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Part 1: Unintentional Hide & Seek

  • Jae-Sung: He walks through the forest with a slow pace, seemingly looking around him as if he feels followed. He keeps walking for a few moments before stopping and sitting down on a nearby log, putting his hands behind him on the ground and stretching his legs out, looking up at the sky. He sighs and rolls his eyes, regretting how he's been acting since he's been at Camp. He also seems to curse to himself in some Korean.
  • Alma: Alma had been in the forest all day, partly because she had no one to talk to at camp, and partly because she had lost a ring there a few days ago. She knew it was pretty hopeless trying to find the ring, but she was looking anyway, as it was giving her something to do. She was dressed in faded denim shorts and a red t-shirt. As she was searching, she spotted Jae-Sung and sorta stared at him for a moment too long, wondering what he was doing in the forest alone.
  • Jae-Sung: Oblivious to the fact that someone's watching him, he yawns and instinctively tries to place a hand over his mouth to cover it, kind of forgetting his arm and leg position which ultimately causes him to fall backwards and off the bench. As he falls he sees the forest behind him in an upside down way and he thinks he sees some kind of shadow within it, but because of his disorientation he doesn't know if he should trust what he sees. Regardless, he furrows his eyebrows and tries to make something of whatever is behind/now *perception* in front of him.
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