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Makena and Frank

Movie Date

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Frank: he smiles alright great, so how's life?

Makena: well it is good I am dating  great guy who wants me for more than my body.

Frank: and i'm dating a girl who can see past my abs and talent, life's pretty good huh?

Makena: of course it is dear you have me. smiles cheekyly

Frank: But seriously though Makena. Before camp i went out with a lot of girls. There we're all either bitches or plain ass stupid. So those relationships never lasted. You're the first girl i've went out with that's more than just a pretty face. He kisses her on the cheek

Makena:blushes and looks away I am more than just a pretty face wich means you think i am pretty.

Frank: You better believe it, this date is so great

Makena:raises her eyebrow oh how is it great?

Frank: cuz i'm with the girl of my dreams that's why he hugs her

snuggles into him and turns to watch the movie

as they watch the movie a very scary part comes on

turns and hides her face in his shoulder

Frank: Calm down babe it's fine

looks up at him then pulls his face down and kisses him deeply

Frank: He pulls her closer to himdeepining the kiss

Wiggles in his lap pressing herself against him moaning into the kiss

He moans as well, placing his hand near her butt

pulls away slightly uh Frank our first time is not going ot be in a theater right?

Frank: Um no sorry!

Makena: good cause I would like to do blushes that but not here

Frank: Well what're standin around here for?! He picks up Makena and runs out of the theater

Makena: uh sweetheart teh movie wasn't over

Frank: Don't care! he makes himself stronger and faster and quickly arrives back at Camp

IMakena:but movie tickets are expensive

Frank: Don't care! We need to get to your room now!

Makena: we do?

Frank: wait wait so we're not gonna do it?

Makena: I never said that of course we can do it

Frank: Alright

Makena: you know Frank it would be a lot faster if I just flew up there

Frank: Oh he facepalms oh well might as well fly us to the nymph sanctuary now

Makena:laughs before grabbing him and flying them to her balcony see here we are

Frank: runs in alright well let's get started

Makena:blushes uh I don't actually know how we would do that

Frank: Hey hey just follow my lead he takes off his shirt and jumps on the bed

Shrugs and takes her shirt off before jumping on the bed

He puts his hands on her hips and starts making out with her

Presses against him him deepening the kissing and burying her fingers in his hair

He starts undoing her pants while maintaining the kiss

MAkena:pulls back uh what are you doing?

Frank: uh just helpin you out

Makena:looks alittle uncofortable and scared oh ok leans in to kiss him again

Frank: pulls back looks makena if your not sure about this we can wait

Makena: no it is ok

Frank: Alright then! he pulls her into a very deep kiss and strokes her hair

Returns his kiss wit passion and a slight moan

With more passion his hands slide down her back

Presses aginst him molding her body to him

He starts undoing his pants

reaches for her pants with a blush

after they both undo their pants, they resume deeply kissing. Molding their bodies to eachother

relaxs into him wrapping her arms around his neck and buring her fingers in his hair

he moans loudly moves his hands to her bra strap

stiffens slightly but continues to kiss him

he unhooks her bra

lets out a slightly whimpery moan

Frank: what's wrong?

Makena: nothing

he then caresses her chest

Makena:whispers Frank I am scared

Frank: there's no need to be

Makena: I know that but I still am

Frank: Well in that case, i guess we're not ready

Makena: yes yes we are. If you are ready then I want to be ready

Frank: Oh alright then, he starts rubbing her a**

trys not to look uncomfortable as she leans forward to kiss him again

he holds her and deepens the kiss

moans into his mouth shyly running her hands down his sides

he starts undoing his boxers

doesn't notice as she starts to get more into it

starts to get more into it as well

presses herself tightly agaist him and whispers "Please Frank I ache"

They begin the "PG-13 fun"


Makena rolls over and cuddles to him\

Frank: Okay wow!

Makena:So I did it right?

Frank: Hell yeah... kisses her on the forehead

smiles and closes her eyes

Frank: I'd love to stay here for the night. If yoo want me too

Makena: of course you can move in for as long as we are together if you like

Frank: I'd love to move in with ya, but the guys in the Nike Cabin are great. I can stay here from time to time though. But it's a sure thing, you won't be alone tonight. Kisses her again

Makena:retunrs his kiss with a smile that is fine it is your choice of course. gives him a deep kiss but you shall be mine tonight

Frank: puts his hand on her hip, damn right

Makena:Screw it you shall always be mine.

Frank: If i'm that lucky, smiles

Makena:smiles as well well do you feel lucky?

Frank: it'd be weird if i didn't

Makena:Oh and what makes you lucky?

Frank: Being in bed with you of course

Makena: yes and it was so hard to get me to agree too

Frank: shrugs it was all worth it in the end huh?

Makena: laughs strangely yes it was all worth it to have a guy like you

Frank:  well good night babe kisses her on the cheek

The next day

Frank: He wakes up and turns to her Mornin

Makena:turns and looks at him with a smile mornin are you hungry?

Frank: Very what's on the menu

Makena: well I have poptarts or cereal or we could go and tell Anja what a great girl she is and how much we love her and get real food

Frank: Alright sweet where is she?

Makena:She is just down the hall. Turns and grabs her alarm clock and she should be in it is the mice meal time. well one of them.

Frank: Wait what i thought she was a girl, not a mouse

Makena: She is a girl. She just happens to be the Guardian of the mice so she takes care of them in her room when need be. What is wrong are you afraid of mice?

Frank: Nah come on let's go gets out of bed

Climbs out of bed with a smile and heads for the bathroom well we can go after my shower

Frank: can i join?

Makena:yup of course you can join

Frank: sweet! he runs into the shower

Turns to him with a smile as she turns the water on

he gets in the shower with her Well this feels good

Makena: of course it is a shower it is relaxing and makes you clean

Frank: Sure does, puts his hands on her hips

Smiles and moves closer to him for a kiss but if we get distracted in here we might miss breakfast

sighs Fine let's hurry

they rush through the shower and get dressed before heading down the hall and knocking on a door

Anjalika: Oh Kenna what a surprise and you brought a friend. well I have bacon and eggs on the table

Frank: Sweet! he sits down and starts eating

Makena: smiles and sits next to him yes Anja this is my boyfriend Frank. He has manners,but I think he must have forgotten them in his hunger

Frank: he continues eating fast Huh? still has food in his mouth

Anjalika: smiles don't worry about it Robin is the same way. he eats like a horse, but he also loves me.

Frank: who's dat?

Makena: Robin is Anja's boyfriend.

Anjalika: Yes he is a son of Paleamon, loves cheese, mice and me.

Frank: Sounds nice, but babe i gotta head back to my cabin. bet there wondering where i am

both of the girls wave and then fall into conversation with each other

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