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Reika and Andrew! c:

  • Reika: A while ago, Reika had climbed up into a tree. She had found a low, sturdy, and thick branch and laid down. Eventually, Reika dozed off in the midst of her daydreams, gently snoring as she is now.
  • Andrew: staring at the sky as he walks with his hands slipped on his pockets as he notices reika on the corner of his eyes. he walks beneathe the trees  and laughs enough for her to hear though i dunno if that would wake her up. Enjoying the sigh of reika who was snoring cutely
  • Reika: Her ear slightly twitches at the reaction of a foreign sound and her eyes flutter open. She temporarily doesn't realise where she is, freaks out, and loses her balance, and falls off her branch.
  • Andrew: he smiles as he quickly lifts his arms to catch Reika like he knows this would happen
  • Reika: She braces herself for a hard impact with the ground, but is instead met with a different feel. Her small and lightweight frame easily fits in Andrew's arms. Reika looks up to see Andrew smiling and wraps her arms around his neck. She says brightly, "Hi Andrew!"
  • Andrew: He grins at her Fancy seeing you here~
  • Reika: "Likewise," she replies.
  • Andrew: he smiles as he puts her down and wipes the dirts on his clothes So, How are you doing?
  • Reika: "Doing good, how about you?" Reika's unsure if Spencer, Emmaline, Viktoria, or Aurelia has told Andrew about her condition. Given this, she feels slightly nervous talking to him without any of the four with her.
  • Andrew: he tilts his head and he waits a few moments later before he smiles at her Well, i'm fine i think?
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