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Paige: She was in the strawberry fields helping her brothers and sisters with the work there.

Amanda: She was sitting near the fields, on the grass, playing on her phone.

Paige: She was carrying a basket of strawberries. She turned and saw Amanda. A smile formed on her face. She approached Amanda, who seemed to be so busy with her phone. She said, "Hi there."

Amanda: As she looked up at Paige, Amanda looked like she had cried for a while, not that Paige could have noticed. "Hey..." She managed to say, in a tone that looked fragile.

Paige: Her smile faded as Amanda greeted her. She felt the sadness in her words although she wasn't sure if she felt it right. She tilted her head and asked, "Did you... cry?" she asked, seeing Amanda's eyes quite swollen. 

Amanda: "What...? No..." She says, half-hearted. Despite her efforts, she did a bad job hiding her feelings. Her voice seemed like it was going to crack, and her recent tears didn't make it any better. But, Paige was her friend... She could tell her.

Paige: She sat beside Amanda and put the basket down. "You know," she said, looking over the horizon, "lying won't make things better."

Amanda: She sniffed, before letting a few seconds of silence come. "It-It's my father. He died a couple of days ago..." She admitted. Somehow, letting it out made her feel even worse, for she broke into tears.

Paige: She couldn't believe it... her friend lost a father. She lost her father, as well, not even knowing if he was still alive or not. She knew how it felt to lose someone you love. She hugged Amanda.

Amanda: She hugged Paige back. "I don't suppose you've felt this way?" Amanda asked, sniffing.

Paige: She pulled away and touched Amanda's shoulder. "I know exactly how it feels." She managed a weak smile. 

Amanda: She wiped out her tear. "Well, you sure are being more supportive than others. When I found out he died... I, erm, cried. And Sebastian wasn't making thing any better by yelling at me to get a life..." She admitted.

Paige: "It's Sebastian, girl! What did you expect?" She was cracking up.

Amanda: She slightly chuckled. "Well, I guess this means that we all lost our mortal parents..." She paused. "You, me and Sebastian that is."

Paige: Her laughter slowly faded. "Sebastian lost his mortal parent, too, huh?" 

Amanda: She shrugged. "In a way. It might be the only thing I have in common with him."

Paige: "Oh!" She turned to her side and got a strawberry from the basket. Then, she turned to Amanda again. "Want one?"

Amanda: "I guess, thanks." She said, beginning to take a bite as she took the fruit.

Paige: She got one for herself and took a bite. "Mm! Sweet, isn't it?"

Amanda: She nodded, as she saw the rest of the Demeter Cabin harvesting/picking strawberries. "At least you're good at what you do. I don't even know where to begin with love, or even beauty."

Paige: "Pssh! Oh, please," she said, waving dismissively. "You're a natural."

Amanda: "Um, no I'm not. Hello, are we talking about the same Amanda Foster here?" She said. She didn't have much self-esteem when it came to looks, whether she was being modest or not.

Paige: "But Amanda... you're a kid of the goddess of 'beauty'. What did you expect?"

Amanda: She shrugged. "I don't know... Sebastian didn't seem to notice anything. He treats me like a hag."

Paige: "But that dude's blind. Don't expect much from him." She took another bite of her strawberry.

Amanda: "I don't know... Maybe I'm the only blind one here?"

Paige: "Hm?" She didn't understand why Amanda said such a thing.

Amanda: She sighed. "Maybe... Maybe he's too good for me?"

Paige: "No, my gorgeous friend," she said patting her shoulder. "He's too bad for you." She burst out into a laugh.

Paige: Little by little, she stopped laughing. "Ahaha... oh no... look. Um.. I'm sorry." She chuckled, "I know I'm being rude but..." She waved dismmissively. "Never mind." She grinned.

Amanda: Her eyebrows arched. "But what?" She asked in an insistent tone.

Paige: She shook her head, still laughing a bit. "Nothing, really. I know it's rude to say bad things behind a person's back so... I'll stop now."

Amanda: She nodded. "Don't worry, I won't tell."

Paige: She giggled. "Nah. I don't even care if he hears me now." She added, "It's not like we're friends or anything. Haha!" She finished eating the strawberry.

Amanda: She shrugged. "Whatever you say." She said, as she took the last bite of her strawberry.

Paige: She didn't know what else to say and so she remained silent, looking over the field.

Amanda: Trying to break the ice, she asks. "So... What about you? How's life been?"

Paige: "Well, as usual, take care of the plants here and there." She smiled. "Just the usual."

Amanda: She smiled. "And what about Cody? Is your love life progressing?"

Paige: Her eyes widened. "What!? Cody?" She scoffed. "Oh, please. There's nothing happening between us." She didn't expect Amanda to ask about Cody and her. It just didn't sound right. "We're just..." What are they, really? Are they already friends? She didn't know. She found her relationship with him a bit complicated to understand. Sometimes, he acted like a friend but sometimes he doesn't. Perhaps they're acquaintances or something. But she decided to say, "Friends." That's the safest answer for now.

Amanda: An amused grin spread across her face. "I can feel that you have a crush on someone..." She said. "I'm the daughter of love, remember? I just don't know on who it is yet..."

Paige: "Well, my friend," she said as she patted Amanda on the shoulder, "Who knows? What you are feeling might be wrong after all." She chuckled. 

Amanda: "Trust me," She said. "I'm certain that this is love we're talking about..." Her tone was confidant, but she had hesitation in her thoughts. Amanda could just feel it. She just knew that her best friend was crushing on someone.

Paige: She shrugged. "Suit yourself." As far as she could remember, she has no feelings for anyone. She was as confident with her answer as Amanda when she said that she has a crush. She thought maybe it's just an effect of being a child of Aphrodite and all. She didn't know. She'd never know how it feels like to be a child of the goddess of love.

She suddenly laughed, remembering a funny moment of her life.   

Amanda: "What?" She asked, curious of her friend's sudden laughter.

Paige: "Oh, nothing! Nothing really. Just suddenly remembered something... which is so random." 

Amanda: She raised her eyebrow, intrigued. "What can be random enough to make you laugh?" She asked.

Paige: "My cousins," she said laughing a bit, "they were running around with their ice cream then one tripped and his face landed on his ice cream. The other one wasn't looking so he bumped onto my other cousin when he was about to stand up so... they both fell on the ground, face first but the other one was kinda squished." She couldn't stop laughing. That was one of the best moments of her life. 

Amanda: She giggled. "Must have been a blast." She said, giving her a small smile. Without counting Amanda's father and aunt, she never had any "young" family. Literally none from her generation. She figured that being an only child had its disadvantages, but its perks as well.

Paige: "Definitely! It was a BOOM!" She didn't know what she was saying but she was too happy just thinking of that memory and she couldn't stop laughing.

Amanda: She laughed. "Woah, calm down there girl." She jokingly said, noticing Paige's rather loud tone.

Paige: She little by little stopped laughing. She almost couldn't breathe. "I'm so sorry," she chuckled. "It's just too funny."

Amanda: She brightly smiled. "Nah, it's okay. I know how it feels like to laugh at something so hard." He mood had lifted, as if she had forgotten all about the topic of her father's death.

Winter Wonderland

Amanda: She was standing by a maple tree, her winter clothing on; fur jacket, boots, scarf, etc. Normal people would have looked "stuffed" wearing things like those, but seemed Amanda comfortable in them, and even fashionable. The snow almost went to her knees, but she tried to ignore it. Nearby, the ground was covered in ice, sharp and slippery. But it reflected anyone who looked into the ice, revealing their reflections. Though, from far, it was crystal clear.

Paige: She just got out of her cabin and she saw everything was white. It was already winter. She rubbed her arms, feeling very cold despite having a very thick jacket. Everytime she let out a breath, white smoke goes out of her mouth. She went back in the cabin to put on another jacket and a scarf. She also got her mittens and her tuque then wore them. When she was all set, she got out once more and walked through the snow. She looked buff with all those clothes she wore. But the buff image gets ruined everytime you look at her legs. She only wore jeans, which reveals the slim shape of her legs. 

Amanda: As Paige walked past the area, Amanda could distinguish her silhouette. She smirked, as a funny thought went past her head. The idea of a prank. She took a handful of snow, and began rubbing it with both her hands. A few seconds later, it formed a more or less perfect snowball. Aiming for her Paige's back, she fails, as the snow touched her friend's legs.

Paige: She walked with her hands in her pockets. But then, something hard hit her in the legs. She gasped. "C-c-co-old!" She shivered. She turned to see who threw a snowball at her then, she saw Amanda. A smile grew on her face. "Amanda?"

Amanda: She giggled as she walked towards her snowball target. She was still laughing, as she tried to articulate her words. "Sorry... I just couldn't resist it..." She said, catching her breath back. "Are you alright?"

Paige: She chuckled, "Yeah. Just brrrr! Shivering. It's the first time I actually saw it snow in camp. Usually, we have a fair weather." 

Amanda: She nodded. "I know right? Maybe Director Alexander will change his mind about this icy situation, though. Until then, let's try to enjoy this." She declared, kicking a pile of snow in front of her feet. Today felt like a day where people would want to curl up in the warmth of a house, next to a fire. But Amanda saw it as an opportunity to actually breath in the weather. It was one of the rare occasions where it actually snowed here.

Paige: She extended her arms to the side and looked up. She closed her eyes and breath in the cool air. "Haha! Indeed, let us enjoy this moment!"

Amanda: She smiled, lowering to the ground as she slowly picked up a pile of snow, making it a snowball a few moments later.

Paige: "I feel like I'm back in Canada... at home..." she said feeling very nostalgic.

Amanda: Remarking Paige's daze, she smiled. "Seattle isn't this cold, so this is kind of new to me..." (OOC: Sorry, mistake >.<) Paige: "Really?" she turned to look at Amanda. She's been to California. Just once when they went to the Sea World. "Huh... well, then you should go to Canada! Haha!" She beamed.

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