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Faith: She was at the shore by the lake seated on the ground looking over the horizon. The place was peaceful, not many people were there. She closed her eyes as the cool breeze blew on her face. It was the perfect time for her to reflect. When she came to think of it, she hadn't done anything productive yet besides training and those kinds of stuff. She wanted to do something more... something... exciting.

Cece: She's a little ways away from Faith, but, close enough to at least see her. Cece had been looking for a nice spot to train her close combat skills, as she had never really been very good in that area, always choosing to use a bow and arrow when necessary for a fight. As the cold breeze washes over her, she smiles, thinking of her goddess, the one that she had so much to repay, even after all the years. She notices Faith rather quickly, her Huntress, or, perhaps, just her womanly instincts telling her that she needed to talk to that girl, about something. Slowly, she makes her way to the girl and, stands behind her, looking for something to say...

Faith: Her eyes were still closed and she was in a very relaxed state that she wasn't able to feel another person's presence. She breathed in the fresh air and let out a shaky breath. What if there's really nothing for her to do? She's just stuck in camp bound to do the same thing everyday.

Cece: She looks at the girl and, smiles at how serene she is but, instinct still drives her, a slightly nagging feeling telling her that something was going on with this girl. So, she gently nudges the girl with her foot "Uhm... excuse me, young Ms.?" 

Faith: She immediately opens her eyes when she suddenly feels something behind her, something that poking her. She looks over her shoulder and sees Cece. Her eyes widen surprised to know someone is actually there. She quickly stands up and faces Cece. She folds her arms and says, "What do you want?"

Cece: "Oooh. Hostile... And, this time, surprisingly enough, you aren't a fellow Huntress. New experiences everyday, I guess." She holds out her hand to Faith "My name's Cecelia Casca, but, I prefer just Cece. And, you?" 

Faith: She looks at Cece's hand feeling hesitant to shake it but then she takes it anyway. With a twitch of her upper lip, she says, "Er... Faith. Faith Justice." She doesn't normally do that but why on earth now? She immediately lets go of Cece's hand and rolls her eyes. "Now make it quick. I don't have all the time in the world. What--do--you--want?"

Cece: "I like being friendly, so, I guess I just came over to say hi and introduce myself.."

Faith: She notices Cece's silvery aura and finds it odd that she has that. She squints her eyes thinking, 'Why in the Hades does she have that silvery thing all over her?' She raises an eyebrow. "Who are you, really? Are you even a demigod?"

Cece: She shakes her head "Nope." She pops the p in the word "Born mortal."

Faith: She knits her eyebrows. "Huh..." She rubs her chin. "Interesting. And why do you..." She gestures at Cece's whole body not really knowing the right term to use. "Um... glow or whatever?"

Cece: She shrugs a bit and, smiles at Fath "I guess it's, uh, a side-affect of becoming a Huntress. I don't really notice it anymore, so, I guess you get used to it after some time..."

Faith: She raises an eyebrow and folds her arms. It's the first time she met a Huntress. "Huntress, huh?" she says nonchalantly but actually it got her interested. "How's life?"

Cece: She crosses her arm and bites her lip, not exactly keen on the subject of her life "Well, it's going. And going. And going. It's almost tiring, being alive for a couple thousand years but, you always find new ways to keep yourself happy."

Faith: "Really..." she replies, "Huh. Ain't that boring? A thousand years have passed and you still live?"

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