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This is Bambi and Raid's magical rp adventures!

Haython: He walks into the airport holding both of their suitcases. "Well my love we're here." He smiled down at her. He was absolutley extatic to be here with the woman of his dreams.

Riley: She smiles back and gestures to the suitcases, "Do you need any help? you've been holding them youself for quite a while."

Haython: "I'm fine Riley, I don't want you to have to worry about a thing." He walks with her through all security and eventually they're seated on the plane.

Riley: She looks out of the window, briefly watching the airport staff load luggage onto the plane before turning back to Haython, leaning her head on his shoulder. "How long is the flight?"

Haython: He smiles and puts his arm around her. He gently kisses her forehead. "I think they said around eight hours?"

Riley: She smiles, somewhat relieved, "Mmkay, that's not too long." As the hostesses give the really long saftey talk, Riley pays no attention.

Haython: He doesn't pay any attention at all and then pokes her forehead. "Booooooop."

Riley: She sits up, raising her eyebrow questioningly, "Boop?"

Haython: He nods and kisses the tip of her nose. "Boop."

Riley: The captain welcomes the passengers and briefs them for take off. As the plane starts to increase speed, she turns her attention back to the window and takes his hand in her own. 

Haython: Never being on a plane he attempts to hide his fear and does rather well. He interlocks fingers with Riley and smiles a bit, feeling more comfortable with her.

Riley: The plane takes off successfully and the seatbelt sign turns off.

Haython: He smiles a bit down at her and takes his belt off.

Riley:  "Ever caught one of these before?" she gestures to the plane, looking at him curiously.

Haython: "Caught a plane?" He laughs a bit. "It's my first time."

Riley: She's surprised, "Really? This my forth."

Haython: "Woah..." He smiles. "Well hopefully nothing bad happens." He smiles a bit nervously.

Riley: She chuckles and kisses him on the cheek, "Don't worry, it'll be fine."

Haython: He nods. "Okay, I'm going to go use the bathroom now, be right back." He kisses her on the cheek and walks to the back of the plane.

Riley: She puts on her headphones and chooses a song before looking out the window, watching the clouds with her music playing a little too loudly.

Haython: He comes back soon, not wanting ot bother her he slips into his seat and rolls over so that his back is facing her, he eventually falls asleep.

Time skip

Riley: The seat belt sign comes back on and she gently wakes Haython up, removing her headphones and yawning as she does so, having not slept the whole flight.

Haython: He buckles his seat belt, being in a daze he lays his head on her shoulder, gently.

Riley: The plane lands smoothly and the passengers are debriefed before being allowed to get off the plane. She stands up as soon as she can, eager to leave the plane and airport.

Haython: He gathers their things and they walk to the luggage pick up area. He get's their things and they go into the cab together. As their driving they can see several old Renaissance buildings. "Absolutly beautiful." He smiles at Riley.

Riley: She smiles back, pleased to see him happy and excited to explore a place she hasn't been before. "Yes, it is."

Haython: He smiles at her smiling and looks around. "Where should we go first after we get settled in to our hotel?"

Riley: She shrugs, "I don't mind, where do you want to go?"

Haython: He points to the colleseum. "There?"

Riley: She looks over to where he's pointing and smiles in approval, "Ooh that's where they used to have the gladiator fights, right?"

Haython: He nods smiling and watches it till it's out of view and soon they arrive at the 5 star hotel Haython booked for Riley secretly.

Riley: Though of course happy that he's spoiling her, she looks slightly annoyed, "Haython, you didn't have to."

Haython: "But I wanted to." He smiles down at her despite her annoyed look. "I wanted you to live in luxury while we're here.

Riley: Despite her best efforts, a small smile makes its way on to her face and she sighs, "Still..."

Haython: He blushes a bit at her smile and smiles back. "You should be treated extremely well while on vacation Riley."

Riley: She blushes slightly, flipping her bangs, "Right, well, let's get going." They thank and pay the driver and Riley exits the taxi.

Haython: He smiles at her blush and gets all of the luggage, they get their key and go to the top floor. Haython opens the door to reveal a beautiful penthouse suite.

Riley: She looks around, slightly shocked, before turning towards him, "Haython, you-" She sighs, looking down at her feet and then up at him, "I-I love you."

Haython: He gently caresses her cheek with his hand and smiles. "I love you too."

Riley: She leans forward and kisses him, lightly, before pulling back and giving him a small, appreciative smile. She then looks around the suite curiously, deliberately taking slow steps.

Haython: He kisses back softly and takes their suitcases, un packing them and then resting on the bed.

Riley: She ends up in the bedroom and walks around the room for a bit before sitting on the bed, drumming her fingers on the covers, "You've really outdone yourself."

Haython: He's laying down and his eyes are closed as he smiles. "Thank you, only the best for you."

Riley: She removes her shoes and lies down next to him, pecking him on the cheek before letting her eyes close.

Haython: He smiles and kisses her softly on the lips and relaxes next to her, smiling.

Riley: She rests her head on his chest and drifts off to sleep.

Haython: He smiles and falls asleep with her in his arms.

Time skip...

Riley: Hours later, Riley is still snuggling up to Haython, fast asleep, with no intention of getting up any time soon.

Haython: He is smiling while still sleeping, he's having a dream of him and Riley together. He is snuggling with Riley and not waking up anytime soon.

Riley: Eventually the sun is streaming in through the window and she grumbles, hiding her face in her pillow.