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Hoshiko: She walks around camp with her earbuds in her ears and doesn't pay attention to her surroundings.

Paige: She was watering the plants with a sprinkler around their cabin as she hummed a song as if she was doing it for the plants.

Hoshiko: She sings a song without realizing that Paige was nearby.

Paige: She faced to her right and saw Hoshiko. "Oh, hi there!" She waved at her. She seemed familiar like she already met her somewhere in camp. Though they didn't talk much and didn't see each other all the time so she kind of forgot the girl's name.

Hoshiko: She takes off an ear-bud since she thought she heard something for her music was turned up very loudly. Hoshiko looks around the scenery to see if anybody was there and saw Paige. "Oh, it's... What was your name again?" She said as she turned down the volume of her music

Paige: She stopped watering the plants for a while and talked to the girl. "I'm Paige," she said with a smile. "And I believe I have met you before... am I right? Did we um... hm... I think we haven't really introduced ourselves back then if we did meet."

Hoshiko: "Yeah, i think we've met before but as you said, we didn't introduce ourselves." She said as she silently hummed to the song she was listening to.

Paige: She chuckled. "Very well then. Should I repeat my introduction?" She smiled.

Hoshiko: "I think i caught your name. It's Paige right?" She asked her.

Paige: "Yes," she said with a grin. "And you are?"

Hoshiko: "Mairin Hoshiko Sato." She said in her Japanese accent. "Many people call me either my first name or my middle name. But it's totally up to you on what you'd like to call me." She smiles.

Paige: She was overwhelmed by the sound of the Mairin's name. It sounded so... complicated. "M-Marylyn-what?" She said in confusion. "I'm so sorry. Could you repeat that, please?"

Hoshiko: "Mai-rin Ho-shi-ko Sa-to" Hoshiko said while trying to break down the syllables as best as she can.

Paige: She nodded as Mairin pronounced every syllable of her name. "Mai-rin... Ho-shi-..." she tried to copy what she said. "You know what? I'll go for Mairin." She laughed at herself.

Hoshiko: She smiles, "Yeah, a lot of people think that my first name is way easier to pronounce. So, what cabin are you in?"

Paige: "Oh!" She gestured to the cabin just right in front of them. "Ta-da!!!" She grinned at Mairin. "The Demeter Cabin!"

Hoshiko: "I like the looks of this cabin. At least it's not filled with rottening smelling perfume like the Aphrodite cabin." She said while giggling at her own words.

Paige: She burst into laughter when she heard how Mairin described the Aphrodite Cabin but then she covered her mouth with her hands and gestured the quiet sign. "Sssshhh!" She chuckled, "Keep quiet about that matter. I have a friend from that cabin." She teased Mairin.

Hoshiko: She made a ":P" face. "Well, I really don't care what they do to me if they found out i said that. For all i know, they'd probably be spraying cheap perfume on me as a punishment that can be easily be removed just by taking a bath."

Paige: She laughed at what Mairin said. This girl had some humor. She put down the sprinkler she was holding and put her hands on her waist. She sighed then smiled at Mairin. "You know how I should be feeling right now?"

Hoshiko: "Very pissed off and angry that I said suc a thing about that particular cabin because one of your friends is in that cabin?" She asked her with a smile.

Paige: "Eeeexactly!" She replied, "But since you've got some good sense of humor, I don't feel that way at all!" She laughed even more.

Hoshiko: She laughs with her. After a couple of seconds, she calms down. "So Paige, how was your life before camp?"

Paige: She little by little stopped laughing. She cleared her throat as she was about to speak. "Well..." She rubbed her arm. "My life before camp, eh? It was... great." There was sadness in her everytime this kind of topic arises. She couldn't help but think of her dad everytime people ask about her life 'before' camp. She tried to mask her sadness with a smile and she was pretty good at it.

Hoshiko: She noticed the tone in her fake message and decided to leave that alone. "Well, I had to leave my dad so he wouldn't be in danger by all of those monsters outside of camp. It's hard right? When you can't visit them..." She stares off in the scenery.

Paige: "Well, we can always ask Sir Alexander to allow us to visit our loved ones outside camp but I don't think we can stay out for long. You know how dangerous it is out there... for us, demigods."

Hoshiko: "Yeah, that's why I don't go back home often. We demigods are a magnet for monsters."

Paige: She tilted her head and shrugged. "Got that right." She sighed.

Hoshiko: "So, who are you're friends here in camp?" She asked trying to change the subject.

Paige: She knew Mairin was trying to change the subject but it was good that she decided to. "My friends? Well... I've got a few." She nodded. "Yup. And as I've said, one belongs to the Aphrodite Cabin." She chuckled.

Hoshiko: "Anybody you like?" She makes a :3 face.

Paige: "Hm..." She looked up then back at Mairin. She slightly turned her head to her right while her eyes still on Mairin and she did a half-smile. "No..." She shook her head. "Not really."

Hoshiko: "ah, okay." She plops down on the ground, tired from standing up for so long


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