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Jason and Ro ~ Carmen's Birthday Ball

Ohana in Hawaii

Drake and Keira in Hawaii

Drake: Knocks on Keira's room door at four in the morning

Keira: Opens the door, ready to shout at anyone who woke her up Who on earth-Drake?

Drake: Grunts We're going to Hawaii.

Keira: Furrows her eyebrows Hawaii? At... Checks her watch Four in the morning?

Drake: He sighs Just go pack your stuff... it's important.

Keira: Grabs his hand and pulls him into her room, closing the door behind him What happened? Starts packing some stuff

Drake: Sighs and runs his hand through his hair as he starts walking out of her cabin My step-mum called and.... my dad's in the hospital.

Keira: Her eyes widen Oh my Gods... I'm so sorry, Drake.

Drake: Shrugs It's nothing that bad.... let's go, 'kay?

Keira: Takes his hand in hers and smiles slightly 'K


Time-skip and they're in Hawaii now?

Drake: Rents a car and slips into it You coming?

Keira: Nods and takes the passenger seat 

Drake: Starts driving until they reach a house by the ocean and parks We're here....

Keira: Bites her lip and looks at him Everything's going to fine. Smiles reassuringly and slips out of the car

Drake: Sighs and slips his hand into hers as he unlocks the front door My step-mum and dad are in the hospitalso we got the place to ourselves, I'll go visit him later.

Keira: Squeezes his hand I'll come with you... Enters the kitchen Do you have any idea where the coffee is?

Drake: Adele likes it a lot so... opens a pantry, takes out a coffee machine and some <whatever you make coffee with> jackpot.

Keira: She smiles slightly and makes coffee for both of them and sits on the counter

Drake: He sips his coffee and stares out the window

Keira: She hugs him Everything's going to be okay..

Drake: He snaps How do you know?!

Keira: She bites her lip I-I...

Drake: He rolls his eyes and returns to staring out the window

Keira: I know how hard this is for you, Drake... I'm only trying to help.

Drake: He sighs and looks at her I know, I'm sorry.... this is just so much pressure on me though....

Keira: She sighs We should go to the hospital.

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