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Just One Bed

Sam: Sam didn't care that there was only one bed; no, really, she didn't. After months of sleeping on the ground, this bed even seemed a bit too much. She'd met an older girl named Evelyn on her search for new clothing, and the girl had been kind enough to share an old pair of pajamas with her, and promised to take her shopping on Monday. That being done, Sam went straight for the shower. She spent close to an hour there, scrubbing all the dirt and blood and ash away until her skin felt raw. She walked out into the bedroom naked, for a moment forgetting that she would be sharing it with Ben, drying her hair with a fluffy red towel.

Ben: Thinking that Sam would want privacy to get washed herself he decided to take a boy Hope's offer of using his facilities before coming back, deciding to open the door without checking if Sam was ready and walks in on her as naked as the day she was born. He takes a quick look at her, seeing things that he'd never thought he'd ever see, well he wished he would. He quickly looks away, shielding his eyes albeit reluctantly.

Sam: She yelps and for some reason dives under the bed, flushing red all over. "Ben, what the hell!"

Ben: He flushes red all over also, continuing to shield his eyes, "Shit, I'm sorry I didn't know you'd be naked, I thought you'd have a towel." His brain goes back to the picture of her naked and suddenly realizes that maybe Sam isn't the young girl he remembers her to be anymore.

Sam: She covers her face with her hands in embarrassment, "Would it kill you to knock?!" She peeks through her fingers and flushes even more when she sees that he hasn't even moved.

Ben: "I've never really had to knock before..." He turns around so that he'd facing a wall not having to shield his eyes anymore but then realizes he's also standing beside a mirror.

Sam: Well, Sam doesn't realize that, as she's not used to the room and its layout. Once she sees him turn, she jumps up and quickly slips on the pajama shorts Evelyn left her, but can't seem to find the shirt anywhere. "Shit, shit, shit."

Ben: Even though he knows she's missing a shirt and is watching her he quickly pipes up and asks he, "What's wrong?" Not wanting to be suspicious about being able to see her in the mirror.

Sam: She huffs, "You shut it!" She glares at anything her eyes fall onto as she search frantically for the stupid, worn out, oversized shirt that she probably took with her to the bathroom, but can't remember.

Ben: He takes off his shirt and throws it behind him, "Take mine, I don't need it." He completely forgets that he was meant to be subtle with the whole mirror thing.

Sam: If possible, her blush deepens even more -- I swear this girl looks like a tomato at this point -- and slips his shirt on, not thinking about how he knew that she was looking for a top and not pants. "Uh--thanks."

Ben: He shrugs, "So can I turn around now?"

Sam: She nods, turning to face him herself with a frown tugging the corners of her lips down, "I, uh... Sorry. Just -- knock, alright?"

Ben: He sighs, "I know I should have but I forgot." He turns around and looks at her, noticing how small she looks in his shirt. " you want me to sleep on the floor or?"

Sam: "I--um--" she tried to keep her eyes on his face, but they slowly trailed down to look at his bare torso, toned arms and abdomen. She quickly looks up at him, "No! No, don't worry about it, really, this thing is big enough for four, to be honest, I don't mind-- Yeah. I don't mind."

Ben: "Are you sure?" He walks over to the bed and sits on one of the sides.

Sam: She fiddles with the end of his shirt, trying to avoid looking at him, and sits on the other side. Suddenly very, very tired, she falls back and turns her back to him, hugging her knees to her chest. "Positive," she says mid-yawn. "This feels like a marshmallow. Seriously."

Ben: He laughs and lies down also, never feeling as comfortable in his life. He turns around to face Sam.

Sam: After a few minutes of staring at the wall and feeling his eyes on her back, she turns to face him with a small smile, the first one in a long while. "What?"

Ben: He smiles back at her, "Nothing."

Sam: She rolls her eyes at him playfully and hits his arm softly. "You prick. How much did you see?"

Ben: He blushes again, "Uhm.....nothing I haven't seen before...." He remembers that one time they showered together but that was when she was but a child and now things were a bit.....different.

Sam: She blushes and sits up, getting under the covers with her back to him.

Ben: He turns his back on her too before trying to get to sleep.

Sam: She falls asleep fairly quickly -- sometime along the hours, she turns and buries her face between his shoulder blades for warmth.

Ben: Despite trying to sleep traumatic visions of Sirene keep coming back to him so he can't so when he feels the pressure of Sam's face between his shoulder blades he feels a sense of security, something he's lacked for a while.

Sam: She whimpers into his skin, her own nightmares catching up with her; it was the cult all over again, the fire, Eric's dead body, the smell of burning flesh...

Ben: Hearing her whimper causes him to turn around and put his arms around her, letting her lay her head on his chest instead of between his shoulder blades.

Sam: She murmurs in her sleep, barely audible, then louder until it's a whisper. "Ian, Sirene, Stanley," and so it went, with the names with all the fire nymphs that terrorized them, the people who betrayed her family, everyone she wanted dead, she whispered into his shoulder.

Ben: He looks down at her really tempted to kiss her cheek or something but refrains from it, knowing that if anything this was a one off and that they'd probably get separate bedrooms tomorrow night.

Sam: She wakes up with a gasp and jumps away from him, pulling her legs to her chest. She looks terrified and is breathing fast and hard.

Ben: He backs out of the bed but didn't realize he was near the edge and falls out of it.

Sam: In her effort not to cry in front of him, she doesn't even notice.

Ben: He gets on his knees and lays his chin on the bed. "What's wrong? What happened?"

Sam: She looks away, "M-Mum, I saw -- I saw her face in the flames, and then y-you burning..."

Ben: He gets back into be and tries to calm her down, obviously failing.

Sam: She clings onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face in his shoulder. "I'm sorry I w-woke you up..." It had been a really long time since she hugged someone, and it almost felt weird, but not really, because it felt great to be close to someone.

Ben: He blushes. "I wasn't even really sleeping but..."

Sam: She sniffles and looks up at him, "B-but?"

Ben: He moves closer to her and puts his arms around her, "Just don't be scared okay?"

Sam: She shrugs, "It's just nightmares. I'll get over it."

Ben: He bites his lip and lets go of her before turning in the bed, the bed creaking whilst he moves.

Sam: She turns so that she's lying on her back, "You have them, too, don't you?"

Ben: He opens his mouth about to speak but nothing comes out just the sound of an undersized gasp of air that somehow managed to escape.

Sam: She waits for him to speak, staring at the ceiling. A few moments later, she realizes that it probably was a tactless he wouldn't want to answer. "Sorry," she says in a slightly clipped tone.

Ben: He shrugs nonchalantly before sitting up on the bed and looking for the time noticing it was 5am already. "Well....I can't sleep so..." He swings over to the side and gets out of bed.

Sam: She huffs and ignores him.

Ben: He sighs and walks into the bathroom switching the light on, the golden glow beginning to flood out and into the bedroom.

Sam: She covers her face with his pillow and tries to go back to sleep.

Ben: He walks across to the bath/shower and lets it run for a while before taking off his bottoms and getting in.

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