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Vivian basically defines the word 'slut' but you can't tell at first. She acts really nice but if she finds a guy she likes a lot... she'll start flirting. Like her parents, she doesn't really care if it's a one night stand or if it's a 'friends with benefits' relationship. Vivian hates it when anybody asks about her mother because she really loathes her. It is also rare to see Vivian crying over something. Vivian is also very, very spoiled...


Bryan Greene was a man who loved to toy with women. One night, he met a woman who was absolutely beautiful and stunning. That woman was Psyche. Psyche at that time was toying with various men for fun and didn't care whose heart she broke. Bryan went up to her and seeing that she was very drunk at that time (they were in a bar), he took advantage of her and they slept together that night. The next day, Psyche was in bed with him and remembered what happened the night before. Bryan woke up, still a bit unsatisfied (meaning he was still a bit horny...) and asked her if they can go out. She agreed because she felt that way as well. So the next several dates they had ended up in sex somehow. On the sixth day they were going out, Psyche noticed that she was pregnant. So she left Bryan in the dust, without telling him who she really was. Several months later on Bryan's door step, a baby was in a basket, waiting for him. It was a girl and she was wearing a butterfly necklace. A card as also put in the basket, which was from Psyche so Bryan carried the basket inside to his house and placed it on a table. He read the card and widened his eyes as he read it. The letter explain who Psyche really was. Bryan didn't want to believe it and he didn't want to do anything with the baby. So he went to his goody two shoes sister Mira Greene. Mira gladly accepted in taking care of the baby and was informed that she was a demigod. Mira read the card Psyche gave him and knew that it wasn't a lie (she dated a demigod herself so she knew how these things go). So throughout the years Vivian grew up, Mira Greene was the one who took care of her.

Vivian lived a very happy life. Since her 'mother' was a very famous model for Victoria Secret and other companies, she had a decent living style. Vivian enjoyed being the popular one at at school and often broke a lot of boys' hearts just like her biological mother and father did. Even though it seemed that Vivian had a wonderful life, she was actually upset about her life and wishes that she was somebody else since her father barely pays attention to her since he got married and started his own family. Mira does everything she can to make Vivian very happy so that made her somewhat of a spoiled child. On her spare time, Vivian took martial art classes and art classes (she loved drawing).

At age 13, Vivian had her first monster attack. It was a hellhound and she was by herself, in her back yard when it attacked her. The hellhound slashed her and her butterfly necklace came off. It flew from her neck and morphed into a CB sword. On instincts, she ran to the sword and made several slashed on the monster. After that, the monster disintegrated and she left the fight with only a couple of bruises.

At age 14, Vivian had another monster attack. This time, it was a harpy. The harpy attacked her after school ended and she immediately morphed her necklace into her sword. Since it can fly, she had a harder time disintegrating it. But after awhile, she turned it into dust and she immediately went back home.

At age 15, she started turning into a slut. Many boys hearts were broken in that year and a lot of the girls started hating her. She had another monster attack as well. A Stymphalian Bird attacked her and like the past two monster attacks, she morphed her necklace into the sword and made some slashes on it. After this monster attack, she wanted answers. She told Mira about this and the past monster attacks she had before. Mira then told her the story about her father and Psyche. Outraged that they couldn't tell her sooner, she stopped talking to Mira and hated her father even more.

At age 16, a fire-breathing horse attacked her in her backyard. In one slash, she disintegrated the horse but she got some burns on her right arm (they healed though).

At age 17, a satyr who was a friend of Mira's demigod ex, agreed to bring her to camp. Seeing that she had no choice but to go to this 'camp', she went with the satyr. On the way, they met an ex BC member who ruthlessly killed the satyr. She told her that she was from the BC and was a member of the Civitas Popularis. She told her everything the BC could offer her and was willing to take her there. She asked if the lady can bring her to the BC and the lady agreed. The lady lead her there and the next day, she went inside the doors of the BC where she told Heinrich her story and that she wanted to join the BC (join the Civitas Popularis faction to be more specific).


  1. Children of Psyche can apply temporary symptoms of emotional and mental disorders of their choice upon a target. The harsher the symptom and the longer it lasts, the more energy drained.
  2. Children of Psyche can create telekinetic weaponry (no bigger than 2-3 times the size of the user) that can be used in combat for a short time. The longer the weaponry is held together by the demigod's mind, the more energy drained. This can also be used for non-combative objects; however, it cannot generate working parts. Objects created by a child of Psyche may cause slight confusion on anyone who touches it.
  1. Children of Psyche can form telekinetic protective spheres around themselves and others for a limited amount of time. The longer the sphere is held together by the demigod's mind, the more energy drained. Likewise, they can form telekinetic shields or walls, which are no bigger than 2-3 times their size.
  2. Children of Psyche can project a powerful psychic aura that induces neurocognitive deficit within a 3-meter radius. Anyone affected will have their upper brain functions shut down, rendering them unconscious. However, the user cannot attack or use other abilities while this one is in effect. All targets affected will automatically wake up, albeit feeling groggy and slightly disoriented, after a short time and the aura can only affect a person once a fight.
  1. Children of Psyche possess a clearer state of mind that grants them a high resistance for any manipulation of their thoughts, emotions and desires, magical or not. They also have a resistance against any mental or emotional disorders.
  2. Children of Psyche have a clear view of others' auras, allowing to sense human beings through their thoughts and emotions. They can track anyone within their "psychic radar" of sorts as long as the target is within a moderate radius. The appearance of one's aura differs from another, taking on a unique color and form. This passive ability also allows them to detect people who are possessed or whose mental/emotional state is altered by supernatural means (eidolons, charmspeak, persuasion, etc.).
  3. Children of Psyche are able to communicate with and command butterflies. If the user gives too many commands, the butterflies will become frustrated and disobey.
  4. Children of Psyche are empowered by the increasing intensity of emotions and thought processes around them.
  5. Children of Psyche can perform complex mental operations and recall greater amounts of information far beyond the capability of a normal human mind with little effort.

  1. Children of Psyche are able to read, manipulate, and communicate with the thoughts, emotions, and desires of targets for a limited time. They may establish mental links to at most 5 people; however, the connection will begin tapering off within a moderate radius. The more extreme the change, the longer it lasts, and the more people affected, the more energy is drained. Reading an opponent’s thoughts can be done, but it can only be done a few times before the user starts reading them incorrectly.
  2. Children of Psyche are able to mentally move inanimate objects. However, they cannot move objects that are 2-3 times bigger than their size. The bigger the object and/or the larger the distance covered, the more energy is drained.
  3. Children of Psyche are able to sprout butterfly wings that appear in accordance with the user’s preference. The longer they maintain the wings sprouted, the more energy it drains. The user must also rest in-between flights and cannot travel over long distances without resting often. Lastly, the wings are vulnerable to injuries and magic so these must be repaired regularly.
  4. Children of Psyche are able to manipulate mental, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral conditions at will. They can relieve, intensify, or detect symptoms of disorders such as depression, anxiety, amnesia, or mania; and even influence one's upper mental functions such as concentration, coordination, judgement, and calculation. However, these changes cannot be intensified to the point that the target considers self harm. The changes are only effective for a short period of time and cannot be used to cure or create such conditions on a permanent basis. The larger the change in one's mental state, the more energy is drained.
After 3 Months
  1. Children of Psyche can cause its target to mentally collapse by reliving traumatic memories, experiencing hallucinations or an overwhelming amount of emotions, hearing voices, and/or find it difficult to make use of their memories. The victim may fall into madness or become catatonic for a few minutes, depending on the intensity the user desires, before reverting to their original state, but its mind cannot be permanently damaged. The victim may still be able to resist attacks in this state, albeit barely. The longer the user keeps the victim psychologically tortured, the more energy it drains them.
After 6 Months
  1. Children of Psyche can now take control over a person's mind. They can force actions upon a target (except harming themselves) and even probe deeper into the person's subconscious and memories. The target will remain under control for a few minutes or until control is relinquished; and the longer the control is kept, the more energy it drains. Being controlled feels like a dream and will be vaguely remembered. This ability is quite useful for intelligence-gathering, retrieving lost memories, and when controlling allies who are otherwise immobilized.
After 9 Months
  1. Children of Psyche are able to use psychic force to materialize their soul into 5-6 semi-living constructs, no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user, that lasts for a short time to fight for the user. The construct's appearance is in accordance to the user's personality, thoughts, and emotions; and will behave in a manner similar to its owner. The longer the constructs are held together by the demigod's mind, the more energy drained.
  1. Children of Psyche are often able to recognize soul-mates when they are together. However, they cannot see their own soul-mate in this way.
  2. Children of Psyche are naturally emphatic. Although fully aware of the desires, emotions, and thoughts around them, they are often unaware of their own.
  3. Children of Psyche know the previous incarnations of their soul well, along with the occupant's thoughts, emotions, and desires.
  4. Children of Psyche often excel in professions with a high affinity for the human mind and behavior such as psychiatry, neurology, behavioral sciences, counseling, and social work.
  5. Children of Psyche are known for their emotional endurance, beauty, passion, affection, and even intelligence. It is not uncommon for them to possess high levels of IQ or EQ.
  6. Children of Psyche often get along well with Eros' and Zephyrus' offspring. Likewise, animosity is usual among them and the children of Aphrodite.


Name Relation Feelings
Psyche Mother Really loathes
Bryan Greene Father hates him very much
Mira Greene aunt/"mother" loves her and will always be a better mother than Psyche