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Alyce and Lucian

The Forest

Alyce: Alyce sprung over fallen logs with catlike grace, racing at top speed to get to her destination. Upon reaching her preferred section of dense woodland, she kicked up dried leaves as she skidded to an abrupt halt. The female gazed around her proximity, observing the silence of the forest with mild interest. She sucked in oxygen and cast a fleeting glance down at her watch to attain the new record. She smiled at her little victory and ran a hand through her obsidian hair.

Lucian: Perched on a branch, Lucian watched Alyce from a safe distance. He was quite impressed by her agility and dexterity. However, she eventually left his view which became obstructed by trees and foliage. Curious as to who it was he saw, he decided to follow.He created a bight white beam of moonlight which cascaded from branch to branch toward the direction she disappeared to. He then walked across the beam of light. He came around a large tree and caught her in his sight once again. He quietly climbed down to a branch on the tree and continued to watch her.

Alyce: The blinding beam of light had caught her keen eye and she spun towards him, lauching a knife in Lucian's direction. The blade embedded itself into the three trunk just a fraction to the right. It had sliced a very tiny scrap into the flesh on the side of his neck. She expelled a puff of water vapor, rubbing her face with her pale hands. "Gods, why did you scare me like that?"

Lucian: He spun around and caught the knife with an artificial moon about the size of a basketball. As the moon decayed away into a fine glittering powder he grabbed the knife and turned back toward her. He ran his thumb along the small cut and brought the blood to his tongue. He dug the knife into the side of the tree and used it as a handle as he pulled himself forward. He eyed over at her and replied, "No reason." A cheeky smile covered his face as he Continued to look at her, studying her.

Alyce: Alyce watched him skillfully lap up the blood from his flesh with the tip of her tongue, a look of childish wonderment adorning her pale features. She snapped out of her trance and grumbled a string of curses and insults under her breath before stalking towards the tree. She gazed up at him and then to a perch near him. She carefully sprung up and flipped her body, using the momentum to launch herself up onto her desired spot. She reached out her palm for the knife.

Lucian: He dislodged the knife carefully and reached his hand, with it, out toward hers. However, instead of giving her the knife, he flicked it back into the tree and grabbed her hand. He leaned forward and kissed her hand, a smirk still across his face. After coming back to an upright stance, he released her hand and then grabbed and gave her the knife. "It is nice to meet such a beauty in a place that matches," he said as he turned his head back and forth, motioning toward the surrounding forest area.

Alyce: Her eyes went wide at his mannerly gesture and she recoiled slightly, her hand pressing tightly against her bosom as she regarded him closely. It was clearly not a gesture she was accustomed to. "A beauty?" she echoed and her hand shot out, snatching her knife back before she flattened herself against the trunk of the tree, attentively watching his every movement.

Lucian: "Yes, I must say," he said as he watched her intently, "You make this place seem quite dreary in comparison." He turned toward the clearing in the forest and gazed out at it. As he did, multiple streaks of moonlight began to flow out from the foliage above like silky ribbons cast over a mantle. He turned back to her, a smile on his face and a glint in his eye and the moonlight slow faded away.

Alyce: "So you are, in fact, a son of Pandia." She leaned back on the balls of her feet, somehow easily balancing on the branch. She twitched the corner of her lip, dismissing all his compliments and that painstakingly handsome smile he offered. 

Lucian: A disheartened grin fell on his face. "Yes, well, I enjoy making things more beautiful if possible," he said looking her square in the eyes, "However, unlike the dimly lit forest, I currently see no room for improvements."

Alyce: "You're quite the charming demigod. That is something I am not used to," she commented and leaned forward, her eyes locking with his. "You're definitely someone I'd like to keep around."

Lucian: He smiled slightly but quickly wiped it away. He took a step closer to her and inquired, "Is that an invitation?" He took another slight step closer until he was only about half a foot away from her.

Alyce: She clicked her tongue against the roof of her mouth in quite the thoughtful manner, her brows furrowing at the man before her. "It could be," she concluded with a genuine smile. "My name is Alyce Montague."

Lucian: "A name befitting your beauty," he said softly, "My name is Sir Lucian Tryon of the Tryon family. It is a pleasure to meet you." He took another step forward, no only an inch or two away from her.

Alyce: "No, I am not a decent of Romeo and Juliet. They were fictional and did not have children," she mused. Alyce inclined her head as he moved closer and closer towards her. "Nice to meet you, sir Lucian."

Lucian: He laughed slightly, "They also both died. Makes having children a bit difficult." A long time passed as he stood there, staring into her eyes. He had the strong urge to kiss her but also felt content simply staring into her eyes. After a while he broke the silence, "Might I have your permission to kiss you? I quite hope you say yes because I'm rather inclined to kiss you regardless of your answer."

Alyce: "Yes," she granted him the permission -- seeing as he would steal one anyway. Why put up a fight? She cocked her head at him before straightening herself up. 

Lucian: An evil looking grin crossed his face as he lightly pressed his body against hers, pushing her back against the tree behind her. He leaned in slowly and pressed his lips against hers as he closed his eyes.

Alyce: Alyce did not instantly close her eyes as his lips touched hers. She waited a few seconds before she allowed them to flutter shut. Her soft hand found his cheek and her thumb stroked gentle circles.

Lucian: He placed his right hand upon the side of her stomach, resting the side of it on her hip. His left hand found itself grasping her hand that was touching his face. He was completely entranced by her and could not pull himself away.

Alyce: As if on cue, Alyce broke the kiss but pulling back. She offered him a smug look of amusement, her eyes half lidded. "How have you been, son of Pandia and sir Tyron?"

Lucian: Slightly flustered, he mumbled, "I-I think it's safe to safe I've never been better, love. Nothing else can compare." He stood there looking into her eyes for a few moments longer until he realized he was still pressed against her. He quickly backed up. "Sorry," he said with a heavy shrug, "I was, uh, a bit distracted."

Alyce: Alyce captured the front of his shirt just as he was slithering away from her. "Ah, ah. Not so fast," she drew slowly and pulled him back against her, head tilting. "I don't want you to go anywhere." She mused and sprung from the tree, landing lithely on the ground with a dull thud. She begun to back up, beckoning him with her finger.

Lucian: Instantly, he glided down toward her on a beam of moonlight and stepped down right in her wake and followed, quite, interested in her and her current manner. He had never been quite so interested in a woman before, at least not like this. He smiled as he followed her contently.

Alyce: She captured his face in her hands as they both halted in the middle of an open clearing where warm sunlight spilled down upon the both of them. She pressed her lips to his and carefully pulled him down onto a bed of soft grass.

Lucian: He smiled as he felt his lips once again against hers. As he sat in the grass with her, the warm embrace of the sun came down from above while a cool feeling emanated from the ground below. He gently pushed her down on her back into the grass and rolled to be slightly on top if her as he continued their wonderfully prolonged kiss. His left hand ran up her arm and stopped along her neck, below her chin while his right hand was used to keep himself upright.

Alyce: Alyce gently arched up off the ground, creating a small space between her lower back and the ground. She removed his lips and traced soft kisses along his jaw before returning to his lips -- which seemed to fit together like puzzle pieces.

Lucian: As she arched her back, her body pressed further against his. He enjoyed this so much her could barely take it any more. His hand that was along her chin he removed and slowly ran it down to her hip. After hesitating slightly, he slowly began to slide his hand under the bottom of her shirt. He smiled, reeling his head back slightly for a moment, as he felt the warmth of her body against his hand and then he leaned back in and softly kissed her again before reeling back once more. "I hope I'm not being to forward," he said, the same smile still upon his face, "But I can hardly help myself."

Alyce: Her dense lashes fluttered slightly at his exploring hands, her lips parting slightly to allow a silent groan of pleasure to escape her full lips. She gently rubbed herself up against him to the best of her abilities before she paused as he spoke, carefully listening to his words. She measured them and tested them out in her mind, flipping them over before carefully looking up into his eyes. "Shut the hell up, sir Lucian... and kiss me." 

Lucian: A devilish smile lapsed over his face as he fervently pressed his lips against hers once more. He wrapped his right arm around her back and rolled over on to his back, her with him. Her on top of him now, he slowly slide his hand up her side, pausing slightly as his fingers passed each of her ribs. He then ran his other hand down her other side until it rest upon the back of her thigh.

Alyce: She let out a soft noise that bubbled deep within her throat, eyes shutting once more. However, they quickly flickered open as they moved. Now straddling the man, she smiled darkly. The dark haired girl leaned down and ran her tongue along his lower lip, fingers dancing down his chest.

Lucian: Completely invigorated by their current endeavors, he bolted up to a sitting position, her now in his lap. Wrapping his right hand around her ass, he pulled her closer to him. With his left, now even high up, he found it along the lower strap of her bra. Hesitant, he merely let his hand rest there, for now. With the front of her body pressed against his, he looked down slightly and began to kiss her neck. One by one he kissed her neck, moving slowly until his lips found hers once more.

Alyce: A soft noise of surprise escaped her lips as he bolted up. She slipped her legs around him until they rested comfortably. "Goodness," she breathed and tangled her fingers into his dense locks, tipping her head back to better expose her neck. She felt shudders splinter down her spine at the soft touches of his lips. In fact, she currently met those lips as he returned. She had been massaging soft patterns into his roots.

Lucian: While kissing her still, he began to move to his knees, lifting her up and laying her down up her back and pressing himself against her again. After a few moments, he sat up slightly and took a deep and much need breath. As he sat there, looking down at her, that same devilish smile came upon his face again. He placed both his hands on either side of her waist and slowly slid her shirt half way up, exposing most of her stomach. He studied her pale skin intently as he gently caressed Her right side with his hand. His other hand he brought to her face and ran is thumb along her cheek slowly.

Alyce: Alyce silently obeyed as he moved her once again. She removed her hands from his hair and brushed them through the blades of grass, observing him closely. She smiled in return at his impish grin and licked her lips to moisten the flesh. She shuddered softly at his soft stroking of her soft side and pallid cheek.

Lucian: In this moment, Lucian felt quite powerful. He had all these things he wanted to do and seemingly free range to do them. She had yet to offer up any resistance, in fact it was quite the opposite. As all sorts of thoughts pulsed through his mind, he finally decided on a course of action. At that time, he then removed his shirt, baring his flesh in front of her. He leaned back down and began to kiss her again. While kissing her, he used his hands to slide her shirt up even further, it now at her neck line. He paused a moment to look down in enjoyment and smiled before returning to kissing her.

Alyce: Alyce watched him closely remove his shirt and admired his flesh, her eyes roaming his figure before he returned to kiss her. As she felt his fingers pry up the hem of her skirt more and more each time, she grew impatient and grabbed the edges, her arms in an "x" position. The girl ripped the fabric from her body and haphazardly tossed it aside. She leaned up and met his lips.

Lucian: He smiled at her anxiousness and continued to kiss her. As they kissed, he slid one hand back down her side and grabbed her ass once more while the other hand found its way to her chest. He cupped her breast with his hand and could feel his body heating up more and more as he did. He felt as if his blood was going to boil over. He looked down and began to kiss the exposed upper part of her breast. A deep and pleasureful sigh escaped from him as he did so. He returned his face to her and looked into her eyes. At that moment, everything halted. He simply looked into her eyes deeply with no mind for what he was doing or what he was going to do. He was purely lost in that second and wished that it would never end. Of course, he knew it would but he couldn't help but hope.

Alyce: The daughter of Athena arched back up off the ground, willing him to move closer to her. She suddenly yearned for his body heat. She sighed softly and knotted her fingers into his dark locks once again, shuddering slightly as he kissed the sensitive top of her bosom. Gooseflesh splintered her pallid skin but the girl didn't seem to notice -- all her attention was locked upon the noble man who currently loomed over her and stared into her eyes. His were vastless plains, unlike hers which were abysmal. She moved a hand, stroking at his cheek gently with her elegant fingers in an affectionate manner. "Sir Lucian..." she murmured softly. She didn't have a reason for speaking his name -- she just liked the way it rolled off of her tongue.

Lucian: Continuing to stare into her eyes, he said, "You have very beautiful eyes, you know that?" He didn't wait for an answer. Just moments ago he was prepared to simply sit there and stare at her but now, he found himself overcome with a sort of primal desire for her. He was confused by it, he'd never felt this way before. However, while confused, he didn't mind it. In fact, he liked it. He had already experienced a sort of power over her and liked the way he was in control. His hand on her chest slid up to her neck. He grabbed it lightly but firmly. His other hand had begun to undo the button on his pants. He looked down, motioning toward her pants as well, hoping she would understand his intentions.

After a period of passionate relations, Alyce and Lucian decided to go to sleep. She had mentioned that two people sleeping with each other, after...well...sleeping with each other, is said to bring them closer together. While he was not sure if this was lust or something more yet but wanted to find out, Lucian agreed. The two laid in the grass for hours, the warm sun coming from the foliage turning to a cold moonlight.

Alyce: Alyce woke with a start, flinching. She sat up and rubbed at her face before glancing over at Lucian. She couldn't help but smile softly at his sleeping frame. She leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek, attempting to wake him.

Lucian: With a hand instantly at her throat, he jolted awake. After a moment, realizing where he was and that it was her, he recoiled his arm. "Sorry," he said looking slightly away, "You startled me." He sat up and grabbed at his shirt that was a few feet away.

Alyce: The second his hand was near her throat, the point of a dagger was pricking gently into his bare skin. She did not allow enough pressure for it to draw blood. It was like an instinct. She pulled the dagger away and allowed him to get his shirt. She stood and dressed herself before sighing. "Good morning." She gestured to the sun. "We slept here last night."

Lucian: "Yes," he said, grabbing her shirt and tossing it over to her, "It seems we did." He slid his shirt over his head and looked off into the distance. He seemed off, not flowing with the same confidence he normally had. He felt off as well. He wasn't sure of the feeling, as he had never felt it before. If he had to put a name to it, he would chose vulnerable.

Alyce: "What's wrong?" she inquired softly, casting him a careful look.

Lucian: At first, he didn't respond but after moment he turned to her. He looked down at her hand a grabbed it. He did so because he couldn't find the strength to meet her gaze. He continued looking down, "It's nothing." A flaccid small crept over his face.

Alyce: She offered a passive smile, her fingers curling into his. "As long as you are fine."

Lucian: His fake smile subsided. He still wasn't sure what to make of all of this. He knew he enjoyed her company, but he didn't feel as strong as he did when they first met or the night before. The only problem he face: how to get that strength back. He looked up at her, still avoiding direct eye contact. "So, what now?"

Alyce: "You leave because you don't feel the same as you did last night. Possibly because you are satisfied. Go ahead, leave. I get it a lot. Plus I can tell by your body language and different personality." Alyce turned indifferent within seconds, her guard going up once she figured him out. She crossed her arms and turned on her heels, stiffly walking to a tree. She gazed up at a perch and then lithely made her way up to it in a graceful manner. 

Lucian: "That's not it at all!" he shouted up at the tree after she had made her way up there. "The fact that you could imagine that I wasn't satisfied is beyond me. Were you even there, because there's no way I couldn't be?" Her words angered him in a way. How could she think that, he thought to himself. It was ridiculous. Little did he know, her reactions were the spark of what he needed.

Alyce: Alyce turned her face away, a dark smirk splintering her features. She knew that this was all he needed to keep him enticed. It was clear what kind of relationship they were going to have. Love-hate. That was her favorite. The girl slunk from the tree and made her way over to him. "Let's go swimming then, sir Lucian."

Lucian: "But I--" he cut himself off then said reluctantly, "Fine, let's go swimming." He was caught off guard by her smirk, but enjoyed it all the same. Now he saw it, she was playing his emotions from the start. He hated for it, but still he wanted to be with her. He turned and began to walk deeper into the forest, "Follow me, there's a nice river over here we could use. It's deep enough." He walked onward, not looking back, hoping to anger her back.

The River

Alyce: Alyce seemed to grow quiet as he walked and if he were to turn around -- he would notice her absence. In fact, the girl had been so slyly silent on her feet, she had taken a different path and ended up at the river before him. She inclined her head, posed like a model on a flat rock, her head tipped up to embrace the warm sunlight. She cast a grin in his direction, as if mocking him.

Lucian: He acted as if didn't notice her, but her gaze stung at his skin as if hundreds of bees were swarming around him. He shot a ginger smirk at him, trying taunt her in some way though he wasn't quite sure what way that was exactly. He turned to the water, rolling his shirt up and then removing it. The sun shown on his body. He hoped that he tempted her in some way and knew not to look over at her, lest he fall for the same type of temptation. However, unable to resist, he peered over at her from the side of his eye.

Alyce: Alyce arched a brow, smirking wider at his blunt ignorance. She cocked her head and watched him remove his shirt but the second he attempted to catch her eye, she balefully looked down at her nails, observing them as if they were more interesting than him. She was smiling darkly and to add onto the moment.

Lucian: He jumped up on the rock and stood next to her, his eyes peering down into her. "Nonchalant are we?" he muttered just loud enough for her to hear him. He smirked slightly then offered her a hand.

Alyce: She offered a quick glance back at him, observing his expression. "The second I do it, it's a slap on the wrist for me, hm?" she inquired with a dark tone but stood and gently took his hand. But paused an recoiled to rid herself of her shirt and pants. Her undergarments were the only attire to get wet tonight.

Lucian: Attempted not to examine her as much as he would like, he took her hand with his and walked up to the edge of the rock they stood upon. It hung out over the river, which lead down to a pond nearby. The river was about five feet deep in most places, some deeper and shallower. He turned to her, "Ready?"

Alyce: The girl stuck close to Lucian and peered into the water with a beam before she glanced back at the boy. She dipped her head. 'Yeah, I'm ready." She smirked and tightened her hand around his. "Jump with me?"

Lucian: He had the urge to push the girl into the water and laugh but her grip made it impossible. Instead, he decided to pick her, cradling her in his arms. "I suppose you could call it that." He lept toward the water. Normally, it would be quite warm but as it was mid morning, the water still held the chill that the night before had clad it with. He expected this, however, he was sure she would not.

Alyce: She squeaked as he swooped her effortlessly into his arms, eyes growing wide. "Wh-Wh!" She clung to him tightly as they soared into the air and plunged into the ice-cold water. She surfaced with a scream of fury. "C-C-Cold!"

Lucian: He surfaced moments before her, waiting for her reaction. As she screamed out, he grinned. "I know." The grin widened to a full smile as he released her to float on her own in the icy water

Alyce: Alyce glowered at Lucian and begun to swat water towards him, following. She grabbed his head and dunked him under the water before releasing in order for him to surface for oxygen. She narrowed her eyes.

Lucian: He didn't surface. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her down into the murky water. After he was sure she was submerged, he released her and rose to the surface and floated on his back, patiently waiting.

Alyce: She grabbed his floating body and turned it over, pressing her lips to his under the water. Her dark hair tickled gently at his face as the water urged it to move.

Lucian: Caught of guard by this, he didn't have time to take a proper breath. He still kissed her, but he strained not to choke on the water. After a moment, he pulled away, gasping slightly. He grabbed at her, wrenching her out of the water and pulled her to him, kissing her again.

Alyce: She grabbed back at him, tangling herself with the boy. Everything about what she was doing was rough. She urgently crushed her lips to his, spraying water from her quick movements.

Lucian: He pushed her back against a rock and pressed his hand to her face as they kissed. His actions were animalistic and fierce. His hand on her face descended to her throat. He couldn't figure out why but holding her by the throat made him feel powerful and that was what he wanted.

Alyce: She ignored the jabbing rock behind her and knotted her fingers into his wet hair, pulling him up against her body - which was slick with water. She let out a soft noise of amusement and moved her lips, hastily kissing the flesh along his collar bone.

Lucian: He grinned and pulled away from her, floating on to his back in the water. "So, tell me about yourself." His grinned widened. He was actually quite interested in her and what she might say, but he held a cool demeanor in order to make it look like he was just taunting her, just to get a rise out of her.

Alyce: "Not much to tell. I'm not all that thrilling." She seemed to relax as he put distance between them. She made her way back into the water and swam under the surface before coming back up for a breath of air. 

Lucian: "I beg to differ. I found you quite thrilling." He kicked softly in the water as he backpedaled toward her, his arm brushing against hers. "I don't see how you couldn't be an interesting story."

Alyce: Alyce grabbed his shoulders gently and pulled him towards her, her legs wrapping around his midsection to hold her up. "My history just isn't interesting. I'd like to hear about yours, however."

Lucian: His body sank slightly with her added weight. "Mine isn't all that interesting either." He sighed, feeling much like a patient at a psychiatrist's on the little couch-chair hybrid., "My dad was a great astrophysicist, until he met my mother. Once I was born and she had to leave, he ended up drinking himself to death." A shudder ran down his spine, "I don't really want to talk about this." He came to an upright position and waded in the water, looking down the stream.

Alyce: Just as he was ending his story, she grabbed his face and kissed him tenderly. She gently pulled back, her brows knit together. "Lucian?" she inquired softly.

Lucian: A bit halfheartedly, he kissed her back softly. As she pulled back, he took in a deep breath. "Yes?" Where they were in the water, he was able to stand flat footed and have about of third of his torso above the water. He waited, his feet feeling grimy as they touched the murky depths.

Alyce: She sheepishly looked down, allowing a strand of her hair hair to fall into her face. "I love you, Lucian." She felt the tops of her ears grow warm. The girl pulled her finger tips through the surface of the water, causing it to ripple and thusly creating a source of entertainment to train on because of her shy moment.

Lucian: He waded there, dumbstruck by what she had said. He still wasn't sure if he felt the same way. He still wasn't sure how to even know if he felt the same way. "I--I" he said, looking at her downtrodden, "I honestly don't know how I feel." The words broke from his lips like tigers from a cage. "I have no idea what love even is, let alone how to know if I feel it."

Alyce: She offered a faltering smile and dipped her head. The dark haired girl turned and dived back under the water but didn't exactly resurface. She swam down deep, her fingers swimming the murky bottom.

Lucian: He flung his head back in a single moment of self-hatred. Why didn't he finish what he wanted to say? Why did he stop there. He looked down, only able to see a slight shadowy figure in the water and waited for her.

Alyce: She resurfaced quite a great deal of distance away from the noble man, her back turned on him. She flipped back her dark hair and lifted something to observe closely with her keen eyes. Her guard had gone up -- and it was as if he wasn't actually there anymore.

Lucian: Hearing her surface, he looked out at her in the distance. "Alyce," he said, a slight falter in his voice, "He didn't let me finish." He waded closer to her but still kept some distance. "Just because I don't know how I feel doesn't mean I don't want to know." He paused. "All I know is, I am attracted to you, too much so to be honest, and I've never felt like this for someone before." He moved closer once more, now only a few feet away. His voice lowered in volume as he got closer, "I don't know what love is, but I'd like to find out, if you'd let me."

Alyce: Alyce did not turn towards him, but simply absorbed his words. "If you say so," she replied bluntly. She glanced over her shoulder at him. "Go ahead. You need to know what love is." The girl leaned back down and fished her hand into the water once more, her face breaking with concentration.

Lucian: He broke the gap between them and grabbed her by the bicep of her arm and pulled her to a standing position in front of him. His grip was firm and his voice was less apologetic, "Look, don't do this." He broke off for a moment as he grabbed her other arm with his other hand and aligned her body to face his. "Can you not just accept my feelings as they are? I'm not saying I don't feel the same way, I'm just saying I don't even know how to know if I do. It's not like I tried to run away or anything when you said it. I'm still here!" The last thing he said had a slight yell to it, as if he was trying to get a point across. He stood there, still holding her, awaiting her reply.

Alyce: Alyce stared up into his face, her face twitching slightly at the grip on her arms. She inhaled a deep breath and exhaled, calming herself. The girl had dropped bright blue seashells that she had gathered and glared up at the man. "I accept your feelings, you fool. I know you are still here. I feel you still here." She ripped her arms from him and advanced, almost knocking him over with his closeness. "I accept your feelings even if I don't show that I do."

Lucian: He stumbled back when she wrenched from his grasp. Allowing it he went on. "Then why are you being so distant?" He shouted, probably a bit too loud for how close they were.

Alyce: "It's to keep me safe and unharmed!" she screamed back, her eyes flickering with anger. If he pushed any further, she would be seething.

Lucian: "So, I'm sticking myself out here to figure out exactly what this is and you're just going to retreat back and hide!?" Anger could be heard boiling in the back of his throat. He'd never been this angry with someone before, besides his father. He felt betrayed. He couldn't understand why she was so afraid. "You say you love me, and then when I can't return the feelings you hide away and say it's so you don't get hurt. Do you realize how crazy that is? You can't be in love and hide like that, it doesn't work that way, I know that much." He stepped closer to her. His anger kept rising but that wasn't it. He felt bad about yelling and just wanted to comfort her.

Alyce: "Maybe." She said at first and it was casual but as he advanced, her seething grew like a breath of oxygen on a fire -- making it grow more and more untamable. "Do you not see the reasoning in that? When a man cannot return love, it only seems smart to just back off. You want to know why? Because that way you don't have to hurt! I don't want to hurt because someone can't figure out what they feel. You don't know." She growled lowly and backed up. "You don't know because you said you don't know what love is so you can't know."

Lucian: He lurched forward, grabbing her and pulling her to a slight embrace. "I don't give a damn." Both of his hands were on her shoulders. "I may not know if I love you or not, but I do know that I have some sort of feelings for you and that all I want right now is to hold you in my arms and kiss you. Do you not get that this is a first for me? It's completely terrifying and yet I'm out here in the open, not hiding in a shell."

Alyce: "Bring up my guard one more time and I'll have your tongue at your feet," she growled and allowed him to pull her against him. She tensed but soon relaxed, just waiting to see what he would do.

Lucian: Feeling her muscles relax in his grasp, he slid his arms from her shoulders around her back and held her close in a tight embrace. He kissed the top of her head before placing his chin in the gap of her left shoulder and her head.

Alyce: The girl couldn't help but nuzzle herself further into him. She had begun to shiver because of the cold air on her wet flesh. She pressed a gentle kiss to his neck and sighed softly.

Lucian: As he held her, they began to slowly rise out of the water. He had created a moonbeam under his feet and had it direct them to the top of the rock where there clothes resided. His feet touched down first and he lowered her to the ground next to him. He took a step back and looked into her eyes before closing his and leaning in to kiss her.

Alyce: Alyce watched him move towards her with a slight look of shock at first and then relaxed and leaned carefully into his kiss, her lips gently pressing into his. She couldn't get over how well they fit into his.

Lucian: Where they stood now, due to the river being there, was quite open to the sunlight unlike where they spent the previous night. However, today was much colder out than the day before and the water was not to warm either. There was also a slight breeze which made it all the much worse. He shivered a bit a he reeled away from the kiss slightly, before leaning back in to kiss her.

Alyce: She pushed against him, trying to steal his little body heat and possibly offer hers. She pressed her lips to his and then pulled them back before doing it again. 

Lucian: After kissing her the few more times, he reeled back once more, still shivering. "I think," he said, kissing her again between words, "We should find a place more accommodating. It's a little cold." He leaned in to kiss her once more

Alyce: The girl's hair had surprisingly already started to dry. She grinned and nodded. "Let's go back to my bedroom. I need to change and I think I could find you a pair of clean and dry boxers." She took his wrist and lead him away from the river.

Alyce's Bedroom

Alyce: Alyce ambled into the room, her undergarments still damp from the swim at the river. She dug around in a bag in the corner of her room and offered Lucian a pair of dry clothing. "Here. It's better than what you are wearing. Also, it's brand new."

Lucian: Looking back into the hallway before shutting the door, "Are you sure it's ok for us to just be walking around your cabin half nude?" He took the clothing, "And, while I appreciate it, why do you have new men's clothing in your room exactly?"

Alyce: "My siblings won't care about a guy walking in half naked." She shot him a look of amusement. "Even more so if he is handsome." She stripped of her wet undergarnments and quickly dressed herself back up again with full attire. "For new campers that came without clothing."

Lucian: He had a puzzled look on is face but said nothing in reply. He took the cloths and put them on over her boxers, which were pretty much completely dry and he wasn't much bothered by it. He looked around, examining her room with interest.

Alyce: "It's really boring," she commented as his gaze ripped over her room. She cocked her head and sat down in a chair, relaxing.

Lucian: After finishing his scan, he nervously sat on the edge of her bed, not quite sure where to sit. "I don't know." He looked around again, "It's more interesting than mine."

Alyce: "What does your room look like?" she inquired and sat beside him but quickly sprawled out with a yawn.

Lucian: "Well, it has four walls, a door, a bed, a table..." He looked at her, smiling as she yawned, "That's about it."

Alyce: She kicked him lightly on the head with her foot and grinned. "Oops," she cocked her head as he described his normal room. "I see. Sounds a lot like mine."

Lucian: Grabbing at the back of his head, he fell down against her bed next to her and looked over to her. "If you say so."

Alyce: She rolled onto her stomach and watched Lucian with newfound amusement, her brow cocking. "Hi," she murmured and poked his nose.

Lucian: Grabbing her hand and holding it, he sat back up and looked down at her. After squeezing her hand for a moment, he released it and placed his hands on her back. He began to apply light pressure as he ran his hands up and down her back, massaging her.

Alyce: She shuddered and arched her back so that he could get the tensed muscles, her eyes half closed. She gently brushed her nose against his with a gentle smile.

Lucian: He slid her shirt up slightly so that he could place his hands against her bare skin. As he continued to massage her, he leaned down and kissed her cheek softly, ignoring the contortion of his arms.

Alyce: She purred softly and tilted her head, enjoying the feeling.

Lucian: Moving his hands to her shoulders, he laid down against her. As his fingers slowly but firmly wrapped her shoulders, he pressed his lips against hers.

Alyce: Alyce pulled him close and met his lips, her own working gently against his. She enjoyed his lips far too much.

Lucian: He rolled her onto her back and laid against her again. As their lips met and writhed together, his body temperature began to rise higher and higher. He placed his hands at each of her sides, just above her waistline and began to slide them up her sides slowly.

Alyce: Alyce enjoyed the feeling of his rough hands against her smooth skin. She couldn't help but smile between kisses due to her skin being sensitive to touch.

Lucian: Once his hands reached the curves of her bra, he drug his hands back down he sides, his finely cut nails raking against her skin. He laid his forehead on the upper part of her chest and breathed heavily.

Alyce: The girl curiously tipped her head to the side and observed him closely. His heavy breathing made her fingers tangled into his dense locks.

Lucian: He rolled over on to his back, still breathing heavily but most of it had subsided. He looked over at her, a smile twirled around his face. "Trust me, it's not that I don't like where this was going, but can we just lay here?" He reached down and grabbed her hand and tried to interlock his fingers with his.

Alyce: "I was thinking the same." Alyce curled her head into the pillow and shut her eyes.

Lucian: Still having trouble reading her moods and voice, he looked at her with a puzzled face After a moment, he took a gamble. He slid closer to her and began to stroke the side of her arm with his hand softly.

Alyce: Suddenly, she turned towards him and snuggled her face into the side of his neck, sucking in all of his heat with a soft sigh. She kissed the flesh quickly and shut her eyes once more.

Lucian: Holding her closely to him, he too shut his eyes. Thinking about her and where they were at this point caused a smile to cross his face. He slowly began to doze off to sleep.

Alyce: She expelled a soft noise of amusement and snuggled in closer to the boy as he shut his eyes and begun to fall into the vastness of sleep. She gently touched her nose to his neck, allowing her warm breath to dance across the flesh.

The next morning.

Lucian: Waking in the morning, Lucian was immediately disoriented. His surroundings were unfamiliar and it took him a moment to release where he was. After realizing, he looked down at Alyce who was still sleeping in his arms and kissed the top of her head before sitting up and looking around, examining the room.

Alyce: The girl made a soft noise, trying to utter words despite her sleepy state. Upon the quick peck on her head, she roused slowly and blinked up at him, her lips moving gently as if to form words. She yawned and stretched out, making a soft but sweet squeaking sound before sitting up, her hair touseled but still flawless.

Lucian: He looked over to her and smiled. He raised his hand to her face and cupped her cheek. "Sorry, did I wake you?" His fingers slowly grazed to side of her face as he ran them along her cheek.

Alyce: "If I said no, I'd be lying." She smirked up at him and tilted her head.

Lucian: He smiled further at her smirk. Wrapping his arm around her, he slid closer to her and leaned in to kiss her. He stopped just as his lips were about to touch hers, taunting her to go the last little bit of distance.

Alyce: She let out a laugh and leaned forward to press those soft lips to his, eyes fluttering shut. She pulled back and instantly pecked him again.

Lucian: He writhed in pleasure as he pushed her down against the bed and pressed himself against her. He began to kiss her again while running his hand along her thigh and hiking her leg up so he could grab at her ass.

Alyce: She giggled and grabbed his hand, pulling him out of the bedroom. In a small room, she dragged the man. Inside was a couch and television.

The Livingroom

Alyce: She let go of his hand and walked towards the couch before flopping down.

Lucian: Letting out a slightly audible sigh, he followed her. Once they entered the room, he looked around to inspect his surroundings. He smiled and plopped on the couch next to her. He looked over to her and beckoned her to his lap.

Alyce: She grinned and slipped into his lap, the back of her head gently resting against his shoulder. 

Lucian: Lucian wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned his head down and began to kiss her neck softly.

Alyce: She squirmed a bit, her lips parting to allow squeaks of amusement to flow. She was clearly ticklish and the flesh he kissed was a sensitive section.

Lucian: One of his arms, he lifted up across her check and grabbed her cheek lightly. He used his hand to turn her face towards his pressed his lips against hers. The other arm remained at her waist and he slowly ran his fingers along the skin of her stomach.

Alyce: Alyce's lips gently danced with his as he placed his first kissed. She kissed him once again. The female pressed backed against him more.

Lucian: Lucian fell the side, pulling her with him to lay on top of him, his lips against hers the whole time. He kissed her for a moment as they laid there before pulling away. "Alyce," he said, slight hesitation in his voice, "I love you."

Alyce: Alyce moved with him like a current of water in a stream and gently rested her slender body atop his. "I love you too, Lucian..."

Lucian: He smiled and kissed her cheek softly. However, the calm intimate moment only made him want more. He slid his lips back to hers and ran one of his hands along her back to her waist line, his fingers slightly reaching under fabric of he clothing.

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