Name: Zinnia

Age: Immortal

Species: Animal Nymph

Gender: Female


Zinnia is always a very elegant lady, acting rather feminine. She does not have the strongest mind, being quite a frail person, often being affected by others comments and events, however she's not insecure. She's easily affected but isn't doubting her own abilities. Zinnia is very graceful and tactful, very well mannered. She's pretty intelligent and likes to aid others. She generally has a friendly and nice attitude. If people act cold to her, she'll mostlikely not get angry, instead she'll just become sad. Sometimes, she has a bad habit of just sitting around instead of standing up for herself and actually talk back to a person who deserves it. She's quite youthful, and although she does not act selfish in any way, she still sometimes comes of a bit... childish. In the hopeful, easily affected, innocent way.


For years, the gods and goddesses have watched on while the humans developed through the years, as they advanced both personally and technologically. Lately one thing has become quite clear to them; humans have a habit of being very irresponsible when it comes to their environment and the animals that reside within that environment. They came to a decision, fearing for the safety and longevity of their sacred animals, they have decided to create a special group of nymphs to help protect their sacred animals.

These nymphs’ life forces are each attached to the animal they are a nymph of; if that animal becomes extinct, the nymph will die. The gods considered the fact that here are thousands of animals and creatures that roam the earth, but not wanting to over extend their powers, they have decided to only concern themselves with the animals that are sacred to them.

When they aren’t out in the world helping other nymphs and helping to protect their animals, they spend their time at camp.

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