moment to analyse everything before boldly rushing his attacking girlfriend. It is a big mistake because Eido wrenches the blade out and tosses Lana the knife, she catches it confused, before suddenly her head snaps back for some reason. Toenta watches in horror as his mother’s eyes go that same gold color with an evil grin “I won’t be able to kill you today demigod because my time is up. However you will never forget the tragedy of today.” His mother rushes forward again and in his broken state of mind Toenta is helpless to watch as his mom plunges the knife through the chest of Eido. She does not stop there and jumps out of the window Eido was sitting under diving head first from the second story. She contact with the ground and dies on impact with a thump. Guest take a moment to get the screams going but they don’t stop once they do.

Toenta is framed for a double homicide with no way to clear his name other than his word. The party broke up rather quickly and Toenta was taken away in a cop car. Unable to do anything but sit in the back Toenta fell asleep for what seemed like hours. It wasn’t until later that he was woken up roughly, tossed out of the cop car, and left in an alley. He struggled for a while before getting pissed at the cuffs and then he realized the cuffs were much looser than he thought; with a bit of squirming his hands slid through.

It seems like he could not catch a break that day and Toenta's eyes go wide when he sees a blob shift just out of the edge of his vision. He turns to face it completely and when he does he is staring into the golden eyed face of Eido and a tear comes to his eye but he backs away immediately. His brain is screaming it is not real but he can't deny the fact that Eido is right in front of him. He doesn't even react when she lunges and he is thrown into the wall behind him from the force of the impact. He is dazed and Eido doesn't hesitate to use that to her advantage. She is on him in moments while he is against the wall and her hands close around his throat planning to choke him in unconsciousness. He couldn't do it, he could not fight his first love twice, but then something inside of him broke. He could feel his mind splinter at the absurdity life presented to him and with a gurgling chuckle he grabbed the arms of the monster eido on top of him and started squeezing.

Eido's grip loosened and a pained look crossed her features but Toenta wanted to see more. He wanted to see her hurt as much as he had been hurt on that day. When her hands were completely off of him he gives a demonic grin and curls his legs under himself kicking Eido into the wall behind her. She slams into it and is dazed much in the same way he just was and like she did Toenta uses that to his advantage. He is on her in seconds and without a moment of hesitation Toenta starts throwing punch after punch and kick after kick on the prone form of Eido. For a brief second his thoughts drift to how the other fight ended, how his mom died, and the blob thing shifts into his mother. His thoughts tangle for a second and his mom's eyes go wide with fear and confusion blood dripping from her face and body. Toenta almost stops then remembers, his mom is dead, and the look on her face turns into raw fear only. He grabs his "mother" by her neck and drags her to the dumpster a few steps away. He puts her head on the edge and slams the lid down on her once, twice, three times, until the screams stop. Then on the last slam the body turns to dust and he sinks to his knees, drained.

Toenta gets up and walks out of the alley to be met with a view of a very tall building. Confused and disoriented he asks a stranger what that building is and after an incredulous look he is informed it’s the empire state. Toenta looks at the building in shock and it dawns on him that he was no longer in Pennsylvania. With no money, no food, and nowhere to go Toenta is sheltered at a hotel. He was young at the time but the stranger who saved him gave him a place to stay after all that happened. He was trained by this guy and worked closely with him to the point where he would call him a brother. Because of the way they were living he preferred to go by aliases, the older guy used to tell Toenta to call him Dismond. Toenta used to go by One back then and because of his power in the street fights some took to calling him “The One”. Not only humans however Toenta had to fight more monsters, none like the one that ruined his life. From merpeople in the bay to bird women all over New York he punched anything that came for him.

It was in the Bronx where things went sour for him. He had decided to take a trip to wave hill a relaxing place Dismond told him to check out. To this day Toenta doesn’t know if it was a set up. However he went and he did end up enjoying himself, relaxing and staring out at the water. That is when a mermaid dog creature emerges out of the water, he is no stranger to monsters but this is one he had never seen. It steps onto land carrying a sword and shield and Toenta knows it’ll be kind of difficult. From thirteen to now eighteen he had always had trouble anytime a monster was holding a weapon. He thinks nothing of it and charges the creature dodging to the left and ramming his shoulder into the shield. It’s knocked back by his strength and slashes at him clumsily but thanks to his skin and his skill he knocks the sword aside. The battle continues going back and forth like this until a woman comes running down the hill to stop the fighting pair. Toenta doesn’t listen and keep fighting the dog creature doing the same. Toenta sees an opportunity and claps his hands softly close to the creature arms. It’s arm splays wide and leaves Toenta an opening which he takes by punching the creature full force. He hears arms break and the monster yells trying to raise the shield but Toenta lashes out and kicks it’s leg. The flipper breaks and the thing is left limping with it’s arm hanging uselessly by it’s side. Toenta steps on it’s good foot and pulls his shield from his arm, it’s shoulder popping because of it’s grip and dislocating. When he does he is surprised when it turn into brass knuckles but, he slides it on with a grin. He depresses the grip and it becomes a shield just like the monster was holding. With his new toy in hand Toenta presses his bare palm to the dog creature and knocks him back a few feet onto his butt. Then he leaps into the and brings the shield down on his neck killing him and turning him into dust.

Toenta grabs the matching brass knuckle and looks around for the woman who was yelling before. He finds her laying on the ground and bleeding out helplessly. Unable to really feel anything for her Toenta does the only thing that seems right and decides to end her suffering quickly. He turns his brass knuckle into a sword and ends the life a woman with a sort of disappointment at the waste of life. That was his mistake and when he does the world around him freezes, a leaf falling from a tree pausing midair. Another woman appears and Toenta stares indifferently wondering what’s going on, the woman opens her mouth to speak. “You have desecrated this place and you have killed my servant. For this, you must pay in kind, from now till it is felt truly you must feel the pain of all you fault. You may never kill again unless you do. I leave you with a curse Toenta Michael, Son of Ares, I Harmonia curse you!” Then he is surrounded by a cloud of blue smoke and mist that he swings and curses at. It fills his nose and mouth even blinding him and when it fills his lungs he drops to his knees. Toenta cries out, reliving every moment of his life he ever should have felt guilty for, tears stream down his face as the memories play. Every fight, every monster, then finally he sees his mom's face and he falls over, passed out. He wakes up in the hotel believing it’s all a dream till Dismond walks over to him and calls him a slacker for being gone for two days. He is worried about the fact that he has been gone for two days but he is content with being back at the hotel, he shows this good mood by going to punch Dismond and his punch misses. For the first time in his life he missed a punch and then everything that happened in the park comes rushing back. He is quick to tell Dismond everything that happened and he just sits there and listens before explaining to Toenta about demigods, greek myth and a camp in New York he was planning to go to. Toenta listens and shakes his head wondering if he should go but sure enough the next day Harmond is gone. A year passes having to deal with this curse but in doing so he learns what the ankle bracelets his mom gave him does. With all the knowledge he learned and gathered more and stronger monsters came, so at nineteen Toenta finally follows Dismond and goes to Camp Half Blood.

7. Toenta is cursed by the Goddess Harmonia due to his excessively violent nature after an incident. Toenta has an inability to feel guilt and because of this when he was younger acts of cruelty and violence he did were enjoyed. Harmonia, for reasons known only to her set the curse in motion, and now Toenta cannot kill. He can still fight and use weapons but his punches wouldn’t leave someone broken; more so gasping for breath if hit in the stomach. Due to the curse he also cannot use weapons to kill or draw blood so his strikes may miss completely if using gauntlets, go through someone if using a sword, the list goes on and on. While this may seem a drawback he can say the words mentally or out loud. The curse comes in three stages in order for him to feel guilt like a normal person. He must say three words in order to unlock his full potential and each word brings about a new level of guilt and ability. At the first he is made to feel guilt for small actions he has done like making someone cry but with it he gains the ability to fight rougher and draw blood. At the second word he is made to feel guilt for more intense actions such as beating someone to submission or crushing a spirit however he could then break bones, beat a person till they couldn’t move, and use weapons to draw blood. At the last word he is made to feel guilt for everything in his life that he should have felt guilt for and did not but, once the last word is said he could then kill. It is possible for the curse to be broken but he is to prideful and detached for that to come to fruition just yet.


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