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M adriel

Adriel -Child of Athena
-Little Miss Thinker, Priestess of Athena
Age= 16     Height= 5'7"     Weight= 139lbs     
Sexuality= Heterosexual     Health Status= Healthy     
Nationality= American     Accent= American
Species= Demigod    Main Weapon= Spear/Sword

 – "Silence helps me think. Noise trains my focus."



Adriel: The season has become very cold as seen to what she is wearing--a light brown long sleeved polo shirt under a denim pinafore dress which which paired with stockings and her doll shoes. She focuses on the purple clothe she is knitting as she silently sits on the front porch of their cabin.

Demetri:Demetri is pacing in a circle nearby, thinking that there are no nearby observers he angrily punches a tree and yells “Is this what you wanted mother?” Out loud almost as if he were insane, and just talking to himself.

Adriel: The series of loud thuds surprised her making her whip her head and look beyond her, stopping what she's doing for a while. She puts her knitting tools beside her and she slowly stands up as if trying to feel each sound where it is coming from. Hearing it louder from the right, she goes to that direction to look for the source of the sound.

Demetri:Demetri collapses to the ground and starts crying "Gods its not fair!"

Adriel: Later, she finally saw a boy continuously punching a tree and even yelling at someone but Adriel saw nobody else near the area. She sneaked behind a tree and watched the boy to see what he was up to and when he just collapsed, Adriel flinched in shock and ran to him. Her instincts told her the boy needed help. As soon as she reached him, she knelt down beside him and asked worriedly holding him by the shoulders, "Are you okay? Are you okay?"

Demetri:Embarrassed Demetri quickly stops crying when he notices he is no longer alone and blankly stares at Adriel "" he says in a whimper. 

Adriel: She stands up and extends her hand to the boy. "Come on," she gently tells him, "stand up. Your clothes will get dirty." She smiles.

Demetri: He takes her hand,and  slowly stands up off of the ground. “its unlike me to show emotion,im sorry for acting like a infant...Its just the anniversary of something...” he says rather nervously.

Adriel: She smiles at him warmly hiding the feeling of temptation to read his mind because of her curiosity finding it rude to just peek in someone else's thoughts so she just asks, "I do not mean to pry but what is this... anniversary?" She adds later on, "If it is too personal then no need to answer."

Demetri: “its...its....erh...” he pauses and looks down “Today is the anniversary of my fathers death...” he mumbles quietly.

Adriel: She bites her lips and grimly says, "I'm sorry..." She feels bad for even asking such a question and so she thinks of something to lighten up the mood. "I'm Adriel." She extended her hand for a shake.

Demetri: He manages to smile at her "You must think i'm a lunatic...after the whole tree punching thing,huh?" he shakes her hand.

Adriel: She shakes her head and gives him a smile. "No, no," she says, "who am I to judge you?" She then puts her hand back down. "Mind telling me your name, good sir?" she asks kindly.

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