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sasha and alex 2.0

Alexander: It was 7:55 pm and he wore a plain white button down with cargo shorts along with is white and blue jordans. He'd set up a really nice date for the two by the beach, and he was hoping that Sasha would like it, since he spent most fot he day getting it done. He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He'd also brought her a fiery red rose, grown by a child of Persephone. He prayed that it would explode as a stupid joke. After taking one more deep breathe he knocked on her door. 

Sasha: She wore this outfit , for this date she was being pulled to. Her hair was swept up into a loose bun and she was wearing red hot glasses and her lips her bright red. She opened the door and with a "I don't care about you" smirk  she said, "I'm ready. Where are we going fat ass?" She grabs her leather bag with the essentials inside. She snatched the red rose away from him. "Oh goodie, were going to have a corny date. Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby.", she says sarcastically, rolling her eyes. 

Alexander: His attempt at trying to have a good date was ruining, by Ms. Sassy Pants. He rose an eyebrow when she called him fat-ass, but ignored the insult. "We're goin' to the beach." He stated.

Sasha: "Will this be a candlelight dinner? Ooo maybe we'll have a private bungalow so you can try to get with me.", she says glaring at him when saying bungalow. "Nope. Nope. This will be a corny and cheesy date. Oh, I want violins and romantic music!", she says rolling her eyes.  

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