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Sean and Rose's trip

Rose throws the last of her cloths into a bag with a smile and sits on it to latch it Do you think I packed enough Sean?

Sean: You packed plenty, love. We can always wash stuff while there, if needed. And I will probably buy you a few souvenir shirts or something while we are there anyways.

Rose: Yes but i wanted to be prepared so I didn't embarrass you infront of your friends and family. looks at the few things still hanging in her closet  I mean I still have some more cloths if you think I might need them.

Sean: It's fine, really. It's a small town and they are used to all sorts of tourists and fashion styles there.

Rose:smiles so how long until we have to leave? looks him up and down with a smile

Sean: We probably should be on our way to the train station already. But we will have plenty of time together after we get on board. *smiles* If you let me get tempted now, I think we will miss our train.

Rose: Fine puts on a fake look of suffering I will just have to tempt you on the train.

Sean: I certainly hope so. It is a long trip. If you don't try to tempt me, I will certainly try to tempt you. He picks up the bags and heads for the door. Right this way, my sweet flower.

follows him with a smile Oh I would follow you anywhere Love

Sean: Got your potted plant all bundled up? It is going to be a bit cold for the first part of the trip.

Rose: smiles and holds up a over large cake carrier wrapped in a towel and tied with a scarf well of course you worry about keeping your rose warm and i will worry about mine. You did make sure they will let me keep it with me on the train right?

Sean: Yeah, they said it would count as a normal carry-on item based on the size description I gave them.

Rose: good cause I don't trust others with it. hands it to him here hold this while I get my coat and scarf and stuff

Sean: Holds the package carefully. I asked for a space with plenty of windows, so I hope it will get enough sun during the ride out there.

Rose: Oh I am sure it will be fine with both of us to watch it. so how long is the trip out?

Sean: A couple of days. About the same as if we drove by car non-stop.

Rose: so we will eat and sleep on the train then? do we have our own room?

Sean: Yeah. There is a dining car for meals, but the rest of the time we have a small room to ourselves. *smiles*

Rose: lays a hand on his arm and leans in to whisper in his ear how about we take my bush to our room and make use of the bunk or bench or whatever we are going to sit and sleep on.

Sean: Love, we paid for the whole room and we are going to use every part of it while we have it. *kisses her*

Rose: returns his kiss pressing against him oh then we best start

LCT OOC: Are we assuming they are already on the train? Or are they still on the way there?

Barbie OOC: still on the way just in the car driving there

Sean: Just a few more blocks. Then we can board the train and start putting our room to good use.

Rose: Oh I am so excited to get there.

They board the train and are shown to their room. It is small, but comfortable. There is an armchair as well as a small couch that converts into a small bed. There is a second bed that is suspended above the couch area with a ladder leading up to it. The room also has it's own small bathroom with toilet, shower, and sink. There is a also a small table under the window with a couple of bottles of water on it.

Sean: Guess we will have to plan on being pretty close for the next few days. *smiles and gives her a hug*

Rose:looks around while snuggling into him oh i don't know there are seprate beds. leans up and nibbles his neck or we can leave the couch a couch and share the one bed.

Sean: I like that plan. And we can seatbelt your plant in the chair. Not sure there is enough room in the shower to share that though...unless we get really creative.

Rose: smiles as she drags the chair infront of the window turning it to face outside Oh I am sure if we put our heads together we could figure out the shower

Sean: He tugs on the upper bed. Feels solid enough. Want to try it out together?

Rose: raises her eyebrow oh are you tired did you want a nap? or are we trying to see if this one squeaks?

Sean: I think the whole train is likely to squeak, so no problems there. I was wondering more if it would hold the weight of two people.

Rose: climbs up and strikes her version of a come hither pose

Sean: He starts to climb the little ladder to the upper bed. Hmmm, maybe we should strip down to basics for the first test. Get rid of anything we don't need...for safety's sake.

Rose: For safety huh? strips down to her skin like this?

Sean: Perfect! *smiles and starts to take his clothes off* And I mean that in more than one way.

Roserolls her eyes well if you want to touch perfection you best hurry up

Sean: Climbs onto the bed and stretches out next to her, running one hand over her cheek and into her hair. What? I am not worth waiting for now?

Rose leans forward and kisses him of course you are worth the wait but I am a delicate flower and I get cold

Sean: He pulls her up against him. Well we certainly can't have that. He kisses her and runs his hand from her hair down her back.

Rose: Mmmm I feel warmer already

Sean: He kisses his way from her lips down her neck to her chest. How about now?

Rose Mmmmm warmer and well alittle warm under the collar as well

Sean: I see...well, if it starts to get unbearable, you certainly have permission to do whatever you want to address the situation. He smiles and continues kissing his way further down her body.

Rose: arches with a moan mmm you seem to be addressing it just fine

Sean: So more of that then... He kisses his way down between her legs and starts down her inner thigh.

Rose: nods Mmmm yes but if you get uncomfortable do address your needs as well

Sean: All in good time. I can resist for a moment. I want to make sure you are taken care of first.

Rose: pulls him up for a kiss love you always take good care of me

Sean: Kisses her back lovingly And I always will. He then rolls over, pulling her up on top of him.

Rose: wiggles against him deepening the kiss and running he hands down his body

Sean: He runs his hands up and down her sides from shoulder to hip. combined with the motion of the train is rather amazing, my love.

Rose: I get better with a train I guess.

Sean: I would guess so too, but I withhold judgement until after we...have tried out the bed a bit more.

Rose: you are insatiable aren't you?

Sean: When it comes to you, oh yes! He smiles and kisses her more.

Rose: rolls her eyes I am glad it is just with me

Sean: I haven't done anything to worry you, have I? Is there anyone you feel threatened by?

Rose: places a hand on his cheek oh no dear I guess I am just alittle nervous about meeting your family

Sean: I already told you, everything will be fine. I am sure they will love you. I am much more worried about keeping your plant hydrated in the desert air.

Rose: I told you that you just worry about me and I will worry about my rose. it is rather easy to care for when you are a rose nymph. Plus I have water in one of my bags

Sean: So we both need to stop worrying as much then and just enjoy the trip.

Rose: and the bed, couch, floor, and anything else you can get me on or against

Sean: Obviously. He smiles and runs his hands over her hips and thighs. So, would you like to stay on top?

Rose:raises her eyebrow and as she raises herself up You mean like this? lines herself up and then slides down with a moan as he fills her

  • Time Passes

Sean: He holds her close and runs his fingers through her hair as he smiles and watches the scenery zip by outside.

Rose:snuggles into him with a sigh running her fingers over his stomach mmm this is nice just you and me alone.

Sean: If I become a nymph or spirit or whatever someday, I hope I am not rooted to one spot. I want to see the world with you.

Rose:Well it depends on what kind you become and if it is a plant based one how big your plant is.

Sean: What kind of plant do you think would suit me best?

Rose: I don't think you would be plant based at all. maybe something to do with your mother's relm

Sean: I have no idea what a spirit of grace would be like or be able to do.

Rose: well we would find out then no?

Sean: I guess...But now I am all worried I will be some sort of guardian angel for debutante parties and such...

Rose:Well what all does your mother encompase?

Sean: Pretty much grace and beauty. One of your mom's assistants, remember?

Rose: maybe you will be a manly tree

Sean: Maybe. What trees would look good with a bed of roses around them?

Rose: hmmm a popular or pine maybe

Sean: Pine would be good. There are a lot of those in the mountains near my home. They smell nice.

Rose: yes but it would have to be small enough to pot and take places with you

Sean: True. Aside from sawed off Christmas trees, most I have seen are pretty big and immobile.

Rose: yea you don't want it cut down

Sean: Maybe we can get all of our traveling done before then. Then tree time can be like retirement...of a sort...

Rose: laughs sweetheart I am sure you could get a baby pine to begin with if need be

Sean: He sighs dreamily. So I wonder what a child of pine and roses would be like?

Rose: Well I am guessing that they will be very happy

Sean: Laughs. That and they will probably be the best smelling kids for miles.

Rose: oh yes that too piney rose scented children.

Sean: I wonder how many we will have. We will certainly have a long time to build up a large family.

Rose: We uh can wait a bit for children right?

Sean: Well, of course, my love. I am in no hurry to die. I was just wondering...

Rose: When the time comes we will have as many as the gods provide for us my love

Sean: He hugs her even tighter. Whatever kind of family we have together, I am sure it will be great.

Rose: Mmmm yes and who knows maybe you will be a gemstone spirit or something like that

Sean: He thinks for a moment. You know, that might be pretty nice. Crystal roses sound like a very pretty blend.

Rose: watches the scenary fly by so does your family know we are coming?

Sean: Yeah. It is just my dad, but I sent him a message that we would be coming to visit. He seemed pretty excited.

Rose:WIggles with excitement grinding against him oh i am so excited. I will get to see Sean in his natural habitat.

Sean: I will give you the deluxe tour. Smiles. Just don't expect too much, there isn't much to see in my home town besides the nature trails.

Rose: does the deluxe tour have nudity? cause for some reason I think it does}}

Sean: Laughs. There are enough private spots out there that it could. Well, maybe a jackrabbit or two will see, but not much else.

Rose: I thought as much. you plan on getting me alone and then defiling me. smiles I like it when you defile me

Sean: That has such a negative sound to it though. I need to find a more beautiful term for the feelings you give me.

Rose: I make you grow with a feeling of warmth and happyness that can be only fulfilled by joining with my own warm and wet embrace of love and desire for you?

Sean: Yes. Smiles. But I was hoping for a description that says all that in fewer words.

Rose: You have an unnatural affinity for naked fun with me?

Sean: Unnatural? I think any sensible man would be smitten by such a divine being. If there is anything out of the ordinary, it is how much good luck I must have burned up in winning you over.

Rose: what is that you want to try out the bed again? Oh well yes of course Sean my love burn me up at your leasure

Sean: I take it that is hint that I am neglecting my poor rose bush?

Rose: You would never neglect me but we are naked and this is a bed

Sean: Right you are, my love. He pulls the blanket over them and starts kissing her all over.

Rose: giggles as a knock sounds on the door 

 Train Person: Dinner is served in the dining car

Sean: Hmm, not that I want to stop enjoying you, but maybe we should pause to refuel. And then come back here for dessert, obviously.

Rose: Hmmm, Food or you. Can't I have both?

Sean: Of course you can have both. I was thinking cheesecake and roses would be a nice combo. He kisses the tip of her nose

Rose: ok then lets get dressed and get this over with.

Sean: That's my shirt love. As good as it looks on you, you have to give it back or we will never make it to dinner.

Rose: pouts and puts on her own cloths fine but I am wearing it when we get back

Sean: I will let you take it off me if you let me take it off you afterwards. He laughs.

Rose: smiles mischievously you can take off my cloths whenever you want

Sean: Something I plan to take you up on, love. He smiles back at her Shall we? He offers her his arm.

Rose takes it and they step out of there cabin as they walk she whispers on his ear I think we may need a shower or nap after dinner.

Sean: Both sound pretty good to me, as long as I am with you. They enter the dining car.

Train Dining Car

Rose takes her seat with a smile So what did you want to eat Dear?

Sean: I understand pasta gives a lot of energy. Want to split a large order?

Rose: yes that would be loevely  as he orders for them she begins to eye the rose in the center or the table what a travisty it is fake.

Sean: Yeah, but think of it like a painting in tribute to you. He smiles. Besides. if it was a real one in that vase, it would be a cut one with very little time to live.

Rose: flicks it with her finger it doesn't even look real. 

Sean: Would you like me to ask them to replace it with something else?

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