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Aries, Sadie and Calix's Trip to Paris

The next day...

Aries and Calix: They arrive at camp's entrance, waiting for Sadie. They both have large backpacks shouldered over their backs.

Sadie: She comes running up, slightly out of breath carrying a duffel bag. Sorry I'm a bit late.

Aries: He shakes his head. Nah, its okay. Well, I've got a taxi waiting downhill. Shall we?

Sadie: She smiles and nods, tucking her hair behind her ears.

Aries nods, and they go downhill. They find the said taxi waiting.

Aries: He sits at the back, while offering Sadie to be beside him.

Calix: He settles down at the shotgun seat, beside the driver.

Sadie: She sits next to Aries. I wonder what Paris will be like.

Aries: I did bring a printed hand-out about Paris. Good thing my laptop worked and got it connected to a printer. He opens a small zipper from his backpack and pulls out a medium-sized piece of paper that resembles a brochure. Wanna see it? He offers it to her.

Sadie: Sure! She lightly takes the brochure out of his hand and begins reading it slowly, having a slightly hard time since she's so used to reading greek.

Calix: He faces at the two of them, and tries to get a glimpse of what Sadie is reading. Oooh, can I see it? Can I?

Sadie: She looks up at him and laughs before holding it out for him. Of course!

Calix: Greeeaaaaaat. He scoots over a bit and looks at the piece of paper and smiles with delight while reading it.

Sadie: She leans back in her seat. I wonder if the royal guards still ride horses.....

Aries: Hmm... I think France's leader is a president so maybe royal guards and horses don't exist anymore. Well, if they do exist, they're waaaaaay few.

Sadie: Oh. She looks kinda disapointed but, the look disappears from her face and she lays her head on Aries' shoulder, closing her eyes. Wake me up when we get to the airport?

Aries: He looks at her and smiles. Sure. I'd love to. But before that... He looks at Calix. Don't. Make. Much. Noise. Got that?

Calix: He nods. Oh sure. Such an easy job to do. He goes back to his seat, quietly playing with his hands.

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