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  • Adriel: A girl in a peach colored long sleeved polo shirt under a denim pinafore dress was busy weaving on a small circular piece of white cloth. With the thread of shades of silver, she copied the image of the owl which rested just beside her but its eyes were closed as if daylight was blinding even though they were already under the shade of a big tree.
  • Scarlet: The teenage girl sat cross legged under a oak tree that spanned over camp like the sun over earth. The grass pricked her pale skin making sending chills down her spin. Her back lay on the back off the bark that dung painfully into her back. Her black hair hung down her frail shoulders almost falling down her chest. As she reached to get her sketchbook she saw a jean covered leg. She looks over and see her weaving something. She than said" What are you weaving?"
  • Adriel: She flinches, startled at suddenly hearing someone talk. She stops what she's doing and looks to her side unexpectedly seeing another girl who is holding a sketchbook. "Oh," she says and a smile forms on her smile. She waves at the girl. "Hello there. I'm sorry, I didn't notice you." She then raises the piece of cloth at the level of her chest. "This is Tiana." As soon as she mentioned the name, the owl flew and perched on Adriel's shoulder as if it's a signal telling the owl to show itself. Adriel chuckles feeling a bit tickled when Tiana, the owl, landed on her shoulders.
  • Scarlet: stared at the owl in awe, the bird was truly magnificent. "Nice to meet you tiana" scarlet then held out her finger pushing it towards the bird.
  • Adriel: The bird reached its claw out and got the girl's finger as if they were doing a handshake. Adriel giggled at the sight of it thinking it was cute. "I'm Adriel, by the way." She extended her hand. "What's your name?" she asked the girl.
  • Scarlet: She giggled in reaction to the Owls nice trick. She than reached out and took hold of the delicate hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "My name is Scarlet, that's a pretty name Adriel is that how you say it?"
  • Adriel: "Ey-dri-yel," she reiterated slowly enough for her to get the correct pronunciation but actually Scarlet already did it right. "Yep! That's how you say it." She beamed at Scarlet and added as a reply to her compliment, "Oh, why thank you. Mother Alessandra thought of that name for me." A gentle smile formed on her face as she looked down and randomly fiddled with the blue gem pendant dangling on her necklace.
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