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Charity and Lachlan

Charity: She stands in the forest, firing arrows at some random trees

Lachlan: He walks into the forest, holding two ice cream sandwiches in his hands.

Charity: She fires an arrow that just whizzes past his face, "Lachlan!"

Lachlan: he grins "You almost killed me with that arrow." he gives her an ice cream sandwich

Charity: "And luckily, it missed!" She takes le ice cream sandwich

Lachlan: "My mom is the goddess of luck" and he makes the XD face

Charity: She nods playfully, "I know...its kinda why I said it...."

Lachlan: he laughs heartily, "Well what do you wanna do?"

Charity: "Well, I was practising, but seeing you're here, I'll get distracted." 

Lachlan: "Well, we should eat these ice cream sandwiches first before we practice"

Charity: She smirks and folds hr arms, "Prepare to get out practiced then."

Seamus and Heathcliff

Seamus: He sits on the porch of the Hermes' Cabin

Heathcliff: He walks over to him with his light blue headphones on."Hey."

Seamus: He looks up, "Oh hey!"

Heathcliff: "What'cha doing?he sits beside him

Seamus: He shrugs, "Nothing...why?"

Heathcliff: He looks quite amused "Are you bored?"

Seamus: He nods slowly, "Mhm...again, why?"

Heathcliff: he looks up trying to remember something "Sorry. I forgot what I was going to tell you." makes an XD face

Seamus: He looks at him, before grabbing his hand and pulling him so he's sitting next to him, "Remember now?"

Heathcliff: he makes a mischievous face "Nope."

Seamus: He sighs jokingly and kisses Heath, "Now?"

Heathcliff: he smirks "You're gonna have to try harder to make me remember"

Seamus: "And this would include?"

Heathcliff: "I dunno."

Seamus: "So you want me to try harder, yet you don't know what this would include? Wow, smooth Heath, smooth." 

Heathcliff: "Suppose you don't know you're the first guy I ever dated."

Seamus: He tilts his head, "You're confusing me now..."

Heathcliff: "Nevermind." he grins then kisses him.

Seamus: He smirks into the kiss before pulling away, "Shouldn't we take this...I don't know...inside?"

Heathcliff: he smiles, "Fine."

In le cabinn

Seamus: he sits down on his bed :P

Heathcliff: "Well, we're inside. What do you want to do?"

Seamus: he yawns, "I'd wanna sleep, but seeing as y ou're here, I can't."

Heathcliff: he chuckles "Then why did you bring me in here?" he then throws one of his pillows at him then laughs

Seamus: He shrugs, "It was cold outside, problemmm?"

Heathcliff: "Nope. But I was just wondering, do you have a DS?"

Seamus: He smirks, and rolls his eyes, "Well duh, kid of Hermes over here."

Heathcliff: he chuckles "But Hermes isn't the god of Nintendo. Anyway, what kind of games you got?" he makes a face like :3

Seamus: He shrugs and nods towards a draw on his cabinet, "Go check. I've lost count to be honest."

Heathcliff: he makes a :O face and brings out his DS "Wanna battle on Pokemon?" 

Seamus: He smirks again and walks over to his cabinet, gets out his DS and <insert Pokémon game here>, "Sure then."


Heathcliff: He kisses him while simultaneously tugging on his body


Seamus: He smirks into the kiss and pulls Heathcliff closer to him


Heathcliff: He pants, "Well, that was fun." he starts to get dressed

Seamus: He like, is just laid there in his bed, " was...."

Heathcliff: he buttons the rest of his shirt up, "Are you hungry? Because I certainly am."

Seamus: He shurgs and gets dressed, "Whatever you want babe."

Heathcliff: he crosses his arms, "Well let's go then, sexy."

Seamus: He smirks and picks Heath up bridal style, "Okay then."

Heathcliff: "Damnit, Seamus put me down." he starts to frantically wave his arms

Seamus: He clutches Heathcliff tighter and twirls around a few times, "Hahaha, no chance."

Heathcliff: "Fine. But if you drop me."

Seamus: He rolls his eyes and kisses Heathcliff's forehead, "Yeah, cause of course I'd drop you."

Heathcliff: He chuckles, "Of course you won'the puts his hand over Seamus' hand

Seamus: He pretends like he's going to drop him.

Heathfliff: "F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!" he flails his arms like a maniac again

Seamus: He laughs and snuggles Heathcliff close, "Don't worry babe, I wouldn't do that."

Heathcliff: "That scared the living sh!t out of me, Seamus"

Seamus: He sticks out his tongue, "Was meant to."

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