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Icarus: He strolls down the forest, swinging his glowing sword around and whistling a showtune.

Aaren: is taking a run through the woods and slams into him

Icarus: He manages to stay on his feet, and grins mischievously, noticing she had been running in the direction of camp, and was probably a camper, You lost there, Miss?

Aaren: nods. This forest...all the trees look the same.

Icarus: He brandishes his sword, and wears a killer look on his face, It's not safe to be wandering the forest on your own, girl.

Aaren: pulls her two daggers.  Believe me, I know.

Icarus: He starts walking towards her innocently, Something bad could happen to you.

Aaren: *narrows her eyes* Yes...

Icarus: He starts circling her, using a menacing tone, Like, perhaps you could come across a savage killer. What a horrible situation you would find yourself in...

Aaren: Yes...*turns with him*

Icarus: He gets closer enough to touch her, but doesn't. Instead, he stares evenly into her eyes, Now what would you do if that happened?

Aaren:Fight back.

Icarus: He flicks his wrist, moving his sword faster than the eye can follow, trying to disarm her, You don't exactly look like the kind to fight back...

Aaren: *anticipates the move and dances back* Don't insult me.

Icarus: he grins, trying to coerce her into fighting back, Prove me wrong, then. Because I don't see you fighting back yet.

Aaren: *lunges forward with one knife and slashes the other at his legs*

Icarus: With a single parry he was able to deflect both her attacks, before spinning into a roundhouse kick with enough force to shatter her rib cage.

Aaren: *tries to dodge but is only half-successful. His kick catches her side and fractures a couple ribs. Aaren drops into a crouch, grimaces, and then surges up with both her daggers, trying to thrust them up under his ribcage*

Icarus: In one fluid motion, he swings at both her hands, trying to cut them off. Even if he were unsuccessful, he'd atleast deflect her attack.

Aaren: *her right hand goes flying, but her left hand is safe. she doubles over, her handless arn clutched to her chest, and screams. after, she gives Icarus her death glare* You bastard.

Icarus: He flicks his wrist again, trying to create a small cut on her cheek, You're in no place to call names now, bitch.

Aaren: *ducks the cut, throws herself at his legs, trying to knock him over*

Icarus: He falls, but rolls to his feet. He lashes out with his sword, trying to make a small incision on her tummy.

Aaren: *the blade slices a shallow cut. Aaren falls and stabs viciously at his leg*

Icarus: Her dagger penetrates his calf, and he doesn't nothing but grin at her intensely. laughing uncontrollably, he swings his sword, trying to cut off her last remaining hand.

Aaren: *again, she tries to pull her hand away, but her dagger ios stuck in his leg and that slows her down. Her other hand falls to the ground. This time she ignores the pain and kicks out at him*

Icarus: He laughs maniacally, and easily sidesteps her kick, slashing upwards at her calf, trying to slice away her leg as well.

Aaren: *the blade slices a deep cut, all the way to the bone, but not through. she falls onto her back, unable to stand, dizzy from blood loss, and kicks out weakly with her other leg*

Icarus: Her kick does little more than tap at his shin, and he continues laughing, HAHA, BITCH. I TOLD YOU YOU WEREN'T ONE TO FIGHT BACK. Now I'm going to kill you slowly. and painfully. He strolls over her, and holds the point of his sword over her throat. He jabs shallow, not trying to do anything more than create a small hole that will bleed her like a stuck pig.

Aaren: *she cries out softly when the sword makes its cut and finds the energy to glare up at him*

Icarus: He sits own next to her, and puts his hand on her shoulder, YOu have about thirty seconds. Probably less since you've bled so much already. I reccomend taking this time to think back about your- He stops mid-sentence to bring his sword down in a wide arc, aimed to decapitate, life.

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