William Bianchini was born on April 7 to Poseidon and Abigail Bianchini. His parents met in San Diego, California. Poseidon stayed with Abigail until William was born, when he gave him his blessing and returned to Mount Olympus. William was brought up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the age of 7, William was accepted into the Gifted Education group. He is one of the only Half bloods that don’t suffer from ADHD. He excelled considerably in the subjects of History and English, which was rare for a Half blood. Eventually, at age 9, William experienced his first monster. William and his mother were at a movie theater watching a movie, when William noticed something moving near the exits. Squinting to take a better look, he saw a weird creature, unknown to him, was that it was a Hellhound. He told his mother who quickly told him it was probably just part of the movie, although she did leave with him right away. Months later, he was outside, playing in his garden, when he created a fountain. Amazed, he ran back in and told his mother. When she came to look, she got pale, then sat down to have a talk with him. She said that his father was Poseidon, and that gods can’t marry mortals, which is why William never saw his father. William was shocked at this, and went to bed right away. Later that night, he was visited in his sleep. He saw Poseidon come to him and tell him that he was sorry he couldn’t be around more, and to make up for it, he offered a gift. The next morning, William woke up to find a nice box next to his bed. He opened it and found an Omega Seamaster watch. He put it on, and moved the adjuster. It immediately turned into a Celestial Bronze sword. On the hilt of the sword, it said “Bloodfire”. Within a few months, William started seeing more monsters. Eventually, in May, at age 12, William fought his first monster, a Hellhound. He was at the Getty Art Museum in Los Angeles, California, when a statue of a Renaissance sculpture came to life. William, remembering his sword, twisted the adjuster. Bloodfire sprang out immediately. Taking his sword, William chopped off the head of the Hellhound. That night, Poseidon visited Abigail and told her that there was a place where William could be safe, Camp Half-Blood. His mother realized it wasn’t safe for him to stay with her, so she received the location from Poseidon and sent William, at age 13, on his way to Camp Half-Blood. 

His mother drove him to Camp Half-Blood, an explained to him what it was. "Camp Half-Blood is a safe haven for demigods, the sons and daughters of a Greek god," she explained. When they arrived, a large automaton looked on at them. "Who's that?" Will exclaimed. "Alexander the Great, the Director of the Camp" William hugged his mother goodbye, and walked towards Alexander, who welcomed him to camp. William was put in the Hermes Cabin for several days, until he was claimed by his father, Poseidon. Will was moved to his new cabin later that day. 

Basic Information 

Age Gender Sexuality Hobbies Relationship Weapon Godly Parent
14 years old Male Heterosexual Scuba Diving, Skiing, Anything that has to do with water Single Medieval Sword (Bloodfire) Poseidon


Calm, although anxious sometimes. He can be easily angered when people are rude. He is shy with most people, but is usually the joker when he is with friends. 
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