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Tracey is extremly preppy and always brings the sense of safeness when you are with her.She tends to be very kind and nice to everyone no matter who you are.

Once upon a time there was a man named Felix Marvell. Well, my introduction may sound like a lame fairy tale type-story introduction but this story IS a fairy tale so yeah, I'm keeping up with it. Anyway, Felix Marvell looks like one of those "Prince Charmings" on a classic fairytale. He is handsome, brave, adventurous and is looking for someone to love. He is single and looking but all the years he spent on this little "escapade" has rendered him bored and tired. He couldn't find anyone perfect for him so he just moved on and lived a regular man's life.

Felix 's house is located on P. Sherman, 31, Wallaby Way, Sydney, Australia. He has a yacht named "Lady Cassandra" and a speedboat he calls "Tracey". One day, when he was cleaning "Tracey", He saw a woman riding a jetski, having fun. She was beautiful and Felix instantly liked her so he hopped on his speedboat and followed the lady. They ended up on the beach where the lady introduced herself as Cassandra or "Cassie" for short. Felix, being flirtatious himself decided to hang out with Cassie for a while longer. They did so many stuff including volleyball, surfing, scuba diving and swimming. The day ended up quite satisfying for the both of them as they had loads of fun. Felix decided to invite Cassie to stay at his house for the night and she agreed. They had sex that night and a week later, Cassie told Felix that she is pregnant. Felix was excited but Cassie wasn't. The truth is, Cassie is the greek goddess of youth and brides, Hebe. It means that she can't stay with Felix to raise their child. Felix, however, known none of this greek mythology mumbo jumbo and decided to propose to Cassie the following week.

It was a beautiful night. Felix assembled a candle light dinner for two at his yacht, Lady Cassandra. The waves were graceful and the wind was refreshing. After eating, Felix knelt in front of Cassie and asked her if she would marry him. He has prepared a genuine diamond ring for her and thought that things would go according to his plans. Too bad, it didn't. Cassie refused and Felix was left heartbroken. Cassie told her that they can't stay together cause she is a greek goddess. Felix thought she was going nuts and both got into an argument. Felix told Cassie that the only reason she is telling him those greek mythology lies was because she doesn't really care about him or love him and that she only put up with him cause she knew he was rich. Cassie was outraged and jumped into the water. She disappeared into the depths of the ocean.

A month later, Felix found someone that would make him forget all about Cassie. He met a girl named Regina, a former prostitute (though Felix doesn't know about this.). He married Regina and didn't know that the only reason Regina married him was for his money, the reason Felix thought Cassie has for putting up with him. Nine months later, someone knocked on Felix's door. Felix opened the door and saw Cassie, carrying a baby with a huge smile on her face. Felix knew that the baby was his daughter and he knew that Regina won't be happy with this. Speaking of the devil, Regina showed up a few minutes later which caused Cassie's smile to fade. She just gave the baby to Felix and told him that it was their daughter. Then, she left. Regina told Felix that they should just throw the baby away but Felix refused to. He felt something special in the baby and decided to keep her, naming her Tracey after the speedboat he used to chase her mother.

Tracey considers her life as hell. Her stepmother, Regina is always treating her as a slave whenever her father was out to work. When Tracey was 5, Regina attempted to sell her to a rich family but Felix stopped her and almost broke up with her. But then the stepmonster (Tracey calls her this) knew how to act and begged Felix for his mercy. Felix was overwhelmed by the drama that he forgave her. Another incident was when Tracey was 8. Regina tried to drown her in the sea while Felix wasn't looking. Tracey managed to scream and Felix heard her and saved her. Unfortunately, Regina swam underwater and hid behind some rocks so Felix didn't see her when Tracey was drowning. Tracey told his father that it was Regina who tried to drown her but then the evil witch managed to convince Felix that the girl was lying and that the waves probably just swept her away. And yes, Felix believed her.

When Tracey was 13, she heard someone knocking on the door. She opened it and saw a teenage girl, offering her to buy chocolate chip cookies for charity. Tracey nodded and took her wallet from her room and when she got back, the girl has transformed into an empousa. She screamed and ran into the back door where she bumped into a man with goat legs. A satyr by the name of Elliot. Elliot gave Tracey a Celestial Bronze knife and told her that the he will protect her. When the empousa appeared, Elliot jumped behind it and grabbed the empousa with his arms. The satyr told Tracey to stab it with a knife and so she did. The monster vaporized into dust. A few hours later, Felix got home from work and Elliot talked to him and told him that his daughter was attacked by an empousa and she needed to go into a special camp for demigods. Felix didn't agree and thought that Elliot was just as crazy as Cassie and told him to scram. Elliot didn't want to go but then Felix used force and shoved him out of the house and into the sea. Tracey tried talking to Felix, telling him that Elliot was telling the truth but Felix didn't want to hear anymore of this "nonsense" and grounded Tracey for a week. Tracey started to become depressed and afraid that without Elliot to protect him, another monster would come and try to kill her. She kept the knife she got from Elliot and always brought it with her. Regina then started abusing her again and tried complaining to her father but as usual, Felix didn't believe her.

Tracey's only happiness was the joy she found in singing. She really liked singing and is very good at it. People said her voice was that of a mermaid's and that she should pursue a singing career in the future. Felix didn't like the idea and told Tracey that he is shipping her away to a boarding school in the U.S.A. Tracey liked the idea because first, she would be away from Regina and second, she could pursue a singing career without her father even knowing. Tracey then found out that the school she was in is holding auditions for an acapella group and decided to join. She sang Lady Gaga's Edge of Glory and got in along with a bunch of other students.

When Mitchell and Skylar had to pick members for the group, they held auditions, expecting no one to sign up, they went to the music room and waited, no one came. They waited for an hour, and no one came. They began to pack their things but when they finished over thirty people came in hoping to earn a spot on the team. At first things appeared to be going down hill. Nobody good was auditioning. Until one girl named Amore Lewis stepped on to stage, after her, the great voices began to follow, with amazing singers like Kayden Darnell, Amore Lewis, Breanna Spicer, Halia Rhodes, Casper Hughes, Eli Beau, Tracey Marvell, and Lisa Flagg, the group was certain they would win.

− They practised every day, and soon they perfected a routine. One late night well Mitchell and Skylar were deciding what the groups outfit would be, Skylar got a phone call, when she left to take the call, the group began filing in and helped Mitchell with the decision. When Skylar returned she looked stunned, she swiftly gave Kayden Darnell her spot as co-leader. No one knew why, but as soon as it happened, they began to practise their routine again. Mitchell knew something was wrong with his sister, but didn't want to ask right away. They began to sing their arrangment of I Cry/Heart Attack/and Die Young. After the practise, everyone left the the room, when getting to the lounge, the group heard a small slam in a nearby closet. When Mitchell went to open the door, he was soon knocked out when the door slammed open and knocked him to the ground, Skylar being worried ran to her brothers aid. When she got there two large cyclops stepped out and began to smash the room, trying to hit the group members with their wooden clubs. After a few minutes, laughter could be heard coming into the lounge, being mortals, the cyclopses jumped out the window and ran, not wanting the mortals to think it was just members of the school.

Upon getting to regionals 4 months later, the group easily got first place, now setting their sites on nationals, they trained night and day. Well on their way to nationals, the vehicle they were all in hit what appeared to be a dog. The car flipped violently, prooving it was more then a dog. When Skylar and Eli had managed to get out of the vehicle, they discovered what ever they hti was no longer on the road, but they could hear what sounded like a group of wolves charging towards them. When the rest of the group managed to get out of the vehicle as well, the pack of wolves sounded to be getting closer. When they realized they had no way to get to the nationals, the group of wolves had now reached the group of teens. But these weren't wolves, it turned out to be hellhounds, and the group had no wepaons to help them in the challenge they soon had to face. Kayden, Amore, and Halia managed to get up in a tree for safety. While Breanna, Eli, Skylar, and Tracey managed to find safety in the ruined vehicle. Leaving Mitchell, Casper and Lisa out in the open with no where to go. The group of hellhounds continued to get closer to the three unhidden teens. When a group of young females charged from the woods and killed most of the hellhounds.

− − The young ladies deemed themselves as the Huntresses' of Artemis. They agreed to take the teens to what they only told them was a safe place, and when the got there, all three of them managed to read the sign, Camp Half-Blood. The huntresses then knew that the teens were all demigods. Just when the group was about to enter the gates and the huntresses had all left, a hellhound pounced onto Skylar, knocking her unconcious. Halia, worried for her friends safety, called the hellhound and began trying to divert his attention, the hellhound bounded towards her and she motioned for the rest to run into the camp. They heard muffled screams followed by the sounds of a dog wimper. Mnemosyne, was watching her daughter Halia's bravery, and saved her turning her into a memory nymph. When Halia walked into the camp, she witnessed the rest of her friends get claimed by the gods of Olympus.

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“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
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Quote: “You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”
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“It's so hard to forget pain, but it's even harder to remember sweetness. We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace.”
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