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DaphKiel (Zaphkiel Wu & Daphne Wang)


TBA 10


  • Kiel: After a year of hectic schedules, the couple, who has now been together for over 3 years, have been experiencing a few problems, specifically meeting each other. Kiel was more than angered by Daphne not prioritizing him. Everytime they try to meet, she'd cancel on him last minute. Thus, today, he was sure to not be ignored. The counselor, upon hearing Daphne's words, decided to revisit camp. Apart from getting a new haircut, he wore a coat over a simple outfit comprised of of jeans, Stan Smiths, and shirt. At the moment, he was at the entrance of camp, using his water powers to carry his luggage as he walked down the hill to his cabin.
  • Daphne: The only thing that Daphne took back was clothes and albeit glooming, Daphne suddenly wanted an icecream, assuming that this will lighten up her mood, grabbing a worn out hoodie of Kiel's and replacing her pajama pants with a skinny jeans, she went out fetch a god's gift ice cream. Once she was out of the cabin, Daphne was too struck, too sad and felt so much at fault when she saw Kiel hitting on another lady, not to mention someone prettier than her. The only thing she thought of was 'it's your fault so don't be surprised to see that he's going to find someone who can meet him half way more than you have had.' She composed herself before walking away of the situation, deciding to just really get that freaking ice cream
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon heard the sound of the cabin's door closing, so somoene must've gone out it. While pretending to have not been looking, Kiel checked and saw his girlfriend. Unknown to Daphne, the woman was one of his new half-siblings. Thus, the counselor merely wanted to tease his easily-jealous and insecure girlfriend, though he loved her very much. Tentacles of water slid across the ground in attempt to bind the daughter of Ares' limb, specifcally at her ankles and elbows. "Is my pretty girlfriend ignoring me again?" He asked, turning to her, much to his half-sibling's shock.
  • Kiel: "Oh, great. I should tie you up more often." He smirked victoriously. The son of Poseidon, of course, didn't pin her to the ground; instead, he did pull her into his arms abruptly, making him backhug her. However, now that he got his point across, Kiel unbounded her from his liquid shackles; yet, his warm arms still enveloped her. The counselor looked at his half-sibling. "MY SISTER Tanya, meet Daphne, my girlfriend. I hope you're good with everything now?" The girl chuckled at the two's little spat and thanked her half-brother before waving goodbye to the duo.
  • Daphne: The daughter of Ares flushed up to her ears when Kiel back hugged her and introduced her to his half-sibling. How can she let her emotion decide for her? Ares would be so mad if he's watching over her right now. Still speechless and kind of ashamed, the only thing she did was wave her hands bashfully before Kiel's half sibling walked away. She then turned to Kiel but was fidgeting anxiously and is refusing to look at him instead of her shoes. Apparently, she's preparing for Kiel's complaining now.
  • Kiel: His arms locked around her waist lovingly. The counselor hovered his head close to her ear, delighted by her cherry flush. "So, my bunny queen, you know what you did wrong right?" He sneered, quite annoyed by her actions. However, he loved her too much to let go and explode.
  • Daph: Daph’s scowl deepened. She’s fully aware that her actions were beyond Kiel’s patience but albeit her craving for his love were more than ever, the need to keep every pressure in control renders Daphne to prioritize them than Kiel. “I’m sorry. I really am.” She sighs miserably, her forehead knotted. “I know I’m so unreasonable and I disappointed you more than anyone else.” She pursed her lips, trying to compose herself. “You can let out all your anger on me. I’ll take it.” She still refuses to look at Kiel as if she feels like she can’t properly address him while being guilty.
  • Kiel: "My anger?" He laughed, distancing his face from hers once more. The thoughts of bursting out in wrath seemed so tempting --- if only his girlfriend werent this adorable to hurt. Instead, Kiel squeezed her closer to his chest, having a more playful thought in mind. "It's settled then, Miss Wang. So many fun things in store for you tonight." He then took his stroller left by his half-sibling and slipped it into Daphne's hand as he expected her to accompany him back to the Poseidon's cabin to leave his items. "I hope you're prepared." He smiled coyly.
  • Daphne: Stunned, it took her a couple of moments before walking behind Kiel. She can’t, she knows it’ll be toxic for both of them if they bottle up their feelings especially when it comes to this kind of situation. “You can’t let this slip by! I’m not going anywhere with you not until I know how hurt you are by how selfish I was!.” She shouted at him (wow she’s more mad) before leaving his stroller behind him
  • Kiel: Daphne was right. Kiel was pissed. It was also bad for them to bottle up their feelings. However, the son of Poseidon handles emotions poorly; thus, it was difficult for him to say much. He sighed. "Can we at least talk about this inside my room?" He asked, noticing people looking at them. The counselor would rather not cause a scene -- again. Such love quarrels were only for their friends Seunghyun and Anna.
  • Daphne: Finally, the daughter of Ares took his stroller before walking ahead of him to his quarters. She sighs in relief, she was too scared that Kiel would refuse to be mad at her, if she lets it be like that sooner or later the explosion would be too much for the both of them.
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon followed. His half-siblings, knowing Daphne as the counselor's girlfriend, allowed her access to the cabin. Kiel greeted his half-siblings with high-fives, fist-bumps, hugs, and other physically engaging welcomes. He then entered his room, left his things on the couch, locked the room, and sat on his bed. "Well, I guess you're hoping I'd yell, don't you?"
  • Daphne: Once inside, she left his stroller on the corner and obediently waited for him. “Well...” her voice trailed off, should she say she was or she wasn’t? He might if she say she didn’t or he might hild back if she says she was expecting it. “I don’t know, I guess I do but I don’t think you will.” She bit her lip
  • Kiel: He relaxed himself on the bed, sitting with his stretched arms supporting his body. "Let's see...." The son of Poseidon mustered up all the frustration in him. He eventually sighed as irritation took over. Kiel stood up and towered over Daphne. "Why didn't you call me more than I do? Did you really have to cancel on everything? Isn't that what employee's are for-- to do work for you? Why hire people you can't trust with work?!" He ruffled his own hair. "Honestly, I don't know why I'm still here. I am still pissed as fuck right now. You don't make sense!"
  • Daphne: It was evident that she was ready for this as even though he was already raising his voice, Daphne didn't falter and was taking it in. "I know and I'm sorry. Unlike you, I wasn't able to handle the stress and expectations well." she sighs and her shoulders dropped at the thought "My thoughts were eating me up, I thought that if something messes up, I'll be the only one to blame." her voice croaked but she pushed herself not to cry. She made this mistake, so she have to suck it up.
  • Kiel: Upon seeing Daphne on the verge of tears, the son of Poseidon sighed. He tamed his wrath, being unable to release his demons on her. Anyone else can be a victim -- just not her. Thus, he continued on but with a more well-mannered tone. "Woman, why can't you just get married to me, sit at home, and take care of our future kids? That option's always available for you." Kiel wanted his needs addressed, and the best way to get the daughter of Ares to leave her expectations is to rely on him. However, he was sure she'd reject his offer. Nonetheless, he still placed it out there for her. "Listen. If something fucks up, then take responsibility for your part, but not for anything more. Remember who you are. You're Daphne Wang, MY girlfriend. I don't date losers. You're one hella great fighter, and no one should tell you otherwise, or I'll make sure they'll live their next years miserable. Sometimes, you just have to breathe and give yourself some happy time, and that means me. Alright?" He crouched down to her level and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear lovingly.
  • Daphne: It’s funny that Daphne didn’t tense when Kiel raised his voice but she did when he mentioned ‘future kids’ her face is a good example of a fuse that just blew— from her neck to her ear, she was blushing madly. Nonetheless, she nods on the advice given. She then realized that this is what she needed badly (and a pint of ice cream please) when Kiel crouched to meet her, the lady wasn’t able to contain herself thus jumping in for an attack of a hug. She buried her head on his neck (like how she always do) and silently cried, for both being tired and being beyond happy to see and maybe by also being scolded by her boyfriend (she’s not a masochist, she was just happy that Kiel won’t hold back on her hahaha)
  • Kiel: Seeing Daphne blush so hard made his day. Guess she did give more intimacy a thought, making Kiel smirk. "Good girl-" Before he could continue, the counselor was pushed down the bed. After all, he was tackled by a daughter of Ares, the war god. Kiel noticed she was crying; thus, he allowed her to cry further, stroked her hair with an arm, and hugged her close. "These better be happy tears, or I'm going to tickle you." If she had calmed down, the son of Poseidon would then invite her out.
  • Daphne: It took quite a moment before Daphne thought that she should adjust, given that she’s strong and that makes up for her weight, she thought that Kiel would have been uncomfortable sooner. She pulled away and wiped her ugly ass teary face.
  • Kiel: "It's about time you're done." The counselor chuckled, referring to her crying. "Wanna cool down over a sundae, or do we have other plans?" He grinned coyly at her. Kiel had always been the same, making sexual jokes from time to time to get a reaction -- or possibly acceptance, whichever comes first.
  • Daphne: She had been wanting an ice cream since morning and just the mention of it lightened up her mood “ahhh, i want coffee crumble and cookies and cream.” She sighs before checking herself out in the mirror, checking if her eyes were swollen which luckily, isn’t
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon glanced at his girlfriend fixing her looks, secretly smiling at how beautiful she is without trying. To Olympus' gates and back did he miss her. "A new ice cream parlor's open downtown with some Riverdale theme to it. Let's go?" He extended his arm for her, expecting her to hold it.
  • Daphne: Upon checking herself, she caught Kiel’s eye on the mirror and turned to him. “Do I look weird?” She tilt her head but then she took his arm and commenced the depart. “By the way, I need a new hoodie of yours. I’ve used this one too much.” She tugs on the hoodie she’s wearing that originally belongs to Kiel
  • Kiel: "Yeah, but what's new?" He teased, stating the opposite to his feelings. Kiel's hand was warmed as it intertwined with Daphne's. "Take them all but leave me at least one," he said nonchalantly, closing the doors behind them. In his mind, however, the counselor fell more in love with the girl, finding her absolutely adorable in his hoodie which was bigger than her own frame.
  • Timeskip
  • Daphne: While Kiel is leading, both of them caught up on all of the things they both missed on each others time “You definitely should meet Leighton, he got even taller than I am!” She extended her arms above her head indicating Leigh’s height “Like this tall you know. I can’t believe Leigh is still growing.”
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon opened the parlor door for Daphne, waiting for her before going to the counter. "Oh really?" The son of Poseidon had vague details about the famous Wang son. However, now that Daphne kept emphasizing his name, Kiel become curious. "How's he doing anyway?"
  • Daphne: Upon entering, Daphne headed to a table near the window and after being asked about Leigh as if a rainbow suddenly appeared above her, Daphne smiled gracefully “It’s great, he had been chilling outside camp.” For what its worth, Kiel and Leighton are actually equal for her. That’s why she thinks she’s doomed if ever there’s a situation where she’s suppose to choose between them. “You know what I want.” She salutes at him before he goes to the counter.
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon fought the urge to reply with a 'me.' Instead, he nodded and headed for the counter. While getting himself a banana split amidst the cold, fall weather, he got the female her cookie crumble and cookies and cream sundae topped with a cherry. He set the orders on the table and sat beside her on the couch. "So where is he now and what's he up to?" He wondered. Kiel was curious as to how Daphne was so close with her twin, apart from their telepathy. Wait, does this mean he is also attending their little date?
  • Daphne: Once their orders were settled, Daphne picked up the cherry and transferred it to Kiel’s plate before she started to take and enjoy spoonfuls of ice cream. “I don’t know, I never really asked him. I thought those kind of questions were king of unnerving so I didn’t asked.” She shrugs “But it’s good to know he’s doing well. After he left me in camp, I never heard much from him other than he’s taking in his freedom.” She sighs in envy at her twin’s laid back schedule.
  • Kiel: The son of Poseidon noticed her dislike for cherries. "Is there something wrong with this?" He chuckled, picking it up before eating it. "What do you thinksbout telling you mom? I mean, you do need an assistant? Who better than a brother, right?"
  • Daphne: She shook her head “I just don’t like cherries.” She takes another spoon before offering Kiel to taste their coffee crumble. “Besides, Grandpa only made me handle one project and I do have an assistant she’s amazing. I bet you’ll like her when you guys meet but you know, I wanted to handle most of the things. Other than that, I want Leigh to enjoy his time. I should prolly invite him in the company but that’ll be on him if he wants or not.” She smirked
  • Kiel: "Sad. If he gets in, you can come out with me more," he stated his intentions bluntly, feeding himself and taking note of her dislikes. "If your secretaries so great, why isnt she getting more work done for you to be free?" He pouts with a spoon in his mouth.
  • Daphne: She clicks her tongue “Because I don’t let her.” She pouts back at him “I might in the future, let her do all the work but you do know that I’m not like that.” She sighs, how tempting it is to just sit back and let them all do the work but her conscience is too pure for that. “I promise I’ll give you the time you want from me in the future.” She smiles bashfully, blushing a little bit.
  • Kiel: "When does the future begin?" He wondered, knowing she was sincere but time was simply hard to find for an insecure boss like her. Kiel placed one arm over her shoulder and pulled her closer to him. "I'd love that to begin as soon as possible."
  • Daphne: It’s true, no matter how insecure or inadequate she feels, there’s no one that elevates her confidence other than Kiel. She thought of working with him, wouldn’t that be great? “Anyway, this Assistant of mine, she’s actually timid and if you picture me with my insecurities but minus my average skill on communicating, you’ll totally think she’s more of a liability. That’s why I wasn’t relying on her too much but when she gets comfortable on her environment, she tends to amaze alot of people.” It was evident that she has a lot of respect on her assistant. “Anyways, she’ll be your hero if you want me, I’m sure she would do well on covering for me now.” She smiled excitedly, ahhhhhhh more time with Kiel.
  • Kiel: Kiel pouted. "She better, or you can hire better people with that salary." The son of Poseidon desperately wanted her to be beside him all the time; however, if the said secretary cant keep her plate, then perhaps he'd have to reluctantly send his own men to get the job done better. "By the way, does anyone bother you in your university?"
  • Daphne: “I don’t think I can. Beside trying to horde all the work, I actually realized that I can leave my crew everytime and that I can count on them.” She confidently smiled, believing on her team so that Kiel would watch out his comments about them. “No one really, for what it’s worth, they’re actually scared of me.” It can’t be helped, a child of Ares does emit a scary aura as if they’re prepared to fight every time.
  • Kiel: "Good girl." He smiled. Kiel should really turn in his Ivy League applications; however, part of him was hubristic enough to believe that even these schools can't teach him anymore than his advisors can mentor. Then again, should he continue relying on others? "Anything useful you've learned?" He asked. The question honestly curious as it couldnshape his decisions.
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