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Vayle and Serenity

Vayle's Room

Serenity: (She frowns.) What's the point of it then?

Vayle: "Well, we can talk about other things," she said and then hesitated a little, "We could just be here together or even do other things."

Serenity: "...ok, I guess that'll be fine." She sits down again awkwardly.

Vayle: Vayle leaned against her, lightly wrapping her hand into Serenity's. She laid her head on her shoulder and closed her eyes. Regardless of all that had just happened, she enjoyed just being with her.

Serenity: Serenity tensed up when she laid her head on her shoulder. 

Vayle: She sat there breathing deeply for a few moments. Feeling Serenity tense up, she slid back behind her and placed her hands on her shoulders and began to massage her lightly, but firmly.

Serenity: "T-that feels sort of nice," She says sort of awkward/nervously. Vayle's actions seemed a bit too random.

Vayle: She slinked closer and wrapped her arms around Serenity and began to kiss at her neck. She wasn't sure why but she was trying to be more intimate than before. The first time they had been together felt so impersonal. She wanted to change that.

Serenity: It was supposed to be impersonal. They had just met. But, at the moment, Serenity hadn't quite realized Vayle's intentions. She put her hands on Vayle's arms and tilted her head. 

Vayle: Vayle interlocked her fingers with Serenity's and slowly moved her lips from her neck to her cheek. Her breath flowed softly across Serenity's face as she kissed her once more.

Serenity: Serenity suddenly froze up. She got up and walked out of Vayle's room, then Aeolus' cabin quickly.

Vayle: Vayle chased after her and stopped at the door of Aeolus' Cabin. "Wh-Where are you going?"

Serenity: She looked sort of spooked. "This isn't right."

Vayle: "What do you mean?" she didn't understand or maybe didn't want to, "What isn't right?"

Serenity: "I don't know...I just need to go for a little bit." She left quickly, heading back to her own cabin.

Outside Aeolus' Cabin

Vayle: After Serenity left, Vayle had returned to her normal routine. She stayed around her cabin unless she had to eat. At this time, she was sitting at a table just outside the cabin reading the sequel to the book she was reading when she first met Serenity.

Serenity: After Serenity had had her space, she returned to Aeolus' cabin to apologize to Vayle. She approaches her slowly, almost meekly. "Hey..." Serenity said, in a trying-to-be-happy tone as she walked up behind her. "I'm so sorry about the other day."

Vayle: Surprised to see Serenity again, Vayle jumped after she turned to look at her. "H-hi," she said, a waver in her voice. She wasn't entirely sure what to say.

Serenity: "Do you forgive me?" Serenity understood that she wouldn't say much--due to her anxiety, she assumed--so she basically gave her what to say.

Vayle: Vayle continued to say nothing. She simply sat there on the bench at the table. After a moment she slid down slightly, leaving room for someone to sit next to her, and turned back toward her book.

Serenity: So you're just going to ignore me?

Vayle: She paused a moment then sighed, "I don't know, I feel like I should, but I don't want to." She eyed down at the empty spot next to her, then to Serenity and then back to the seat. "I-I guess just sit down and we can talk."

Serenity: Serenity sat beside her. "What do you want to start with...? Since there are...quite a few topics at hand right now." This all felt weird and foreign. So...un-Serenity like. She wasn't used to having to deal with things that were too serious or effected other people too much. It just wasn't how things were. Things were way more laid back, relaxed. More of a 'enjoy the ride' type of deal.

Vayle: "I-I don't know. I'm honestly surprised we're talking at all." She stammered nervously, "I guess we should talk about us."

Serenity: "Yeah, that's what I meant. Topics about us."

Vayle: "No, I meant us specifically." She looked down and away. "I mean, what are 'we'?" Her heart began to race awaiting her response.

Serenity: "I don't know. I really don't."

Vayle: Still not looking at her, "W-well, what do you want us to be?"

Serenity: "I want you; but I want freedom as well."

Vayle: "And what do you mean by freedom?" she said hoping not to hear the answer she expected.

Serenity: "I don't want to be tied down to one person. I've tried that before and..." She looks away, hoping not to offend Vayle.

Vayle: "I-I..." she trailed off. She quickly stood and walked away toward her cabin.

Serenity: "Vayle, please don't..." Her face dropped into her hands. "Don't do this. Please."

Vayle: "Y-you don't get it," she said after stopping, "I-I can't do th-that. I love you too much."

Serenity: Serenity's quiet for a second. "We could try to..."

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