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Tiffany and Leia

Trip to DC

Leia:Packs up her things for the trip Oh my,this is gonna be great!

Tiffany:yes and by the time we get there the tree and decorations should all be up and maybe Maria will have cookies

Leia: Oh I just adore cookies. She smiles and kisses her Thank you for setting this up love.

Tiffany:wraps ehr arms around her and kisses her as she shawdow travels them to her front step and here we are

Leia: Gasps at the house Its so wonderful...and impressive...

Tiffany: yea my grandparents have money walks through the door and stops before a painting of her and a girl who looks identical to her they miss my mom though

Leia: Looks at the painting also You both look very much alike...she's beautiful.

Tiffany: yea she was a cherry blossom nymph so she looks just like that in my baby pics too

Leia: Wow,that's amazing. Someone calls from inside the house That must be your grandparents...

a small dark haired woman in a designer dress hurrys up to her and envelopes ehr in a hug

Grandma: Oh my little princess you have returned and looks at Leia is this your Friend that you told me about?

Leia: Blushes but she smiles Hello,you must be Tiffany's grandmother.My name is Leia,nice to meet you...

Grandma: hugs her close oh you must call me Diana as you make my little Tiffany so happy. Oh and dear your grandfather has went away but he promises to be back in time for Christmas. In Paris ya know.

Leia: Wow Paris? Must be important business there.Anyway,its nice to finally meet you Diana.

Diana: oh dear yes it is a business trip but he is also getting Christmas presents. oh don't worry he knows you are here dear so he will get you something too.

Tiffanysmiles and kisses Diana's cheek are our rooms ready then?

Diana:oh yes of course I had the blue room made up for the two of you is that ok? Or would Leia like her own rooms?

Leia: Oh no I would love to stay in a room with Tiffany...Holds her around the hips It would be really nice for us...

Diana:Oh young love brings back memorys. well go put your stuff away and take a nap if need be dinner is at 6 and I will send Sarah up to help you two get ready looks over Leia she looks about your mom's size so one of her dresses should work

Leia: Thank you again Diana. She says as she makes her way to the room

pulls her into the room and presses ehr against the wall for a kiss

Kisses deeply and passionately,holding her close

Tiffany: pulls back breathing hard sorry had to do that

Leia: Giggles I'm not complaining,I loved that...

Tiffany: my grams is kinda awsome no?

Leia: Oh love,she is amazing.I really like her!

Tiffany:  could that be because she put us in the same room?

Leia: That and she is really,really nice...

Tiffany: yea she is

Leia: Oh come here you...She pulls her close again and kisses her deeply

Tiffany: wow love you can't keep your hands off me presses against her returning the kiss with passion

Leia: Slides her hands down her sides Well your just so amazing,you bring this side out of me...

Tiffany: good

Leia: Mm,good indeed She pulls her even closer and kisses her deeply

Tiffany:pulls her over and lays her on the bed would you like to take a nap?

Leia: Smiles and kisses her  Yes,that would be delightful...

snuggles up to her and closes her eyes

Smiles,kisses her on the cheek,and closes her eyes aswell

Time skip

a young woman comes in the room carrying a dress bag and walks to the closet

Leia: She wakes up after a good nap,yawning Oh my,that was refreshing..She sees the woman with the bag Oh hello there...

Sarah: oh hello dear are you ready to dress for dinner?

Leia: Oh yes,thank you. She gets up and stretches Where's Tiffany?

Sarah: Miss Tiffany is bathing. you are welcoem to join her if you wish

Leia: Oh I would love that,thank you. She grabs a towel and goes to where Tiffany is bathing.

Tiffany:looks up from the garden tub oh hello there little lady did you need a bath as well?

Leia: Smiles and giggles Mhm,indeed I do She strips down and joins her in the bath Aaah this is nice...

Tiffany: yes it is isn't it. I always enjoyed this big bath tub growing up

Leia: I can see why.The water in it is just right and so relaxing...

grabs her and pulls her into a deep kiss running her hands down her sides mmm yes very nice

Smiles and presses herself against her and kisses her passionately Agreed...

Sarah:walks in after a time alright girls time to dress for dinner out of the bath with you

Leia: Okay Sarah. She kisses Tiffany on the cheek before climbing out,grabbing a towel for herself,and makes her way to the room to dress Hmm,what should I wear....

Tiffany:walks up behind her and wrapps her arms around her waist I would suggest what is in the dress bag

Leia: She smiles with excitement and opens the bag. Oh my gods! It was the black dress she wanted so much.She turns to Tiffany and kisses her full on Its perfect!

Tiffany: it is not much I just told gram about what size you were when we first got together and decided I would bring you home for Christmas. blushes I hoped you would like it

Leia: Like it? Honey,I love it so much. Kisses her deeply Thank you and Diana...

Tiffany: slides into a white sweater dress you can thank grandmother at dinner. grabs her hand now come on best not to keep them waiting.

Leia: Agreed. They both come down the stairs for dinner.Tiffany in her white sweater dress and Leia in her new black dress.They both take their seats at the table next to each other Merry Christmas all.

Tiffany:yes merry Christmas

Leia: Oh and Diana,thank you so much for this dress,its so beautiful...

Diana: yes of course dear our tiffany said you would be in need of cloths to dress for meals and going out so I sent Sarah out with her former Mistresses mesurements to get them

Leia:Well she did a very wonderful job...

Tiffany: yes Sarah is a girft from the gods. I mean she bought my cloiths for the trip as well

Leia: And you look absolutely stunning in them my love...

Diana smiles fondly t the two girls as there salads are brought in "so tell me about yourself Leia. Have to make sure you are good enough for our Tiffany"

Leia:Well,I was born in a small town in Russia,but there were problems over there so bad that I had to move to America.Then I came to the camp where I met your lovely Tiffany here.At the time I was very shy and I had preferred to be alone at times,but then I opened up my feelings to Tiffany and she accepted them.I've loved her ever since I got to camp and I still love her now....

Tiffany:holds her hand and smiles at her as if I could resist you love. your perfect and beautiful

Leia: Squeezes her hand softly and smiles As are you love,you make me so very happy

Diana: I like you as you don't try to impress me amd you don't seem like a gold digger. I assume Tiffany did tell you she came from money right?

Tiffany: blushes uh no it never came up

Leia: It doesn't matter if she came from money or not.I love her for who she is and I always will...

Diana smiles serenly and the next course is served

Tiffany: oh Darling you know it is the same for me

Leia: Of course I know.I'm just so glad I met someone like you...

Diana:sees the looks Tiffany is giving Lea and clears her throat uhm girls please do try not to make out at the table the servants will be embarrassed

Tiffany:laughs yes because they have never seen anything like that with you and grandfather

Leia: Giggles Don't worry Diana,I think we could hold it for a while...

Diana: good they haven't gotten the image of Patrick and I on the library table out of there minds yet.

Tiffany: at least it replaced mom and dad in the hot house

Leia: Looks curious What is a "hot house"?

Tiffany: It is like  greenhouse but a lot hotter and used to grow things in the winter

Leia: Wow,sounds like a fun place to be at night...

Tiffany: I like the pool and hot tub better myself

Leia: Me too.Being in water really relaxes you a lot....

Tiffany: yes it does

Leia: Yeah,I think I might check that out later...

Tiffany: I would love nothing more than to join you

Leia: Oh love,I welcome you with open arms to join me

Diana: clears her throat uh girls should I warn the staff to steer clear of the pool and hot tub tonight?

Leia: Well,some privacy will be good at that time so yes,that would be very appreciative.

Tiffany: blushes and looks down at her plate yes thank you grandmother

Leia: Notices her blushing and makes a mental note Oh my this food is very,very good Diana.

Time Skip

Diana: stands up from the table well girls I am going to retire to my room for the night I am sure you can amuse yourselves

Leia: Oh yes,we'll manage.Have a pleasant night Diana.

watches as her grandmother leaves the room then shadow travels behind Leia twirling her around and pulling her into a deep drugging kiss

Moans softly as she kisses druggingly also pulling her closer and holding her thigh up*

Tiffany:blushes sorry had been wanting to do that since we walked down the stairs. Oh the way you walk baby

Leia: Blushes also but smiles Oh honey,i'm not complaining.I've wanted to do that all night.The way you move your body just drives me crazy...

Tiffany:would you like a tour of the hot house before we take a dip?

Leia: Mhm,i'd like that a lot Slides her hand into hers Shall we?

they walk along until Tiffany pulls her into a large glass enclosed room full of fresh veggies, fruit and flowers

Tiffany: Nice no?

Leia: Oh my,it is nice indeed. She observes all of the contents inside The fruits and vegetables look very very nice and the smell in here,its so wonderful!

she plucks a tulip and hands it to her

'She smiles and takes the tulip

Leia: Aww,thank you love,its so sweet. She moves close and kisses her I love you so much...

Tiffany: I feel so much love for you my dear, and I am happy you came home with me. I always dreamed of bringing my soulmate here

Leia: I am also very happy to be here at your home.I feel so great to be here with you and your relatives.You are the one person I love most in this world and I am glad that I have had the chance to meet you love.

Tiffany: yes thank the gods for that

Leia: Laughs softly You are very welcome.I wouldn't have said if I didn't mean it,which of course,I did mean it so very much.

Tiffany: Oh come here you pulls her close for a hard kiss

Leia: Hugs her tightly while kissing her hard and druggingly

Lifts her onto a table and starts nibbling on her neck as she goes to work on the zipper of her dress

Moans slightly while she undoes her dress and grabs Tiffany's bottom

kisses and nibbles her way down her body before stopping between her legs and driving her wild

She moans slightly loud in pleasure while grabbing her head softly

Looks up and winks before licking her lips and going back to work

Bites her lip as she goes to work before pulling her up

Leia: Wait,lets take this to the hot tub,no?

shadow travels them into the hot tub leaving there cloths behind

Leia: Smiles Mm,so sexy...

She leans foward and kisses her druggingly

Tiffany: Now where was I? sits her on the edge of the hot tub and goes back to her previous activities

Leia: She moans louder as the pleasure mixes with the relaxing water Oh baby,that feels incredible...

Tiffany: good it is ment to

Leia: Oh yes! She grabs her head softly and pulls her closer to her spot

does some less then PG-13 stuff to her

Time Skip

They both cuddle up together in the hot tub nude

Leia: Oh love,you are just fantastic...

Tiffany: and I am all yours you lucky thing you

Leia: Oh you Kisses her You make me the luckiest girl in the world.I'm so glad I found you

Tiffany: as am I

Leia: Mm,this feels so relaxing Cuddles some more and lays her head on her chest

holds her close and kisses the top of her head

Sighs in relaxation and kisses her chest

Tiffany: you are a true beauty you know Love. I could just eat you up

Leia: Smiles Oh,love,thank you for that.You are equally gorgeous and you drive me crazy with yourself

Tiffany: wraps her arms tigher around her now hush let us cuddle and enjoy the warm water

Leia: Smiles and cuddles against her and closing her eyes

lays back injoying the heat of the water and the feel of her body next to her

Rubs her leg lightly while her eyes are still closed

kisses her eyelids

Looks up at her and kisses her passionetly

Leia:Sorry I just can't get enough of you...

Tiffany: Nothing to be sorry about love

Leia: Smiles I'm glad... She kisses her again passionately

returns her kiss with just as much passion "mmmm love you taste good"

repositions herself so she's on top "So do you love,so do you" She begins to french kiss her softly

moans into her mouth

While doing so,she kisses down her neck,rubbing her body as she goes

Tiffany: mmmm what cha up to pretty lady?

Leia: Smiles flirtatiously Just giving my gorgeous woman some special treatment. She goes down and kisses and <censored> her chest while rubbing her <censored>

Tiffany: well you do make me feel special love

Leia: That's because you are very special my love,very special indeed... Goes lower and nibbles and sucks her <censored>

lets out a soft moan as her back arches

Smiles and continues the activity while rubbing her stomach as she goes

Time Skip

Tiffany: cuddles close to her you are wonderful love

Leia: Cuddles closer to her and smiles Thank you love,so are you. Carresses her forehead You make so very happy.

Tifany: Are you ready for bed?

Leia: By hearing "bed",she yawns loudly Very,let us get dressed for bed.

shadow travels them to the bedroom and goes to her dresser for a nightgown

Puts on her nightgown and shorts and gets into bed

Leia: My my,this bed is very,very comfy...

Tiffany: yup and it has a beautiful girl in it too I must sleep next to her of course

Leia: Pats a spot next to her Oh yes,of course you must.She very much wants you to.

crawls into bed and snuggles into her

Snuggles into her also and kisses her cheek

Leia: I love you so much

Tiffany: I love you more now go to sleep cause Sarah will be in bright and early to wake us up

Smiles and kisses her cheek again before closing her eyes and going to sleep instantly

Next morning

sarah walks in quietly pushing the breakfast tray in front of her "Time to wake up girls. Diana has a busy day planned for you

Leia: Sits up and stretches Really? What's the agenda today Diana?

Tiffany:streatches as well before heading for the small table on the patio is it the garden party today Sarah?

Sarah: yes you are going to the garden party and then the museum benefit tonight

Leia: Sounds like fun! I can't wait. Goes to the bathroom to wash up.Comes out to find clothes and puts on A black and white dress with black leggings and boots How do I look?

Tiffany: steps out in a figure flatering retro dress beautiful as always dear

Leia: Smiles Thank you love,you look as stunning also...gods,I cant believe how i'm with such a beautiful girl...

Tiffany: well you are now if you are ready we really need to get down stairs. Grandmother does not wait well

Leia: Well,best not keep her waiting.Let's go Theu both walk down the stairs

Diana oh thank the gods you guys are on time the car just pulled around. Leia have you been to a garden party before?

Leia: Shakes her head Never.What are they like?

Tiffany: boring you sit around drinking tea, eating mini sandwiches and cakes, and gossiping.

Diana: yes and Jessica will be there Tiff. She is convinced that you are still the girl for her

Leia: Looks puzzled Who is this Jessica?

Tiffany: I went to school with her and she is convinced that we are soul mates. laughs to bad I already have my soulmate huh?

Leia: Smiles Yes,yes you do. I hope there wont be any awkwardness or hostility...

Tiffany: oh if there is I will take care of it Darling.

Leia: You are so sweet and fiesty.I love that.

the car arrives at the botanical gardens and Tiffany helps Leia out of the car and escorts her inside

She's very nervous but is excited.She is very taken aback at the whole thing

Leia: This party looks incredible! 

a few people aprouch them and Diana smiles

Diana: Hello ladys you remember my granddaughter Tiffany and this is her Lady love Leia.

Leia: Smiles friendly Hi,nice to meet you

the younger girl looks her up and down.

Jenifer: where did you get that outfit? it looks tackie.

Tiffany:snuggles her closer to her I bought it for her and I happen to think she look beautiful Jenny. smiles down at her my Leia is always beautiful

Leia: Blushes and smiles Thank you love...

Jenifer:places he hand on Tiffanys arm and looks flirty oh but Tiffers I could make you so much happier then your trailer trash girl

Leia: Oh,you must be Jenifier...i'm sorry,but Tiffers here is taken...

Tiffany:smiles as her hand runs down Leia's back and she gooses her Yes Jenny i am very happily taken and my sweet lady is not trailer trash she is me equal in all things it is why she is home with me. well that and i need to see my grandmother about a certian ring smiles sweetly

Jenifer turns tomato red "You are going to give the Dyhard dimond ot her? She is not worthy of it.

Leia: Looks at Tiffany with shock from the goosing and confusement about ring Dyhard diamond?

Tiffany: blushes it was to be a surprise dearest. it is the ring that is given to the girl who marries into the Dyhard family. Someday I was hopeing you would wear it.

Leia: Blushes Oh wow...

Tiffany: we will discuss it more later Love I promise.

Leia: Okay then.Should we find somewhere to sit?

Tiffany: yes sweetheart takes her arm and leads her to a table with some girls there own age

'''Leia: Sits down with Tiffany Besides that little incident,this party is really fun

Tiffany: Yes well I am glad it is behind us

Leia: I'm glad too places her hand on top of hers

the day moves fast and soon the two girls are getting ready for the benifit

Tiffany: Leia have you had a chance to look at your gown for tonights benefit?

Leia: Shakes head No I haven't.Can I see it?

Tiffany:  Yes of course pulls out two dress bags and hands her one and unzipping another revealing another dress

Leia: Oh my gods,they're both beautiful!

Tiffany:Well the one i handed you is for you and the one in my hands is my dress for the night. Oh and uh you could wear this if you want too. goes on one knee with a blush and hold out an open ring box

Leia: She gasps Oh my gods...of course! Tiffany puts the ring on her finger Oh my...its so beautiful... She grabs Tiffany and kisses her deeply

Tiffany:blushes and kisses her back uh you do know this means people are going to think we are getting married someday right?

Leia: Of course,I can't think of any other girl who I want to spend my life with Kisses her again

returns her kiss helping her out of her dress from this morining

Undresses her also,while maintaining the kiss

Sarah: clears her throat Girls you do not have time for that you need to get ready for tonight

Leia: Blushes Oh,sorry about that Sarah They uncling from each other.They both get on their gowns and things and are ready for the party You look lovely love

Tiffany: as do you love

Leia: We should meet Diana down the stairs before she gets impatient...

takes her arm and leads her down the stairs

Robert: well don't you two girls look lovely.

Tiffany: Oh Grandfather you are home. this is my Girlfriend Leia

Leia: Smiles Nice to meet you

Robert: Looks like I am going to have three Beauties on my arm tonight. well come along the car is waiting

The all walk out and get into the car and they drive to the benefit

Leia: This is so exciting,I cant wait!

Tiffany: I can't either. I am going to have the prettiest girl at the ball on my arm

Leia: Oh this is the best day ever

Tiffany: and what makes today the best?

Leia: I'm going to wonderful places with the best girl in the world

Tiffany: aww thanks love gives her a deep kiss

Leia:Kisses back deeply as well Your welcome

Tiffany: I plan on taking you to a lot of places in our life love

Leia: Oh,you spoil me,and I love it.

Tiffany: well you need spoiling and I love to spoil the one i love. I would shower you with stuff if I didn't think you would be uncomfortable

Leia: Of course I wouldn't,but lets not go overboard with it,okay? Kisses her again

returns her kiss "Define overboard""

Leia: Oh you know,"buy me a lion" type overboard,but I know you wouldn't do that.

Tiffany: do you want a lion?

Leia: Oh no,I wouldn't know what to do with him.If I ever wanted a pet,I'd want a cute wittle puppy I'd call Mila....sighs Aw,thinking about it makes me light headed....

Tiffany: it is settled then before we return to camp we shall each get a puppy

Leia: Smiles widely and kisses her all over her face Thank you love so much!!

Tiffany: it is nothing love

Leia: Oh but it is something to me.And I love it

Tiffany: we go home tomorrow you know. we will make a layover for the puppys but we need to get back

Leia: Aww okay...

Tiffany: oh have you been enjoying your time in DC?

Leia: Nods I've been enjoying it a lot

Tiffany:we can of course come back some day and even visit your home town

Leia: That'd be great,but I...I don't want to go back to my home town.Its in Russia.It brings back painful memories...

Tiffany: well where ever you wish to go

Leia: Well,wherever you are is where I would love to be

Tiffany: same here sweetpea

Leia: Aww,you are such a cutie Kisses her again

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