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Brook: She ran through the forest, full speed, she wasn't running from anything she just enjoyed feeling the wind brush against her body whilst manouvering her way through the trees. Slowly she came to a stop and leaned against a tree to relax. Evantually she pushed herself off it and brushed her hair back off from her face. She looked around with a frown. Where was she?

Ivan: He is enjoying a walk in the forest as a relaxation after a hard day at the climbing wall and at basic training he is dressed in a simple shirt and some blue jeans eyes closed and humming standing in Brook's direct path.

Brook: She turned around to glare at Ivan with a scowl heavy on her face. She realised he wasn't going to stop since his eyes were closed so she spoke up. 'Excuse me. Do you have trouble opening your eyes? Or do you prefer to go around the world blind?' she said sarcastically.

Ivan: He smirks and laughs "Just enjoying life who are you" He opens his eyes and looks at the girl who is standing before him a distance of about three feet or so in front of him.

Brook: She narrowed her eyes at him. 'I could ask you the same thing. A girl, alone, in the forest, no one knows where she is, and she meets a strange man. Anything could happen.' she said circling him before going back to face him with crossed arms. 'And no one would know. So why would I trust you?' she tsked shaking her head.

Ivan: He smiles and conceals himself and shadow travels into a tree, "Well, I don't have any intention of harming you I am completely unarmed and have stayed out of a three foot radius of you"

Brook: She turned to look at him deadpanned. 'You can shadowtravel. Even better. Well that could change at any moment with that little trick up your sleeve. And how would I know? I'm not a mind reader.' she tsked.

Ivan: He shadow travels back down and unloads all his possessions which consist of a book and a pack of gum. "Want to check any of those you can that's all I got on me"

Brook: She rolled her eyes. 'Okay. I am not convinced you are a serial killer out to get me.' she snorted waving her hand. 'I don't need to search you.' she said before looking at him up and down before looking back to his face with a raised eyebrow. 'My names Brooklyn, Brooklyn Riley.' she said sticking out her hand.

Ivan: "That's awesome, glad the Supreme Court cleared me of that" He says and takes her hand in a gentleman like way "I am Ivan Concord"

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