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Clemence: Clemence is wandering around camp, not a care in the world. Her hair is out and flows down her back in cascades of curls, while her rosy pink dress complements the natural colour in her cheeks. The dress is tightly corseted, and reaches the ground, and is restricting Clem's breathing somewhat, but not too much. She passes the path down to the beach and pauses, wandering if she should go down there or not.

Ryusei: was reading his book when he saw her he sigh as he got up walking to her are you okey?

Clemence: She glances around, trying to find a face connected to the voice talking to her. When she sees Ryusei she smiles gently. "Oh, yes, I'm fine thank you."

Ryusei: looks at her a bit skeptical you sure?

Clemence: She nods. "Quite sure." Trying to get the topic of conversation off her health, she points to the sign that leads towards the beach. "What's it like down there?"

Ryusei: sense her uncomfortable Sorry its just I'm a doctor and i think your pushing yourself in the dress seeing that its too tight for you and personlly i dont understand that

Clemence: She breaths out heavily and holds her hand on her stomach, suddenly in a foul mood since someone has commented on her life choices. "Excuse you, but I happen to like this dress, and it's a fashion choice." She rolls her eyes. "Surely there are modern fashion choices that impact on a girl's health?"

Ryusei: blinks for a few times clearly not understanding it for fashion... he repeated before taking a deep breath I'm sorry for making you angry but I personally think that its inappropriate as I believe fashion is something that defers from one person to another as like beauty..and no offense I think you look beautiful in anything you wear as long as you dont push yourself to becoming something that your not

OOC:now I remember why I rarely use ryusei (not that I mind using him for this rp) he's English is too perfect that I need a dictionary next to me ><

Clemence: She blushes at his comment, but she's still rather angry with him. She huffs. "Each to their own beliefs, I suppose. Sometimes beauty requires a push."

Ryusei: nods hearing her words not realizing her going red I have to agree on the part of how a beliefs may differ reflecting on how a person is raise but I have not yet seen your point for beauty isnt something you should push for. For many that sets the standards have made it far from an attainable standards for many nows feels it is appropriate to change one self for beauty which often put stress onto their bodies. This is saddening considering how they forget how one's body may it be push but have its own limit..

Clemence: She yawns, rather rudely, during Ryusei's rambling. She hadn't meant it, of course, she just always tired. "Beauty is always something to aspire to. If one is not beautiful in a single aspect then one should not be a functioning member of society. if you are not beautiful on the outside, you should be beautiful on the inside. It balances, to make nice people in nice societies." She finishes with a wishful smile.

ryusei: ignores her yawn as he sigh society have a place for everyone please do not think fashion defy a society..

OOC:Is it just me or is this a sudden cultural debate? OOC: Sounds like a bit of a debate >.< It'll blow over soon

Clemence: She sighs. "If only fashion could defy society..." She thinks it over for a moment, then spouts an extremely blonde comment. "Then everyone could look their best all the time!"

Ryusei: blinks are you sure about that...realized he didnt know the girls name wait we havent introduce ourselves yet..forgive me I'm ryusei and you are??

Clemence: "I'm the princess of Monaco." She says in a deadpan manner. "And yes, I'm sure that looking your best all the time is something to aspire to."

ryusie: raises his eyebrow as a princess and a leader of a country I do believe you are correct for you have to show your strength to others to inspire them but as a normal human beings I believe you have the right to be a little bit more healthy in that decision dont you agree?

Clemence: She laughs gently, her laughter sounding like the tinkling of christmas bells. "Not one person here at camp is a normal human being, ourselves included."

ryusie: he gave out a laugh quite true but that does not mean each and everyone of them do not have the right to act and be human for that in its own is a right given to us by the gods dont you agree??

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