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Jordan "Belles, I'm a freak. I am perhaps the mightiest warrior in camp, yes, but aside from that I am nothing. I have no friends save you. Th two of us have grown rather close over the last month or so," He smiled in memory, "We've truly been alone to get he or. But now I must tell you sokme thine...I" He teared up, "When Im with you...the fear vanishes. There IS a forcefield stronge than hate. Love. I love you Belles." He tries to make eye contact, but he glances down, stared stared to death of being rejecting.

Bella: She blinked and didn't respond for a moment, processing what he had just told her. She thought about the butterflies she gets whenever she was around him. Bella lent forwards and kisses his cheek softly before pulling back and looking down " I-I think i love you too"

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Jordan He places a hand on her shoulder. "Belles, I am a warrior and little more. But I will be your warrior." He looks deeply into her eyes, "I am a freak, but I will be your freak. I can do little but protect" He stroked her hair, "But I will protect you with my everything. I can offer you nothing but myself. It's not much, but you can have all that I am."

Bella: "You are all I want Jordan, Thank you" She lent her forhead against his "I couldn't ask for anything else, I would be honored to call you my warrior"

Jordan She is so close, so lovely, so beautiful. His heart can hardly contain his joy. He smiles at her, "I will protect you, Belles. I will give you anything you want. Just ask. It's yours." He draws her closer, laying her head on his shoulder. "Do you want a golden apple of Atlas? The blade of Percy Jackson? A box of beauty from Persephone?" He laughs, "The very thunderbolt of Zeus? Ask for it, Belles, I'll give it to you. What do you want?"

Bella: "Your very sweet" She giggled as her heart raced "But at the moment I only want one thing"

Jordan "Say it and it is yours." He is determined to retrieve whatever prize this beautiful friend of his may want.

Bella: A surge of confidence went through her. "If its not too bold" She looked down shyly "I'd like a kiss"

Jordan Jordan laughed and put his fingers on her chin, lifting her eyes to meet his. "Hey," He whispers putting his hands on the side of her head and drawing her closer, "I can do that." And then he kissed her. Long and sweetly, he let it linger. He held her there, and although his body was hard and his grip often strong, now he was gentle as a lamb. He kissed Belles, allowing all his love to seep through.

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Bella: She let her eyes flutter shut as she wrapped her arms around Jordan's neck, deepening the kiss. She let her emtions flow. Joy and love pouring into the kiss.

Jordan Jordan, dizzy with emotion, loses his balance and falls flat on his back. Belles falls atop him. They are nose to nose. Jordan grins like a maniac, and kisses her from there. After a moment he pulls out, "I love you, Belles." He whispers.

Bella: "I love you too" she giggles and stifled a yawn, scrunching up her nose slightly

Jordan "Are you tired my lovely princess?" He beams at her like she's the most beautiful thing in all the world.

Bella: She smiles back sweetly "Maybe a little" she cuddles up to Jordan, nuzzeling her head into his neck

Jordan Jordan holds her close "Do not worry about anything my dear, just sleep. Sleep and dream." He kisses the top of her head and closes his eyes, settling into her lovely warmth.

"Bella:' She nods and listens to the faint sound of Jordan's heartbeat, then drifting asleep feeling safe in his arms.

Jordan No bad dreams come to Jordan tonight. He feels only warmth and the slow breathing of Belles' body.

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Bella: Her eyes cracked open in the morning . No nightmares had plagued her that night. Bella tried to get up to stretch, but found she couldn't move properly due to Jordan's arms around her. She smiled at the sleeping boy and rested her head on his chest.

Jordan Jordan awoke with a yawn. He smiled when he saw Belles' sweet head resting on his chest. He stroked the back of her neck, "Hey!" He said playfully, "I must have lost my way last night...I don't know how a guy like me would've ended up with a girl as gorgeous as this cuddling with him." He kissed her forehead.

Bella: She giggled "I dont know either" She teased moving so she could kiss his cheek "Good morning"

Jordan "And what does my princess want to do today? Whatever she wants!"

Bella: "You're too sweet" She grinned "Can we go to the town?"

Jordan "Of course!" He winks, and suddenly the two of them are in town. He grins. "Shadow travel, my friend."

Bella: She clung to Jordan, not used to the sensation of shadow traveling "That was . . . different" she laughed

Jordan He leapt to his feet and picker Belles up. He spun her around then set her down gently. He knelt and kissed her hand. "Where to princess?"

Bella She laughed and shrugged "I don't know, I haven't been on modern times for very long. I don't know what half of these things are"

Jordan He smiles, "Follow me." Jordan takes her hand and runs through the streets, weaving in and out between people. Finally they reach a pizza place. "Here you go! Best pizza there is! My treat!" They walk in and take a seat in a booth. "What would you like to eat?"

Bella: "I dont mind, what are you having?" She sat in the seat opposite jordan, resting her hands on the table

Jordan He laid his hands on hers. "I think I'm having a dream, actually." He laughed and winked, then turned to a waitress. "We'll take a large hamburger pizza. Two cokes." He then turned back to Belles, "You have no idea how happy I, happy! The feelings are gone. Thank you Belles. Thank you. I'm the luckiest man alive, because I am your knight."

Bella: "Your welcome, I'm glad your happy" She grinned "Spending time with you makes me happy too"

Jordan The meal passes. Belle and Jordan laugh and tease and flirt all the while. Jordan is not AT ALL his usual gloomy self, and is far more like the clown he once was

Bella: "Alright" She laughed "But I warn you, I'm impossible to teach"

Jordan There is darkness, and suddenly they're back in the forest. Jordan vanishes for a moment and then reappears with a short sword for Belles. He hands it to her and grins. "This is going to be fun...but let's make a little deal...for every time I knock you down you owe me a nice long kiss. But if you ever knock me down, I have to obey everything you say the rest of the day. Deal?" He laughs goodnaturedly.

Bella: She took the sword and smiled, testing the weight in her hand "As if either of those things wouldn't happen anyway"

Jordan He laughed, "Well you just pick whatever your heart desires if you can beat me." He wink and teleports behind her. He shoves her full force, then teleports again so that he is in front of her, leg out to trip Belles.

Bella: She fell to the ground, suprised. She groans and glared playfully up at Jordan "Bring it on" she stands up and gets ready for his next move

Jordan He smiles and swings his blade to meet hers. When they collide he summons a ghost, which collides with her from behind. He then attempts to slip under her guard and shove her to the ground, a move he has done many times.

Bella: She tucked her heading into her chest and did a handspring to regain her position, but further away from him. She winked "Circus teaches you a few things"

Jordan"Mhm" He smiles disarmingly at her, lowering his blade and starting to say something. As he does he mentally directs his ghost to crash full-speed into her unguarded legs.

Bella: She crashed to the ground with a thud "Ompf" she lay down to catch her breath "I am really regretting this decision to fight you"

Jordan He smiles as she regains her footing, and then launches into a complex series of attacks. He doesn't aim to knock her down, only backher up step by step. As he does so he talks, "You see Belles, as a child of Thanatos" He grins, as his blades move faster, "I can see many fates. You must become a warrior, or you will die by violence. I could never have that!" He drops into a leg sweep to take her down.

Bella: She jumped the oncoming leg and slammed her foot into Jordan's chest

Jordan Went with the momentum of the kick and did a back handspring. He then launched himself into a complex series of attacks. At the end he preformed a disarming move and then launched himself into a tackle.

Bella: She gasped as she lands on the ground . . . again. "Alright, you win"

Jordan He is atop her as they land, "Hmm how many kisses is that? Three?" He playfully puts his hands on her wrists and pins them down, then sweetly kisses her on the lips. For several minutes he holds her there, them smiling an kissing. Finally he pulls back, head swimming. "Wow," he says, "That's one."

Bella: She laughed and rolled over she was on top and winked "I'm pretty sure that counts as two"

Jordan Jordan laughs then holds his hands out to the sides and playfully puckers his lips. "Well then one more: hit me with your best shot"

Bella: She smirked and lowered her lips to his and kissed him passionately, hands either side of hus head

JORDAN: The kiss makes his head spin. He laughs into her lips and beams widely. "I love you Belles. You're perfect. What can I do to ever repay you?"

Bella: "Nothing, I'm content with this" she giggled and looked up at the sky "Its a nice day, do you want to head to the beach"

Jordan They teleport to jus toutside Belle's cabin. "Get changed, Dearest." He smiles, "I'm just gonna wear my athletic shorts I have on. Don't be too long"

Bella: She smiled and kissed him on the cheek "I won't, meet you there?"

Jordan "Yes, my dear." He vanished and appeared on the beach. He removed his shirt, revealing his ripped muscles. He would look like a model if not for over a dozen scars which crisscross his chest and back. He absentmindedly build a sandcastle as he waits on his love to return.

Bella: she skips out onto the beach in a pale blue bikini that complimented her porcelain skin. Bella spotted Jordan and walked over seeing his scars "What happened? Monsters?"

Jordan: He beams at her "yeah, mostly. Got an epic story for each one ha know..." he looked her over and playfully whistled "Look. At. You. Is it possible a girl as gorgeous as this has a thing for a guy like me?" He winks

Bella: "I'd say its pretty possible She giggles and sits beside Jordan, kissing his cheek. "Not to shabby yourself" She lay down on her stomach showing a single scar on her bacm

JORDAN: he runs hand down her neck and along her back, stopping at the scar. "Where'd this come from?" He asked as he stroked it

Bella: "I -urm- its silly. I got to close to a whip when I was younger"

JORDAN: He smiles. "Not exactly an epic tale, but painful enough." He lies on his stomach next to her and leaves his hand on her shoulder. "But if I forsee right you will receive more noble scars in your day. But I Will be by your side. Worry not." He winked and then flexed

Bella: "Alright, Mr muscle. I'm going for a swim" she tease "You coming?"

Jordan He springs to his feet, "Race ya!" He takes off at full speed and does a spectacular leap into the foamy water. He laughs all the way and splashes some at Belles.

Bella: she shrieks as the water comes into contact with her "Cold. Cold. Cold." She dove under the water to get used to the temperature

Jordan He laughs and dives under the water as well, using his hands to pull him along the sand. He comes to Belles and pinches her foot, then shoots out of the water with a wild laugh.

Bella: She sqeaked as she emerged from the water, then spotted Jordan "You jerk" She said playfully punching his chest

Jordan He laughs and splashes her again, "Let's go out farther! Hop on!" He takes a knee in the water, indicating Belles should jump on his back Piggy back style.

"Bella:' She climbed onto Jordan wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

Jordan A shiver of pleasure runs through Jordan as he feels Bella's lovely form pressed against his. He smiles, "We're off!" He runs until he can no longer stand, and then swims, Bella on his back. He laughs and pumps his arms and legs as hard as possible. They both laugh every time a wave washes over them, sending both spluttering. Finally he finds a calm spot, and lets Belles off, but only for a moment. He flips to his stomach and then pulls her back on, so that he is floating on his back with Belles atop him. He lazily kicks around to keep afloat but all his attention is on her. "Nice out here ain't it?"

Bella: She beamed down at him "It's amazing"

Jordan "I know most people would think I'm rushing...but we're demigods you know? Ya never know when a monster will finish us...we might as well love quick and hard, yes?" He smiles, "And I love you more than anything. I'm yours Belles. I'm yours for as long as you will have me."

Bella: "I love you too, Jordan. So much. And I will continue to love you for as long as I can"

Jordan "I would kiss you romantically right now, but I'd sink if I sat up...mind leaning down and giving me one?" He chuckles

Bella: She laughed and lent down to kiss him sweetly

Jordan The kiss lasts a full thirty seconds, he revels in her lips. There is no where he'd rather be than a raft for Belles as they kissed, floating on the ocean. He sighs happily, "Have I ever told you I'd do anything for ya?"

Bella: "Once or Twice" She laughed and kissed his cheek

Jordan They just float, her head on his chest, them slowly paddling. Finally he asks, "Belles, what would make you happiest right now?"

Bella: "Dad" she answered simply "I wish I had gotten to say goodbye"

Jordan Jordan's smile vanishes, and he allows them to sink into the shadowy depths under the water. They teleport, and suddenly are back in their special spot in the woods. "Belles," he hesitates, "I'm not really supposed to do this sort of thing...but." He sighs and goes down on one knee, a grimace crosses his face as he begins to chant. Smoke rises form the ground in whisps, circling him again again. He roars in a mixture of agony and strain, and suddenly the spirit of Belles' father appears before them.

Bella: "Daddy?" She said in s soft voice, reaching out to touch him when she saw Jordan's expression of pain. She gave a fleeting glance to her father and knelt beside Jordan. "Stop it, your hurting yourself"

Jordan His clothes are soaked in sweat, but the sweat begins to turn to steam as his skin boils under the strain. "Talk to him!" Jordan snarled through the pain, "You have about five minutes. Please don't worry about me...I've done tis stuff before..." He gasps for breath, "Not nearly so bad as it looks. Please, I won't be able to do this a second time."

Bella: "I can talk to him when I'm in the underworld. Please Jordan, Stop it"

Jordan "I'm keeping him here," He shakes in pain, "for five minutes whether you speak to him or not...its four minutes now. Agh!" He grinds his teeth "Talk to him!!"

Bella: She looked at him sadly then turned to her dads shadowy figure "I'm sorry Daddy, I'm so so sorry. I shouldn't have left Billie or you or the circus. I'm sorry" She felt tears fall down her face, but saw her dad smile softly. As if to say she was forgiven.

Jordan Every molecule of his body burned as he struggled against Death, who was desperately trying to pull the soul back down. After a few minutes he could hold no longer, and the vision vanished. He fell flat on his face, his clothes slightly scorched, his body soaked in sweat, his eyes unfocused. "Did...did that...was that good, Belles?"

Bella: She sat beside Jordan and placed his head in her lap "Yes, thank you. Thank you so much"

Jordan He turned on his back and stared up at her smiling face. "I'm not gonna be able to umm...walk till morning. Or move very much at all." He looked up at the setting sun, "You game for another night in the forest? We could just sit here like this and talk for a while...although I think this time it's gonna be me that has to be held." He gives a half-choked chuckle, "Or of course this could be the moment I find out you've been secretly plotting to kill me." He coughs out another laugh, "You could right now. You could even sit on my head and I wouldn't be able to do a thing about it." He keeps laughing at his own joke,

Bella: She laughed and ran fingers through his hair "I'll stay with you, its the least I can do"

Jordan "And I take it you have no plans to sit on me either." He laughed, "I love you. I'm sorry you have to see me this weak."

Bella: "I love you too Jordan." She smiled and kissed his forehead "And don't apologize for seeming weak, you helped me, in turn takingnitnout on yourself. I can't thank you enough"

Jordan "I don't dislike it, laying here, being held by the most beautiful maiden either on earth or in heaven. Truly none can compare." He winks, "And the bikini sure doesn't hurt."

Bella:She blushed "This will certainly be a sight should anyone walk past"

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Jordan He stroked her beautiful legs gently, "A sight for sure...the most lovely sight in the entire earth."

Bella: "You flatter me" She grinned

Jordan "It might be flattery...but it's absolutely the truth. I've been all around the block, seen goddesses and nymphs and just plain hot mortal chicks. But none of them come close to my Belles." He snuggled closer to her.

Bella: " Don't you go comparing me to the goddess, I quite like my life as it is" She laughed

Jordan He chuckled, "Anyhow you're perfect in my book." He smiles began to fade, "In fact, I'm not even sure what I have to offer you. I'm no one special."

Bella: "Don't you dare talk like that, you the the most wonderful person I know"

Jordan He looks up at the sky. A cloud is over the stars. "What makes me wonderful?"

Bella: "What makes you think otherwise? Your caring but strong, an amazing fighter. Funny, and your modest"

Jordan "You're right." The cloud passes, "So let's get back to you...I have an idea! You can ask me any questions yo uwant and I swear upon the River Styx I will answer with the whole truth." He laughs, "Most girls would kill to be able to interrogate their boyfriends like this. Haha! It's my way of letting you know: my mind is your mind. Go on ask away, about anything. Anything!"

Bella: "I don't know, i'm not good at being put on the spot like this. My brain fswitches off. I'm ask you tomorrow when I've thought about it. You can ask me anything though"

Jordan He snickered, "1-10 how hot am I?" He feebly tried to flex but it ended up making him cough.

Bella: She tried not to laugh "Possibly 8" She teased "Though I might be stretching that"

Jordan "I will take it!" He grins, "Here's one: do you find it weird at all how fast we've moved in the past twenty four hours?"

Bella: "Yes. I do. Do you?"

Jordan "Yes, but I wouldn't have it any other way. What about you?"

Bella: "Of course not" She smiled and kissed him sweetly

Jordan "Oh here's one: what's your boundaries? Like emotionally? Physically? If we're gonna date I gotta know what you're not comfortable with. What don't you want me to do?"

Bella: "I don't know my own boundaries" She laughed "I've never been in any kind of relationship romantically to know them. I guess we'll find out as we go"

Jordan "Well personally," He swallowed awkwardly, "Umm I don't want to get physically involved in that way until I get married, if you know what I mean." He winced, "Sorry but I just had to, you know, say it."

Bella: "Yeah, well, I think that's out of my boundry" She laughed

Jordan A confused look, "Me waiting is your boundary? or you're agreeing with me?"

Bella: i'm agreeing with you"

Jordan He laughed, "Well good. But hey! It might be us getting married one day, right? ya never know."

Bella: "No. You never do" She sighed and lent back, looking at the sky. "Hey, Have you been on a Quest?"

Jordan "Well, thing is, I've been on plenty of dangerous missions and whatnot while part of the Claw, but not since I came here no." He grinned, "Wanna go on one together, pretty girl?"

Bella: She nods "Yeah! It seems exciting. I would like to go on one, I'm just waiting for the chance"

Jordan He grins, "I have a feeling the chance is coming soon...I survived by Fate not skill. That means I have a destiny." He looks at her, "and as I said you have a violent future ahead of you. I can see many paths where you may or may not survive...not being a downer or anything. But I'll protect you." He chuckled and patter her leg he used as a cushion, "Just as soon as you get done protecting me!"

"Bella:' She laughs "Well, we can do nothing but wait. I guess"

Jordan He grins up at her, "I really do have a first rate cushion here. Where do you get these things? I must have one!" He teasingly tickled her leg.

Bella: She giggled and grabbed his hands "Nooo,I'm tickish" She laughes

Jordan He tickles her legs some more, and then her belly, "Uh-huh, and how ya gonna stop me?" He laughs

Bella: she sqeaked and hit his chest playfully "Alright, I can't stop you"

Jordan He stopped with a chuckle, "you do realize I'm weak enough for you to sit on right? Haha I'll bet you just like being tickled..." He raised his hands pretending he was about to tickle her.

Bella: "No!" She giggled and pulled her legs out from under Jordan and swung one over his chest "So, did I win?"

Jordan He merely tickled the leg atop him, "You'll have to do better than that!" He laughed, and tickled it with all the force he could muster, "You gotta make me say I give!"

Bella: "I will plauge you with music from Justin Beiber" She said

Jordan "Haha well I was thinking you were gonna pin me or something but that's rather terrifying..." He pretends to stop then tickles her once again,

Bella: "Angel said that always works" she pouted the grinned as she grabbed Jordan's hands and pinned them above his head "But pinning you is probably a better idea"

Jordan He grins up at her. She's straddled his chest and pinned his arms back. He can no longer tickle her, "Ok, ok you win." He laughs, "You can unpin me if you like, but there's no need to move from your seat there...I rather like being a cushion...the view is fantastic." He laughs up at her.

Bella: She rolled off him and punched him lightly "Excuse you" she teased

Jordan "Whaaat?" He said, laying his head back down in her lap, "I meant your eyes of course!" He snickered

Bella: "Uh huh, and me in a bikini has absolutly nothing to do with it" She teased

Jordam "Your legs compliment your eyes." He winked and laughed,

Bella: She shook her head jokingly as she laughed "Why am I in I love with you again?"

Jordan "Because you told me to open up...well this is the me that's always been inside." He laughed, "Plus I'm your knight who'd give my life for you in a heartbeat and would do anything for you."

Bella: "I guess that's a good reason" She laughed and kissed him

Jordan After the kiss he smiled up at her, "Sorry if I was objectifying you. I merely meant to say you have a lovely body in a clever way." He lay there a moment, "You have no idea what it means for you to be doing this for me. Holding me I mean. I've been the "man of the house" since I was a child, and have always shad to be the strong one. Yet You're willing to care for me when I am weak, and I don't have to fake it. And I can trust you and lay upon your lap without fear. I love you so much., my princess"

Bella: " I can't imagine what that would've been like. But of course you can trust me" She smiled "I don't think I've done anything to betray that trust"

Jordan "I know you won't." He just stared into her eyes, soaking up their glowing beauty, "It feels good to be weak, you know. To just lay my head in your lap and know that you'll take care of me. Thank you so much."

Bella: "Its no problem" She beamed

Jordan "But...I just can't explain what it's like to have someone I'm ok with seeing me weak. It means I trust you wit my life. It does."

Bella: She smiled and ran her fingers through his hair again "I'm glad you trust so much. I know you'd do the same for me"

Jordan He is filled with wild delight at her hands in his hair, every touch from her is an exhilarating thing. "I will, Belles. I will. I will protect you as long as I am able. I am your knight."

Bella: "I know," She kissed his forehead "Thank you"

Jordan He looked up at her, "Every moment I look into your eyes is like another moment of perfection. The warmth of your legs, the softness of your skin, the beauty of your life is perfect in this moment."

Bella: She blushed "I dont know what to say to that"

Jordan' He grinned happily, "You don't have to say anything special." He cuddled up closer to her, "Just be mine."

Bella: "I already am"

Jordan He laughs, "Then say anything you want. You've got me wrapped around your little finger." He lifts up his pinkie and locks it with hers.

Bella: She looked up at the darkened sky "I want to sleep" she flagged lying down and moving Jordan onto her stomach gently.

Jordan "Of course." He smiled and laid his head on her chest, cuddling close to her. "I love you, Belles."

Bella: She yawned softly "I love you too, Jordan"

Jordan For several minutes he softly stroked her hair. Then he finally kissed her on the chin and snuggled in for a good night's rest. All was well.

Bella: She almost made it through the night with no troubles, but an old memory surfaced right before sunrise. Bella had a look of pain on her face and was mumbling words of protest under her breath.

Jordan Jordan awoke due to the rapid rise and fall of her chest, and immediately found himself in possession of his normal strength. He rose to his knees and saw her in pain, a tear slipping down her cheek. He laid down next to her, took her hand, and drew her in close, laying her head upon his chest once again. He rubbed her back, gently waking her. "Hey, Belles, it's ok. It's ok."

Bella: She woke up hyperventilating slightly " J-Jordan?" She sobbed

Jordan He wrapped his arms around her and held her head on his upper chest so that he could whisper in her ear. "Shh baby...its all right. I love you. It's all right. I love you baby. Shh" He stroked her hair, "Just cry. Let it all out. Just cry on me. I'm not going anywhere."

Bella: She clung to Jordan in a childlike way and cried into his shoulder.

Jordan "'s ok. Just let it out, it's going to be ok." He just holds her and lets her be weak. Her tears aren't pretty, its the ugly snorting crying, and he doesn't care at all. She's his lovely Belles. She is his princess. "I love you. I love you."

Bella: She pulled away and wiped her red eyes "I'm sorry, it's just a dream. I'm being silly"

Jordan "No, no you aren't." He reached up and wiped some snot from her nose with his finger and wiped it on the ground, with his other hands he helped to dry her tears, "Dreams are a reflection of reality's horrors. And that is something to cry over. I will hold you for as long as you want, and you may cry for as long as you will. I'll be here. I love you."

Bella: "Thank you." She stood up "I'm going to clean up. I probably look horrendous"

Jordan "You look like an angel to me. You always do." He smiled and brushed her hair behind her ear.

Bella: "Mmhmm, but others may not see me the same way"

Jordan He pulled her close, "Screw the others." He kissed her firmly on the lips then let her go, "I suppose you must go clean up you're still wearing your bathing suit." He laughed.

Bella: She wrapped her arms around her stomach "I know. Thank gods its not too cold weather, I'd be frozen. But what bout you" She poked his chest "Still shirtless"

Jordan He playfully makes his pecs bounce up and down and flexes his abs, "I'm pretty sure any girl would start drooling over this body, my dear."

Bella: "But I'm not just any girl now am I" She winked and turned to walk away

Jordan He shadow travels so he appears on the other side of her, nose to nose, "Ah yes, but I'm sure you might like it a little bit." He winks.

Bella: "Oh really" She teased scooting around him "And what makes you think that"

Jordan Quickly he grabs her leg and flips her, but catches her in his arms cradle style so that she is unharmed, "Aside from the fact you've done nothing but cuddle me for two days?" He winks.

Bella: She wraps her as around his neck "Alright, you got me there"

Jordan He kisses her gently then laughs, "Where to, princess? I'm your taxi for today!"

Bella: She leant her head on his chest "I still need to change"

Jordan Smiles and snapped his fingers, shorts and a tank top made out of flowing astral energies appeared upon her. the energy moved and shimmered red, gorgeous and soft. "How about that?"

Bella: She gaped at the outfit, then at Jordan "What the- how long can you keep that up for?"

Jordan "Oh it's easy, I can do this for days as long as your within a few hundred feet of me..." He chuckled, "If we get attacked you'll be back In a swimsuit though."

Bella: "I'm sure you'd like that" she teased

Jordan "Oh yes, everytime I see you in a bathing suit I just want to fall to my knees and be your slave." His voice drips with sarcasm, but his eyes are warm, "So where to, master?"

Bella: "You choose," She sighed hiding her face in the napenof his neck "Surprise me"

Jordan They appeared in downtown, hand in hand, "Come on!" He said with a mischevious smile, pulling her forward, "We're going to the best spot in town!"

Bella: she laughed "Alright then"

Jordan They weave through small crowds on the street until they reach a gigantic, old brick building, Jordan winks as they enter..."Welcome to the library!" He cries, and indeed it is, a three story old building filled with millions of books on antique wooden bookcases, "I know you like reading so..." He shrugged,

Bella: She kissed his cheek "You are officially the best person ever"

Jordan He grins and whispers, "The owner is a demigod, son of Themis. I saved his life once and he said you can have all the books you want for free." He kissed her ear and took a step back, "Go get em tiger."

Bella: She looked at Jordan wide eyed then walked forwards excitedly looking at the spines of the books. Some authors she recognized from her friends books, others she didn't know. She pulled a large book out. "Greek mythology" She laughed.

Jorda He chuckled, "Now there's a subject we know nothing about." He grinned and suddenly vanished, then reappeared a moment later holding three books, "The Lord of the Rings" He said, smiling proudly, "The greatest series ever written."

Bella: "I think one of my siblings own that." She looked at the book and back to Jordan "May I?"

Jordan He hands it to her, "Of course, my sweet."

Bella: She reads the blurb Then tucks it under her arm "Sounds interesting"

Jordan He takes a step towards herm "It's by my hero, J.R.R. Tolkien. Came up with the idea while under fire in World War One. Fantastic"

Bella: "That's pretty impressive"

Jordan He smiles, "Well cute loose dearest. I'll be browsing." He shoos her off playfully

Bella:She rolles her eyes playfully and continues to scan the books

Jordan He smiles loveingly at her as she carefully goes through the library. Everything about her is absolutely lovely to him in the highest degree. He is blown away by her spectacular loveliness.

Bella: She's oblivious to Jordan ad she goes about her business

Jordan He chuckles and picks a few books out for himself, then sits down and waits for Belles to return.

Bella: she returns a few mineuts later holding the harry potter and lord of the rings series in her hands, she poked her head over the books "I'm good now" she grinned

Jordan He laughs and a ghost materializes and takes the books from her, "He'll hold those, m'lady." He inclines his head," They're all yours! Let's go grab a bite to eat!" With That Jordan hits one knee, grabs Belles legs again and sweeps her back into the cradle. "Off to the Mexican Restraunt!" He carries his princess out the door and down the street, the ghostly librarian following behind.

Bella: She giggled and clasped her arms around Jordan's neck

Jordan They enter the resteraunt not caring a bit about the judging looks from all about, "Table for two!" Calls Jordan, "A booth!" He does not set Belles down until they are in their seat. Chips, salsa, and cheese dip arrive, "Are you pleased, my lovely?"

Bella: "Of course" She smiles and grabs one of Jordans hands, using her other hand to eat

Jordan The food is good, they laugh and talk a while, "Belles," Jordan says after she makes him laugh, "Did I ever tell you that I loved you?"

Bella:She pretended to think "Once or twice"

Jordan He took her face in his hands gently and brought he to him, kissing her lovingly on the lips, "Well I do. And I will do anything for you."

Bella: "And i, the same for you"

Jordan Sly look, "Oh that case..." He grabs the cheese dip, "I'll have the rest of this."

Bella: She pouted and looked towards him with wide eyes "But, my cheese dip"

Jordan "Here I'll feed it to you." He proceeds to dip a chip in cheese and place it in her mouth, "Shall I feed you the rest of your meal madame?"

Bella: She laughed "If you want to, though people are starting to give us looks"

Jordan He waved his hand and a shimmering bubble of glowing red formed around the table, he laughed "The mortals see some curtains." He proceeded to feed her her lunch by hand, often brushing her face with his fingers delicately.

Bella: She rested her hand in his "I'm so glad I met you"

Jordan He smiles, blushing a bit, "Not nearly so glad as I am, my lovely." He kisses her but pulls back laughingly, "Oh spicy! Too much salsa!

Bella: " One can never have too much salsa" She countered

Jordan "It adds a little...spice, to ya." He winked and kissed her once again, pulling out after a blissful moment. Their foreheads touch, "YOu like?" He winked

Bella: "Come here you dork" She laughs wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him again

Jordan He laughs like a foool as they hold one another, and then suddenly everything turns to pain. Jordan screams, his glowing red dome and Belles' clothes vanish. He falls on his back, clutching both sides of his head. His eyes roll wildly.

Bella: "Jordan? Jordan!" She fell beside him insure of what to do "Help! Someone!"

Jordan His brain is on fire, everything burns...again and again he is pounded... "Son of Death..." Hisses a voice in his brain, "Bring it guide...Bring it to me." A woman's face danced in his mind, "South...further south. BLood...Shadow...Flame. Bring me my whip!" The voice is only heard by him, but he continues to spasm, tears of blood running from his eyes.

Bella: She continued to call to him, tears welling up in her eyes "Jordan! For gods sakes Jordan snap out of it" She cried, unsure of what to do

Jordan With a roar his eyes pop open, and both him and Belles shadow travel. Suddenly they are on top of a grassy hill, gods-know where. Jordans' whole body spasms.

Bella: She cluches to Jordan "Come on, baby please"

Jordan His eyes flash with primal shadow and he seizes Belles, flipping her and pinning her to the ground, "The whip, girl." He hisses in a thousand different voices, "Bring me THE WHIP!!" Suddenly Jordan's eyes go back to normal, and he throws himself off of Belles. "Wh-what happened!"

Bella: She bolted to Jordan and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face into his neck "Are you okay?"

Jordan He breathed in an out fast as he could, body shaking, "Remember that quest we were discussing yesterday?" He strokes her hair, "Looks like we got it."

Bella: She put a hand on his cheek , calmly stroking his face "What happened when you were out of it?"

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Jordan "I saw a was a woman...she was beautiful and horrible all at once. There was Darkness everywhere...She had claws." He shivered, "She told me to recover...her whip. She said it's south, in blood, shadow, and flame." He wiped sweat from his brow, "It was pure was Nyx."

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Bella: She pulled him into another hug "I Dont think you ever answered my first question, Baby. Are you okay. Are you hurt?"

Jordan "Well my brain feels like its being pounded by sledgehammers, but aside from that yeah." He saw how she was shaking, "I'm so sorry baby. I didn't mean to scare you."

Bella: "Its okay, it wasn't your fault" she said softly then pulled away, looking around "Where are we?"

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