Virgil is a friendly guy, willing to help anyone that needs it. He is usually easy going, but can get annoyed or angry when anyone tries to hurt his friends or lie to him. He was taught right from wrong at an early age, and will always look for a solution that won't result in breaking rules, but is willing to bend or sometimes even break those same rules if the situation calls for it.


Dante Belmonte is a lawyer in San Francisco famed for winning every case and going the extra mile to find out the truth, only representing those on the right side of the law. It was while working on a new and difficult case that he met a beautiful women that he felt attracted to in a way he never had before, but he pushed those thoughts aside, focusing on the case. As the case progressed he kept running into her, and eventually she convinced him to let her help him, and he quickly grew to love her. With her help Dante was able to win what would otherwise have been a tough case, and he took her out to dinner to celebrate and thank her for her help, and soon after they started dating. It wasn't long before Virgil was expected, and soon after he was born his mother left.

While he was growing up Virgil's aunt and uncle would look after him during the day, while Dante worked, so he spent a lot of time with his older cousins and started to see them more as his brother and sister. Dante would spend as much time as possible with his son, and Virgil loved the time they spent together. When he was having trouble on a case Dante would talk to Virgil about it, not because he thought his son could help, but because it helped him just to talk about it, to work through the problems out loud, and Virgil loved to listen, knowing it helped his father.

The first monster attack came when he was thirteen, when he was waiting outside the courthouse for his father with his aunt. Virgil saw a Cyclopes, and asked his aunt about it, but of course she couldn't see through the mist. The Cyclops attacked, and he ran. He was able to escape it by hiding in an alley. It was soon after this that a Satyr arrived to take him to camp. During their journey they were attacked again, this time by a Hellhound, and they were saved by a group of three demigods returning to camp from a quest. After saving the young demigod and his guide the three escorted them back to camp, and they arrived with no more attacks, two months before his fourteenth birthday.


Name Relation Feelings
Dante Belmonte Father Virgil loves his father.


Virgil Belmonte


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