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Keira:Keira walks out of the training arena, wearing a simple turquoise tank top and jeans, her hair in a messy ponytail. She spins her sword three times, one clockwise, one anti-clockwise, and clockwise again, and it turns to its necklace form. Sh puts it around her neck, but no matter how she tries she can't close it. "F*ck," she murmurs the swear almost absentmindedly, as the necklace slips from her fingers and falls to the ground.

Luther: After Anthony left his place Luther decided to go for a walk to clear his head. He liked Keira a lot, but Anthony made him smile more than he had in a long time.As he's walking he spots Keira she bending down to pick up something and Luther walks over to her, smiling. He kneels down next to her and reaches for the necklace, "Hey"

Keira: She jumps as she hears his voice, and glares at him, even though a smile already found its way to her lips. "You scared me." She stands up straight and dusts her jeans off, still smiling at him, careful not to let any of her frustration show on her face. She liked Luther, quite a lot on that, too, but she honestly didn't now what was it between them. They'd kissed, hell, they even slept together that one time she got a bit too drunk, but they've not spoken about any of it, not really. She was confused, frustrated and slightly irritated. But she just smiled.

Luther: When she smiles back at him he looks into her eyes, her best feature in his opinion, and suddenly he can't tell her. He couldn't hurt her like this. She had just gotten that spark back in her eyes. He smiles at her and goes behind her so he can put the necklace back on her, making sure the clip is secured. His fingers trail over her neck thoughtfully. He really didn't know what he was going to do, wanting to be with Anthony but not wanting to hurt Keira...

Keira: She hums at his touch, which surprises her a little. She bites on her lip thoughtfully, because, really, she was so lost. But she couldn't help but admit that, even though very confused, she was happy once again, after a long time. A fact that, in turn, made her even more confused and lost. Pushing those thoughts away, she brings a hand up to touch her necklace, and asks the first thing that comes to her mind. "What's up?"

Luther: Trying to remain casual he mearly shrugs, "Nothing much. " Someone who knows him well would be able to read his blank expression as a sign that somehting was definitely wrong. Luthers pokerface was so good that it was automatic tell for lying, ironic really.  In truth he felt guilty, about hurting Keira, and anxious, knowing that the truth would come out eventually. Probably sooner rather than later. He turns her around and smiles at her again but it's a little forced this time.

Keira: Unfortunately for Luther, Keira does know him well. At least well enough to know that that smile is fake. She frowns and puts her hand over his shoulder in a comforting manner, before looking him in the eye. "Is everything alright, Luth?"

Luther: He puts a little more effort into the smile and places his handes on her waist pulling her close, "Course love." Then he kisses her. This is all done on instinct like it's the only way he knows how to handle these kinds of situations, by dieverting the attention from himself and the problem. So he kisses her passionatly, hoping to distract her as well as himself.

Keira: Although taken aback by this sudden turn of things, she takes little to no time to wrap both her arms around his neck, sinking her fingers into his hair and kissing him back. Gods, she'd missed him, and she really didn't realize how much until now.

Luther: He leans in her, deepening the kiss. It hadn't exactly worked. While he was somewhat distracted by the kiss all he could think about was Anthony and how he had been kissing him only seconds before, how his mouth had felt against his. The things that they had done with whip creme and chocolate syrup back at his cabin, as the thought pattern progressively gets less PG13 he begins to get *coughcoughwinkwink*

Keira: She moans softly, because, Gods, she'd forgotten how good his lips felt and tasted against hers. Her grip on him tightens and she pulls herself closer to him, their bodies touching and not much space between them. She bites on his bottom lip softly and tips her head a little more, changing the angle of the kiss and thus deepening it further.

Luther: Damn was she a good kisser. She knew just the right spots to touch with her tongue and when she pulls him closer deepening the kiss and biting his bottom lip he can't help but moans softly. Finally he breaks the kiss to come up for air, he doesn't say anything just takes her hand and leads her to his cabin. When they arrive at his room it's just like he left it. There are cloths everywhere including a shirt on the ceiling fan >.< and dark stains which are actually chocolate syrup. Take out food cartons are everywhere and there's a severerly melted carton of icecream on his bedside table. The garbage bin is tipped over showing a thrown away picture of Brock, the garbage tipped after Anthony had fallen off the single bed >.<. It's basically a pigstall and it's surprising that there aren't and bugs in the room. 

Keira: Upon seeing the utter mess that he called a room, she breaks down in laughter. At first a very unladylike snort, then full-on, heartfelt laughter. She manages to get on phrase out, "You should hire a maid." This is the most she's laughed in months.

Luther: He thinks of Anthony in a maids costume and grins real wide, "Yea, maybe..." The guilt is starting to come back and he really doesn't want to think about it, especially seeing her so happy, so he lifts his shirt off and tips her chin up, once again grasping her lips in his.

Keira: She grins into the kiss and runs her hands up and down his now bare torso and back. She gets dangerously low and finally hooks her fingers through his jeans' belt hooks, not breaking the kiss even for a moment.

Luther: Stuff happens, there's a lot of sweating, and the exchanging of fluids. So we are just going to do a time skip so people like unu aren't scarred for life. Basically they are both fitting on his single bed and he has his arm wrapped around her  and his holding her close, but already he's feeling guilty for what he just did. Almost like he was betraying Anthony and Keira at the same time.

Keira: She is lying in his arms, using his chest as a pillow, looking and feeling very content. She traces paterns on his upper arm with her finger and smiles, a little soft smile, mischievous and just simply happy. In the back of her mind, she knows that she should talk to him, ask him what this was, but she can't bring herself to say even single word.

Anthony: He's walking into Dionysus' Cabin trying to find Luther but as soon as he gets to the door of Luther's room he walks straight into the wall banging his head, causing it to open a wound a bleed a lot, he quickly falls the the ground unconscious but still breathing.

Luther: ''He hears a loud bang and then a thump. Curious to see what the noise was he slips out of Keira's hold and puts on a pair of boxers nothing else, "I'll be right back." He walks out of his room, a few feet away he spots Anthony of the floor. There's a pool of blood next to him and he quickly runs over to him kneeling beside him, "Anthony!" He shakes him a little, clearly panicked.

Keira: Hearing all the noise, she gets worried and quickly puts her underwear and jeans on, not bothering to find her shirt in her haste. She walks out of the room and instantly notices all the blood, Anthony's unconscious form and Luther crouched over him. She runs over and kneels down beside Luther, "What happened?"

Luther: "I-I'm not sure. He's a clutz probably walked into a door or something..." He takes Anthony, picking him up and making sure his head is supported and carries him over to his bed. The bleeding has slowed down but he still it gets all over the bed sheets. "Keira can you go get some bandages, they are in the bathroom."

Keira: She nods briefly and goes to the bathroom. She comes back a few minutes later, carrying a first-aid kit. She sits down on the be next to Anthony and opens it. Holding Anthony's head up slightly, and starts wraping some bandages around it, nibbling on her bottom lip.

Luther: He watches her patiently, not really saying or doing much but staring at Anthony. When shes's done he lets out a breath that he didn't even know he was holding. Finally turning to her he says, "Thanks." Then he turns back to Anthony hoping that he would wake up soon. 

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Anthony: His eyes begin to open as he starts to flutter his eyelashes, he moans softly before putting his hand to his head not really remembering much that happened that day. "W-w-where am I?"

Luther: Relief washes over him when Anthony finally wakes up and he scoots over to get closer to him. Almost forgetting that Keira is right there he brushes some of the hair out of Anthony's eyes, "You walked into a wall and split your head open. You're in my room now."

Anthony: Weirdly as soon as Luther touches him Anthony feels sort of like he's home instead of in some complete stranger's room, he still doesn't notice Keira as he's still not even half awake and is too preoccupied with Luther.

Luther: He smiles, all he really wants to do is kiss Anthony and hold him. But to be honest he's still mildely aware of Keira's presence and decides that now might not be the best time. So he just gazes into Anthony's eyes and smiles because that's what Anthony did to him, made him smile even if he really didn't want to.

Anthony: His eyes flutter closes again, probably more due to the fact that he's absolutely exhausted after doing 5 all nighters in a row. However before he goes to sleep he managed to grasp Luther's free hand with his.

Keira: She looks from Anthony to Luther, then their hands clasped together. She looks at Luther again, sees his smile, a smile that could only be described as loving, and suddenly she knows. But she till feels the need to ask. Careful as not to show how it hurts her she looks down and asks, "Who is this?"

Luther: He gives Anthony's hand a quick squeeze, then he hears Keira and is  snapped out of his sort of trance like state, "Oh, his name is Anthony we're...we're friends." 

Keira: She frowns, "Friends?" Wasn't she friends with him, too?

Luther: He looks at her and shrugs, kinda annoyed at her persistence. "Yea, a friend. Why?" He really doesn't want to answer this, the questions. He knows she knows, but he doesn't want to deal with this right now.

Keira: She looks as if he had just slapped her. Luther had never spoke to her with that tone before. Her temper flares and she stands up, after picking her shirt up. She puts it on and starts walking toward the door, "Right. I'll leave you and your friend alone, then." She grabs the first item that catches her eye, an empty bottle of wine, and throws it at the nearest wall. She doesn't look as it shatters and broken pieces of glass fall all over the floor. She walks out of the room, shutting the door behind her with a loud bang. As soon as she's out, the tears start falling.

Anthony: He wakes up with the loud bang and quickly looks at Luther, shaking. "What was that?" He starts whimpering starting to get scared.

Luther: He shrugs, trying to act indifferent. "No one really...the girl who was here left." He doesn't tell Anthony about Keira, not wanting to shake things up between them. For the first time in a while he was happy and he didn't want to do anything to change that. So he just strokes the Anthony's hair and kisses his forehead.

Anthony: After Luther comes back up from kissing his forehead Anthony quickly, but softly, pulled his face down towards his again before slowly brushing his lips against Luther's a slight smile forming on his face.

Luther: He smiles back, his hands begin to wonder a little lower and he meets Anthony's lips with his own. When he was with Anthony all he wanted to do was smile. He felt guilty about what he had done with Keira, but he would be damned if he told Anthony. Unfortunately for him he didn't notice that Keira's bra was haning on his lap shade >.< 

Anthony: He doesn't notice the bra and as such and doesn't really know. Even if he did see the bra he wouldn't have cared as he loves Luther too much to be angry at him for more than a second. As Luther's hand wander they grace Anthony's hips and as so he squirms a little in his arms before moaning softly as his hips are probably one of his more ticklish places.

Luther: Luther wouldn't have admitted it to himself, but he loved Anthony or the closest thing he had come to love. But he was scared to admit it to himself, he wasn't the best with relationships and didn't want to get hurt. He grins against Anthony's moans and lightly grazes his hands around Anthony's more sensetive spots. He leans into Anthony deepening the kiss with as much passion as he could muster.

'Anthony: As Luther start to brush against his more sensitive spots he grinds his body against his, moaning slightly more loudly than he did before before grasping his arms around Luther's neck as he begins to kiss him passionately and Anthony does so back, matching the intensity.

Luther: He moans softly and slips his hand under Anthony's waist band, easily slipping off his pants. He works his hand in ways that aren't appropriate for the young minds of this wikia >.<.


Anthony: The two males wake up sticking together with sweat and another substance. Anthony has his arms around Luther, his head lying on his chest and a soft breeze blows through the window. He moves in Luther's arms and while asleep begins to kiss at his neck.

Luther: He holds Anthony close to him and slowly wakes up. When he sees that Anthony is still asleep he smiles and cuddles him. Slowly he slips out of bed and gets dressed to go grab something to eat.

Anthony: As soon as Luther leaves the bed Anthony begins to reach his hands out as to say, "Come back", for he wants to cuddle more.

Luther: He doesn't notice Anthony reaching out to him, so he walks into the kitchen and takes out some pancake mix and a pan. He melts some butter in the pan and puts the pancake mix in flipping them like some of those fancy chefs do >.<

Anthony: He whimpers wanting Luther to come over back to him, hoping Luther can hear him from all the way on the other side of the cabin.

Luther: Obviously he can't hear him but he does return like 25 minutes later with a platter of pancakes, chocolate syrup, and some milk. When he sees Anthony still in bed he can't help but smile finding him very cute with his tossled hair and such. Walking over to him he sets the food to the side and climbs into the bed plate in one hand he eats while lying next to Anthony. 

Anthony: He puts his arms around Luther as he lays back down beside him, snuggling close into him, hearing his heartbeat as he lays his head on his chest.

Luther: He snuggles into Anthony then takes a can of cool whip that is still on his nighttable and sprays it on his neck before leaning down to kiss/lick it off >.<

Anthony: Anthony is a very heavy sleeper so he doesn't feel Luther doing this like at all.

Luther: He finishes up his pancakes and places the plate on the floor before snuggling up next to Anthony again and falling back to sleep.

Anthony: His eyelids flutter open as he's curled up beside Luther, he then begins to kiss down his neck, softly, like butterflies landing on his neck.

Luther: Being only half asleep he feels the kisses and can't help but smile. Enjoying the way Anthony's lips feel against his neck he doesn't move, savioring the moment.

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